5 Days, 3 hours, and 37 minutes its taken for ‘oTradeMark’ to become the first Prestige Master in the world. We’re awaiting confirmation from Treyarch to confirm it’s legit and not hacked, however it appears he’s livestreamed his entire play time over on Twitch TV so we’re 99.9% sure it’s legit.

You can watch oTradeMark’s Twitch TV account HERE.

UPDATE: We’ve received confirmation that the rank and playtime are legit, however he began playing as soon as the MP servers where turned on (which was Friday, 4 days before launch). Do you still consider him the first Prestige Master in the world? Let us know in the comments below..

SOURCE: oTradeMark (Twitter)



  1. G O D ! ! ! ALREADY PRESTIGE MASTER? Do you eat? Do you shit? Do you sleep? One kid died because he played 12 hours without stopping. I usually play between 3-6 hours.

    • Well, I myself play about 14 hours of COD: Ghosts a day, and I’m perfectly fine. But Mr. oTradeMark over here played about 20 hours per day in order to become the first prestige master. And his wife fed and supported him throughout all of it.

      If someone died for playing 12 hours straight, they were obviously already unhealthy, in some way, to begin with.

  2. how on earth does a person play 5 days of game time, in what? 5 or 6 days? i didn’t watch the video, but is this a bunch of people just playing in a row, or just one person? in the 6 days i’ve had the game, i’ve played maybe 2 hours? 600 spm? i don’t want to go anywhere near this guys matches.

    • He was an All-state athlete´╗┐ in Football & Track while maintaining a 4.0 GPA which earned him a dual Academic & Athletic scholarship in College. He is married to a beautiful woman & has 3 children. He also owns a business and pays his taxes.
      He has a life… He did start a few days early but A LOT of people had the game early. Anyone could have done the same..

    • Yeah but he admits that someone else plays for him too while he’s away. That’s bull. If your going to be doing all this crap like live streaming to claim your the first then do it yourself. This dude is a herb and when I reach Prestige Master I know I’ll have done it myself.

      • I totally agree, this is a load of bs. If I wanted to I could pay 10 guys $50 bucks each to play the game with my XBL or PSN on an alternating schedule and make it happen faster…

        Don’t get your hopes up though, I don’t ever plan on doing something like that and I couldn’t even afford to write a $50 IOU that I never intended on paying out…lol

      • [email protected]
        Plus @oTradeMark did it by himself! He didn’t have a team of people playing around the clock to boost for Prestige Master. #RESPECT

  3. Wow… I just prestiged and I thought I was doing well. But seriously 5 days? This dude must be being fed anally so he can keep playing! No life!

  4. He got it early so thats why he was able to have so muh game time. He also spent extra time on 9th prestige to get diamond smgs

  5. This is what he gets paid to do is play gamespre and stream them online. So stop the butthurt the this guy has no life cause if u get paid to play video games and be the first to prestige then he is doing his job. So quit ur bitching cause nobody cares.

  6. Let me first say that I don’t think any of them won the race to begin with. Treyarch screwed it all up by letting in the race start before it was released everywhere. What they should have done was had a start time on the evening of the 13th so it was already released everywhere. Or, even better, they should have done it by play time. Give everyone 2 weeks, then select the winner at the end of that time period. Then it wouldn’t matter if you got the game early.

  7. He might have had an advantage starting early but why turn on the servers 4 days in advance if its going to be an issue? Also he had to be playing against others so I still think he should keep his title as being first, however I agree it does show little honour.

  8. Of course, but it’s bs because he shouldn’t be able to keep the levels from the game he got earlier than everyone else. Which if i remember correctly the cods in the past have had the servers reset before going up when it came out.

  9. Wow bro do you have a job like I thought I was far but really get the fuck up and do something with your life, mid 20’s? Sounds more like depressed fat fuck haha