Call of Duty: Ghosts won’t feature the in-game live streaming feature like how Call of Duty: Black Ops II did. And in the same interview Daniel Suarez, vice president of production at Activision, confirmed that Theater mode is not returning either.

“We’re continuing the work that [Treyarch] did, eSports is a big initiative for us,” Daniel told me at the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal. He added that they’re going to continue supporting the community as much as they can with these features. That said, there is one big feature that won’t be included in Ghosts.

“So not all the feature sets that we had in Black Ops II will transfer over. So for example the streaming from the game feature we won’t actually be doing this year. The way that it worked inBlack Ops II is you had a certain resolution that you could output out. We didn’t really see the community adopting that so we’ve taken that feature out in Ghosts.” To that end, Theater Mode will also not be returning for Ghosts.

However, if you play on PS4 or Xbox One you will be able to live stream directly from the console – as the next-gen console has those features built in. And, they next gen consoles will also have the ability to record and share gameplay’s.

SOURCE: Destructoid



  1. Noooo, why remove theatre mode? It makes no sense. They should add more features not remove features which the community have enjoyed and supported.

  2. Black Ops was the one that started the horrible hit detection craze that is also present in MW3 and Black Ops 2. Many blamed Theater Mode for the culprit of that, as Black Ops first introduced it. Let’s see if this changes anything in the hit detection department and hope it brings it back to the wonderful aim that was MW2.

  3. Why would they remove good features like theater mode? I’m pissed. I couldn’t care less about the eSports stuff, I’m not into it. But theater mode was a great addition to Black Ops 1, MW3, and Black Ops 2. It was good for YouTubers so they didn’t have to record every single game to get good footage. It was also good for reporting cheaters and boosters. IW may have taken a few steps forward with Ghosts, but IMO, this is a big step back.

    • IW can still use the theater at their studios to catch cheaters, but this is actually a good decision. Once theater mode was introduced to Black Ops 1, the hit detection/server issues increased. People say MW2 had the best connection of any COD, the last game before theater was built in, Since the PS4 and Xbox One have built in capture cards, this COULD be better for a gameplay standpoint. Also, eSports is the future, like it or not!

          • But he means why did they call it eSports when it’s not even a sport. I also agree and don’t get the logic behind that either. Sitting in a chair for hours and only moving your fingers does not make gaming a sports lol. Entertainment yes but nothing close to a sport. I’m sorry but it is what it is.

          • notice the “e” in front of “sports” and realize it means electronic sports, meaning competitive video games.

          • It’s been called eSports since basically the beginning of eSports awhile ago. Devs just recently started using the term.

          • What iPLAY said. They aren’t physical sports, just competitive video games that take skill like League of Legends. That is why they are “electronic sports” because they require skill but not at a level like football, baseball, etc. It is going to only get bigger. You should try to watch it sometime!

          • eSport is just a word! what should they call it… eSport has been on for ages! Like LoL, WoW, Starcraft, Dota, Red Alert, even Minecraft and CoD now!

    • I toally agree with you, i am in a sniping clan so without theater i have to go buy a capture device just to get my clips. Why dont they just keep it in there? i didnt notice any lag in the game with it on.

    • There’s character customization in a lot of fps….hmm…well in a lot of free to play fps.
      Halo does have it though, and brink. I can’t think of anymore.

    • Look remember that this game is being made for current gen consoles, so its limited as fuck. If it was made just for next gen, we would of had way more features.

      • actually its being made for each system separately, soooo yeah theres that, the xbox one and ps4 come with “theater and live streaming” so why would they put it in the game?

      • But adding theater mode will not affect the limitations lol… it’s just a little feature which will not harm the hardware at all.

        • Agreed, who says that you have to open theater mode before you can play ghosts multiplayer? it’s not like you don’t have a choice as to open it or not when playing ghosts.. adding it would not be a big deal at all, and it would be exceedingly satisfactory for current generation players, such as myself.

