These might be the Prestige emblems found in Call of Duty Ghosts. We say might because of course these are not confirmed and no one has earned all of them as far as we know since the servers have only been up 24 hours. These emblems were seen in game by multiple sources (and with different player names) in the PS3 version of Ghosts. If we get confirmation that they’re fake or if theres more we will let you know. We’re not sure how these were in game yet but chances are it wont last long as a patch is expected to roll out on launch day.

UPDATE: Charlie INTEL fan @ImDiabetus sent us over hi-res images of ALL 10 Prestige emblems along with their prestige backgrounds.













SOURCE: @ImDiabetus



    • These are the true emblems- a friend how plays the game just send me pictures of them!
      i love this emblems, because the last prestiges are the best so we have to prestige to get the good once!

        • less spawn trapping more gun skill and no targetfinder, no deathstreaks and finally no tac insertion great job infinity ward

          • the spawn raping is horrible, you spawn run about two metres away and get shot in the back from someone on the other team who spawnned in exactly the same place. The game is annoying
            , better gun skill yes as you have to be more accurate, no target finder but that gun with the orange scope is practically a target finder, and tac insertion is actually good, unless used for boosting which is a good reason why its been removed

          • Actually, the spawns aren’t that bad, unless, being an idiot, you keep running towards the people killing you ^-^ However, because the maps are so large…you occasionally do spawn in front of the enemy.

          • may not have a;lot of spawn trapping but how many times a game do you get spawn killed?its nuts that happens to me at least once a game..and same lag black ops 2 had is back..

          • wrong. target finder exists and it’s much worse because once you’re in the sights it shows where you are behind a wall too it’s the last, most expensive scope on the guns.

          • But, you have no field of view, I despise that sight, except when I turn it into Iron sights, because it works well when its put down.

    • There are prestiges. Every character can be prestiged once, and there’s 10 characters. If you prestige 3 characters, the game will say you’re prestige 3.

    • There are prestiges and prestige emblems, Mark Rubin talked about it to some people at a secret meeting and some of those people made videos on YouTube explaining the new prestiging system.

      • depending on the perk you pick for your 1st unlock … if you pick high pier perks eg like this

        deadeye it unlocks after 6 kill
        danger close it unlock after 11 kills
        stalker it will unlock after 15 kills

        then after 17 the bonus ones will unlock (you get a set mount of points to use)

        if you pick lower pier perks like

        ready up it will unlock after 2 kills
        strong arm it will unlock after 4 kills
        takedown will unlock after 6 kills
        bonus will unlock after 8 kills (you get a set mount of points to use)

          • they are all available from the go as long as you have the points you can buy them

            say there is a killstreak thats 7points you can buy it for 7points or wait till you get to the unlock level and it unlocks for free

          • The purchasing system sounds interesting, so you can technically never use any squad points and still unlock everything?

          • Exactly. Squad points needed for 8,9, and 10th prestiges is a bit outrageous, and you may need to conserve your squad points starting as soon as 5th-6th prestige. I believe they will make squad points purchasable. And they will add more prestiges which will be free, but the squad points needed will be outrageous as well.

          • I thought that at first too, when I saw squad members costing 200-500 squad points, but nearing level 60 on my first go around, I have 200+ and my perfect class set ups. The game pushes you to actually complete those Operations/Challenges.

          • All i’d like to know is this, when you first start in Multiplayer, how
            many squad points do you have off the bat to purchase your perks,
            weapons, equipment etc?

          • I don’t remember exactly but it wasn’t much. Any time I’ve wanted to try a new gun I’ve needed to play a bunch of maps to save up points. Kill streaks cost as many squad points as they do kills, so they are prohibitively expensive.
            Overall I dislike this system compared to the previous systems.

    • i really wish you were on PC so you could give us a screen of the graphic settings but i guess not.

      can you give us a pic of a map except the one we’ve seen in the reveal that has been changed from Odin Strike? any map will do, just want to see how much they change.

  1. They aren’t, I have played the game early and experience full prestige hackers, I don’t have images because I was at a friends house, but I know these aren’t it

  2. i want to know why ppl are bitching about the maps? i heard they were the best looking and designed maps even tho they are quite big your gonna buy the game and rage at it and buy the next one anyway lol

      • BO1 maps are as good as COD4’s and in some cases even better. (hint: Summit) i just hope Ghosts gives us these kind of maps that have strategic points and solid lines of sight and not the orgy that we got in MW3.

        • If you look at BO2’s maps, they are literally all the same. 3-laned, with one flanking point. Except the ones brought back form older games. Ghost’s maps are absolutely amazing.

          • at least BO2 maps are a small improvement over MW3’s orgy, and Ghosts maps are plain garbage with a few exceptions. the 3 lane with 1-2 flanking points is the setup that we had since COD4 and was working amazingly well. the best maps are in COD4 and BO1 which use this setup. and i believe in the “if it isnt broken dont fix it” ideology. but no, they had to break the already perfect setup to make these atrocious maps that now Ghosts has.

