UPDATE 2: According to many users, Nuketown 2025 is now a mandatory download. If you delete this map from your Xbox, it will make you download it to play MP again. Customers who have not downloaded this map on Xbox 360 can download it now for FREE. Nuketown 2025 is coming April 12th to PS3/PC.

UPDATE: We have been informed by a few people that the mandatory download for Nuketown 2025 has been delayed till further notice due to unexpected changes. Stay tuned, we’ll update once we know more.

A new message on Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360 has confirmed that the Nuketown 2025 MP map will be a mandatory download starting March 26th.

Nuketown 2025 is available now to download on Xbox LIVE for free, but on Tuesday you will be required to download it in order to play MP.

Treyarch is doing this so that they will be able to put Nuketown 2025 in all the playlists.

This map (along with the other optional Micro Items) will be available on PS3/PC at a later date.

SOURCE: Black Ops 2



  1. Feel bad for the people who payed extra for this map. And honestly treyarch shouldve never made this dlc in the first place.

    • nobody paid extra. the preorder was something you just had to put your name down for. if you someone was dumb enough to preorder and pay, it’s their own fault

      • Remember the hardened edition? that was useless. almost all the worthy DLC are now available for free. I paid an extra 20 bucks for shit no one cares about. i dont need no steel book, the huge case it cpmes in nor the theme. the dlc i wanted are now available for free (nuketown zombies free with season pass, which i would have gotten if i hadnt wasted 90 bucks on the hardened edition.) it wasnt dumb. i didnt realize the dlcs would be given out later for free.

        • Wrong

          #1 You pay for it early so you have it before everyone else gets it

          #2 The 20 dollers wasnt just nuketown,It was also Ce digitel camo,nuketown(2025 and zombies) Calling card,and sound track

          #3 you should of known this from Bo Waw zombie maps

  2. OK, I have been desperately searching the internet for ANYTHING related to the second DLC map pack and there is very little information except for some message boards with little more than guesses… does anybody have any info? This game has been out for what, 4+ months and only 1 map pack has been released? I feel like we should at least have some information about DLC#2 by now.

  3. array is the game files, the picture some times appears instead of the map it is supposed to be. Thats where the rumour has come from.

  4. Hi, loads of times I’ve bought packs and it says my purchase content is blocked, when I unblock it and enter my password it says couldn’t save your privacy and online settings. So that means i can’t download the pack, that also means I can’t play online because I need to download nuketown, what do I do really need help

  5. I got the game and season pass for $99 on PS3 network, digital download and i can play it on 2 systems at once. Some me and my girlfriend can play it on separate t.v.’s lol

  6. I fucking hate nuketown, such a retarded map and the people that keep voting for it over and over again are a bunch of fuckin morons.