This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since the original press release for ‘Revolution’ said that the Peacekeeper gun DLC would be a “one time offering planned for Black Ops 2 DLC”, but this just reconfirms it for people wondering why there wasn’t a new gun for Uprising.

For the most part, gun DLC was a great experiment for Treyarch that worked out in the end. It’s possible that there isn’t any more gun DLC planned for Black Ops 2 because Black Ops 2 may not have anymore RAM space available to support new guns (like MW3).

Most of the fan reactions on Twitter was positive and left people wanting more. Let us know in the comments below on how you feel about gun DLC…

SOURCE: @Treyarch



    • Completely agree. Call me crazy, but I just can’t figure out how to best use the Peacekeeper. I find its “in between” status to be kind of a bad thing, quite honestly (fire rate too slow to compete with vector/pdw/msmc but range nowhere near as nice as AN94/Scar…

      BUT…the variety is very nice.

      • I actually find it extremely effective on maps like Plaza where range is needed in some areas but the power and mobility in others.

      • use the peacekeeper at mid-range combat, its good ther and use stock and quickdraw handle, this will make you more competative a close range and coming round corners!

  1. Its dumb. It makes the game more of a “pay to win” game instead of the “uber competitive” atmosphere that TreyArch was screaming about before the game was launched.

    Its a complete contradiction to what Call of Duty multiplayer has tried to be about: Fairness.

  2. More gun dlc….Hopefully the next COD of the PS4 and new xbox will have a ton more guns since they are going to have a ton more ram in the systems…It will be cool to see how much more content can be added to the newer games.

  3. The Zombies game mode has all of the gun DLC I need. What’s the point of getting to a rank that won’t even matter this time next year?

    • Different engine. CoD is made with a super old engine that doesnt efficiently use the ram. Whereas BF3 is made with a new, more advanced engine that can load things differently and make better use of the available ram. At least thats what ive been told.

  4. Damn, Gun DLC was a good option to add in the game. BF3 added DLC Guns and I mean a lot of it but BO2 didn’t have any enough ram to it, its pretty stupid to be honest šŸ™

    • Map DLC > Gun DLC.
      Why? Map get boring faster because you can unlock all the camouflages on guns and you can unlock all attachments 3 times.

      • Maps can only be played with people who have purchased them. Guns can be played with everyone because a patch that allows DLC guns to be allowed on original maps. If people did not purchase the gun DLC, they can still pick up the weapon and play with it, it just won’t be available to them as a create-a-class weapon.

        More players, better chance of decent connection, new weapons > Less players, less chance of decent connection, new maps.

        • Could not agree more with you. Before the maps i was getting into games with really decent connections, and a well balanced team vs no team ratio. Now since buying the dlc i get into these 2-3 people lobbies ALL the time, that take 5-10 minutes to fill up, with people constantly leaving and coming. Its horrible.

  5. they probably had this gun already in the game to start with but locked it until DLC1 which unlocked it, it was trial and it went well, but they dont have enough space, however im hoping they’ll be still additional zombie gamemodes

    • well the last thing we need is another sniper.. we already have the QS one, the One shot kill one, and two sprayers

  6. Dohoho. The baiting tactic worked so now they’ll no longer have to offer gun DLC to those who purchased the Season Pass! >:3

  7. that just means that having a 512MB ram for xbox 360 to jump to a 8 GB ram on the xbox 720 mean MORE WEAPONS!!! for future CoD!!! Woooo

  8. why not take a way the stupid camo DLC and replace it with new Gun DLC’s it gives people the incentive to actually buy it on top of the maps which in most cases = more money why wouldn’t they want to make more money?

  9. No more Ram space what a sorry ass excuse, more like their not worried about gun dlc MLG teams are not asking for Gun DLC all their focused on is making more head glitches and nerfing the guns that are “OP” or for us who enjoy using a gun that does what is supposed to do in a video game…KILL PEOPLE

    • I’m not defending Treyarch or any other devs here, but I don’t think many people know how this stuff works.

      As far as I understand it, it seems to be the case that any guns that are in the game have to be programmed in there from the start because not everyone may have downloaded it, but it still needs to be able to be picked up from fallen foes, every person’s game must be able to register how it performs in-game, etc. So, in this case, the Peacekeeper was planned a long time ago as a DLC gun, but I’m sure they didn’t want to roll out several DLC weapons when the concept was untested in the first place. Treyarch cannot just invent a last-minute DLC gun and push it to gamers. Besides that, there’s the issue of rendering the thing: It takes a long time to get a gun to perform and behave properly, visually and otherwise, unless they want to sell you the “same” gun with a different look A lot of people would be pissed if that happened, I think.

