A reliable source has confirmed a few of the details for the mysterious new “Extinction” mode which will be Infinity Ward’s answer to zombies. Rather than spill all the beans, we’ve decided to list some of the main parts which happened to be mentioned in TmarTN’s newest video seeing as he hit the nail right on the head.

  • 1-4 player co-op ALIEN round based horde mode
  • Designed to work together as a team
  • Hectic gameplay VERY similar to Zombies
  • It will have a goal/ending or it can go endless just like zombies
  • Finish the game by reaching the ex-fil chopper
  • Will have traps for the Aliens
  • ammo and gear will be scarce like zombies

“Just like zombies, but with Aliens”

Extinction mode has NOT been revealed or confirmed yet. This is all RUMOR until Activision announces the details. When they do we’ll let you know..



    • Take this with a grain of salt.

      Although there’s nothing implying he’s wrong, there’s a lot of confirmation bias making him think he’s correct, and everyone think he’s correct. We all want another zombies esc. mode, so we’ll take all information like this is the answer.

      That being said, either way this mode sounds pretty sweet based on those achievements. Hopefully they have maps designed for it instead of rehasing the multi maps like spec ops survival mode.

      Kinda sounds like Alien Swarm to me almost lol

      • If i look at the achievements it has something to do with aliens, but what gametype? Just like zombies or just like mw3 survival!?
        There are traps and escape routes so i think the zombietype.
        By the way: There is alot to do and they are really pushing forward with that escape thingy.

        • I’m pretty sure it’s Zombies, because they have a wave based thing in Squads based on Spec Ops. Also, they’ve made achievements for it, so It seems to be well planned, they’ll most likely go ahead.

        • I’ve no doubt it will go ahead. My only question is if it’s as similar to zombies as people thing it is right now.

          And yes, Alien Swarm is second person. It’s irreverent to my point, the rules and objectives and whatnot of the game remain the same.

          • Somewhat similar, sure. But the gameplay is extremely different.

            As for it’s similarities to zombies, I would hope it’s innovative and new, as many claim CoD is not. I do hope it has the core elements of Zombies though,

    • I wonder if it has just been a really long development time. Or maybe they didn’t have the technology to pull it off. God, I hope it isn’t next gen exclusive.

  1. We have killed people, online players, zombies, and the occasional chicken. now we get to kill aliens. IW have finnaly brought something to the table that will change the CoD for the better. may we all be glad that we nolonger have to kill those slow ass zombies!!!!

        • i havent but i doubt it’ll beat zombies unless it contains zombie features like our perks, the box and wonder weapons

          • This is there first map. It will have to be compared to Nacht de untoten, Which had no perks, traps, or PaP. And already Aliens has Traps and a way to beat it (Easter egg). So its ahead of Zombies right now.

          • But it is 5 years after zombies and they can basically just take what they know people liked from zombies, can’t be compared to zombies at its start.

          • sure they an take things from zombies but they might not be able to perfect them right off the bat. Extintion already proved to be different considering you have an end destination zombies had easter eggs but after you did those you could cont. to play with no goal involed. you could try to go to high rounds but then the map got to small for how many zombies there were.zombies had 5 years to perfect something and they couldnt even have the same characters go throught the story. see these people just want to have extintion be like zombies because they’re afraid of change and want to play the same thing year after year.

          • There is an end to zombies. Have you played Origins and MOTD? They have an end game where the game literally ends, you don’t have to die to end the game.

          • MOTD doesn’t have an end. In MOTD you go to the bridge, and whenever you want, you kill yourself and go back to the start. I have no idea about Origins, I assume it’s limitless

        • I think what he’s saying is Zombies will always be close to our heart, as it is the original alternate game mode.

    • Slow zombies? Is your highest round 5? And would the game be fun if the zombies easily catch up to you and you never outrun them? No.

        • So it’s fun if you try to run to buy ammo but the zombies are all Usain Bolts, so they catch up to you instantly. You can’t shoot them as you have no ammo, and you can’t outrun them to buy ammo? Yeah, sounds so fun.

          • what your saying is that the zombies will run like a olimpic runner. i said it would be more fun if they moved faster like if they were speed walking instead of dragging their feet behid them.

