As part of Infinity Ward’s big push with Clan features, in Ghosts, there will be a separate playlist called ‘Clans v. Clans,’ where you can play with up to 4 members of your clan and battle out against 4 members of another clan. This playlist is similar to League Play, but you can only play with members of your Clans.

Tina Palacios, Senior CM at IW, talking to OneofSwords said:

“From the get-go, we didn’t want clans to feel distant from multiplayer, so we decided to integrate it into the game itself,” says Infinity Ward’s Senior Community Manager, Tina Palacios. “If you wanted to start a clan from in-game in Ghosts, you can do that. You can manage your clan from in-game, you can look at other clan profiles and your own clan’s profile through the game itself.” Palacios also revealed that there will be Clan-versus-Clan playlists in the game. ”It’s going to have MLG rules and it’s going to be 4-on-4 multiplayer,” she says. “I think fans are going to be really excited for that.”

SOURCE: OneofSwords



  1. Way better than League Play, now I don’t have to worry about joining a match only for one teammate to not even join the match, another to leave instantly, and the last one to be AFK. Thank you Infinity Ward, this is seriously hands down the greatest COD of all.

    • I never played Black Ops 2’s League Play before. From the sound of this, what are the upsides and downsides to this system, do you think?

      • Black Ops 2 League Play was cool, except for the things I listed above. For me it seemed like a 50/50 chance at getting an actual 4v4 game without someone leaving, AFK’ing, or not even being able to connect from the start. This new Clan v Clan mode helps fix that because you HAVE to have 4 people from your own clan to play. Only downside is that you won’t be able to play MLG rules solo, but that’s not really gonna be a big issue with me as all the new game modes and shit they are adding in Ghosts will keep me satisfied until my team gets on to play. This is going to be a COD that lasts IMO.

        • you’re dumb as hell, what happens when people wanna play competitively, but their clan mates are offline??? they messed up on that part, cause how is that fair, you HAVE to be with clan mates, that is just dumb. yes i get that having a full 4 man team is better, but there is a lot of people that play League Play on BO2 solo, that is mainly what most people care about, cause even the pro players already join up with other team members and have fun playing together when they are not scrimming or doing little tourneys from the MLG website, so IW screwed that up for all of us competitive and pro players.

          • The only one that is dumb as hell is you. Solo play on League Play was fucking awful and you know it. There was no compensation for having people afk and disconnect during the games, so once someone left the game you’re pretty much fucked and you can either leave and have to wait 5 minutes or enjoy wasting even more of your time playing the game out with a 99% chance of losing unless it was a SnD match. If you seriously don’t have enough friends to be playing Clan v Clan whenever you want (cause all you need is 3 other people) then you need to sort out your priorities in life because playing Ghosts online is not one of them. By the way you replied to my comment, it clearly is hard for you to get friends so I’m glad you’re not gonna be able to be playing competitive because you probably suck ass at it anyway. Don’t be mad.

          • obviously your dumbass aint good enough to win when its 4v3 smartass :/ i stay no matter what, i do good cause im good at the game

          • and not all my friends are online, so how are people suppose to play competitive when none of their clan mates are on dumbass, thats my point, clearly you missed it

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          • My gosh you are a sad person, but on the flipside it is entertaining me for the night. So thanks haha 🙂

          • So that means you are older hahahahaha omg. Well it’s been fun I’m gonna go do adult things now, you have fun replying to my messages with more mom jokes. It’s been real.

          • Wow did that escalate. No offence but solo league play is a dumb idea. They shud have comp ffa or 1v1 ladders for ppl who dont have a team but 4v4 shud b for teams not lone runners. Just my opinion

          • i have a full friends list, not everybody is on CoD or online retard, thats my point, if i wanna play competitive, i cant be put with strangers and meet new people that like competitive just as much as i do, duh

          • bet you are one of those terrible players who sits back with a OP LMG with target finder head glitching over a freaking riot shield in CTF or SnD? sorry bud no room for nublets like you in the competitive community, run along and GET GOOD, id easily beat you anytime day at anytime

          • Now you’re Mr. MLG Pro that is now psychic? Or you’re just really that mad that you have to make up shit about someone to make yourself feel better? Hahahah, stop being mad kid.

          • i aint mad, you are just dumb, saying its a good thing, when sure it has its positive features, but ask any of the pro players, they all want League Play back, and so do a lot of us in the community, do your research before you open your mouth on things like this

          • I don’t need to do research Mr. MLG Pro on something that is a fucking opinion. Holy fuck this kid lmfao

          • Oh and lemme guess, it was one of Nadeshot’s videos that you are basing this off of? HAHAHAH LMFAO

          • and my point was that if you can’t find 3 people to play with all the time then you need more people skills.

          • and who gives a fuck if you can’t play competitive all the time, it’s not like you’re ever going to be playing for MLG ever.

          • Its not really competitive unless u have at lease a 4 person team that you know, and they are not just randoms. 3arch had a good start with league but IW is taking it the right way.
            COD competitive play is played in 4v4s. And if no one is online in your clan thats how you know you need to join a new clan. IW is not screwing anything up they are making it like real competitive games which are played in 4v4s. If you are by yourself play public matches.

    • Well seeing as this version will be the same as playing with a party of 4….. its going to be the exact same as regular LP. If you have friends who go AFK all the time then you are screwed.

          • It’s not the same at all, are you stupid? There is no solo. So you always know the people that are going to be playing it and you aren’t probably going to have to wait 10 minutes sometimes because they will always be preset teams of 4. Might wanna read.

            EDIT: Literally having the no solo option makes this 10 thousand times better.

          • What he’s trying to say by the sounds of this is that without the solo option, less are likely to play and it limits people from playing it as sometimes they mightn’t have 4 players willing to play the mode

          • Who cares then that’s what public matches are for. If you want to play competitive ALL the time that bad then I’m sure you can find people to play with, via going into pubs and asking people, forums, or what have you. If you honestly think about it and it comes down to it, LP is stupid as fuck. You gain nothing from playing it, yeah you get a stupid ass medal and you can brag about it (which in BO2 wasn’t even hard to get masters ever) but when it really comes down to it you’re really not playing for anything, just enjoyment. So you can do the same thing playing Clan v Clan or making custom games and doing MLG style matches. Yeah LP offered ways to get into MLG competitions but guess what, you’re not doing that in SOLO mode. Go play FFA if you want competitive solo shit, that’s what I do when I have no one to play with. Stop complaining already, sheesh.

          • I’m not complaining, I was just making sure that you understood what he meant when he was complaining. Instead I just see someone have a fit, so please, calm down.

  2. I feel like a girl who is being sweet talked into sex by this good looking guy playing his cards right telling me all the things i wanna hear. Please ghosts when you release dont dissapoint

      • Smells and sounds like a BF fanboy to me. Don’t comment when you like a subpar game. If you think this game is gonna disappoint in anyway with all the information that we have now, then you’re just stupid as fuck. Then again, you’re the one telling me that this Clan v Clan thing is the same exact thing as LP lol

        • Even if this wasn’t directed at me (even though it probably was), you’re the one posting a comment on a discussion about COD. Terrible troll or stupid hypocrite, pick your choice.

  3. Thank God, this will at least keep the good players interested in pubs now, if they were going exclude this from the game everyone would have just migrated to GB, PGL and ICN.

  4. Even guys who prefer to be a lone wolf, like me, can have some fun playing with friends from time-to-time. Not long now.

  5. Its sounds better than league play BUT will it actually work. The fact its not limited to a team of 4 players for a season is a big plus (any 4 members of ur clan can compete)