In a new video posted on Sgt. Frank Woods’s official channel, he talks about a giveaway that he has started, but at the end around the 2:10 mark, he might have revealed some new tidbits of information regarding the future of Call of Duty.

He says, “I have got some information coming up later on in this month about the next Black Ops game…not the next Black Ops… the next Call of Duty game…I just gave something away.”

UPDATE: James C Burns has taken to twitter to comment on the recent slip up:


(Thanks everyone for the tips!)



      • Gotta think though..
        Theres a huge zombie community. Treyarch provides that.
        Theres a huge and rapidly growing eSports community. Treyarch provides that with league play & codcaster.

        You’re right though, but Ghosts even though it launched on next gen it still wasen’t fully taking advantage of next gen.

        Treyarch does have the opportunity to fully take advantage of next gen. Black ops 3 could be the COD that has a standard 9v9 playlist with bonus 12v12. Black ops 3 could be that COD that comes with a huge new weapon list. Black Ops 3 could be that COD that comes with a huge more action packed story. There ideas upon ideas that treyarch could do with next gen that infinity ward couldent do because they didn’t want to release a boring/stripped down version for the current gen consoles then have a fun more features/balanced on next gen. Idk i’m rambling. & sorry if i made all this a clutterfuck lol.

        • Most people who like Zombies only get COD Black Ops games for the Zombies (which, quite frankly, is stupid – I mean, why not get a Zombies only game if you only like that?). eSports features are added by Activision, therefore Treyarch are TOLD to add it (same goes for IW).

          Agreed, COD Ghosts could have done better on the performance and resource-using front. BUT you have to remember, IW are fair, and because it came out for past gen as well (i.e. Xbox 360, PS4, etc.) they didn’t want much difference game wise so cheapskates won’t feel left out. You’ve also said this yourself, but I can’t be bothered to delete it.

          Treyarch… don’t really know how to make stable networks, though, but I see what you mean. The only problem with having big games is that people with Tesco/Walmart connections will complain, and Treyarch as specially don’t like complaints (and glitches, and mods, etc.).

          Yes, they could do better than IW on the current-gen front (i.e. Xbox One, PS4, etc.), but if you want a series-continued game on a completely new platform, you’re a fool. People will have to buy previous gen to play previous games in the BO series, as well as have to pay for the new current gen one.

          Basically, what I’m trying to say, is it would not be logical, and would not push current gen to its limits. Starting a fresh would. But, that said, this IS Tryearch we’re talking about – known for hiring an absolute douch-bag of a Multiplayer designer who knows nothing about connectivity to servers. But anyway…

          • Bc Zombies was something new with World at War, it started out as a simple round based mini game & transformed into a story. Easter eggs ect. It isn’t your average here go kill zombies & be bored in 15 minutes like dead rising or something.

          • 1. Zombies is still round based.
            2. It is just run around and kill zombies, the story is, and always has been, optional.
            3. Dead Rising is a game focused on a story mode, what are you talking about? (It has cutscenes and chapters, COD Zombies just has easter eggs).
            4. Zombies started off as an easter egg for completing the WAW campaign, it then unfolded into another game mode, not a story. If you wanted, you could go from WAW -> BO2 without knowing any story at all.

          • I’ve done all of them except Moon. I know that they have story behind them. In fact, I know the entire story. But it’s not like cutscenes. In WAW and BO1, most of the story line had to be inferred. In BO2 it started to verge towards a story-based game. But a story based game is something like The Last of Us (Which I know is not zombies) where there are cutscenes, etc. All of the Easter Eggs are optional, that’s why they’re called Easter Eggs and not Story Objectives.

          • Agreed, but it does get quite repetitive after about 25 rounds though when the team gets setup in a secure/safe area where your one and only problem is ammo.

          • Woah .. “eSports features are added by Activision, therefore Treyarch are TOLD to add it (same goes for IW).” So Ghosts has League play, CoDcaster, Hardpoint, CTF, 3 Lane maps and Scorestreaks ? Hell no man, get your facts straight. You cant even turn off 3rd person spectating and dynamic map elements in ghosts (even 3arc is laughing) . Treyarch chose to focus much more on esports, Activision didnt tell em shit. If activision did, then trust me Ghosts would be a hell lot better as an esports title. Next gen Black ops 3 also means dedicated servers and treyarch’s take on a new cod engine ..

          • eSports features and initiatives are done through Activision with partial dev support. ATVI wanted full on eSports for BO2, so Treyarch went full on too. I don’t think many people even know this, but David Vonderhaar (during BO1 times and after for awhile) completely disagreed with the idea that eSports should be part of Call of Duty. If you see carefully, thats why JD_2020 is presumed to have left. Due to disagreements. Now, he somehow loves eSports? Maybe, but it’s always ATVI with dev support. IW didn’t want full support, so they toned it down, which wasn’t the right move as they have seen now.

