Infinity Ward and Microsoft have just announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts will have Dedicated Servers on the Xbox One. Ghosts will be using the new cloud feature on Xbox One to power the servers.

In today’s Xbox Showcase at gamescom, Mark Rubin, Executive Producer at Infinity Ward, took to the stage to announce “Call of Duty: Ghosts” on Xbox One will use Xbox Live Cloud hosting to provide dedicated servers for multiplayer matches, ensuring the best multiplayer experience will be on Xbox One. And, gamers will get all downloadable content for “Call of Duty: Ghosts” first on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Infinity Ward also confirmed the news via the tweet:




  1. Already calling it: Xbox One will be the only one with Dedicated Servers. Why? Activision rather has Microsoft’s money than millions of happy customers on PS4, Ps3, PC and Wii U.

    • Hahahahaha ha!!!!! Yeahhhhhhh budddyyyy!!! FINALLY!!! Xbox one > PS4… Xbox is far superior.. Everyone knows it, that’s why xbox users get all new maps etc before gay station!! No host migration, no player advantage, better hit detection!! LOT less lag!!! It’s on!!! DEDICATED SERVERS!!! I FUCKING LOVE YOU ACTIVISION/INFINITY WARD..

      • You do know that PS4 dedicated Servers haven’t been ruled out? Also, people should probably be thinking Dedicated Servers are the holy grail. In BF3, I’ve killed plenty of people around corners and I’ve died around corners plenty of times.

        • Let’s be honest though. There is a very CLEAR DISTINCT difference/advantage in having Dedicated Servers over Peer to Peer.

      • Soooo, because XBOX has Dedis for CoD it’s better? You know there are 1000s of other games in the world not just COD, right?

  2. Wow. I am sooooo happy they did this.

    No more host migration, no more host advantage, no more matchmaking, and no more f*cking lag. :’)

    (Well, ok. Maybe a bit of lag.)

    But do we still get intermission? You would think that with dedicated servers that intermission would be gone. Oh how I hate intermission.

    • I doubt it. Activision will never invest a good amount of money in the franchise, and they probably get some extra cash from Microsoft to give all other platforms the finger.

        • Activision doesn’t care about that, I think they’ve shown that with no Dedicated Servers the last years and continuing the deal. I seriously wouldn’t even be surprised if one day CoD becomes a Xbox exclusive. Also the fact that the past years all other consoles got worse versions of the game is insane.

  3. wow they couldn’t even add it to ps4 and the rest. christ. first – DLC. now – fucking servers. fucked up

    • $$$. It’s just insane these days that 3rd parties are selling their games (partially). EA sells 1 BF4 DLC for a timed exclusive deal, CoD does this with every DLC and Dedicated Servers, EA Sports sells a new FUT mode, Ubisoft sells 1 hour gameplay in some of their games.

      • Fanboy. Activision makes billions each year with the game alone, and millions with the DLC, but they never invest a single dollar. They don’t hire a studio to make a new, good engine and they don’t wanna pay for Dedicated Servers. They rather have Microsoft’s money than millions of happy customers on PS3, PS4, PC and Wii U. They know CoD sells less and less, and they’ll lose even more respect by doing shit like this.
        You seriously sound like one of those money whores over at Activision.

        • Easy, killer. Sledgehammer Games has been working on some CoD project for a while now. Could be that actually new engine we’ve all been waiting for.

        • As much as I hate to say it as a PS4 buyer,it’s not Activisons fault why we won’t get dedicated servers for call of duty

  4. This is only happening because of Microsoft’s cloud. So Activision is not spending money or being payed for this, they are simply using a feature that is available for free to them. I suspected this would happen, and it will probably be like this with every Xbox One game. Microsoft has said many times that all developers can use the cloud and there is no benefit to not using it.

    • It’s not free, Activision is paying for it but it is cheaper and it can also be used for other platforms. Azure isn’t exclusive to xbox one.There is still a possibility that the ps4 could have dedicated servers because of this but we will know for sure when the game is out

  5. It’s a shame that the majority will be playing on PS4 (the better console) but Microsoft are just trying to buy out all of the games, but the contracts won’t last forever 🙂

    • well they bought me!! have fun waiting a month for DLC and host migrations, major lag and game crashes on your PS4 🙂

      • we won’t have major lag you fool. you will still lag with dedicated servers. and I think we are all past the ‘oh we get dlc first oh’. christ lol. I for one won’t be held hostage to buying an xbox one over some fucking map packs on call of duty………

          • Dedicated servers is going to be available on every MP game on the Xbox. It’s their standard service moving forward for the X1.

