One of the maps shown during the multilplayer reveal trailer in August has officially been revealed. It’s called Stonehaven and takes place on a sort of castle area. The map is relatively large in size, with the castle being the center of focus.

[nggallery id=568]

SOURCE: Activision via



  1. Looks good & fun, reminds me of a [email protected] map.

  2. Now stop complaining about this shit not looking next-gen. Lighting, Fog, Spec maps and Tesselation and probably other stuff is making this game look super good compared to the old ones.

    • in the 3rd pic you can see the bricks from the castle as they are not flat and these are not bump maps this is the effect of displacement mapping so about 400% increased detail from bo2

  3. Damn!!!! If you can enter that castle, then we can be sure that IW is back to some more open maps. No more tri-corridor cluster-fuck maps!

  4. Somehow reminds me of both Piazza and Erosion from MW3, 2 of my favourite maps to date. I like it already.

    When I first saw it in the trailer, I instantly knew that I would play on this map all the time.

    – (1) of the maps new dynamic abilities is that some pathways can be altered by a pulling of a lever/switch, and the event that occurs is a closing of a gate or portcullis.
    – It is set in Europe (as evidenced by it’s European-architecture).