      Also, Xbox 360 and PS3 are running on 7-8 year-old hardware, and they have VERY small amounts of available memory compared to today’s powerhouse gaming PCs. When the game loads, it has to go into memory, and the more shit you put in a game, the more memory it requires. That’s why CoD isn’t really in HD (It’s really around 500-p, upscaled)–for it to run at 60fps, HD is not an option; just look at Crysis 3 on PC vs console. It’ll change with the new consoles, but the new consoles will be pretty much out of date when they ship, compared to the cutting-edge gaming PCs (but, you get what you pay for).

      • Guns do not have to be in the game from the start. They do have to be in the game for everyone though. Which is why BF3 includes said data in their patches that everyone gets. They could put in the gun data in the patches they put out for everyone.

        Then your second argument about the hardware being not good enough is false too. BF3 does it, why can’t CoD when it has much more revanue?

        • I’m not sure you can compare how BF3 works compared with CoD. They have separate engines and may work completely differently. While BF3 might be able to do that, I’m not sure CoD can. And even if it can, designing a new DLC gun from scratch would take a few months. Given that CoD has a yearly release cycle, and if you look at it from a purely business lens (which is what Activision clearly only cares about), if Treyarch began work on a new DLC gun today, it would probably be August or September before it would be ready to ship. Add a month for PS3 and PC users. By that time, we’re all looking at the release of the next CoD. BF3 doesn’t suffer from that problem because it has a 2-3 year life cycle, and they can spend more time with perfecting the game.

          As to the statement that BF3 has better graphics than CoD–well, yes and no. CoD is running at 60fps, making for a smoother experience at the price of graphical ability. BF3, Crysis 2/3, and Rage look fantastic compared to CoD, but they only run at 30fps, and especially for fast-paced shooters, that it nearly unacceptable. Just ask any PC gamer, especially if they’re used to 100+fps. The reason CoD has reigned supreme in first person shooters on consoles is that they sacrifice graphical fidelity for faster rendering, and gamers (at least console gamers) prefer that to graphical fidelity.

          When the new consoles come out at the end of the year, I think CoD will have a huge hurdle to over come. The CryEngine and Frostbite engines have already been seasoned on today’s consoles, and I’m willing to bet (because the new consoles are essentially running PC hardware and nothing proprietary) that the CoD franchise will suffer because the engine it runs on has been optimised for Xbox 360. It’ll be a huge challenge for devs to upgrade the proprietary CoD engine to compete with the like of Crytek and Frostbite. Time will tell.

  10. Guys…RAM doesn’t matter on the console it’s the RAM on the engine, it’s old and can’t support any more. If that was the case then battlefield wouldn’t have all that gun DLC.

  11. More gun dlc please! I already want to break this game because of so much in game lag! but when it is going good I love getting new guns and getting them diamond. I would also like to say that there is a lot of bullet lag as well especially in hardcore because I have to kill five guys at one time because the spawns are horrible!

  12. Is this the same type of confirmation like when they said they weren’t going to bring nuketown 2025 to people who didn’t preorder?

  13. The peacekeeper was beyond OP gtfo, i heard they was supposed to be bringing back the barrett but guess that was another fucking lie

  14. Cant add guns because of ram storage…but all the guns everyone is asking for is already available in story mode and some zombie maps? So if they are already incorporated on the game, why cant they be put in multiplayer?? Or at least give us some clasic skins! I just miss ak74 and ak47!!

  15. I’m tired of: “Maybe the next game!” or “Maybe the next console”
    most of the cod experience is just waiting. Waiting shouldn’t be in the gameplay or part of the feel of a “fast paced action shooter” Why would they start out with something and never have it again?! Cod is just becoming less and less worth waiting for…

  16. i agree with stomper power they are sending us a bullshit excuse its a blue ray disk it has thousands of ram space give us another gun damn it AND BRING BACK CAPTURE THE FLAG FOR HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just because of some little pussies complaining that their being spawn trapped dont mean you have to get rid of it Treyarch Activision PSN you guys are really starting too piss me the fuck off bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Can put a differant game mode but your not gonna get rid of the spawntrapping are you fucking retarded!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU Treyarch PSN And Activision go suck a dick

  17. This is good N it ones out in a oositive manner because people only want new guns because they believe the new gun is going to make their fameplay better. But by reducing the amount of guns they can learn how to master the gien weapons and prestige the weapons themselves! And that is why the no more gun dlc thing is kot that important to me !

  18. Sounds like to me they got their money and ran.
    Releasing the first DLC with the peacekeeper got a lot of people to buy into the Black ops 2 season pass. They basically tricked people into spending 50 bucks.