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Yesterday we were lucky enough to get some more hands on time with Black Ops 2 over at Treyarch in Santa Monica. We were invited out to a community event and got to play 6 straight hours of multiplayer over 8 Maps (3 never before seen) and had access to every item (gun, attachment, camo, etc.) in the game. Everything was completely unlocked for us to play with. We were also allowed to capture gameplay footage from the new MP map “Hijacked” which we’ll be uploading to our channel in the next day or so HERE.

Treyarch’s Studio head Mark Lamia kicked off the event with the brand new Zombie trailer and gave us all a great rundown on what to expect with new zombie modes. Afterwards, David Vonderhaar declassified the last remaining intel in regards to BO2 multiplayer. Here’s what we learned:

10 Prestige Emblems- We saw all 10 Prestige emblems, and they are by far the best prestige emblems in Call of Duty. The best way to describe the tenth emblem is a half skull/half zombie head. All emblems are unique and incredibly more detailed than past CoD prestige emblems.
Challenges- Don’t reset after you prestige.
Keep Prestiging- The prestige and rank system has been designed so that every player will keep prestiging. Treyarch is giving you more incentive to keep prestiging by limiting the amount of stuff you lose.
Prestige Tokens- Are returning, except this time you get to keep your gun progress (attachments) with which ever gun you chose to permanently unlock.
In Addition to 1 unlock token, you get to pick 1 option below:
Extra Create-a-class Slot- Just like before, only 5 extra slots for a total of 10.
Reset- Returning from MW3, complete reset if you choose to.
Refund- A new feature in BO2, allows you to undo a previous unlock token and spend it somewhere else.

More Layers- 32 total layers to be exact. Some of the emblems Treyarch made blew our minds.
RGB Color Wheel- Not only do you have the original standard colors to choose from, you can now use custom colors from the RGB scale if your want to be picky about which colors you’re using.
Transparency- Make the background of your emblem transparent. Which means a carefully placed emblem over a player card could make for some interesting combinations. Treyarch put this to good use when designing the player cards for BO2 (which look amazing and more detailed by the way)

Dolly Cam- Its returning in Black Ops 2. Nuff said.
Sticky Camera- Basically have the camera stick to and follow non-player objects. In the example we saw, the camera followed a Quadrotor in 3rd person, in another the camera followed a RPG missile while in flight. This is the best addition to theater mode in our opinion, we saw this new feature in action and cant wait to see what people do with it.
20 Clips per video- The clip count has now been raised to a whopping 20. Edit and crop a gameplay video into 20 different segments for editing. You can even merge all 20 clips into 1 clip and then keep going.
Highlight Reel- Press one button and it edits and compiles all of your kills and accomplishments in the match into into 1 video.
First Person POV- Is possible for all players just like the original Black Ops (was removed in MW3)

Kill Confirmed- It’s returning and plays just like MW3. The dog tags have been slightly upgrades and appear brighter (more futuristic looking too)
Hardpoint- Brand new game mode for Black Ops 2. Players must hold a single objective for a certain amount of time before it move to another random spot on the map. Very fast passed mode which results in a high number of kills.
Party Games- Is the new name for custom or private matches. They’re designed to be played with a party (group of friends). One in the Chamber, Gun Game and some more favorites are returning.

Bootcamp- Designed to introduce new players to multiplayer. Teams are Human+Bots VS. Human+Bots. Players can rank up to level 10.
Bot Stomp- The original Combat Training mode, Humans VS Bots.
Objective- Play with and against bots in various objective based game modes.

Express- Los Angeles Bullet Train Station. Good up and down engagements on bullet train tracks. A train will speed along the tracks every a couple minutes or so. If you’re in it’s path then consider yourself dead LOL. (My favorite of the new maps)
Hijacked- Luxurious Super Yacht. Frantic, yet controlled close quarter engagements.
Overflow- Peshawar, Pakistan. Great urban engagements in the flooded streets.

Remember, we’ll be uploading footage very soon of gameplay on the MP map “Hijacked”. Our footage will feature the never before seen Assault rifle “M27”, Five-seveN, SCAR-H, MP7 and the Cross Bow.

That’s it for now, we’ll have plenty more coming this week so stay frosty!



  1. So the Tenth Prestige is that sweet half zombie head Treyarch had on their twitter about a week and a half ago? SWEEEEEEET! 🙂

  2. Oh come on… the game modes from Wager Matches are only for custom/private games? that is fucking lame, and extremely disappointed. So far, that’s the only thing that’s pissed me off about this game. I was really hoping they’d be made for public lobbies like BO1. They didnt have to make it money based, could have done some sort of XP… ugh!

  3. How are the player cards obtained in this game since we cannot simply buy them anymore ?? I hope its by completing challenges similar to the MW way of obtaining titels/emblems

  4. I’m happy Kill Confirm is returning, especially since the new point streak system will finally give points for confirms and not just kills. That was, IMO, the part that broke the first version.

  5. WHY IS THERE NO SNOW TYPE MAPS? I loved playing on those type of maps, Grid, WMD, Summit, Array and that doesn’t include the DLC. There isn’t much verity between the maps for BO2, why have they decided to scrap all those snow maps?
    (I know in the future global warming will have a big effect but countries like Alaska, Russia and even the Arctic will still be rather cold and snowy)

  6. um.. is the zombie trailer mark showed you the same zombie reveal trailer that was released yesterday? or was it a trailer that the public haven’t seen yet?

  7. It seems like Treyarch is getting all the best things from previous COD’s (e.g. Tar-21, kill confirmed, Theater mode) plus adding sick new features (e.g. pick 10, score-streaks etc)

    • No, private match is separate but its in here you can create custom games by restricting items such as claymores, add bots (the best part), change the pick 10 system by bringing it down to 3, or up to 17 (hell yes) this is so sick IMO, this means we could potentially play sticks and stones with bots