CoD VIP and Call of Duty Prestige artist, Ryan (aka PrestigeIsKey) made a great video of what you can expect when you’re ready to hit the prestige button. If you’re like us and no where near prestiging because of how long it takes, then check out the video below and let us know if you plan on prestiging soon in the comments..

SOURCE: PrestigeIsKey YT channel



  1. There is absolutely no point in prestiging. You don’t get any extra create-a-class slots or anything. Why would anyone prestige? Oh thats right, I can start building my squad! Pffft! Yeah, no!!! IW and Raven screwed the pooch on this one. Prestiging is what kept me playing. They don’t care they got my $60 bucks!! Hopefully Treyarch is learning what not to do with this shit!!!

    • What the fuck are you talking about? It’s the same exact thing as prestiging in all the other games. What the fuck do you want? A huge explosion with CONGRATULATIONS YOU WIN! NOW YOU CAN GO SUCK MY COCK AND KEEP ON PLAYING. Bro.. it’s the same thing as before.

    • So you are going to play for 16 hours, then be that prestige( no leveling up) for 12 months. I was master prestige for 8 months and was bored to death. League play was the only thing that i played.

  2. With type of predigesting, I think a lot more people will do it (it’s not like they have a choice) But with MW3 that was my buddy’s hang up; he had done so much already and didn’t want to until a week before ghosts came out, unlike me who was 13th, but i had unlocked all my favorite gear. I do think that this is a good step forward

  3. Was really keen on prestiging in ghosts but have been sitting on level 58 for a week now with no interest whatsoever in continuing for the sheer fact of how long and unnecessary (not to mention boring) IW have made it. so close yet so far and for the first time i really dont care. Back to BO2.

  4. Call of Duty: Ghosts was released on 11-5-13 and I just prestiged on the 23rd. I did take advantage of the DOUBLE XP weekend from 11-8-13 to 11-11-13. There is going to be another DOUBLE XP weekend coming up on 11-29-13. Be sure to take advantage of it and rank up quickly. See you on the Battlefield. 🙂

  5. I’m an extremely average player. But I play quit a bit. Weird thing happened while playing Ghosts today. In Free-for-all (my ranking 38), i encounter an indestructible player, and I mean INDESTRUCTIBLE. No he was not maniac. At one point I see on my screen in blue letters that say “nice try”. At the end of the game I’m at level 60!!! What the hell!!! this is no joke. all perks are unlocked is the only difference.

  6. So once you prestige and go to the next character, you have to rebuy the weapons or am I doing something wrong?

  7. please do something about spawning in front of an enemy player to die instantly.this happens a lot and needs addressed!

  8. I am having fun playing the game, but once I got to 60 and got the prestige I didnt know I was supposed to use the next guy. So I guess I get another brownie badge after that guy is at 60?

  9. I just got my first prestige today and was trying to figure out how to keep prestiging,do you have to start playing with a different load out character to get your other prestige’s??