In Treyarch’s Community Update video, they’ve confirmed that Xbox LIVE players will be able to try a free trial on the second DLC pack for Black Ops 2, Uprising, starting Sept 20th, and ending Sept. 25th!

Uprising brought 4 MP maps – Studio, Magma, Encore, and Vertigo – and the Mob of the Dead Zombies experience.

No information on a PS3/PC trial has been announced yet.

SOURCE: Treyarch via DW247



        • Well I think BO2 blows as well, however there’s a certain brand loyalty I have to it after the brilliance of CoD 4, WaW (multi), MW2 (campaign) and BO1 (hell I even liked CoD 1-3 back in the day). It’s dying, but I’m still curious to see what they’re doing and I know what to look for with my tastes as a gamer now.

    • The only rhitng those guys have done all year is get filthy rich from DLC…….how’s it not getting money? All the dam youtubers advertise it, apart from the mappack being awesome…… sells itself