          • i now that but not all of them are running and if they are not running they are walking very slowly.

          • Oh stfu, stop hating and picking a fight. Your highest zombie round is probably like 20, so stfu.

          • Not really, I played for like 2-3 hours, paused the game, went to the gym, and then continued it when I came back. It was solo, and I get bored after playing for a few hours. Usually I kill myself at around rounds 30-40, but this time I decided to pause it.

          • see you paused it then left. you wantedto reach that round so bad you paused the game. and besides i know your lieing because you had to walk or drive to the gym workout and come back your xbox/pc/ps3 would have either A) shut down by itself or B)over heated.

          • PS3 has the option to shut off automatically after 5 hours, so yes, it is possible. I’ve had my Playstation since launch, which is more than 6 years ago. It never overheated, and I still use it. I drove to the gym and stayed there for about two hours. When I got back, it was still paused. I was already on a pretty high round when I paused it, so why not just go as high as I can? Once I play for over a few hours, I start getting sloppy, bored, etc. and not caring if I die. So I paused it and took a break, that way when I get back, I won’t be sloppy in my game.

          • yeah the xbox 360 has the same thing. i had a ps3 and mine overheated when i paused it so i could go out to eat lunch with my girlfriend. we were gone for an hour and a half. that how i know your lieing.

          • Just because you had a shit PS3 doesn’t mean everyone else has one. Like I said, mine has never overheated one time since I got it.

          • I left my Xbox 360 on for two days when I forgot to turn it off and went to NY It was fine and it only ended up dying because the shitty ass disc drive died on me two years later ;(

          • I used to have mine in my living room, and it would always overheat. I didn’t notice the sun was shining directly on it, and it would freeze on even the simplest games. Now it’s in my spare room, no overheating. I think people will find it’s placement that’s the problem, not the Xbox itself.

  2. I was contemplating not getting Ghosts, but if this is true, I will for sure. Sounds awesome. Reminds me of the Alien Terrorists mode rumor back at the MW2 days!

  3. I really hope they keep this mode on the down low and do it like original zombies on world a war. The mode itself needs to be more of an easter egg. No trailers no more leaks no nothing until it is actually released. It needs to become popular and get discovered like zombies not just thrusted on us. Hopefully its made so you have to earn the mode by beating the campaign or something.

      • Actually Man DICE Has Said Stuff About Dino Mode In BF4 On There Facebook Page Somebody Suggested They Should Have Bad Company Characters Fighting Dinos Anyhow Im Excited For Shootin Some Alien Scum!

    • I am a fan of COD, but COD copies a good amount from battlefield as well. For example, AN-94, PDW, P90, L96, and just about most of the guns in the past 3 CoDs. Be fair, they both rip off of eachother in one way or another.

      • Forgot the MSMC/AK-74U
        In all fairness, they remake everything and just keep the general statistics and maybe the sound. The FAD has been around for ages. Type 40 in Bo2, FAMAS [?] on Bo1. And many other guns

      • So Call of Duty is copying BF because they used the guns that were in BF? Well, I did not know that those guns belong to them! I didn’t know any other game were not allowed to use those weapons. I guess by that logic, every other FPS is copying BF, or any other game that has WW2 weapons is copying Call of Duty.

        • Call of Duty was not the first World War II game. Fine. Let’s not count guns. Theater mode from Halo. Gametypes from Battlefield (Conquest=Dom, Rush=Demolition) and breakable maps (which BF has had since BF 1942). But it is somewhat suspicious when half of the guns from BF are in Black Ops 2. (MTAR, SCAR-H, AN-94, MSMC, Vector, QBB, MG48, LSAT, MP-70) I mean that is about 30% of the primary weapons in BO2. CoD has ripped a lot off of other games so it bothers me when people say BF rips off of CoD. Crossbow, yes. About it.

          • CoD is really quite innovative. It’s smoother than most games of this quality, Many multiplayer game modes and it has alternate game modes. Who copies who is debatable. CoD’s maps also aren’t breakable. They have one static object on one map [so far] that’s preanimated. It’s like what BF did with the giant tower. It moves, but it’s preanimated. Also, there’s nothing wrong with carrying over guns. Except the Dragunov. That’s just wrong.

