We’re getting multiple reports from fans who play Ghosts on PC stating that a new update to Ghosts has accidentally made their internal dev playlist public for people to see, but users aren’t able to play in that playlist.

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People are also stating that some maps were found, which could be names or internal names of DLC maps or possible alternate names of some maps already on disc. A forum site, nextgenupdate, has a post that shows the similar map names as possible new content.

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The map names found:

  • Swamp
  • Battery
  • Rumble
  • Dome
  • Boneyard
  • Gaza
  • Comp
  • Red river
  • Battery

UPDATE: @venoxcide has sent us an image showing that the playlist update which revealed all the information above, has also revealed that there will be new Extinction content with DLC. The maps are called ‘Level 2’ and ‘Level 3’.

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SOURCE:ย @kirbyTFTV and @DespicableDan



    • That’s what happens when you don’t have the content installed. I got the same error trying to use the RAM fix for SP without having the SP installed (I forgot leave me alone) ๐Ÿ˜›

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  1. I am the one who informed CI of these maps. If you have any questions, I might be able to answer. I would like to make an update to this and mention there’s another map named “Battery”. Forgot to upload that with the rest.

    • But than in another style, just like how they did firing range into studio (i know this isn’t a treyarch game) but just an other look to it would be cool

      • Favela’s different floors of action would be extremely difficult to reskin without it seeming extremely similar (it’s like trying to reskin Kowloon!), but nevertheless, I’d love to see my possible favourite MW2 map return.

          • Highrise I reckon would be a nice one to do as a reskin, except the fact there’s a crane which leads to unique spots. and then the other building which can get you onto the top.

            Thinking about it, they’ve really picked the easier style of maps to be reskinned, especially the first time (cliffhangar to hazard was it called? Been awhile since I played that DLC…).

  2. I am currently playing in the Quad XP playlist.

    It is only Free For All with a bigger player count in Prison Break. Kill Confirmed was on earlier but now it is only FFA.

  3. Lets just hope they aren’t as big as some of the maps that came with the game -.-.
    Also, 8 maps, 2 DLC packages? Possibly 4 MP maps, 1 Extinction map each pack?

      • They should have more maps the size of maps like MW3’s Mission. Hopefully they’ll bring some back for free like Terminal.

        • Mission, Dome, Hardhat…anything like that I’ll be happy with. In fact, anything similar in size or smaller than Freight would be ideal. And free maps seem promising.

          I can’t express how pissed off I was when for the final BO2 DLC pack I got two re-skinned maps. I didn’t pay ยฃ15 to get two re-skinned maps – especially when it’s the final DLC, I expect new, fun, exciting maps. It felt like such a cop out.

      • FUCK YOU, play BO2 if you want small/boring/stupid maps, or play strikezone/FreeFall.

        Ghosts maps are very small when compared to MW2 maps.

        The game itself was made to handle bigger maps, they canยดt just add shitty small maps in DLC.

        • Ghosts maps are very small compared to MW2 maps? Listen kid, Ghosts has some of the biggest maps every featured in CoD. All I’m commenting on is the lack of small maps in Ghosts – I still enjoy it, however I feel there’s no way to use SMGs effectively.

          If you want a game full of massive maps and nothing else, please be my guest and go play BF. You seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that a range of maps in a CoD game is good.

          You obviously know nothing about the MW2 maps or the Ghosts maps if you think Ghosts maps are far smaller – please, know your facts before you go swearing at me.

          You know absolutely nothing as to whether or not small maps will be shitty. How can you? What are you even doing playing a 16 rated game when you’re obviously about 11?

          Range is good, and range is necessary. Without it, people would not enjoy the game. A balance is necessary, and you seem to not be able to understand that. Your childish ignorance appalls me.

      • the weird thing is, the more i play the game, the smaller these maps start feeling. they definitely are more complex with more levels, but they honestly feel like the right size, in my opinion.

    • While I have no problem with the large sized maps, the amount of them we have at the moment compared to small maps is ridiculous. One large map, one medium map, two small maps in the first DLC at least.

      • The map design is perfect in Ghosts so far ๐Ÿ™‚ Every is just used to BO2 and MW3 crappy small cluttered maps where everyone just runs round with SMG’s. IW have got it spot on.

