In an interesting move by Treyarch, they have removed the “Nuketown 2025” playlist from Black Ops 2. As of now, there is no way to play Nuketown 2025. This map is not in the normal rotation as it was a preorder bonus.

Many customers are upset that Treyarch would remove the only playlist that we can play our preorder bonus map on. The description of the playlist stated, “We never close.” But seems that it just closed.

Treyarch tweeted stating:

UPDATE: Nuketown 2025 has been added back in the form of “Chaos Moshpit”, still exclusive to those that pre-ordered.


SOURCE: Treyarch



    • Double XP weekend proved players were willing to only do Nuketown for leveling up. If you looked at the Nuketown playlist ANY time during Double XP weekend, you could see it 150,000+ players almost at any given time.

      • Because it is a fan favourite map. If they don’t like people playing on it, why put such a popular map back into the game ffs >:(

  1. They decided to go back on the ‘we never close’ and remove it because they didn’t like that people were ranking up so quick in it. And we all know that they don’t like it if we don’t play exactly the way they want us to.

  2. Wow! This is why I pre ordered black ops! Now you have my money …looks like I just took one in the ass with no vasaline!!

  3. I dont like Nuketown and didnt even play it in BO2 before removal but I agree it’s really stupid to remove it. It’s not doing any harm in its own playlist.

  4. very silly if not in the map rotation because its a pre-order incentive. i bought a CE and so technically i bought it, not the end of the world for me because i love playing it with bots but nevertheless, it said 24 hours a day 7 days a week, We never Close

  5. This makes no sense at all. When only a select number of people had the DLC maps in the original Black Ops, those maps were still playable in regular matchmaking. Why not do the same for Nuketown? I mean, it can accommodate just about every gametype (with the exception of Groundwar and a couple others). I am not very fond of a lot of the new maps in BO2. With Nuketown, at least there is a map that pretty much 90% of people can agree with.

    There is no way Nuketown will only be playable in custom games and special occasions. Too many people are going to be pissed off, including me.

    • So they advertise this map to get people to get the pre-order edition. Then after a week and millions of dollars later they take it down. Sounds like a BIG ha ha fu(k you we got your money and you can play this map ONLY when we say you can. Crap way of business for an already crap company. Looks like I’m takeing my game back. Actually I think il put it in my grill outside and record me making a nice steak over this game disc. Also I got an corrupted file error this morning making my 2nd perstige go back to a first lvl 42. This game is glitchy as hell and I will NEVER buy a game from such corrupt money sucking a$$holes again.

  6. Why the fuck would you remove it. I bought the game just to play nuketown 2025. Also you guys could of also put it at least at the public playist.

  7. At least we got to play it. Those poor guys that pre ordered from amazon didn’t get it till today. I have a friend that just got it today and he was pissed

  8. Maybe they put it away just to make some people realise that… OH MY GOD THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE IN BO2 !!!??? Really… I’ll never understand the succes of mini maps such as this one, or Dome into MW3…. This is sooo boring.

    Seriously, it is probale that the reason is simply to avoid speedracing on prestiges.

  9. Treyarch needs to get there shit together im kinda pissed off i’ve always liked treyarch more than infinityward but now its basically the same. I can’t even play the fucking preordered map. I might as well take it up the asshoe with 7 lubricated dildo’s!! Big black ones!

  10. Phew I was starting to get worried then 😛 I like it that nobody else has commented since the update, I knew Treyarch weren’t going to be douchebags like infinity ward: taking out favela for ages just to fix a picture frame 😛

  11. They only used nuketown to get many pre orders as possible!! And they win now the assholes are the gamers who play this game. Shame u treyarch !!!

  12. What was point of me getting the hardened edition thinking I was gonna stay with this map!!!!!!! So what I paid for two hardened editions me and my son and spent 180 bucks only kept nuketown zombies!!! What a load of crap never once did they say it was gonna be remove or that It was not gonna be in rotation with the other maps!!! No point of pre ordering or spending extra!! Now nuketown zombies will be available for everyone in dec.. Too so what was point on me spending my money like this I’m not rich!!! We really got hosed with this bullcrap

  13. I am pleased that Treyarch acted so quickly to bring back Nuketown into a playlist. I am more pleased with the actual “Chaos Moshpit,” specifically the maps they have chosen to be cycled within it. All of the maps, with the exception of Slums, are really fun to play fast-paced, objective gametypes. I will be spending a majority of my time in Chaos Moshpit. Please, Treyarch, keep Chaos Moshpit up permanently! The only thing left to do is incorporate Nuketown into the cycles of the other matchmaking lobbies for those who have the map. Seriously, what have you got to lose, except maybe for a lot of fans who love Nuketown if you don’t put it in the other matchmaking lobbies?

  14. cod is continually fucking the game up. stealing from the ones that support their ass. trust me, u will not be taking any more fucking money from me. :)))) fuck your season pass

  15. Removing revolution from the play list is bullshit! FU activision I will never buy you DLC again kiss my ass

  16. Fuck this man I can’t believe u did that nuketown was the only good map on here and those twats from trey arch just fucked it up for every 1 !!! Good 1 ediots