            And don’t expect BO3 to be a “next-gen” fully game. It’ll most likely come to current gen (360 and PS3) as well cause many players will still be there.

          • I don;t think someone understands WHO has a contract with e-sports. It’s Activision, you know, the BOSSES of BOTH IW and Treyarch, therefore they were indeed told to add those features, due to it not being THEIR contract, but their BOSSES contract – Treyarch did’t choose jack shit about eSports, proved. Also, you can turn off 3rd person spectating and dynamic map elements in Ghosts with a press of a button/switch of a playlist, and “All CODs past and including Ghosts have dedicated servers” – ActivisionBlizard. PS – Yes, Ghosts IS bad, and I’d probably go as far as to say it’s shit, but no company would be a company if they didn’t make mistakes – I just hope they learn from it, otherwise they’re going to die off popularity.

          • Most people who like zombies like BOTH Multiplayer and Zombies. I’m a huge zombies fan, and let me tell you, just because it’s a zombies gamemode doesn’t mean it’s like every other zombies game. I understand if people buy COD for only zombies, as COD zombies is unique and has a different play style than DayZ, Dead Rising, Dead Nation, Dead Island, etc. All of those games have different techniques and ways to play. And so you’re saying BO3 can’t be on next gen because BO1 and BO2 are on current gen? that’s idiotic. Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 are on Xbox 360, but Dead Rising 3 is on Xbox one. Same with Halo, Infamous, Uncharted, even GTA (From ps2 -> ps3 & 360). If BO3 was on next gen only, then we will see a true next gen COD game not being held back by last gen. The only thing tying BO2 to BO1 was the story and the name of the game, I expect BO3 to be the same.

          • Sorry to break it to you, but a few months back Activision released a statement saying somewhere along the lines that at lease 2 more CODs would have to have a current-gen port before the companies would be allowed to only support next-gen versions

          • Pretty much every 2015 game announced so far is becoming next gen only. I don’t see why not COD 2015 can’t be as well. Also, Advanced Warfare is being developed by SH only for PS4/XB1. A different company is doing the port for PS3/360. SO I expect COD 2015 to be next gen only. Also, this article is like 9 months old. Kinda late.

          • Someone clearly hasn’t been keeping up with the Activision press releases, clearly, otherwise you wouldn’t be arguing about this. Also, been very busy lately, not that that’s any of your business.

          • Activision said that two games will be on both next gen and current gen, you say? Well guess what, we have AW and Ghosts on both of those consoles. I don’t think Treyarch’s next game will be coming to PS3/360. If it does, it will be ported by another company.

          • I get Black ops because I LOVE THE STORY, and for zombies.

            BO1 multiplayer was the best one by far for me too.

            BO2 MP is just shit

          • Black Ops Multiplayer was amazing, perfect setting, perfect maps and the Commando which I loved. BO2 MP however I wasn’t keen on at all. Don’t get me wrong, Treyarch added great innovations to the franchise, but MP didn’t have that same feeling as BO1. Hopefully there is a BO3 and hopefully Treyarch go back to the Black Ops style of gameplay.

        • I’ll give Treyarch this; they certainly CAN create a great back-story for characters and settings, no matter where OR when, and would most likely take full advantage of next-gens powers. However, Black Ops 3 would be a terrible idea in the long run, both for the publicity it’ll get (just look at MW3’s reveal reactions) and the fact that the story has no real interesting way to go – at least BO1 ended on something BO2 could continue on – but at the end of BO2 it just… well… ended, with little to no way of branching off.
          And, for your information, Activision have said that COD will also be ported onto current gen for at least 2 more Call of Duty titles, meaning the next opportunity for COD to be expanded upon WITH next-gens powers would be IW’s next COD (Ghosts 2 most likely – unfortunately)

      • What killed the MW series wasn’t that it was a trilogy, it was that there was no variety. So far, BO and BO2 were really different, so I expect BO3 to be different as well.

          • Not really. The only relation was zombies. WAW is part of BO through zombies, but not through MP or campaign. I wouldn’t consider it part of the BO series.

          • No, Reznov and Petrenko are in both games. Similar to Alex Mason and woods in BO2, they are the only reason BO2 is a sequel.

            WaW is also listed officially as a BO continuity prequel.

