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Jriquelme Mods” has designed one of the most impressive custom case mods to date. Don’t get to excited though, this appears to be one of kind, no mention of price. The emblems are made out of real carbon fiber which sit on top of a clear plexiglass that light up via a red LED. Why cant we get official PS3 bundles like this?

UPDATE: $85 USD for the custom PS3 case mod, but he only sells locally in Paraguay.

SOURCE: jriquelme



      • Judging from all the nasty bugs that accumulated over the course of MW3’s release for the PS3, I’m glad I stuck with the 360.

        • What bugs? The only real bug was the out of memory which was fixed very quickly after launch.

          The 360 has had more bugs, especially when it came to DLC and not being able to play them.

          • Voice/Mic issues, hit markers not showing up or making a sound if you hit someone, just to name a few.

            The 360 bug worth noting was the DLC bug from the second to last bit of DLC displaying an error, meaning that too much memory was being used by the game and the DLC, which was fixed.

            Both versions had their bugs, but judging from the official patch notes from retail launch to now, I’m seeing bugs that really would’ve just made me not want to play for a while.

            I stand by what I say. The guy who does the PS3 modded case, is wasting his talents. PC or 360, or nothing else. Actually, just to ruffle a feather or two, Wii U as well.

          • Just saying that the Voice/Mic issues ect ect with the game is not because it’s a PS3, its because IW and TARC are to fucking lazy to fix that god damn shit and are fucking us PS3 players over. Im in the process of saying fuck it ima just play BF3 and GTA shit like that. You might see me on BO2, but dont count on it.

          • The PS3 only bug was the memory bug and it was immediately dealt with. Bugs do not come within the Console they come within the Disk which both were made exactly the same except MW3 for PS3 was rendered and transfered into Blu-Ray. My Job here at Infinity Ward is to simply correct or find any bugs or issues with the game. It seems you have made a Gigantic mistake with your spelling. All those Bugs/glitches you just wrote down were on the Xbox 360 console as well. -Infinity Ward Employe

    • i have ps3 and play mw3 and i have never come across any bug execpt when the game came which they fixed now it’s perfectly fine you’re just a fanboy

  1. lets just leave it at this
    ps3 is better
    lasts longer
    better remotes
    I played 360/ps3 mw2 mw3 ops 1 & 2 [email protected] & mw1 all in my house mw3/mw2/ops1&2 had lag on xbox ps3 only ops 1 & 2 lagged so now what
    and I have my custom ps3s made by myself & will make upon request for £500

  2. Every game console posts will only have people arguing if 360 or ps3 is the best. None of you actually got over it?