The Black Ops 2 Message of the Day has been updated to confirm that the next Double XP weekend for Black Ops 2 will start June 28th at 10am PT and will end July 1st at 10am PT.

This Double XP is in preparation for the launch of Vengeance on July 2nd on Xbox 360.

SOURCE: Black Ops 2 via @ryanwil22



  1. They should do something like “Double Challenge XP” Im Prestige Master with everything Diamond. I just need a couple challenges that take really long to do.

  2. Please tell all about the new cheat for BO2, constant UAV and when you aim it goes to the right or left and part god mode, WT… Anyways can you tell Treyarch about this it needs fixed.

  3. the best gun to use is the peace keeper with target finder, grip and FMJ especially when you play on nuke town or hijacked and other small maps..