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Activision has just released 10 hi-res official images through various media outlets of the new DLC maps coming this Tuesday. On top of that, Polygon and OneOfSwords obtained exclusive footage of the maps “Downhill” and “Grind”. I dont know about you but I cant wait for Tuesday..

Here’s what Polygon had to say about the new maps:

Grind- “forcing players to stay on the move, as they can’t hug most of Grind’s walls for cover.”

Mirage- “handful of hot spots where opposing players frequently meet. Mirage’s interior, a disorienting series of tunnels and hallways, adds a sense of tension in time sensitive gameplay modes like Demolition and Hardpoint.”

Hydro- “Fast-paced. A heavily trafficked channel running through the center of the map will occasionally fill with water, washing away any players unlucky enough to find themselves there and cutting off a major route.”

Downhill- “..offers the most terrain variety of Revolution’s set of maps with an intersection at its center where players will frequently run into each other. A pair of gondolas travels through the center of the map, introducing a major hazard in a frequently populated chokepoint.







SOURCE: Polygon, IGN, @OneofSwords



  1. those re-skinned snow camo character models look dope! Hope they add more new modelz.. like for desert levels, the seals shoulda had on their multicam skin like in campaign.

  2. strange, there ae 4 new DLC multiplayer maps, and they only show 3 of it (1 double)WHERE IS TH 4th? and why don’t you guys display the zombie map? or the newzombie mode turned at least!!

    • Fourth is Hydro. ATVI probably didn’t want to show off all maps – and they haven’t given anyone zombies footage.

      • probably, but i wonder why… at least i saw the preview, and the zombie mode is CRAZY!! you can play AS the zombie for the first in your life YAY!!