Feast your eyes on all the known weapon camos for Call of Duty Ghosts. We don’t know to much at this point as far as how they’re unlocked. These images spread like wildfire yesterday and seem to have come from the same person who sent in photos of the back of the Xbox 360 box.

Other than the camos, nothing new to report on the leaked weapons. They match what we currently have in our weapon list page but now the names are confirmed.

All Weapon Camos:


Assault Rifles:
Remington R5
Honey Badger

Sub-Machine Guns:
Vector CRB

Light Machine Guns:
Chain SAW

Tac 12

Sniper Rifles:


Marksman Rifles:
Mk 14 EBR
SVU Dragunov

SOURCE: @Slav_on_my_Nob, MP1st, and CoDseries.De



  1. Nice work guys. VERY excited about the new stuff from this post. Camos look amazing, can’t wait to use that Scale one.

  2. If they know what’s good for them, the LMGs won’t be OP. I see the LSAT is coming back and that get’s be nervous.

    • Are you for real? IW had to buff their LMGs in MW3 because they were outclassed by… everything else. BO2 LSAT (a 3arc monster, not IWs monster) was not even that bad really.

  3. Chainsaw = Grenade Launcher + Minigun
    f**k!! why he didn’t take picture from launchers and pistols and equipments and killstreaks?:|

        • You’re a faggot.. Enough said, boo-fucking-hoo quick scoping is gone, If you were any good at the game you wouldn’t bitch.. like really.. Take away our noob ass guns?

          Hey InfinityWard, if you see this take every single gun out of CoD ghosts, corretion, every single gun that isn’t a sniper, so then “Quickscopers” aren’t butt hurt, just leave snipers, no quickscoping though, that way it’s fair for this guy..

          Sound good little girl?

          “I love quickscoping being gone, Hell yea. If they wanna try and take away my UMP-45 then they also need to take away your NOOB ASS QUICKSCOPING”

          • Don’t worry quickscoping is still there, just harder. The truth is if I can Quickscope you at any range faster then you can put just 3 bullets in me, then you shouldn’t be bitching and instead work on improving on accuracy, especially when I miss the first bullet and get you on the second. Also, that means I could most likely dial-in on your ass faster then that using any other gun, enough said.

            Also, when I say a gun is nooby I mean it’s OP, Like the UMP-45, ACR, and MP-7 all easily were. It is a fact they were the guns that could out do any other gun in the game in the proper hands.

          • im sure you guys are both really just spectacular at call of duty so how about you both stop acting like little girls

          • quickscoping isnt nooby though… It actually takes skill since you have 1 bullet and 1 chance to kill someone… unlike with a spray and pray smg..

  4. Scale camo is perfect. it cover down to the clip as well. The picture of marksman rifles was actually taken from me πŸ˜‰

  5. Shotguns πŸ™

    No double barrel
    No large mag semi auto (MTS = crappier version of the Executioner but in the primary gun slot)

    No full auto
    No lever action

  6. These look awesome! I hope hope hope they are unlocked through head shots! Don’t want every player in this game to have gold camo within a few days. Go back to MW2 and COD 4 and make them actually rewarding!

  7. I have a feeling that the K7 will be the same as the MP5 from cod4. Would be awesome if so. Vepr looked a lot like the ak74u from cod4. We’ll see in a week though…

    • The K7 is actually a Korean SMG so no, it won’t be the same as the MP5 from COD4. Unless they make the gun feel similar, it should be different even though I can see why someone would think that. The Vepr is a Ukranian gun original designed to be an Ak47 (AR) but modified to be an SMG with a bullpup design (similar to TAR21 if you see where the clip loads), so that could possibly be AK74u-ish.

  8. Loving these camos already. I’ll probably use Snow a lot, like I’ve done in the past, but I’ll definitely check them all out. πŸ™‚

    • Uhhm. Not its not. That would be possibly the most terrible idea i’ve ever seen. They are only all unlocked on the images because the player who leaked them went on a private match and looked through everything.