            Good to see our Live money building a better experience for both publishers and gamers.

      • Dude you haven’t played on any console yet, how can you say that?

        I bet those are the same dedicated servers that black ops 2 have. I DOUBT that there will be a server browser in game. I’ll will most certainly be matchmaking on cloud servers, just how black ops 2 have being doing up until now. Nothing new here.

      • Except we won’t have game crashes, and and lag will be less than current gen anyway. Have fun spending $100 more on a worse console for slightly better MP on one game.

  6. PC already had dedicated servers. I don’t see what all the fuss is about regarding Activision being money whores. Seriously.

    • They sell DLC with timed exclusivity, they sell events, exclusive content and probably Dedicated Servers, yeah, no money whoring here /sarcasm.

      • They are also a business, first and foremost. Have you been robbed by anyone that works for Activision? Has a burly man wearing all black twisted your arm until you picked up the newest Call of Duty at your local retail store? Doubt it.

  7. It’s a slap in the face to long time fans, who have wanted Dedicated servers for a long time, but don’t have the money for an XBOX One, or players who game on PS3, 360 or PS4. Pretty much treating your customers with no respect.

          • Yes Sony should respect their customers and provide a service that equals that of MS. Think of it like this Joe owns a coffee shop and has a rival called Pete. Neither of them have a fancy coffee maker. Joe(MS) and Pete(Sony) decide to renovate their store to attract more customers.

            I am both Pete and Joes main coffee supplier both Pete and Joe have been losing customers to Star Bucks(PC)so they set about improving their shop. They survey their customers to see why they are losing custom to Starbucks. Their research tells them that the service(power)and the flavour (connections) are better at Starbucks.

            Pete decides to work on the decore and staff service to improve his shop, Joe decides to install a Fancy coffee maker but spend less on staff trainning.

            Now Joe has a competetive edge over his rival. Pete needs to match his service his customers will not complain to Pete about the advantage. They will merely go and buy coffee from Joe. At no point does the customer expect the supplier to buy the coffee machine.

        • Well Activision should consider that if they’re giving so many exclusives to Microsoft, they’re gonna lose nearly all PS4 buyers soon and will lose more money than they get from MSFT.

          • Activision hasn’t given them anything other than money to use the Azure network. In case you have forgot CoD is the No1 console game on both the Xbox and PS.

          • Activision isn’t GIVING exclusives to MS. Microsoft is BUYING them. Sony barely charges for anything which looks great up front, Until Microsoft is able to afford advantages like this.

    • I’m sorry but the blame lies squarely at Sony’s door on this one. They have known for quite some time that setting up servers would be too costly for Activision to consider. MS have taken the initiative to help the developers get around this problem. Sony on the other hand have not been forthcoming with support for developers in this area. Hopefully Sony will now come out with a clear plan on their next gen cloud soluitions.

      • Lol is not like MS had any other options. They have lost a lot of people with all the crap they have been doing leading up to x1. Somy doesnt care tho they have better games to worry about.

        • Lol they haven’t lost anything yet the console hasn’t even gone on sale.

          CoD is the no1 console game, I’m pretty sure this news will get their attention.

        • And it’s not like they pulled the dedicated servers out of their ass. This has been the plan since MS told developers what was capable.

          • pretty sure when they revealed the console they started that every multiplayer game will have dedicated servers. this has been known for awhile.

      • Sony have a more fucking powerful cloud service than Microsoft. Its called Gaikai which has dedicated servers and its getting launched 2014. Sonys service is more powerful it is solely Microsoft/Activisions fault for being too greedy

        • Do they really? Please tell me how many servers they have, where these servers are located and whether they are still using the Nvidia grid and Intel GPU’s (which will be incompatible with the PS4’s AMD and Radeon set up). So Sony have a dilemma change the hardware in the data centre’s or write lengthy emulation software to run games.