          • Either way, my point stands just because one game uses a gun that exist in the real world and the another game that uses the same gun in that game does NOT mean that they are copying each other, sorry but that is dumbest crap I have ever heard.

            Unless it was fictional gun was created and then another game dev made a gun that was similar then I could see you point. But BF does not own the rights or anything stupid like guns such as the AN-94, PDW, P90, L96, FAMAS, etc

          • All I am saying is that Battlefield copies CoD under no condition. He was saying “Time for dinosaurs Battlefield” meanwhile Battlefield rarely if ever copies from CoD. Both games are good for different reasons. CoD is more up close and personal while BF is more slower paced and teamwork based.

      • Have you tried the Beta……….it’s has lies and poop all over it
        (glitchy as F, sadly no huge heads, water mechanics are worse than GTA3’s, it seriously looks like they just reskined BF3 and changed the look of the cars…….maps are seriously not that big, Worl at War had bigger maps)

        • It’s a beta for a reason. And plus it’s NOT to test graphics, but to test lag, ping, and various server-controlled things. You’re just hating for the sake of hating.

        • BF4 is glitchy. Yes, it is a beta. The maps are bigger than CoD. The main glitch I found was the snipers are messed up. You only work the bolt unscoped, and I have to spam X to reload, at which point my arms don’t move and the ammo just goes to 11/max ammo

        • I’m sorry, I haven’t played CODs beta to compare the two games also I would recommend a PC if you want any decent graphics when playing the games you enjoy.

          • Only worth it if you have a Alienware or some other hi-specs PC. My laptop cost like 1,400 two years ago, it has 4gb ram, good processor, et cetera, but it ran Bo2 multiplayer at 12 FPS. On minimum graphics it was around 30

          • That was my inital thought. BF4 has some -small- changes. Dynamic weather being the main one. CoD is REALLY different. I have always found Battlefield kind of juddery and it seemed like it was glued together. CoD is always smooth, all the rough edges [glitches] are sanded down.

    • Wow, they are different games entirely, cod is arcadey whereas bf is much more of a simulation game. Why do you cod fanboys have to hate on bf and just say cod is better? I like both equally for different things

          • Okay so… You cannot compare BF and COD, cause they are different games. For BF, you say that it is “ultra realistic military simulation”, and for cod you say it is “unrealistic FPS”. So they are different. BUT. COD is by far the best “unrealistic FPS” out there, and then again, BF is worst “ultra realistic mil-sim”. If you want real mil-sim, go play Arma 2, Arma 3 or Red Orchestra. Or even better, go to war and get killed.

          • Well, yeah, Battlefield is Arma’s CoD. But even so, CoD is realistic. It merely focuses on a small portion of war type games: The shooting. Battlefield adds in a destroyable environment, and vehicles, at the cost of FPS, stability, and somewhat worse gun physics [debatably]. Arma is like super realistic, where you have to fuel your vehicle, and scavenge stuff off dead bodies. It’s so realistic it laid the basis for a Zombie Sandbox game, DayZ. Personally I think Arma is going too far.

          • Ja. Battlefield runs at 30 FPS on 360, 24 people to a match.
            In Arma you spend half an hour driving around on low fuel, only to get killed by someone you never saw. Arma is more of a template then a game.

          • You clearly didn’t read my comment as I said it isn’t a full sim, it’s just more of a sim than cod which is arcadey, looks like this kid got his panties in a twist…

          • no don’t go there cod is unreal to make it fun battlefield is just to real and boring i could play battlefield for 3 seconds and just throw it in the trash cod is unreal to make it fun with all the zombies and wonder weapons and everything else bf is just trash it try’s to make a story that is garbage online that is glitchy as shiz it’s just trash no matter how you put it or try to make it sound amazing it’s just nothing COD for ever

  4. Guys! Dont be too positive that it is aliens, its TmarTn, he guess’ on everything and hes usually wrong!

      • How am I hating? I pre ordered the hardened edition, im just saying TmarTn thought that snipers were secondaries in MW3, hes a guesser and is sometimes unreliable because his speculations are just stupid. But i saw Drift0rs video who IS reliable, after all he did reveal this game to us, and he even says it might be aliens. All im saying is its just speculation, so dont get your hopes up!

