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It now appears that all of the Black Ops 2 weapon camos have been leaked to the web. Here are some new images of all the camo in first person thanks to @stevetherepo. Still no word on what it takes to unlock the camo. Keep in mind these are all the ones you can view in the menu, there still might be hidden (gold) camos.. Which camo is your favorite?

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SOURCE: @stevetherepo and Gold Camo via @Elemxnt



  1. So I guess in the year 2025 our Armed Forces are gonna be running around with Cherry Blossom colored weapons. Don’t ask,don’t tell.

      • Perhaps it’s like why the Celts ran naked into battle in the middle ages…. for that moment of hesitation and confusion and then realization that your opponent is off the wall crazy.

      • Why not!! Its something funny and different to look at, much like the Ronin (might be spelled wrong) or the art of war. I’m glad they added something new to look at. Although I’m kind of disappointed on how over board they went on the carbon fiber camo,

    • Its more out blending with your environment than looking tough, ill bet theres a map or 2 where you see this camo work best

  2. I believe that there was a Tweet from Vahn saying that there are challenges that needed to be completed to unlock “hidden” camos.

  3. Sme of those looked alright, one of them looked like ugly graffiti though. I’m excited to see what camo I’m getting with my care package.

  4. “Romin” seems to be the one that catched mostly all of my attention, it looks very well detailed and i cannot wait to see how it looks on another gun.

  5. They all actually look pretty good. Skulls or Art of War will be choices of mine. I’d be real nice if i could get it on my secondaries for a change.

    • I am with you. My 3 faves as well. a little disappointed with the carbon fiber one, I had high hopes for that, maybe it will look better in action

  6. That’s probably not all of them. Most likely the hard to unlock ones in multiplayer are not free offline or in private match. I could be wrong, but I thought we heard there was a gold camo right?

  7. man, am i the only one not all that happy? that asian one as well, it just looks to dumb, how does it constitute a camo? mw3 blue, red and autumn are all i need. on the other hand “bloodshot” and “blue tiger” look alright.

  8. Art of War looks Like Cybertron language to me πŸ™‚ remember Transformers 2? I like the Art of war…im gonna use that one instead of siberia (Snow)

  9. [email protected]

    I bought the new graffiti camo but dont see the camo for my guns in camo section! I only got the graffiti calling card! Does anyone know how to equip it to the gun?