    • Terrible idea, no-one wants to BUY camos, that is what ruined BO1. Cod 4 and MW2 have been without a doubt the best call of duty games so far and they both required headshots which actually took skill to get.

      • I think you guys over do it with the preferences and opinions. I didn’t really care if I used COD points to buy camo’s or Headshots. Either way I’m going to get it, and you couldn’t get the GOLD camo unless you got 50,000 COD points, which made Gold camo less seen when playing the game. Notice how when challenges are in game, everyone had Gold camo, but the COD points made people work for it. Only average players and below had an issue with earning them through challenge. Doesn’t matter to me personally, going to get it either way.

  9. I hope unlocking camos is the same has MW3. Just playing with the gun and unlocking them was fun. In Black ops 2, I only had sub machine guns diamond but I unlocked that in like, june cause I didnt care about camos and headshots.

    • Terrible idea. You sir must be a terrible player if you can’t get headshots, you deserve to have woodland camo at best.

      • maybe you need to go to rehab, you dont know what you’re talking about. too much MW2 smoke has damaged your brain.

          • MW2 was good, mixed feelings about it, but no way being the best. COD4 and BO are my personal favs. yeah BO was the perfect COD. i had amazing lag comp, some say they didnt but maybe its because they were fucking playing with dial up instead of cable/dsl. as for Ghosts we are not even a week away. seems like a game that can be better than BO, but i’ll have to play it in order to know.

  10. I’m really happy with the camos. I’m glad that there are no childish/silly ones like on BO2 with the freaking Hello Kitty, Cherry Blossom, Money, Ronin, Zebra and Bacon camos. God I hated them, whenever I seen someone use those camos it made me think that BO2 is really a kids game.

    • Why on earth do you want awful plain camo’s like woodland? I would gladly trade gold for all of the camos you listed, camo’s should be different and, yes some are silly but I don’t see a porblem with it all it told me is treyarch A: have a sense of humour B: they are thinking outside the box, we all know gold will be used to hell.

    • Ronin and Cherry Blossom was cool. a nice break from the “awesome” camos we have been using for 3 games in a row!

  11. @disqus_30Cq0JVFlP:disqus
    You’re a faggot and if you think that discussing things about camos is gay, then why the hell are you in this topic? You seem to be a total dick to other people aswell so i’m guessing this is what you do for a living and you have no friends. Have fun and have a great life.

  12. @ Big Pow

    You’re a faggot and if you think that discussing things about camos is gay, then why the hell are you in this topic? You seem to be a total dick to other people aswell so i’m guessing this is what you do for a living and you have no friends. Have fun and have a great life.

  13. With the gold camo, I really hope IW put effort into how its put onto the gun. Having gold camo in MW3 on your gun looked disgusting. BO2 got the detail of having gold guns look good, not drenching the entire gun in gold paint.

    • I don’t, that is what ruined the game. Unskilled players like you who can’t get headshots deserve to have woodland camo at best.

      • What, you mean by boosting headshots in a corner with tac inserts? Stfu dude, no one gives a shit how good you think you are.

      • Headshots are not obtained by skill, they are obtained by luck. No one goes for headshots and has a good K/D. True gun mastery is in MW2, use all attachments and master the gun.

        • Where do you guys keep getting this “Headshots are luck” shit from? I go for headshots when I’m going for camo challenges and I get them. If I have 21 kills I’d have 11,12 or so Headshots. I’ve kept a 2.35-3.25 K/D since Black Ops 1 to now with a 2.00-2.44 with all assault rifles and SMG’s 1,000-3,963 kills each gun over 60,000 kills with 21.09-28.09% accuracy in Black Ops 2. Just because YOU can’t do it doesn’t mean others can’t. Good players can pull 7 hs and up a game of TDM, average players get like 1-3 if that every 2 or so games. And “True gun mastery” my ass, just using the equipment doesn’t make you good, it means you put the shit on and eventually got it. Players with better aim and go for headshots will get the camo’s quicker, same with better players using attatchments. Both ways anyone will get the camo, but better players will get them faster.

