FamousIsLive has put together a great video on how to unlock the Activision Arcade on Nuketown 2025. Shoot off the heads of all the mannequins to turn the Welcome to Nuketown sign into a mini arcade.




  1. That Explains the Harry Pitfall sound and the old Activision logo at the end of the Nuke Town 2025 trailer video. Just awesome! but I cant help but wonder why they included Pitfall II lost cavern but not the first and original Pitall game too. Great find anyways. Glad they didn’t put Decathlon among the bunc, I remember breaking several Atari VCS 2600 controllers back then. ^^

  2. you know I cant remember what those games are called but when I was little I used to play those games all the time I can see it now and remember the sound of that gun going pew pew pew

  3. Has anyone relized the.mail boxes one says woods other says mason and the ones out of the map also have a connection – Gunman1k ps3,