            Reznov one of the main characters of WaW is the entire storyline of Black ops 1, literally he was vital

        • No.
          BO1 was in the past, difference 1.
          BO2 was in the future, difference 2.
          I don’t see how BO3 could be very different from either – unless it’s medieval, haha

          • If you go by that broad of terminology, then of course it can’t be different. By that logic, medieval wouldn’t be different because it’s also in the past. BO1 was in the cold war, BO2 was in the near future. BO3 will most likely be in WW2, which would be very different from both BO1 and BO2.

          • We don’t even know if it’s BO3, all we know is that it’s Treyarch’s next game. It could be completely unrelated to the BO series.

      • Definetely a black ops game dude.

        He is teasing this since november, he is in the next game confirmed

        And he is playing woods 80% confirmed

        • Woods dies in one of the endings, and even they go with him being if is 95 in BO2… Fast forward how ever long Woods doesn’t have long left anyway, nor much story relevence unless they go back to say… Operation Charybdis (which should have been BO2 imo), then I highly doubt he’ll be in it.

          • Actually if you let Alex Mason alive he tells woods what he did for the 30 years BEFORE Woods gets killed.

            Multiple ending games usually have a “correct ending”, which is the ending they will continue it if they have to.

            And Operation charybodis should have been in BO2 I agree, but it was explained in the PS Vita Declassifield game why it wasnt there.

            Mason dissapeared for 30 years when he was supposedly killed by woods, he had a son and he didnt show up for that long time, he was definetely with Reznov doing some Black ops shit, lol.

            Also there should be some flashback missions showing how he and woods met, how they got to be the best agents, what happened when Mason supposedly killed the president….

      • The thing is this guy literally knows nothing. Everything he does is for shameless views. He made trailer analysis videos he was an “expert on”, didn’t provide any detail on anything important, and when the game come out it proved he knew absolutely nothing about the topic.
        ex) Zombies trailer analysis — Misty cracks her knuckles. James here says its a “very important character trait”. No… this is something that has happened with every character since WaW when they do an activity like Pack-a-Punch. The guy has an IQ of a corn flake. Just look at that NAM Zombies thing…

        TL;DR – Don’t give him the views, he knows nothing. Don’t take him seriously.

        • Treyarch actually told him to stop posting footage of him playing the game because they were afraid that him doing so bad would embarress them lmao

        • Still, he’s the only connection to Treyarch that speaks to the fans. He obviously knows more than we do. At the very least, he knows of the existence of the next COD game and what it is, whether he is involved or not.

  1. As much as I love ghosts, I can’t help but imagine how amazing the next call of duty game is. I say this because it’ll be the first next gen call of duty unlike ghosts which was unfortunately made for the ps3 and Xbox 360. Finally next year we will see the true capabilities of this brand new hardware we have in our living rooms

    • iv been saying this to my friends for a long time. a next gen game cant be next gen if it is run down for last gen consoles. just think of pc, all cods would be better if the 360/ps3 where better. if it was like a pc there would be a whole lot more.if you catch my drift.

    • Sadly I think the next CoD, if made my 3arc (there’s the possibility 3arc gets 3 years and this year is Sledgehammer with MW4) will suck like BO2. They seem to make it for competitive players. Now, this should sound like a good thing, right? BO1 is the most skill based game of the series (with WaW), so making it for competitive players means making it skill based? I wish. Sadly, this means making it the casual clusterfuck cqc that BO2 was, with no skill involved. Why? Because its funner for audiences to watch faster games, which makes competitive players more money. Fucking bullshit.

    • Spot on. I guarantee you the next CoD will be at 1080p on all consoles, no frame rate drops. Et cetera, et cetera. Right now they’re just testing the boundaries.

    • Heres what Frank Woods voice actor tweeted : “Trivia…he was LOST, then went on a impossible cruise, now he is intelligent….who is he? How are he and woods connected?” Also as Mitch said, it could be “mason, where the fuck you been for 30 years ? “

      • MW3 and BO2 are seriously the same fucking game. Casual CQC Maps clusterfuck with no skill involved.

        BO1, however, is the best!

        • They’re not the same. Not nearly. IW has chaotic maps, 3erc has 3 path layouts. You also die WAY quicker on IW games. There’s more differences, but those are the more prominent.

          • In both I died without a chance of seeing my enemy because of brutal netcode. Both had maps that were small as balls. They are 2 different games, I’ll give you that, but they’re the exact same experience.

        • MW3 is by far the best CoD ever made, no LMG target finders, no OP shotguns, ALOT less campers, perfect spawn system, infected, clans were actually useful. And the the list goes on and on…

          • ”no OP shotguns, ALOT less campers, perfect spawn system, infected”
            LMAO, the Striker was OP as shit, in every objective based gamemode people just camped the objective with ACRs, spawns were broken to the point where you would spawn inside an enemy and there were glitches which were never fixed so you could get a MOAB in 5 seconds by spawn trapping. Also, Infected is just for the camping noobs and boosters.
            And then you also have the OP machine pistols, terrible balanced pointstreak system and deathstreaks.
            Yeah, if you’re someone who goes 3-16 while camping MW3 is the FPS for you…

    • Fair enough. Once you play a Treyarch game, the next IW game seems impossibly difficult. I’m used to getting massive streaks, now I’m down to SatComs.

