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Activision and Mega Bloks have joined forces and have finally released a line of Call of Duty figures which are now available at Toys R Us! These new children toys range range from $9.99 to %59.99 and can be purchased now through their web site.

*Image from Kotaku

SOURCE: Toys R Us via @xMaccabix



  1. god I don’t wanna see this stuff… the real game is already over-poluted with little kids… I’m just gonna turn a blind eye to this. One massive chunk of ammo for anti-COD crowd…

  2. So I thought that this pic and/or this pic would be perfect for this…

    …but then again halo did it too, as well as Skylanders, which is a part of Activision….so maybe they just said fuck it, why not? But I dun know how to feel about this >_>