Some fans are reporting that they have received an official email from Call of Duty team highlighting the Call of Duty: Ghosts season pass. In that email, under Season Pass it has the word ‘ODIN’ with a name associated with each letter. ‘Onslaught’, ‘Devastation’, ‘Invasion’, and ‘Nemesis’ is what the email lists out.

You can view the email in right here. The link to the email is the same as many other official Call of Duty emails, which leads us to believe that this is real.

UPDATE: Activision has taken down the original image and replaced it with one without the names. Guess its real.

SOURCE: Call of Duty email via @Fariko_Scorch



      • [email protected]$1991

        he is talking about the first letter of the map pack

  1. Wont be buying season pass till the game becomes more enjoyable! like this is this first COD im NOT addicted too!? I literally just come onto charlie intel hoping for new patch updates!

      • I hate to say it, but I agree. IW can do their job – they can make an enjoyable, fun game. But they can’t make an innovative game. They can’t make a game that leads the franchise somewhere new and interesting. Both BO1 and BO2 did that for me; I felt like I was playing a completely different type of game. However both MW3 and Ghosts have been a bit of a let down.

        Yes, Ghosts is the first next-gen game. But there’s nothing new, is there? We could go through the nitty gritty and be like “but there’s a new perk system” or “but there’s Squads”, however Ghosts just lacks some magic.

        Squad Points lead you away from the challenge of having to unlock the good guns over the space of a few weeks/months rather than the space of a good match. Instead, IW have given us challenges to complete to unlock stuff for our character, but we don’t a shit about how we look to eachover unless we’re wearing a fucking Ghillie Suit.

        I’m really frustrated with Squad Points, and I feel it’s something that’s been completely overlooked in reviews. There is no more prestige-level beast gun, or something you have to wait to unlock. Today, within 3 matches, I unlocked a new squad member and equipped him with a pricey shotgun and a 9-bang. In “normal” CoD, I’d have had to wait a while to do that. And that’s the thing – I want a challenge. I don’t want good guns handed to me on a plate.

        Rant over. But ultimately, I can’t wait to see what Treyarch do. I’m looking forward to it far more than I looked forward to Ghosts.

    • Thought I was the only one! I literally dont play anything but about 2 hours a night I would usually play like hell but this COD is so fucked up I cant have fun unless Im with a party of 6.

      • it seems to me like COD veterans (the players that activision referred to as the hardcore gamers that only cod) hate ghosts! other gamers see the revamp (mainly the way the games plays i.e camp friendly and the quick deaths) as a good thing!

        • It’s not a revamp, it’s a return to form. MW3/B02 were the red-headed stepchild experiments of IW/3arch. Both were terrible, both stand as an example how NOT to design COD games.

          • FluXHater was that an opinion, take your own advice from your earlier comment above and ‘keep your mouth shut’ ha. I personally loved MW3 and BO2, the run and gun game-pace and health was spot on and just what i personally have come to expect from a cod game, hence the disappointment of ghosts.

          • Not sure what you’re talking about, I never told anyone to “keep their mouth shut”.

            That’s fine if you loved them but the majority see MW3 at least as a massive failure for the series and a somewhat smaller amount think this about BO2.

            My guess is you didn’t experience COD4/MW2 in their prime. They were the best COD experiences in terms of gameplay to date; and IMO Ghosts gives them a run for their money.

            MW3/BO2 are not what COD games are about and not the type of design style that made COD into the massively popular series it is today.

            Also, I think it’s kinda cute you keep stalking my posts. Oh look you gave me a pet name too!

        • There needs to be a happy medium between IW and Treyarch games. I personally think BO2 was a good game but it would of been a great game if the Lag and hit detection would of been better. But I muscled through it. Now playing Ghosts you die if someone sneezes at you which is completely frustrating. So i really hope IW either bumps up the health or increases the amout of bullets for people to get killed. Otherwise I think I’m checking out early on this game. Good thing next gen consoles are here and all the next gen games can keep me busy until treyarch throws their hat in the ring.

          • Yeah the instance death is the most frustrating part. Its made complete noobs be able to play on a par with COD vets. Like watching noobs camping on SnR but owning the game is so frustrating! i really hope they improve the gameplay.

    • This is the first COD since BO1 I am addicted to. So to each their own. I personally think this is the best COD release since MW2. That being said, the PC release needs some serious work and I’m sure the technical issues will wear thin after a while.

  2. Just to clarify yet again for people not getting it: the article and the e-mail are implying that the 4 letters of ODIN are the beginning letters of the four map pack names: Onslaught, Devastation, Invasion, Nemesis

    ODIN is NOT the name of the first map pack

  3. Just as long as the maps are new, that’s all I care about.

    If they want to throw in previous COD maps, fine but just as long as they’re free like Terminal was in MW3.

    I still have my previous COD discs to go back to whenever I want…

  4. I’m loving this game! The maps are refreshing, the guns kill crazy-fast, the footsteps sound like footsteps, the snozberries taste like snozberries!!

