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A Slovakian retailer appears to be selling Black Ops 2 (way) earlier than they are supposed to as a customer walked in and bought the Hardened Edition for PS3.

This is not a leaked or downloaded copy. This is the FULL RETAIL Hardened Edition with everything inside. Fully packaged. This early sale also means that retailers worldwide are getting stocks of Black Ops 2 now.

It’ll be interesting if any bans or suspension will be enforced since this was legitimately purchased and in all honestly is the retailers fault. If you remember, last year MW3 was sold early at K-Mart stores in the US and Microsoft threatend bans if played early (which never happened).

As a reminder, we will NOT be posting anything singleplayer or campaign related if it leaks, only multiplayer.

SOURCE: CallofDuty.4players.de via N4G



  1. This game will be on Pirate Bay by next week…I have my Hardened ordered and rather get it at midnight amongst all the excitement…but with the PS3 MW3 leaderboards hacked this weekend…my excitement level was significantly brought down

    • Who ever took the picture is selling it for €40, which is very strange as the hardened version is €80 to €90 in Europe.

      Couple of things about the photo – hardened box seem too big compared to the game case & coin case, + those coins look strange compared to what we saw in the unboxing video Treyarch released (They look flat, not a perfect circle shape & the II on the 2nd isn’t symmetrical)

      “…as a customer walked in and bought the Hardened Edition” – Where did you get that info? There’s just an ad on a site, two photos & a suspect selling price. Also the ad says that its sealed (which of course it isn’t)

      I’m going to go with fake on this one.

      • whether the pictures fake or not theres already leaked gameplay online from slovakia, i just watched gameplay of the new zombie maps

  2. many if not all retailers right now have the game but should not be sold or put on shelves till the 13th, while the game discs have been shipped, the game is still in development with a day one patch on release day probs

    • Many retailers will _not_ have the game at this point.

      Nearly all retailers will work on a just-in-time delivery schedule. They won’t get it that early.

      It will however be beginning to turn up at wholesalers and distribution depots, and as you say – any work being carried out is for hot fixes or post release patching.

      It won’t make a day one patch now, the cert process is around 2-4 weeks, and if they’re working on it now, it will require QA’ing internally first.

  3. Hey! Im from Slovakia and I think, this is FAKE (coins looks like made from paper). Bazoš isn´t very correct webiste, it´s something like auction portal but not in all. It´s for all people and u can sell them anything, simply one big ad.

  4. If you think about it Slovakia did all fans a favour since all retailers are receiving stocks already and earlier than it should the possible streetdate can be broken worldwide as well.

  5. theres a shop in glasgow scotland selling blackops 2 from friday 9/10/12 called game/s quest and ive seen people in my friends list playing domination