    • ali a said aliens and dinos… and he only read the achevments to us who watched his vid. tmartn went more in depth into every thing and he bearly talked about dinos. your point has been disproven.

    • The best video is Drift0r’s. He predicted the name and a lot more before Ghosts was even announced.

      His aliens video tells you what we know and doesn’t jump to conclusions.

          • Bingo. I thought he was talking about Treyarch’s next game when he kept hinting at Extinction. Little did I know.. Anyways, he said now that we figured out what Extinction is, he’s going to make his next futureproof video.

          • I still hope Treyarch makes a Zombie Sandbox game. It just sounds like something they can do really well. Yes, I know it’s unconfirmed and not even a rumor, but still, that would be epic.

          • They seriously need to release a custom zombies kit for BO2. WAW is still selling because of custom zombies. Idk why they don’t just release one. Maybe they’re afraid the custom zombies maps will start becoming better than their maps.

  5. Out of curiosity, why are you guys so excited about this new mode? Not trying to be snarky – I’m really interested. I was never a big fan of zombie mode, or any cooperative modes. Is this something to be excited about?

      • To me it doesn’t seem like something that’s entirely game-changing. Last year’s MW3 with its survival mode was “supposed” to be “IW’s zombie mode,” but it just wasn’t very fun, nor was it comparable to the changes that zombie brought to the Treyarch franchise. What would make this any different? I guess it’s too early to tell, as this wasn’t even confirmed yet.

    • I agree, And I think that mp should be the main focus. zombies is fun and cool but not as cool as mp. The reason people should be excited for aliens, zombies is simply because there is more content to play once u are finally done and bored of mp and campaign.

      • At least zombies changes, no offense. I played BO2 MP for the first couple of months. Zombies has innovation. Once you play one MP map, you play all of them. Map layout may change, but there’s nothing new. In zombies, there are giant robots, AI, Busses, and even elevators. Each map brings something new, wether it’s a new way to turn on power, or a new way to play the map. At least Ghosts MP looks more promising. I think dynamic maps will add a huge level of replayability, but the dynamic features need to be on a much larger scale. Maybe one map is in downtown San Francisco. There is an earthquake every few minutes, changing map layout, paths, jumps, cover, etc. That would be cool. And it happens multiple times, so it’s not just like that one map on Ghosts that gets hit with a missile. Anyways, Extinction shows promise, but I have to wait to see how it plays out.

        • Yeah. Bo2 had some basic moving things, such as the train on that map. But it’s nothing compared to Battlefield. Free Fall is kind of like what you’re saying, and I think it’s more of a prototype for future maps.

  6. Infinty Ward you are my god. Amazing Campaign, New Engine, Multiplayer, Squads Mode, Clan wars, New CoD App, Player customization. And now fucking Aliens!!! Holy shit

  7. do you remember gta 5 easter egg where you were in first person and you had to kill aliens??? i think it isn’t a casualty

    • – You where in third person
      – It’s not an easter egg but an extra mission
      – There are many easter eggs in GTA 5 with aliens and spaceships, this was just a mission to see what your character is afraid for. For your character it was aliens.

  8. I’ve always played CoD for multiplayer. Campaign for trophies and possible co-op missions for mp items. I’ve played 12 hours of BO2 zombies -> 600 hours multiplayer.

    • ive probs played about 2 hours bo2 mp, hated it, BO2 Zombs ive played days and days but im not the biggest fan of BO2 zombs, shit compared to bo1 zombis

    • I’m somewhat with you there. But Zombies is really quite fun. Everyone hates the Bo2 zombie maps TranZit and Die Rise. Personally I find TranZit fine, Die Rise poor. Origins, however…
      Anyway, you may as well play it, it’s there.

  9. Once I first saw ghosts I was not sure of it so I sayed BF4 is better but now the squads aliens on more makes me think ghosts is WAY better can’t wait

      • As far as I know, very few famous Youtubers camp. Ali-A, Tmar, Drift0r, I’ve never seen them camp for a prolonged amount of time.

        And Devin, that’s sugar coating it. Camping is really quite bad, as it’s unfair to those who want to play legitimately and not get killed instantly when they run around a corner by some guy with an LMG w/ Rapid fire and target finder.

