Amazon has revealed a new preorder bonus for Call of Duty: Ghosts: a new in game ‘Digital Federation Patch.’ This Digital Federation Patch will be exclusive to Amazon. Amazon has also confirmed that preorders will get access to the Launch Weekend Double XP.

Pre-order Call of Duty: Ghosts and get the Amazon Pre-order Pack which includes: Bonus Digital Federation Patch in-game item for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3; we will email you a code to unlock the Digital Federation Patch when your order ships. The Free Fall Dynamic Bonus Map plus access to Double XP Launch Weekend.

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The Digital Federation Patch will be available on the in-game character and loadout screen in Multiplayer.

And, EB Games Australia has just posted information regarding a limited edition of Ghosts available for all Australian gamers. The Limited Edition comes with the Steelbook Case, the Bonus Federation Patch, Double XP for Launch Weekend, Simon Ghost Riley character, and Free Fall Bonus Map.

SOURCE: Amazon via LiamFTWinter



  1. Would be nice if this digital patch came to GameStop in North America as well, considering EB Games and Gamestop are practically the same. It is a cool logo. Still, I’d rather have Ghost at Gamestop than the patch from amazon.

  2. Wow a patch! *sarcasm* Why would you pre-order from online? Obviously if your local stores ran out or you live in the middle of nowhere that’s understandable. But if you have the option to go to a midnight release, go. Theyre are so magical. Sure the waiting can be boring, but seeing all the people just as passionate as you is pretty heart warming (not gay). All I’m trying to say is, that a Federation Patch doesn’t convince me to pre-order from Amazon.

  3. Waaaaiiitttttt a second….

    “Pre-order for Xbox One” “Participate in Double XP weekend Nov 9th-12th”.


  4. Wait i’d pre ordered the normal edition of Ghost in EB games. And this edition and the one i pre ordered is the same so.. i received a free upgrade? extra info: now in EB games’s website i can’t find the normal edition anywhere (except the Wii U and PC though i ordered the PS3 ver. though)
    Edit: i check my current pre orders Somehow i bought the Prestige Edition? for $99.95(the price for regular version) price for prestige is $248.00???

  5. This doesn’t make any sense for ps4 since in the us its releasing on 15th and 29th for eu whats going to happen with our double xp?

  6. When I go to Amazon’s PS4 pre-order page, it only mentions the pre-order bonus stuff if you select Hardened edition (not Standard). Do we get this stuff for standard too?

  7. If anyone’s mad about not getting the Federation patch when preordering from Gamestop, who knows? The “Play as Simon Ghost Riley” thing was supposed to be Gamestop only, but here it is in the Amazon preorder.

  8. I just bought this game on amazon for $35.99 for the black friday sale and I received the Federation Patch DLC with my order!

  9. I don’t understand what the Federation Patch even gives you. Also, I didn’t preorder and I’m still getting it. Can someone please clarify what I get out of this patch???

  10. I pre ordered the game and got everything but the “ghost” I mean the mw2 player not the game and I was just wondering what I can do about this I have called xbox and were I pre ordered the game from help

  11. Amazon!! I lost my 1800 bucks.. and I will make sure you lose your 1800 clients after I share my last 3 shopping experiences.. In one, item delivered was broken and had deal with their help-desk to return it back.. In my last shopping experience, they claim that item (Order 404-4524779-1660327) was delivered, even though I didn’t receive it.. Delivery is made to someone “Noor Ahmaed”. I filed claim multiple times, but every time it has been turned down.. Very very disappointing..