        • It was way too boring in MW3, you just had to get kills with the gun.

          BO1 was far better because camos were a choice, they all cost the same amount of CoD points.

          In any other CoD I always use the last camo that I have unlocked simply because it is the latest camo.

          Got it?

  14. Am I the only one who doesn’t like IW’s full gold camo compared to Treyarch’s half-gold camo. Also really liking the autumn and ocean camo!

    • I agree. Just a quick comparison between gold MP7 from MW3 and BO2 really shows how good gold looks in Treyarch’s games.

    • I like diamond the best. Although it would have been a lot more rare if 50% of people didnt Master prestige glitch. I would have liked to see a Platinum/Chrome camo in ghosts that reflected with a shiny effect

  15. Something is cod fans need to do is stop replying to this idiot child named big pow. Stop giving him attention. That’s the best way to piss kids off.

  16. Still could be a chance of Diamond. Remember it wasn’t even a menu option on Black Ops 2 until it was available.

  17. What happened to the tried and true M4??! Don’t tell me the honey badger replaced it, btw what kinda name is honey badger for a gun anyway!?

      • I like that capability, but the M4 has been a staple in the cod franchise, plus it is a great all around performer. Do you know if the silencer is detachable? And what happened to the ACR? That too was a great gun, what happened to the scar too? Wtf? There aren’t to many guns that are recognizable on this list, I’m disappointed!

          • I second that! If you look at the stats (leaked picture) of the R5, it is almost the same as the ACR 6.8 from mw3. The SC-2010 has way less damage than the ACR 6.8 from mw3…

            I always wondered why people said the sc2010 is like the mw3’s acr. More likely mw2’s acr. Finally someone who thinks like me (it’s logical really, if you think about it (and indeed the same company)) Ah well… in a week we know for sure πŸ™‚

          • Regardless of age a great gun is a great gun, cod needs to be refreshing but by leaving 2 of the best most readily available guns out leaves some sense of familiarity out of the the best fps franchise ever

        • Ghosts has been advertised as implementing different weapons from the beginning, so it only makes sense that not many weapons are recognizable. Also, it’s been said that the SC-2010 feels a lot like MW3’s ACR in terms of recoil and bullet damage.

          • Yeah, to my understanding I thought they were gonna implement some new weapons alongside some of the old ones. If the sc-2010 performs similar to the ACR then I would be at the least bit content with that.

        • I am pretty sure that the guns will have the same stats and will perform the same as “old” cod guns. For example, I think the sa-805 will be a combo of scar and g36c, remington
          R5 = remington acr 6.8, k7=mp5, vepr=ak74u etc…

          Thats what I think. It will not differ too much. Its just different guns with pretty close stats as the familiair ones.

  18. I wish they had 1 more gun in the LMG, shotgun, and sniper rifle catagories for more variety. I hope there all balanced, not three guns is better than all the others. Its cool seeing different weapons when the game comes out and hopefully there isn’t just 2 guns or something that I see in every match.

  19. I’m somewhat let down. Bo2 had way more camos. Not to mention Mw3 was well known for having a load of weapons.

    • Ghost has 30 primary weapons. MW3 has 33. Its an acceptable difference. And Black Ops 2 didn’t have a “fourth” game mode. In other words, while I’d like more weapons, I’d rather have less if each one is potent (even if its niche is challenging).

  20. Why are. all the ghosts leaked images such poor quality? Surely these kids parents have decent cameras they could borrow?


  22. Does anyone know if one of these shotguns can shoot slugs ? My hope is that they all can, with an “attachment”. I would love it.

  23. Makes no sense how they added the FP6 and the Tac 12 too the shotguns even though on the weapon list they aren’t there.

  24. This game is gay, just let’s you put zebra spots on rifles and has you running around death matches with just a pistol and no good weapon drops. But, if the bro crowd likes it, by all means.