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Well it’s finally happened, Call of Duty Ghosts (XBox 360) is in the hands of one lucky fan. Which means from this point forward you should be cautious of any spoilers. And for the record, we dont post any campaign spoilers on this site..

Did we mention Call of Duty Ghosts is 2 disc? because it is……Why is it 2 disc? we’re not sure yet, we’ll let you know if we hear anything.

UPDATE: The same user has posted a new image showing that one of the discs will be an install disc. The exact size that it will install has not been specified yet.

SOURCE: Instagram mute0909



    • It was shown in the game menu. Its called extinction, and it is part of squads. We still don’t know what exactly it is, although aliens is the main theory.

  1. The map names are all up. I hope he does a walkthrough.

    Map Names:
    1. Prison Break
    2. Octane
    3. Tremor
    4. Freight
    5. Whiteout
    6. Stormfront
    7. Siege
    8. Warhawk
    9. Sovereign
    10. Overlord
    11. Stonehaven
    12. Chasm
    13. Flooded
    14. Strikezone

    Where’s Free Fall?

  2. i know this question doesn’t relate to cod ghosts but does anyone know if i delete my gta 5 install from my hard drive will that also delete my saves or can i just re download the install and my saves will still be there

  3. #PS4 uses Blu-rays, don’t they have a higher capacity than DVD/CD ROM’s? Hence the 2-disc for #XBoxOne, as the HDD req is 49GB. Which makes the IW PC specs bogus!!!

  4. I think Extinction will be something unlocked after the campaign or something like WaW. Remember, Treyarch never announced Zombies for WaW it was a secret gamemode. Most likely IW is going to do that.

    • It most likely was supposed to be a surprise not unlike Zombies from [email protected] If it were not for the leak of those achievements a couple weeks ago, and the trailer where it teased “Play Extinction Online”, and what happened today, it would have been a pretty good surprise.

  5. Called it! I knew there’d be two discs for the 360. Wonder how big the install will be. Guess I’ll start clearing a bit of hard drive space.

  6. Will it be like GTA V where you don’t install the play disc to improve loading times? (not that I expect anyone to know right now, but hopefully before launch someone does)

  7. I saw the some gameplay from the person who posted these pictures and the graphics look much better than what we have seen from previous multiplayer gameplay. Maybe I am wrong but it seemed that way to me.

      • He’s probably meaning gameplay from the Instagram user mute0909. I don’t know why he’s judging graphics from a instagram video posted from a mobile phone but whatever.

        • I was making an observation from what i saw. It looked pretty clean, instead of muddy like the gameplay we have already seen of it.

  8. Anyone have an idea of how big the download will be? I only have about 14.5GB of space on my USB and my HD is only 4GB.

  9. well it didn’t take activision long to shut him down only up 2 hours and all traces of ghosts on his instagram are gone.

  10. So we will have to install the first disc before playing at all on release night?! That means I’ll have to wait another 10-20 minutes or whatever…ahhhh!

    There is a video on youtube,. and the main menu only has MP, squads and SP!

    • extinction is within squads u newb where do u think the extinction talk came from THE SQUADS VIDEO no go back from where ever u came from

  12. It shows a picture of a HARD DRIVE on the storage required picture so that means it contains more than 16 GB USB worth maybe

  13. Let’s hope it’s not a single install…. old xbox users will have to listen to those noisy ass fans…gta was a single install and didn’t it crash old versions of consoles?

  14. Actaully,I also own this game for the PS3. More details my Instagram is _taylorstevenson_ I have gameplay of the maps and Extinction and info coming befor Nov 5th.

  15. Hey guys the game is going to be 16.2 gb for xbox i am downloading now, go to pirates bay and search “ghosts” it’ll be the first one

  16. the reason it probably has two discs is cause how bf3 on the gay box 360 is one disc is for multiplier and one for campaign. there discs are not blue ray so they scratch easy.

  17. 3gb install is required to play, but my question is can we install it on the X360 slim 4GB editions? Because unlike BF4 it required you to install it on a xbox hard and the 4gb editions are not counted as a hard drive just as a normal USB, and i am sure most of you know that. So can we install on the 4gb edition?