Eminem today released the official music video for his new song that will be part of Ghosts, Survival. The song was debuted during the gameplay premiere of the MP stuff back in August.

You can download Eminem “Survival” on iTunes HERE.



  1. No extinction trailer damn! Maybe it isn’t true πŸ™ I really hope it is and we get a trailer next Tuesday.

    • Could be funny to hear it playing in a MP map like we can hear “I’mma try it out” playing in the nightclub on Plaza. I can imagine it playing from a radio in a destroyed appartment πŸ˜‰

  2. with the kinda budget COD has that video sucked. was hoping it’d be more cinematic like that op king fish shit at least.. all this was, was eminem pointin at everything grabbin his balls and squirtin ghost logos allover the place.

  3. The shed like thing at the end of the video could be the cabin that is the safe house supposed to be in the Extinction Mode?

  4. 19946 the number on the door. Might tie to Extinction. Ya know that might be on the door of the cabin in extinction since that is a cabin in the video.

  5. I have mw1 vibe for this on campaign and mw2 for multiplayer wich is a good thing just take out the noobs campers hackers and lag

  6. Anyone else notice the part where in the background there was a gameplay segment showing a guy jumping off something like a cliff or rooftop?

  7. Am I the only one who thinks Eminem kind of Sold out in this video? I understand that he is a huge fan of Cod and I also love this song. But He Constantly is featuring the Ghost logo everywhere. And thats ok I guess even though he completely over did it. But RAPPING WHILE THERE IS COD:GHOST GAMEPLAY IN THE BACKGROUND? LIKE WTF