The same user, mut0909, has posted a video showing the new game modes of Call of Duty: Ghosts MP. The ones in bold are the modes that haven’t been revealed. There could be more, but we are not sure.

  • TDM
  • Free for All
  • Search and Destroy
  • Domination
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Search and Rescue
  • Grind – recover dog tags and take them to the objective marker to score for your team
  • Blitz
  • Cranked
  • Infected
  • Hunted (normal and FFA versions)- resources are limited. Fight for control of weapon drops to gain superiorityย 

SOURCE:ย Instagram mute0909



    • Weapon Drops…imagine a gamemode when you can’t use your create-a-soldier classes and you have to use weapons off the ground….SICK

          • You sure it wasn’t like.. based off the hundred games before it? In Cod 4 it was called Old School because that’s how it used to be in Unreal.. etc.. Even Halo is like that. (was)

          • No, im just saying if gun game or Old school wasnt in COD first then it wouldnt have made it to battlefield .. even if they didnt come up with it.

    • …ever played Battlefield 3’s Scavenger gamemode? It’s….painful. Hunted will probably just as painfully stupid. It is basically starting with a crappy gun, finding better guns, and whoever finds the better gun usually kills the other team before they have a chance. Then even after respawning that losing team will never be able to pick back up for a win :/

      • They’re not gonna rip off Scavenger – I imagine there are just gonna be guns located in “strategic” places around the map (ie. sniper rifle at a high point, SMG in confined space), and you have to race to them. You could all start with a pistol. Then, you try to maintain these guns for as long as possible. When you die, you get the pistol back and the enemy has an option to take the gun you obtained. Imagine how sick it would be with just sniper rifles….omg ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hunted sounds like a COD: Ghosts version of King of the Hill. they tried that in MW3 but wasnt quite ready, maybe they perfected it this time. who knows.

  1. Ground war is still in the game, he can’t connect to the online servers. Ground war is an online mode, not a custom games mode.

    • An ISO is a type of file you can upload to a torrent site so others can get the game too. For the record I don’t torrent and I have already pre-ordered ghosts on amazon.

    • A ISO image is an archive file of an disc. Think it like someone compressed all of what is on the disc into a rar file but in this case it’s a ISO file. With the ISO of the disc you can burn it onto a disc and play it on your modified xbox.

      So they basically want a copy of what is on the disc but in a manageable burnable file

      • Did I say it was a bad thing? I am merely pointing out that this game is a copy, and that if people wanted to SEE how it worked here is a video. Greed was a lot of fun to play in UT3.

        However, you watch, when the announcement video comes out (if one comes out) they will say “and all new game mode unique to CoD: Ghosts”. Just like they did with Gun Game in BO1. lol. That does bother me. At least give credit where credit is due.

  2. WTF No ground War, no CTF, no Demolition, no Headquarters, and no Sabotage, I can see some people are gonna be pissed off.

    • Ground War is an online playlist, not a game mode. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other game modes don’t make an appearance, but people shouldn’t overreact quite yet.

      • I only play CoD for FFA and local Split, so I am not bothered too much. Where did you find out GW was a playlist?

        • It’s always been. People were worried about Ground War not being in Black Ops II when it first leaked around this time last year. Ground War is an online playlist, but the online servers aren’t up yet for Ghosts, so people who have early copies can only see the local custom game modes. Ground War itself is a mix of multiple game modes, so it wouldn’t show up in local/split-screen menus.

          • Ground War has always been a game mode not a playlist, but I see your point. However with the trailer not listing it and a lot of popular game modes being axed I see it as more than possible that it may have been axed.

  3. you can see safeguard at the mutiplayer trailer at 1:05 and this gamemode is also not on that list so i am pretty sure that these are not all game modes

    • Before I got banned and reset on MW3 I was top 7,000 in team defender, I really enjoyed the gamemode but after being reset it didn’t feel like it deserved to come back. Maybe because the season for MW3 was halfway done.

  4. !!!! SPOILERS !!!!

    Extinction is fun ^-^

    The aliens remind you bit of Far Cry 3 Blood dragons dog minions. They are purple & black and are crawling (like dogs in zombies) and they spit some sort of acid at you. Instead of having unlimited health like normal Zombies, you have a health bar and in order to restore it you have to pick up HP packages. You have to destroy alien eggs. You can find guns lying around and they got light blue glow on them. Also there is a mini-gun and a massive dog look a like alien. Has lots of play-ability and just awesome game mode.

    EDITED: There is no photos or video to back up my info, but this is something I know i’m talking about and is the 1st piece of information about Extinction mode. I’ll post more information about it as time comes.

  5. I surely hope Search and Rescue didn’t replace SnD. I haven’t played it but would like to have both.

    edit: sweeet SnD is there too

  6. I hope hope hope they haven’t got rid of Capture the Flag, that was the best game mode, MAKE SURE CAPTURE THE FLAG IS IN THIS GAME INFINITY WARD.

    • Demolition probably got removed because it was too difficult to balance properly with the mostly static spawns, but Ground War is missing because it’s a playlist, not a game mode. Playlists are in online game modes, and the online servers aren’t, well, online yet.

      • I understand you on the spawns side of things for Demolition I think the way to fix this is make it only playable on the larger maps. Maps like Nuketown 2025 are to difficult with that game mode. Though I’m confused with what you mean by Ground War is a playlist and not a game mode? Like in BO2 it’s a game mode is it not?

  7. In the next few days there should be more people getting their hands on with ghosts. Every day search on youtube Ghosts Multiplayer Gameplay Today because the videos will be taken down shortly after they are up.

      • I really hope IW does make a similar game mode to Zombies. Just a opinion, but I’ve always favored IW’s games over Treyarch. That’s the only core feature I felt they lacked-since Treyarch always beat IW in selling more copies of their game. 4 player co-op without a doubt is really fun. So if this mode is 100% confirmed I will be super “excited” *Tmart’s voice lol.

  8. There’s suppose to be 12 game modes I guess ground war is the 12th buddy of mine said they will release up 18 game modes after next gen due to server limitations so we still might see some classic game modes return also if you had 18 modes out the gate maybe there thought is it would be spread to thin haha!

  9. what about the side games like gun game, one in the chamber and stuff like that. Id also like to see some easter egg games like the original black ops had

  10. Apparently, Search & Destroy is taken out of public matches, it is only available in private matches… well great