          • Ghosts maps are actually really balanced so you arent forced to use an SMG. I wont lie, Mw3 was a bug orgy haha. Sure COD4’s maps were sortve laned, Crash wasnt. Meltdown wasn’t, Vacant wasnt, Broadcast…nope, now that I think about it… the only laned map was Wetwork. BO1? The maps were actually REALLY well designed. WAW? TreyArchs finest until the hackers came 🙁 Don’t tell me BO2’s maps are remotely good… when they copy and pasted Nuketown onto a boat and called it Hijacked… oh, the only good maps were Uplink, Dig, and Drone, Magma, and Takeoff, IMO because they were balanced or from previous ganes.

          • Vacant uses the lane system. thats why its such a good map. same for Crash with a small place in the core of the map where the lanes end. every COD4 map uses the lane system except Creek and Countdown. some use it differently but its still the same system mind you. BO1 has some of the best maps in the entire franchise using that system to its fullest. and then MW3 comes…so what happened? did they threw all of their imagination about good maps out of the window and then gave us these lame maps? then they continued that in Ghosts. and as far as BO2 goes, i dont want to sound favorable to Treyarch but they are a bit better than Ghosts maps and way better than MW3 maps. ofc they use the lane system which is my favorite but they dont do justice to it and instead of imaginative maps we get these mediocre quality maps in BO2. i hope Treyarch redeem themselves and the franchise in their next title this november.

  3. In the pictures of the prestige emblems on top, the non-crappy ones, the 5th and 6th prestige emblems are the exact same one and so are the 8th and 9th prestige emblems, so there are only 8 prestige emblems shown in that picture. The crappy ones at the bottom only have 9 emblems because the first one is the Commander rank, not a prestige emblem.

  4. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but if you look at the cooler looking emblems at the top, around the edges of the square of the last prestige emblem you will see the Rectangle Select tool, which is usually found in editing programs like Photoshop or, outlining the square.

  5. Sorry for my bad english, is not my main language, i have a question, i have seen a lot of multiplayer gameplay on youtube and i’m very worried about “dynamic maps”, i really don’t see any dynamics in the maps, can somebody tell me if i’m wrong?
    P.S: I love Call of Duty.

    • Your English is fine, the dynamic parts are things like the telephone pole that falls on the car, small bits of destruction, the gas station that can be destroyed, stuff like floods and earthquakes, you get the picture.

    • You can open/lose doors in freight
      You can activate gas that will blind the enemies totally causing a giant fog in soreveign
      You can destroy the gas station in octane/You can destroy some parts of the map
      You can destroy completely strikezone
      You can destroy some parts of chasm
      You can make a satellite crash in whiteout
      You can destroy that big thing in stonehaven making it change the layout of the map
      There is a lot of earthquakes in tremor
      And much more

      Hope it helped, and your english is fine

    • Or, another example, the baseball map. After launching the 25 killstreak KEM Strike, the map is completely changed.

      Plus your english is great.

  6. I have a hard time believing that the simple skulls are prestige emblems. Hopefully it is the emblems on the top of the article.

  7. not all are the same though. They have different color backgrounds. and YES they are real,honestly the last 3 are sick as fawk! (:

    • How are they unique when some layers i.e. swords, stars and skulls are being repeated across multiple emblems. Unique means there should only be one of its kind and shouldn’t look like any other emblem in anyway.

      • well, stars is something new. and i guess skulls and stuff is a fetish that IW and 3arc have but these look unique. we have seen skull emblems alot in the COD franchise but not like that. and dont start about like they are the same as BO2 and MW2/3, its the details i’m talking about.

  8. These badges look more like real life military badges which is what I like. I’m glad they don’t have a bunch of dragons, spiders, lions, scorpions and shit on them. My favourites have to be the 5th, 9th and 10th.

  9. Fair enough the prestige emblems look like shit but to be honest its just a game and they dont look to bad anyway people just go suck on a cock if you think they are bad!

    • Body count sounds like a bitch! Hopefully it isn’t required to get gold since it’s behind gold in the order. IMO, gold should be only your achievement, not your clans. Would also be a bitch for people who run solo.

  10. what prestige is everyone going? I’m going to level 60 no prestige on the ps3 and 5th prestige level 60 on the ps4?

  11. I only like the last one. The other ones are meh. I’m on my phone, so I can’t see te backgrounds clearly. They look very similar though.

  12. At first I didn’t like them, but the more you think about it, these make sense. You don’t need to have an over-the-top prestige icon with the amount of customization you are getting. We get a prestige icon, background, player card, emblem and custom character. How much more do you need to stand out without it looking overly cluttered. I think IW made the right decision.

  13. other than 10 these are kinda lame, they are probably more closely related to real life ones than the bo2 prestige emblems but bo2 prestige emblems were pretty sick

  14. All i’d like to know is this, when you first start in Multiplayer, how many squad points do you have off the bat to purchase your perks, weapons, equipment etc?

  15. Much better(talking about update), they seem more military like this (sadly makes them simple which some don’t like but oh well)

  16. IW: ok guys everyone buys are games anyways so lets just do the regular for prestige emblems, put a shape in the background then add either stars, bones, and/or skulls.

  17. Hey does anyone know why there aremore than one person you can be but each one starts at rank one i mean i wouldnt want to get to tenth prestige on one then start over that’s even if I get that far on one

  18. anyone know how you get the k9 background?seen it yesterday i imagine was from buying hardened or prestige but not sure…probably best background they made,looks nice