RaptorClaw141 discovered that if you bring up a TAC Insert in game, you will notice the LONG/LAT coordinates updating in real time. If you put these coordinates into Google Maps, it will show you the IRL location.

Pretty cool how Treyarch shows their attention to detail. Good job!

SOURCE: @RaptorClaw141



  1. How about Carrier? In-game it’s location is Classified.
    Also imagine Treyarch releasing a DLC map in a random neighborhood and it is in your street XD.

  2. Think that was unnecessary and time could’ve been spent on other things but ohwell, nice find and when i used them i did think there would be some use for them coordinates (i.e. easter egg on -map- at…)

  3. Its really not a lot of work. You could go to google maps and decide what locations to get coordinates for all the maps in 2 hours, then assign those coordiantes to each map. Everything already has a coordinate value in the build, it just gets adjusted to mimmick real locations. The player is already going to have a coordinate location as he moves, and the tac insertion is nothing more than a readout of that value. Its a nice detail and not something that should have put any stress on the workload or processing as the guy in the video was implying.

  4. that is pretty cool, but i’m not sure the person that owns the hollywood hills one would be too happy with the address showing up… unless it is for sale.

  5. I would have preferred Treyarch to spend their time fixing the awful net code, hit detection and lag comp out rather than wasting time on these awful gimmicks ie cod casting and league play that mean nothing to anyone

      • I too can appreciate little touches and easter eggs that they include within the game when the game is not riddled with major flaws that make it unplayable at times. All i stated was that they should have spent the time making the game play better before adding useless things.


          • Alright. I’ll level with you.

            The only thing they could do, with your complaint, is to make dedicated servers which is something they won’t do unless you play the PC version.

            But you obviously have such a good connection, why bitch? Bitching for the sake of bitching is all I see.

          • Are u five years old or just ignorant there is plenty they can do local search and improved match making for a start. I live in the UK and every game I attempt to join is filled with people from completely different counties I’m not bitching for the sake of it I’m complaining because I’m a paying customer that is having a hard time playing the game through the way they have set their game up its not like I’m the only person having a bad time with the game it’s thousands of people that are going through this and why do u even care about my opinion if yournot hhaving these problems good for u enjoy the game and stfu

          • Woooooooooooosh. Point went over your head. You’re doing a lot of complaining about nothing. Play the PC version if you want a better experience.

          • Are you seriously telling me to buy another copy of a broken game on a format that gets little support and dlc two months behind everyone else with no elite to improve my experience with call of duty. Thanks for the advice but I will pass. As far as complaining about nothing goes I don’t
            see being matched halfway round the world all the time as nothing it’s a major f up that needs fixing

          • Best tip you’ll get – Accept the good, accept the bad, just fucking play the game and quit your bitching.

            Or just whine some more.

            Whichever is easiest for you.

    • funny thing is, you’re probably the same person that would have said they should have shown more effort in the small things, if these coordinates didn’t match up.

      • You don’t know me well enough to make that assumption and I don’t care about tac insert coordinates I didn’t even know they were in the game till I read this article

  6. So your suggestion to me is to buy a game I don’t like twice and play it on a format I’m not familiar with thanks but I think I will pass on that advice and wait for matchmaking improvements u get more retarded every day

  7. Thanks but if I wanna express my opinion of the game I will especially since I played good money for it. If u don’t like my opinion that’s fine you are entitled
    to Ur views. To write my complaint as whineing is stupid I have every right to be dissatisfied with the utter garbage that they have sold me.