In a new video interview with GameInformer, Mark Rubin stated that Ghosts was almost called Modern Warfare 4 and was going to have a story about a world nuked after MW3’s events.

The team at Infinity Ward started developing right after Modern Warfare 3 finished. Rubin said each person was given the opportunity to post his ideas for a new game using a note card on the wall. They started off by fixing a plan to make MW4. “Well we were going to stay modern, so we were going to do Modern Warfare 4,” Rubin said, “the idea of staying modern was a key point.”

One of the developers thought about making a world that was nuked following MW3’s events, and making that MW4. One of the cards on the wall said post apocalyptic world, and that idea kept hanging round. Rubin said that one of the ideas was, “What if we really destroyed the world, and what if after Modern Warfare 3 tons of nukes are launched, and the world’s really destroyed; it’s the road or Book of Eli kind of thing.”

But then, because of the whole new engine, whole new idea, and playing in a whole new world, the team decided to make a new game instead. Rubin said, “Lets really go with that theme (post apocalyptic) and make a new Call of Duty.” And from there, the idea of Ghosts came about.

SOURCE: GameInformer



  1. My MW4 plot was Captain Price being the main center of attention again and it taking place a couple years after MW3. After Captain Price stays hidden for so long he is found and is basically trying to clear his name and eventually they figure out Shepard was bad all along.

  2. They are saying that this is a whole new story, but to me it feels like a BO2.5 story tbh haha 🙂
    During the Single Player Trailer i was thinking that “well this looks very VERY smilliar to BO2” and i was just waiting for Woods to say “What happends….when the enemy steals the keys?” lmao…

    • In Black Ops 2 they said Drones took the power over then, but this happens only in the last mission….
      In Ghosts, you already start on a post-apocalyptic world

  3. Well thank god they changed it I was getting sick of that washed up old man captain Price. Don’t get me wrong I liked mw3 and thought they did a good job finishing up that story arch but another one would have been overkill. Besides soap is dead. 🙁

    • Are you serious? Can you make a whole different engine in 2 years with a team of 100-125 people? It’s a new engine but they didn’t have the time to put all the new stuff like textures, animations and many more. They simply took the old elements from the old engine and add it with new features.

      • I think its mostly updated character models and weapons and of course the character movement along with sub d. The worlds have been improved as well but its not as amazing as people thought because they still have to make the game for current gen. Once cod is not made for current gen we will start to see the amazing improvements to cods world graphics.

      • It isn’t new. It’s updated. IW are only saying it’s new because they think they have upgraded it so much that it’s brand new.

        • No, it can be considered new as far as engines go, instead of just tweaking it, they took its skeleton and did an overhaul. Hence the new game mechanics. ie. Sliding, leaning, and vaulting.

        • I dont know if its me or the video, either way theres no audio.
          But on another thought you just posted a video by one of the most uninformed biased youtubers on youtube. Neither u or driftor get to decide if its a new engine or not the people who are designing it get to. And as for your comment to Bob the cactus they most definatly do not have to start from scratch to be a new engine. They can take an old engine and modify it by striping it to the bones and then rebuilding it with more/better features that is considered a new engine as well. What IW and 3arch have been doing for past cods is an update to the previous engine. Ghosts is a whole new engine simply because they did not just update some new features they actually reworked the whole engine. We will not get to see the full use of this new engine till they stop making games for current/old gen.

    • In 2 year they don’t have the time to build an entirely “new engine” from the ground.. they have to keep the base and modified it. It’s a a human body, u have to keep the bone but u can modified the outside.

    • if your character talked and feltt, he wouldn’t be “YOU” that is the only difference between games and movies and in the vuture hopefully people in the SP game will react to what you say (in the mic)

  4. Seeing as Infinity Ward is sticking with Ghosts they should really hand over that world nuked after MW3’s event story (MW4) over to Sledgehammer Games and let the do that story, to be honest it don’t really sound like a bad story and Sledgehammer Games is basically Modern Warfare ain’t they and I swear it was leaked that they was already working on a Modern Warfare title? Could be this world nuked after MW3’s story, probably ain’t and probably won’t even e another Modern Warfare game but you never know.

    Just an idea

  5. I see some people don’t understand that he said they finished the ‘Modern Warfare’ story, so now it’s on to a new game new realm new platform. What’s not to understand?

  6. I am sad about Soap’s death but I’m just glad that he died a hero’s death. For example in Cod Black ops Dimitri Petrenko was a hero of Russia and he died like an animal.