YouTuber Vikkstar123 has made a pretty great video which shows the mysterious Diamond Camo and confirms how it is unlocked. In order to unlock it, you must “Complete all camo unlocks for all specials”.

SOURCE: Vikkstar123 Channel



  1. This also might be the same for assault rifles, shotguns, and snipers. You would probably need to unlock every camo for every gun first.

  2. I’m probably not going to use that camo. It looks like it was inspired by those diamond-studded cellphone cases that have been floating around for a while now. I think it would have been a better idea to make it look like the gun was one big diamond rather than covered in small diamonds. But hey, at least there are some other decent camos in the game.

    • Yes, i was very disappointed when i saw this. It looks like they bedazzled a flat surface, took a picture of it and used it as a gun texture. I think it would look much cooler if they actually put some work into it and made it look like a solid diamond gun.

      • I agree. Or at least they could’ve made the diamonds more…diamondy. They just look like silver beads. They should’ve added refractive shimmering with prism effects. After all, diamonds create quite the prism when light is shown through it.

        • It is diamond plating, like many big rig trucks have on their steps. It’s not supposed to look like actual diamonds. If you want that, play halo reach around.

      • You are a moron. Why would you be disappointed about something you didn’t even know about in the first place? This was a surprise to everyone, so there is no reason to be disappointed. I don’t really like it that much, but it’s cool they put that in for a little surprise.

  3. to me its not about how good it looks its about rarity, how many people are going to have it? not many? then i want it

  4. This camo is extremely ugly. I don’t think I will ever use it. If anything, the diamonds look like pearls. Also, the gold plating along with it looks even worse.

    • Yeah I agree with em.the camo SUCKS!! Especialy when u camp some fuckin where!! U’re enemies will obviously c u campin! Cuz it shines like a fuckin diamond!!

  5. i really liked the idea of having a diamond set up. now that i seen it i now realize it reaaly isnt that great. you want a match next time you play zombies play me joeyvayo and see if you can beat litteraly one of the best. can you say round 53 on day one of the release in the town map? didnt think so pus

  6. There is still another spot after the diamond camo where another camo could potentially be unlocked. Maybe once u get diamond for every gun there’s an even better camo

  7. How come its so hard to get gold camo y’all should have made it like mw3 dont matter if you have attachments or anything just 31 levels

  8. Saw a guy in CTF with a Diamond Camo DSR-50 the other day, so it must apply to guns only when you get all camos for guns too? He must have been a booster though because I’d say that’s pretty impossible to do in only a week and a half.

    • i almost have my shotguns and snipers diamond.
      its really not as hard as u think to get the shotguns and sniper diamond, because all you have to do is 250 one shot kills then 50 kills with no perks or attachments then 5 double kills and 10 bloodthirsty medals (5 kills without dying) applies for both sniper and shot guns.

  9. I’m surprised someone would use those special weapons enough to get the camp. I don’t use any of that except my knife when I have to. Good job though!

  10. Its all about being competitive and wanting a tough challenge. If your a scrub that settle for a descent gun plays like that forever go head. If you want to keep getting better You should definatly challenge yourself with the gold and diamond Camos

  11. In actuality to unlock the diamond camo all the gold camos have to be unlocked for that classification of weapon EX:All smg’s have to have gold camo to unlock diamond. All specials aka Riot Shield Ballistic Knife, Crossbow, Combat Knife, have gold = Diamond. Hope this Helps

  12. Do you have to get all camos for the class of weapon before it is available. I’ve got cold on mtar but not available?

  13. Diamond looks much better on minecraft! This is stupid bo2 needs to maka a all blueish crystalish camo to call it diamond camo!

  14. Bloodshot on combat knife looks sick. Its like it’s full with blood. So for the combat knife diamond is ugly. I’ve got diamond snipers and i´m going for the submachine guns now. The diamond camo is not ´´beautyful´´ at every weapon.

  15. This is why the worlds going to shit. Kids and faggots arguing about a damn video game get off your fat ass. Get a fucking job, and quit being such losers, you “gamers” are the ones that should go kill yourselves!

  16. Me gots da sniper camo bitch! It’s awesome but I like the idea of a packs punch camo. U should be able to put diamonds on any camo u unlock, including packs punch. I’d spend some unlock tokens 2 get it. Prime echos, ur a twat!

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  18. unlocked diamond for all guns but lmg’s and rpg’s. took a long ass time, and i will get the rest of them soon. it’s not about how they look it’s the fact that if someone has the diamond camo then you know that they are not a scrub because it took thousands of head shots and bloodthirsties to unlock

  19. Guys, who cares what it looks like… people don’t get Diamond cause it looks nice… I myself have the “Weapon Mastery” Calling card (Complete weapon mastery for primary and secondary weapons), ie. Have all primaries and secondaries diamond…However I do not like the look of diamond, I simply equip it cause it has the ‘Wow’ factor. Now of course, wow factor doesn’t mean anything in terms of how good you are as a player but it does show that most likely you have played this game a fair bit and know your sh’t.

    Although some like the look of it a lot, and a lot hate it doesn’t mean that one OPINION is right…and FYI. Opinions are never right or wrong… they are simply things that each individual prefers. One person likes tomatoes, one person doesn’t. Same as this; one person likes diamond, one person doesn’t.