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Amazon.com preorder customers were greeted with this brand new high resolution image of Black Ops 2.

*Right click & open in new window for original high resolutions.

SOURCE: @Tectom606



  1. i’ve preordered mine on Amazon and just got my wallpaper, but uploading here is silly, coz everyone will preorder it, get the images and then cancel the order and perhaps buy elsewhere, but Amazon has the cheapest price for me in pounds £41.89

    • they just enhanced the trailer and this wallpaper. in the official screenshots u can see the real graphics which are the same ever since 2007

      • Bit unfair. You look at some stuff, like the guns for example and you think ergh, but then you look at other detail and it looks great. I think Treyarch have pumped resource into extra bits like lighting and animation compared to detail of things like guns.

        I’m not sure which I’d prefer. The lighting could mask poorer graphics, so I guess it is better to have that improved.