          With Azure I know that I can ping the area of my nearest data centre’s in less than 50ms I also know that those data centre’s have between 1800-2500 servers. The key point I am making is that I know what I am getting with the Xbox One and Azure Cloud, the PS4 is shrouded in a mist of vague information.

          I want the PS4 to be good and offer everything that the Xbox One does, but it has yet to be seen what Sony are offering. When they show their hand I will make an informed decision. Instead of blindly buying something because it’s made by my favourite manufacturer.

    • Really?

      Quote (Top-voted post on MP1st’s similar news): “Greedy fucks… They got dedicated servers in the worst possible way…. Took them for free from MS and signed another exclusivity deal. Was only on the fence about buying this game but since I’m on PS4 it’s officially a no-buy”

    • I’m sorry, do you not understand, it is using the Xbox One’s new Cloud. There is a reason we haven’t had it on any other console ever. We now have the ability to on Xbox One. Infinity Ward and Activision are taking an opportunity to use the new Cloud to it’s full potential, much like Respawn/EA with Titanfall, if Call of Duty didn’t have as much sales on Sony platforms they probably would have made it an Xbox exclusive at this point.

      • Azure isn’t exclusive to to Xbox one. The developers of Titanfall have said that it allows them to use it for dedicated servers for other platforms too. There is a possibly that the ps4 might have the features of the Xbox one version of the game. At the moment Microsoft is just trying to sell their console. Not having anything said about the ps4 version could just be a marketing stunt. When the game is out THEN everyone will know if the ps4 has them

        • I doubt Activision would leave such a gaping loophole for their system to benefit their competitors. Even if that loophole was exploited in any deal with Respawn it would have been adjusted for this deal, given it is the most important.

          • Since when is Activision competing with ps4? It’s not a deal it’s a cheaper server hosting service offered to the publisher. In other words the publisher still has to pay to use azure for the servers so microsoft still profit even when it’s on another platform.

    • So you’re complaining that you won’t have enough money to buy an Xbox One, but you’re getting a PS4? It’s a $100 dollar difference… that is nothing especially with how long these consoles last.

  8. I love all the people crying about money whoring, this has nothing to with money, this is a feature of the Xbone that MS is offering to any developer for free, stop moaning.

    • It’s not free the devs/pubs do have to pay to use the Azure Cloud. Otherthan that I totally agree with your comment.

      • it’s actually being offered to devs/publishers for the same price as normal P2P structure costs. So basically it costs nothing extra than normal to have dedicated servers running your game.. So what dev/publisher in their right mind would turn down using them etc. Sony is avoiding the topic completely and is now charging but still gonna use p2P for it’s 3rd party games.. unless the Dev pays them a huge amount or provides their own servers like (EA does etc)

        • Not according to what I have read. The Azure cloud is much more affordable than the company setting up and maintaining dedicated servers but not the same cost as p2p which to my knowledge has no cost other than the developers “listening servers”. If you have read different I would appreciate a link.

        • Azure isn’t exclusive to xbox one. Devlopers can still use it to put dedicated servers on ps4. The devlopers of Titanfall have said that azure allows them to use azure for other platforms too.

    • I live in rural Texas. There are many things about dedicated servers that make me very happy. For reasons that require a soap box, strained Southern accent and creative embellishments…

    • Dedicated servers exist solely to host a game and p2p (peer to peer) uses a selected host to run the game. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Dedicated server cost money but are generally more reliable and boast stronger performance. P2p uses the hosts internet to transmit data between everyone, is cheap, but can create performance issues, connectivity can be difficult to maintain, and generally speaking someone with a bad connection can create lag for everyone else, esp if they pull host. And if the host leaves and the game doesn’t migrate to another suitable host… the game ends. That’s the short version.

  9. I hope the PS4 will have the cloud situation, because it seems like Sony now is lacking, just what I’m seeing though..

  10. Funny thing is they can probably do it on PS4 too, but since Microsoft and IW are partnered they wont. It’s all about that $$$.

  11. If MH3U, made by capcom, can have dedicated servers, so can Ghosts.
    You might say the Wii U doesn’t have a large enough audience, which is understandable. I still think they could set some up for PS4, even if it does require extra cash.

