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SOURCE: xAndrew2007x Channel Via @thepaintedgrey



  1. It looks very dark compared to mw2 terminal. WHY?? It was so good because it played good and it was bright and colorful

  2. I’m glad to see that Terminal is coming to MW3! But what is the point of going to spectate mode and showing us all of those sections of the map that we don’t have access to? Just makes me think that these maps could be bigger.

    • I believe those areas of the map are in the game because they more or less just drag and dropped the level from the MW2 level “No Russian” into the multiplayer game engine and then tweaked and optimized it to fit multiplayer.

  3. Rubin said on twitter that this guy got it because he “hacked” it, but i don’t understand how he got hold of the file? Unless its already on the disc? o_O

      • Isn’t that xbox gameplay?

        So these are the options :

        1. Its someone from IW that uploaded the video

        2. Someone hacked IW (somehow) & got the file

        3. Its already on the disc ready to go & everything IW have said about working on it is bs

        • yeah that’s why I said converted it into a file that is playable on the 360.

          He could also be using a 360 controller on the PC.

          • Yes, I am well aware – hence me saying he may have modified Steam files as Steam has often been our source of early news and the files – unless on disc – won’t be on Xbox’s CDN yet.

  4. this is fake: on picture 8 and 10 the airplane is white and red but on the loading screen its white and blue.