“Light Em Up”

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“Special Delivary”

UPDATE: Video taken down per Activision’s request.

SOURCE: gamercheat13 Via @Moriarity1975 & MP1st



  1. Spec Ops Sucks! I paid for Elite Premium to get multiplayer maps and get them early. I didn’t was spec ops or face off! Full team Miltiplayer maps. How could a company mess that up so bad. I mean how many ppl were going crazy over spec ops for MW2 that they sat down and said to themsleves ” Hey you know what the community would really really love….more spec ops!!!!” Come on this is bull!!! Stop with all the crap that no one wants and give us multiplayer maps. The last two months should be 6 multiplayer maps!!! But no they want to screw us again. The month of August NO F’N MULTIPLAYER MAPS!!!!! Total Fail!

    • im totally agree and btw the full content drop of multiplayer maps are 17 and they said they gonna give us 20 multiplayer maps, even with that 5 of that 17 maps are fucking face off maps THIS SUCKS SO BADLY AND I WONT BUY ANY FUCKING MORE GAME FROM ACTIVISION, im waiting for battlefield 4 and respawn entertainment game FUCK COD FRANCHISE! only mw1 and mw2 were really fucking good games all the rest are shit trash

        • http://www.callofduty.com/contentcalendar HERE YOU GOT! over 20 maps and we got with thats 3 of september 17, unless they counting the free maps as content drop and they said no in twitter so yes they lie us, neither being atleast just 20 maps, UNDER 20 maps… they sucks all, iw sledgehammer activision treyarch and everyone, this game without victor zampella & jason west, never wont be the same

          • Lol, you’re reading it wrong!

            “Over 20 new multiplayer maps, Special Ops missions and more.”

    • You should never have bought MW3. It’s just full of shitty Spec-Ops and it’s terrible at everyway. Better to look forward to BO2 that looks unlimited times better than MW3.

    • Agree 100%. IWmarkrubin said all monthly drops would have MP maps after everyone was pissed that we got 3 FO maps in one month. Spec ops missions are so pointless, they have 0 replay value. Come in IW, get your act together.