    • Sellouts? Us xbox players have been paying for LIVE for YEARS, and the Xbox One is $100 more than the PS4. I think we deserve dedis… we’re paying a premium.

  12. I can’t understand how people are still complaining about Activision/Microsoft/CoD.
    What the heck you guys want ?? Free money!? Free DLCs ?! Come on!!

    • People are complaining because it’s Xbox One exclusive. That means PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Wii U. Yes, given this is something provided by Microsoft, but from Activision’s stand point, it’s a very poor business move. It’s only meant to bolster sales of the XboxOne, it was most likely apart of their contract that Activision has with Microsoft.

      It’s a poor business move because it’s only applying to JUST XboxOne users. If you’re going to bring dedicated servers in, why not everybody? People don’t like that.

      • No. It’s because No dedicated servers on PS4. That’s why. As for Xbox 360 and PS3. GTA V will assfuck their community.

        • PS4 has fucking dedicated servers. Ever heard of Gaikai? its being launched in early 2014, and is more powerful than the MS cloud service. Activision/IW have no excuse its not Sonys fault but greedy microsoft/Activisions fault

          • It’s not the same thing at all dude. Gaikai is for streaming games and is much smaller and less proven compared to MS’s Azure.

          • lol,you don’t even know what gaikai is for. Its a cloud based service, this is true, but its not for anything that the X1’s cloud will be doing. its a streaming service for videogames, that’s all.

      • they should just become an xbox only game since they always treat them the best, why give them a better online experience, why not an extra map pack or an hour long extra for campaign

    • Because really there’s no reason why they can’t use some of those servers for the 360 as well. This is nothing more than Marketing BS just to get you to buy the XBone.

      ^ I’m still gonna stay 360 for another year, but Microsoft with this (along with their original plan with Used games, and currently with Kinect) is just pushing me more and more and more towards the PS4 because of all their greedy controlling BS lately…

  13. people saying its unfair xbox get it playstation dont are dumb and need to do research the reason MS can do it is because of the amount of servers they have in the cloud in comparison to sony 300k servers (MS) and 50k servers (Sony) if sony wanted the servers they could have and need to step up now its all on sony wether they get what the customers want.

  14. sure it has dedicated servers, but they will still be complete shit compaired to PC dedicated servers. think of all the PC mods like high jump, high speed and custom gamemodes that will never be on xbox

  15. Grrr…

    I figure next-gen systems will be the start of COD using dedicated servers but Xbox One can’t be only system to have it. PC, and at least PS4 got to be on board it.

  16. Activision is trying to find ways to keep people playing the game. The reason why DLC sales are declining is because over time people are realizing that is waste of money. That is why they had drop the whole Elite thing after one year and adopt the whole season pass concept.

    PS3/PS4 Players will slowly and slowly stop buying SLC for the mere fact that we have to wait longer and longer for DLC. If I have to wait 3 months after the game releases to get the DLC, guess what I’ll get bored with the game and move on to another.

    It’s nice that X1 is getting dedicated servers. I hope that it fixes issues. If it’s good then, maybe Sony will jump in. I doubt it though. I am sure that M$ has paid that exclusive service as well. At least for the first year.

    If I get COD:Ghosts I’ll do what I have been doing the past few years. Buy the game. Prestigue as fast as possible. Get one or two DLC’s and that’s it. By then I am ready to move on to the next game.

    People grow up. Enjoy your console. Game on your console. Promote your console. You sound dumb when You start bashing the competition.

  17. Fuck, I really love Infamous and some other PS exclusive that I won’t get to play because of this. Sorry PS, the console war was basically tied until this. Good luck next decade? Lol

  18. i can’t seem to imagine how the contract isn’t expired yet, i mean i don’t wanna get the bad console (XB1) just for COD…

  19. LOL! People who pay nothing for their online service expect all of this extra stuff. I’m sorry Microsoft has the money to afford these things. Maybe you should have told Sony to invest more in the cloud technology instead of completely bypassing it.

  20. Bring it on! I’ll rape the snipers and actually get all my score streaks. Thank you for independent servers. I may just buy into XBone in a year.

  21. Its not a choice of just singling out the Xbox One to have dedicated servers. The X1 is the only system with the capability to house dedicated servers not just that Activision and Infinity Ward hate every other platform.