    • ‘guns kill crazy-fast’ is a bad thing. its taken the skill and run and gun gameplay out of COD. whether thats because the guns are overpowered or not enough health?

      • The guns kill in just as many bullets as previous COD games. People just aren’t used to having such great hit registration in a COD game. This is the best hit registration since MW2, possibly better. Fun fact BO2 and Ghosts damage numbers aren’t nearly as different as you may think.

        • Agreed. The MSBS and the Swat-665 are pretty much copy pastes of themselves stat-wise with minor damage and RPM tweaks. But since the registration is so good people claim it to be overpowered because people forgot what COD 4 and MW2 felt like. My only qualms with the game is the camos are a bit lacking this time around, I wish they took the Treyarch route with the gold camo, the maps aren’t as colorful as they should be (They are fixing that in next gen from what I’ve seen) , and the oval red dot frame returned for the 4th time. I would have favored a more physically appealing frame like MW2’s.

          • Most people believe what they wanna believe unfortunately. Instead of actually knowing what they’re talking about beforehand. That’s the nature of some people though. I’ve always been one to keep my mouth shut unless I was prepared to defend my statements with facts. Unless of course it’s completely opinionated, then no need.

            Ya, I agree. the gold camo in this game may be the worst of the series. Remember how much people made fun of it in BO1? Ya Ghosts gold is much, much worse. In general though I like the camos for this game. Scale, green, trail, croc, ocean, caustic and hell for the first time I actually like how woodland looks.

          • Yeah. The brilliant thing about the Swat 556 was that no one used it, resulting in no need for a patch.

        • You seem to over defend and comment on any hate ghosts get? This hit detection argument you wine about is irrelevant if it’s made the game less enjoyable and camp friendly

          • Your opinion, my opinion are both irrelevant when talking about facts. The fact is the guns don’t deal more damage, the game has been refined for better hit registration. They improved the game’s performance, they didn’t increase weapon damage. That’s the point. They don’t deal more damage, just now when you should hit someone, you actually do.

            Now on to the opinion portion of whether it has improved or hindered the game experience, IMO it has improved massively from BO1/MW3/BO2; but brought us back to what we had in COD4/MW2.

            The fact that the game is more camper friendly is better than the MW3/BO2 alternative IMO. I would rather have variety of gameplay and playstyles and have to deal with some camping than be forced to play a specific way to compete.

            If you disagree that’s perfectly fine, but just remember not everybody shares your POV on the subject.

          • The Min/Max is Bullet Spread. In theory, the prone position is the best since it has the tightest Bullet spread. Meaning more bullets are going to hit the enemy hitbox if your accurate. If you like to spray, standing up is best for you.

      • I don’t mean to reply with an attitude, but I run and gun on every map without a problem. It is harder to do, but it makes it that much more rewarding. Even on Stonehaven, if you pay attention to the spawns, you can charge back and forth the country side all day!

    • I’m enjoying it…not loving it. The thing is, this could have been an opportunity for CoD to become something really new. If we could have had a brand new engine, and a completely updated game, I’d be happy. But at the moment, it feels like a combination of MW2 and BO2 – that isn’t a bad thing, but it isn’t what I was expecting.

      I’m not one of those people who judges a CoD game on the power of guns, the spawns, the perks or the health. I’m the kind of person who judges a CoD game on what it is, and what it could have been. There was so much wasted potential with Ghosts, and I was disappointed. I enjoy the game, I just feel let down.

      Hopefully when the game makes the transition to next-gen only, we should see a new type of CoD emerge. CoD needs to be new again, rather than just rejuvenated.

      • I want to combine campaign and multiplayer into one, like an open world. and maps are re-named battle zones. you can walk around and talk to people or walk up to a battle zone lobby and play it like a normal cod game. No more menus, just open gameplay. and you could collect guns like in borderlands and throw them on the ground. Maybe even add clubs to buy around the world for clans to hang in.

    • The guns may kill fast, but the MSBS is crazily OP. It takes 0.067 seconds [1/15 +/- of a second] to kill. The FAD is the next fastest at like 0.12 or something. The MSBS needs a major nerf.

  5. Despite loving the huge maps this game has I have to say that some small maps are needed in the DLC. Not that I am biased to big or small maps I just like a diversity of gameplay.

    • Well, there should at least be one small map in each DLC. One medium CQC one open medium, and one open large map. Keeps variety. I don’t personally mind close quarters maps, but not all the damn time like Black Ops 2 provided. That was just a nightmare.

  6. It says 4 packs, one price, followed by those names. I think Onslaught, Devastation, etc are the pack names, not map names.

    There is no hint at new Extinction maps, which I have to believe are going to exist, based on the zombie maps from BO2, the spec ops DLC missions from MW3, and the factt that there is a map select in extinction now with only one choice, but made to be expanded.