The case cover/sleeve for the PS4 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts has been leaked.

From the leaked picture we learn that the installation size is 49GB on your PlayStation 4 console – almost consuming the maximum space available on a blu-ray disc.

  • 2-18 Players on Multiplayer
  • Minimum 49GB HDD space required for install
  • 720p, 1080i, 1080p resolutions supported
  • Compatible with PS Vita

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“A new world, a redefined multiplayer, a new squads mode and so much more..”

SOURCE: Twitter user Bati



  1. That can only mean that there’s going to be a load of content this go around. I’m really looking forward to this game.

  2. Will this be the same for PS3/XBOX 360/One? That’s a crazy amount of data to install! Looks like there will be a lot of new things this time.

  3. These Hard drives are going to fill up so fast. If it’s anything like ps3 you’ll be installing the game for 3 days before you can play it lmfao.

  4. @disqus_lmJm1ykKj4:disqus didn’t you here that you can install the multiplayer portion first and leave story mode for later… That a new feature on PS4.

    • Nice to see they added this feature to consoles. You have been able to do that on Steam for the last couple years and it’s pretty great. Most uninstall the single player after playing it to make some room on their HDD.

  5. 49GB wow that big. Black ops 2 didn’t have Weapon DLC because they didn’t have enough memory space. with 49GB of data i can only imagine how DLC will look in GHOSTS 🙂 Can’t wait !

    • What does the amount of HDD storage required by the game have to do with RAM usage? They couldn’t add anymore weapons aside from the peacekeeper to BO2 due to the low amount of RAM had nothing to do with HDD install size.

    • Memory space is not the same as storage space. Memory refers to RAM while storage is hard disk space. Memory was a limiting factor on this generation of consoles not storage. They had storage enough for another 100 guns the problem is getting all those combos in memory. So BO2 could have been a 50 GB install and you would still have the same amount of guns.

  6. so, basically with all these games proving to be at least 40-50gb installs, i will need a new hdd by the middle of 2014. about 10 games. that sorta sucks.

    • They are optional installs. Just like you can install some games from a disc on to a 360 IF you want to.

      Do people really think Sony would force the installs on people then have the HDD full after 9-10 games?

      • i know. but i was really hoping to go mostly digital, because i’m trying to avoid what happened to my ps3, with the disc drive not working anymore. i’m just gonna buy a 1.5tb hdd right from the start and install that. at least it will give me a couple years of aaa games.

  7. Unless activist have confirmed this then I am hoping to god that it is actually 4.9 as 49 is 1/10 of the hard drive space.

  8. So you only have to do the 49gb install if you want to play it digitally or do you have to do it even if you just put the disc in?

  9. The thing I’m worried about is. I pre-ordered it on PSN for ps3. How long will it take to download? From my understanding, the game would be around 12 GB? Maybe? and then the HDD install is 49GB? If it’s true, my stupid internet is gonna take 3 days to download, if I download each night/: