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According to one of our sources, a new weapon camo will be go on sale for Black Ops 2 based upon fan votes. Starting May 23rd, there will be an option to vote for two of four camos via the message of the day in Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360. The two camos with the most number of votes will go on sale starting May 29th.

The four camos that can be voted upon will be:

  • Comic Book
  • Cyborg
  • Dragon
  • Paladin

Our source has sent us the full press release that will be put up for this:

New Personalization Packs are coming to Call of Duty®: Black Ops II first on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace, and it’s up to you to decide which ones make the cut! Beginning on May 23rd through May 28th, Xbox 360® players can vote on their favorite Weapon Camo out of a group of four through the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II in-game Message of the Day. The two Weapon Camos with the most votes will become available for purchase as new Personalization Packs via the in-game store and on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace on May 29th.

The voting will start on May 23rd and it will end on May 28th. The camo should be going up on sale starting May 29th. The two winning camos will be sold as a Personalization Pack which costs 160 MSP. Each of the packs will contain the camo, 3 reticles, and 1 new Calling Card; similar to the current packs they offer.

The source has not said anything about when this will be coming to PS3/PC.

UPDATE: Acitivision’s Community Manager, OneofSwords, has officially announced the four camos with the information we provided. The camos will go up for voting starting May 23rd. We’ve added new images from OneOfSwords to our gallery.



  1. i vote they make jacol’s camo patterns the ones we use instead.. they’re way nicer than this crap treyarch keeps burping up..

  2. These look like shit! The Cyborg camo looks a lot like the MW3 elite camo :/
    They should have made a black/yellow Wasp camo..

  3. On sale? When are they gonna finally start giving back to their customers especially the loyal ones. Always take and never give back….

  4. Pure rip off I can’t believe people buy these and get excited about them, but hey its your money.

  5. Dragon and paladin looks sick as hell I love all the different textures on it. To be honest cyborg just look like orange lines on a black gun. I think I know how they will do this for ps3 and PC. Whatever camos that lose go to ps3.

  6. If we don’t get paladin im going to FreakOUt!!! MW: Ghosts ftWzzzz…….almost 4000 1shot1killz BlopsII…… ….. …….

  7. money money activition takes us for wholesale as pigeons but have have to choose and I do not have a choice and I vote comic book cyborg

  8. Please change this so We can buy all 4 camos i will 10000% these are the best camos in the history of CoD

  9. just fuck the bullshit let us make a custom camo online and name it and everything and if your really proud of your work put it up for download on fileshare and everyone is happy

  10. What time do they come out im waiting i paid for them and downloaded them at the dashboard but i cant use them pls help

  11. Jacol dude those r seriously sweet I would like to see and underwater themed one and maybe even a sons of anarchy skin but u have some really awesome ones 10x better than the ones u buy from black ops 2 they r shit yours are the shit