  10. It’s called COD ghosts. Why are there aliens? If they wanted to add some sort of supernatural thing, my first guess would’ve been ghosts.

  11. Watching TmarTn’s video, this reminds me of Tranzit. “Pushing through the Cabin, pushing to the city.” Not in the sense that the locations are similar, but in the sense that it is a larger map where you could go from place to place. We were all super excited (lol) for Tranzit, but it disappointed. I’m not going to have expectations for this game mode, that way I don’t get disappointed if it sucks, but i’ll like it if it’s good.

    • Yeah, I thought about the similarities Extinction shares with TranZit.
      I find people are more let down with Treyarch’s stuff than IW. I think Extinction will be a really good game mode, and will continue in future games.

  12. Suprised he didnt make two vids, one before this aliens themewas announced, and one after. Cool. At least it’s not dinosaurs 0.O

      • Post it on Bravointel, I wanna see what happens.
        Well said, Alex. It’s like putting a comment on a wikipedia page [not possible but serves as a good example] using information sourced from that wikipedia page.

  13. I think this is going to be like left for dead where you have to get to a safe room or in this case an extraction point but its timed

  14. Reason Spec Ops is removed is because Spec Ops is being replaced with Squads Mode. There was no Spec Ops in their last game Modern Warfare 3 because they had Campaign, Survival, and Multiplayer and although your XP counts towards multiplayer I believe Squads Mode is its intended replacement and that Extiction is just another multiplayer competitive gametype.

    Plus in the leaked achievements it seemed that Extinction challenges are part of the campaign itself and did not mention any aliens.

    • Mw3 was a fail because IW was in the middle of a court case. Squads is meant to be a replacement, I believe. But it’s more like a division of multiplayer, not a game mode in it’s own right.

  15. With this cod ghosts will be my second favorite call of duty but I’ll always love Black ops 1 the best with. ZOmbies

  16. The zombies and aliens thing isn’t for me.

    However if it gets more people online then why not, sounds good to me…

  17. I don’t know if its just me or if anyone has noticed this but if you look closely in at the logo you will see sort of something that looks like a head with one eye and a wing.

  18. I can’t decide if I should get it for the 360 or for the ps4, I know xbone has dedicated servers, but I don’t want an xbone, I’m not getting an xbone, will it be better on the 360 or on the ps4?

    • Well, the only advantage of the PS4 is it has higher processing power, which isn’t utilized on Ghosts. Also you now have to pay to go online with the PS4, which was it’s main selling point. All in all, go with what you want.

      Oh right, the dedicated servers.
      Forgot. Get it on PS4. I’m getting it on 360 because I detest Playstation.

  19. Good, they’re doing a Spec Ops type thing, from the Mw’s, and a Zombies type thing from the Bo’s and WaW. Chur.

    • Can you imagine what a Gatling Railgun would be like ?

      Add offensive scorestreaks to that mode and call in ODIN strikes to lower the crazy hordes at wave 30 😛

  20. I hope it’s like infection mode in halo and not too much like bo zombies. What I mean is that you can use the characters you made to fight aliens and it’s not like you start with a pistol and build up and you can use perks and stuff

        • LOL I didn’t know re uploading trailers and giving info a few hours late makes you a good Youtuber. Whenever I see some on CharlieIntel about COD Ghosts, I see a TmarTn video uploaded a few hours later, quickly followed by a Ali A video (or vice versa). The only reason they are popular is because they are well known from their previous videos. If they started a channel right now, and nobody knew who they were, they wont do very well. All they do is convey messages to all the COD fans who don’t know how to read yet. (*Cough cough* squekers)

  21. Science fiction series and films, that’s how we’re gonna defeat aliens as easily as we defeated zombies with Romero’s/Capcom’s teaching.

  22. Shit, Ghosts will have an automatic pistol! It’s called the VBR, a multicaliber pistol. It’s on the codghosts.net weapon list, and although it doesn’t specify it as automatic, the wikipedia page on it indicates that it is!

  23. Not a bad mode. 7.5/10. Zombis is much better. Even survival is better IMO. I just dislike hopping aliens.. They needed to make better alien designs like the scorpion.