    • I don’t think IW are gonna take the same “re-skin and sell as new” approach that Treyarch did in BO2. We saw already how they’re happy to add older maps for free. After all, it felt like such a cop-out from Treyarch on those four or five times that they just gave us a reskinned map rather than a new one. Especially putting two reskinned maps in one pack – that really pissed me off.

        • But those maps took the place of new maps in the map packs – I’m not gonna play ยฃ15 for a map pack with only two new maps in it. I’ve got no problem with maps like Terminal being added for free, but to charge for re-skinned maps was pathetic.

          Think back – there were four re-skins. Effectively, that means that you and I paid the same amount you’d pay for an MW3 map pack for four re-skins, when we saw in MW3 that old maps can be added for free.

          I liked them too, but I was pissed off with having to pay for them when we should have been getting new maps.

          • Then don’t buy DLC. And at least you had the option on whatever console you were playing on. In the meantime Nintendo consoles STILL haven’t gotten DLC for bullshit nonexistent reasons. I love both Black Ops 1 and 2, and I would gladly pay for the opportunity to play BO1 maps in the newer game along with new maps. And if they re-skinned Terminal with something drastically different, they probably would’ve made people pay for it too.

          • I agree that remakes should be free as fan service, but at least Treyarch does complete remakes of their maps. They’re not just “reskins”, they’ve entirely remodeled the maps, giving them an entirely new look, setting and effects.

            Before Terminal in MW3 all Infinity Ward did with their maps was change a Couple of textures and maybe add a tv or two in a room. The Infinity Ward map packs have always had way less value than the Treyarch ones have… From the MP maps alone, and then the Zombie maps on top of that!

            Not to mention the fact that the Infinity Ward maps are much worse, unbalanced and less interesting than Treyarchs maps.

            And i don’t think there’s any discussing that. They’re asymmetric and generally it doesn’t seem like much thought has gone into balancing them at all. Infinity Ward are fans of casual brainless one man army shooters and they don’t seem to like or care about objective based gamemodes at all. Or at least they don’t Know how to do it well. I mean look at the placement of Domination flags in the Infinity Ward maps. They’re all over the place and quite often B is much closer to A or C than the other. There’s also usually one campy power position in most maps. Look at Estate in MW2. The villa there is a great example.

            Most Treyarch maps are fairly symmetric and thus very balanced, with only minor differences to either side and mainly visual differences. In Black Ops 2 some of the maps were more open and less symmetric but considering Domination and most other gamemodes were played in rounds with spawns switching this helped to balance all maps.

  4. A friend and I managed to play one match before they hastily pulled it, it had 4x XP!!! :O) And FYI all WIP = Work In Progress!!! ;O)

  5. Even though strike zone and dome do have very similar layouts they don’t play nearly the same at all. I’d love to see the original dome return I love that map or maybe Hardhat.

    • True. Dome was more about explosives, long range and through the middle, while Strikezone is a lot more about gunplay, short range and through the sides.

  6. Excited about the possibility of Dome returning. I’m hoping the rest of the maps are smaller than the ingame maps. Also glad to hear more content for extinction mode coming out.

    Just really annoyed that Microsoft still has that stupid timed dlc deal, so i gotta wait a month for it to hit ps4. ๐Ÿ™

    • How come whenever someone mentions Killzone they have to post a pic of it? I like my PS3 and all, but Killzone is VERY overrated. It’s a completely generic FPS. Graphics may be great, but I can get the same general experience on any other shooter.

  7. I wish they came out with a Modern Warfare Anniversary type DLC that includes the best maps from all three Modern Warfare games, so basically all the maps from Mw2

  8. the map sizes are too big for a fast paced 6v6 shooter like cod but its really just the layout that annoys me cuz bigger maps have been good in the past such as wmd and array. it feels like ppl are nowhere when i run around mass unnecessary space and clutter for 5 mins without spotting a enemy but it also feels like they are everywhere in the feeling of having 9000 random sightlines/flank routes on your back coupled with terrible spawns.

  9. I wouldn’t mind seeing an original Modern Warfare map in Ghosts. It would be nice to see a COD4 level with next-gen graphics!

  10. i might be the only one in the world who would really like to see ‘Broadcast’ (sorry can’t remember the exact name) map from the original CoD 4 Modern Warfare. It was the news station map. Chinatown was also an interesting looking map.

    I really loved them at the time, but no one ever seems to talk about them. ๐Ÿ™