The user that just posted images of the Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox 360 box has now revealed all the 14 multiplayer map names that will be coming on disc with Call of Duty: Ghosts.

  • Prison Break
  • Octane
  • Tremor
  • Freight
  • Whiteout
  • Stromfront
  • Siege
  • Warhawk
  • Sovereign
  • Stonehaven
  • Overload
  • Chasm
  • Flooded
  • Strikezone

SOURCE:Β Instagram mute0909



    • Sometimes, people get games sent early. Either from the Devs themselves or due to a shipping error on a websites part. My friend got MW3 about a week early, if I remember correctly, with it signed from the Devs at Infinity Ward because his brother is friends with one of the Devs.

      • Mission is a horribly balanced map. It’s unfair that one spawn side should have an inherent vertical advantage over the other.

        • A map doesn’t have to be balanced to be great, hell all of BO2 maps are pretty much balanced. I wouldn’t say any of them are in my top 10. I never understood the why people go nuts for balance, to me the balance obsession in Treyach games is one of the reasons I prefer IW games.

          • It’s a really fine line to walk. I admit that the predictable, symmetrical, three-lane maps on Black Ops II are dull and monotonous in their design for regular public matches, but it’s also shitty to know that you stand a greater chance of losing on some maps solely because of your spawn side.

          • Yes but good players and good teams will prevail no matter what conditions they are put under. I sometimes like being at a disadvantage it makes the victory much sweeter.

          • treyarch games are actually unbalanced when u look at the hard stats. treyarch tends to make their games dominated by 1 or 2 guns statistically where as iw games has multiple weapons with very good reasons to use them despite many ppl crying about the more popular choices. in waw it was a mp40 fest, in bo1 it was a famas/ak74u fest, in bo2 i found it really hard to put down the an94 but in post patch mw3 it wasnt too hard to put down the acr for something like the g36c, type95, m16, mk14, scar, fad, pp90m1, mp7, p90, ump45, mk46, l86 lsw, striker, usas12 as all those weapons had a statistic or a combination of statistics that actually made them noticeably stand out from the rest of the pack.

          • Well considering the fact Terminal was a MW2 map. Hardhat would have to by my second favorite.

          • nope. no good maps. not even one good map. if you dont know how a good map should be structured go see some COD4 and BO1 maps in order to learn. these 2 games still have the best maps in the franchise.

            edit: want some maps that are still way better than the shit we have in MW2 and MW3? lets take a look.
            COD4: Ambush, Backlot, Bloc, Crash, District, Crossfire, Overgrown, Strike, Wet Work and Vacant.
            BO: Cracked, Firing Range, Grid, Hanoi, Havana, Launch, Radiation, WMD and my personal fav Summit.
            these are maps with a mix of line of sights and close combat which suit to every weapon class in the game. MW3 maps only suit to MP7 gameplay. dont you find that a little off? just saying…

          • Bloc was an awful map nobody liked that map or wet work. Most BO maps were also awful, they were tailored to suit campers giving no cover on B dom and plenty of places to hide behind flags and bomb sites. BO maps only played well on TDM, nearly every other game mode had massive disadvantages for objective players.

          • you probably didnt liked BO maybe because you didnt liked sniping? in COD4 PC Bloc was very pop sniping map. and in BO if you played SnD you would have known that these maps were amazing. (because seriously who plays HQ?)

          • ofc its BO1! i’m saying which map it resembles so you can understand why i like it. you first comment “Cracked LOL” tells that you think the map isnt worthy to be noted as a good map. so i’m letting you know why its good.

          • I hate Treyarch games, BO 1 just had (in my opinion) only 2 good maps and only the ak was a good weapon. BO 2 is just a laggy fking piece of shit. I thought they couldn’t make it worse than BO 1 but they really fked up BO 2

          • all of these including the BO1 maps are superior to whatever MW2, MW3 and BO2 has given us as maps. you may didnt like the game, you may didnt liked the maps but the maps being good is a fact. all of BO1 maps had their line of sights right for AR and Snipers and the cqc section of the maps were suited mostly to smgs and shotguns. if making maps for all playstyles makes the map bad then i guess i can understand why you dont like BO1 maps.

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  1. I know this would almost be impossible but think… instead of DLC with like 4 maps… how about game DLC! Ok for example have one DLC be MW3 and it comes with all the MW3 maps, same with BO2 and MW2 and maybe Waw or COD4. Maybe even add guns or game modes? This would be freaking amazing though πŸ˜€

  2. The Sea Sniper clan member said he played “the new installment” on the first day he got his hands on the game. A few months ago, (a dev or someone working on the game) said that they didn’t know if they were going to have a trailer or even mention it before release.

  3. Remember in Squads Trailer the name of the soldier :’)
    FreightOnTheGo–> Freight
    I think Siege is in the name of a soldier in the trailer too…

    Oh and, correct “Stormfront”, you written it “Stromfront” ^^

  4. Too many game modes means watered down player numbers means even harder to find games. Hopefully they will monitor which game modes attract zero interest and delete them after the one month honeymoon period.

    • Yeah true, but I can see myself getting really bored of the Domination, Search and Rescue and Kill Confirmed game modes, and then getting really angry when I can’t retreat to Headquarters or CTF

  5. I liked mw3 :/ thought it was fun. in fact, i have enjoyed every infinity ward cod they come out with, unlike the games developed by treyarch. however the only real differences i have noticed between the two developers are map layout and visual style. blops is too confined, and the maps tend to look the same in terms of layout. it looks a little cartoony and the player model feels short, out of proportion to the map. im looking forward to ghosts…… just wish they used a different engine or tweaked the current one so they could fix headglitching. bullets come out of your gun, not your head silly

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  8. na jk but call of duty ghost is going 2 b the shit every new game that comes out is better then the next if u guys want better shit then go to college make games and make 1 how u like idk y ppl r hateing on the game if it hasnt even come out yet i hope its like bo2 cuz blackops 1 was fucking trash zombies was about the only thing i liked about it o yea but bo2 was the shit every thing was just so amaizing mw3 i understand it was trash but lets just hope call of duty ghost is better im sure its going to b good cant wait to kill all u noobs that talk shit myy name on PS3 is NOCN_GHOST add me if u feel like u can hang hahahaha o yea and if u would like 2 try out for NOCN best clan there is we r going to b all over ghost!!!!!!!!!

  9. Great, now can we actually confirm which maps these names refer to? The names and screenshots are rather useless on their own.

  10. I think you’re all retards bc BO2 and BO1 were the worst things i have ever played if bo1 online didn’t suck gorilla cock mw2 wouldn’t have been played as much so u should all shut you’re asses up

    • and you know why black ops 2 is soo bad well heres why bcuz u cry babies cry to trearc like a noob saying he killed me with this gun its too over powered well i will tell u why its op’d bcuz thats the reality of its power if u dont like it trade ur damn cod in and go play viva pinata because if u were a pro u would know ur guns and realise why its so powerful thats why i hate cod bcuz noobs have 2 ruin the damn game just cuz they got owned