      • lol they made a specific version of ghost for next gen consoles, but I feel ya man they probably teamed up with capture card companies figuring if they take out theater us youtubers would have to go buy an elgato or something.
        subscribe to Om3ga_RaJJka on youtube!!!

    • Are you stupid? In all honestly if your going to cry, and complain because theater mode was removed stop buying CoD. If you want to record your game play go buy a capture card you dumb ass. I would rather have customization that a little theater mode feature when I can buy a capture card for the price of a new game.

      • theaters also never really the same as the original gameplay the scopes don’t go in farther the bullets hit random different places everytime, I do kinda wish they had the theater mode in the ps3 version though some of us arnt so lucky to have a job and money to buy a capture card

  4. If you are playing on the PC and want to start (or continue) streaming you can use Open Broadcasting. It is a free option for streaming software. It uses low resources on your system to avoid adding burden to your game and hardly any network latency added (on a good connection). Just a heads up.

  5. No theater mode? Well this sucks for current gen players who wont be able to get next gen as soon as it releases

  6. This is great. Smooth non-laggy gameplay should always trump unneeded features such as theatre mode. Plus since ps4 and xbox one will have built in recording and sharing we’re set for a great next gen experience.

  7. At first I didn’t like the news but oh well. I’m getting a Elgato anyway. And I guess it means a lot less lag. Because BO2 OH MAN SHM That f’n lag comp and hit detection was insane.

  8. I don’t like that. I personally play on PC and i can’t record the whole game because the file size is simply way to big. And capture cards for pc are expensive since i play on 1080p. I think they should add it but you choose whether or not to record. I’m really mad.

  9. Why is everyone ok with having no theatre mode. It’s not just about recording gameplay, I used theatre mode mostly to create really nice cinematic but now its gonna be awfully difficult. This is a huge step back. Lags will still be there with or without theatre mode. MW2 had lot less players than recent COD but it was just as laggy.

  10. For us ePS3 and XBOx people who are in sniping clans who are not getting the PS4 or XBOX one which has a capture device thing built into it. If we need to get clips for montages we HAVE to get a capture card so we can record out games and or clips live everytime we are playing, or have someone who has a capture device always with us. which is stupid. That means recording every time you are playing. It seems stupid to take something out that has been in the series for a long time

  11. fuck them theater mode was the second best thing in call of duty games people wont stand for this the only reason they took it out of ps3 is so more people will buy the ps4 people already hate the ghost game anyway this just gives them more reason thank you for a shity game

  12. Eliminating theater mode obviously did almost nothing to effect gameplay. Call of Duty Ghost still lags plenty and I have one of the best internet routers on the market… sure I could always buy the capture card but who the hell can afford that after spending 120$ on the hardened version of the game. We don’t even buy the whole game anymore guys they sells us half and say we can get the rest for 69.99. Fuck that, I’ll never be able to show off my gameplay footage again. That ship has sailed

  13. I’m sorry but you’ve done it this time.

    You say it wouldn’t matter if you had an Xbox One or PS4? What about those who simply cannot afford the new Consoles? They cannot do recordings for their YouTube channel without the theatre mode.

    Thanks.. Thanks for nothing.

  14. I have a question.. The team im on is getting an HD PVR 2 thursday. will we be ble to record just the person who has it or people in his party also? Since theres no theater. thanks guys.

  15. Not going to fight but this is a next gen game it should have every mode plus more. It’s like I say about a lot of games don’t take one step for wide then one step back this is not a dance n not everyone has the money to by there only record device clearly If they did then why the fuck would they post here and don’t me to be a dick but some ppl need the money for other thigs besides game for ex college paying rate etc shit u need to survive not everyone still a teenage n can live of there moms. I will be spending over 3000$ this year on ps4 n xbone plus games but like I said this is not a dance you don’t take one step for wide n one back call of duty is the same shit iver n over and ghost is just for trash ass campers but I still play it why becuase am a fan b most of every is here to unlike ppl who just but cod for online. And sorry if I miss spelled anything it’s been a while.