      • nah i have even better ratio than on blops2 where i had 1.88 now i have 2.3 in ghost … ghost just hasnt gotten the same pace of playing on all maps … especially the big maps u just have to adapt.

  2. The only thing that ruined Black ops 2 from being great was the Shotguns, Snipers and the netcode. I Honestly cant wait to see what Treyarch can do on next gen with new hardware !

  3. Black ops 2 was a great evolution of Call of duty without changing tooooo much. Cant wait to see What 3arc has in store for Black ops 3. (my spam over 🙂 )

      • CoD doesn’t have to constantly change, but the idea behind every idea change BO2 made (scorestreaks, pick 10, weapon unlocks) were awesome!

        • IW does the revolution(the hard part)
          And when everyone finally gets used to IW new CoD style
          3arc does the evolution(the easy part) and get all the love.

  4. The last 2 Infinity Ward CODs have been the worst CODs of the franchise. I’ve really enjoyed Treyarch’s games and am really looking forward to what they bring to next gen.
    The Black Ops 2 ghost perk was BRILLIANT!!

        • I do too. I don’t stick to the past. I could give less about CoD4 and MW2 now that there are hackers there. I actually thought it wasn’t that good to be honest. Both games.

          • He said it’s the FIRST IW game that he liked, not the one that he likes right now. Of course, right now Ghosts is my favorite IW game too. But saying he has never enjoyed any IW games before this astonishes me.

        • Yes, I liked MW2 multiplayer, not amazing.

          I also liked CoD 4 MP for it being a revolution from the WW2 shooters but other than that.

          Ghosts > other IW games.

          Bo1 > Ghosts

        • I like Ghosts more than MW2 for fucking sure. Do you have any idea how terribly broken that game is? Great core game, but jesus fuck they screwed up some things bad. Commando, noobtubes, danger close, shotgun secondaries, etc. Terrible.

          • I enjoy it when it’s played normally. For example, the first week it was out and people hadn’t yet discovered the stupid shit the game was absolutely phenomenal. That being said the stuff that breaks the game REALLY breaks the game, to the point of unplayability. Even at its best, BO1 and WaW are still better imo.

          • Mw2 is notorious for OP guns. The UMP, Type 95, all that, were OP as hell. By far the worst were the 1887 Akimbos. I’ve seen people snipe with those.

  5. Infinity ward have always made better call of duty games. Granted MW3 has been the worst to date, but MW2 and COD 4 will always be the best. I’m enjoying ghosts too! The maps are great and allow you to use whatever guns you want on any map. All the Treyarch fan boys are just angry because they can’t run round every map with an SMG. I will glady stick with Ghosts and IW for the next two years.

    • That’s what people say, but will you really want to be playing an old COD game for that second year. The only people playing BO2 are the ones who can’t afford Ghosts.

    • WaW and BO1 had the biggest map with longest sightlines in the series. They are the most skill based, no bullshit free kills of the series. You’re judging an entire company on one bad game, BO2. IW had that even worse with MW3. MW1 was amazing, but WaW perfected it. MW2 should have been really awesome, but it’s one of the most broken games ever (noobtubes, commando etc.). Until BO2, Treyarch made the better games for sure. Ghosts is also great, but BO1 and WaW are still better.

  6. If they make another black ops I hope its around 1970-80’s and they use unique guns that are realistic in that timeframe. Another WWII game would be cool to. Also I hope that different guns have different scopes and stuff like Black Ops 1, the Russian guns would have Russian styled scopes and the AUG had a unique scope. For me it adds more flavor to the game instead of just having the same red-dot sight, ACOG, etc on every gun. Just my thoughts lol 😛

  7. I’d really like to see what 3arc would have in mind for the Next-Gen levels of performance. I happen to like Blops 1 and I don’t “hate” Blops 2, though it does have several issues that we all know and loathe.

    Ghosts on the other hand was a swing and a huge miss for me, and it appears a lot of others. I appreciate some of the innovation attempts, Cranked to try and force movement, but the game plays crappy and the promises of nerfing QS and Dedicated servers have proven to be lies.

    I’m interested in another Treyarc attempt at CoD to be honest

    • ….Dedicated servers have proven to be lies.”

      How did they lie about dedicated servers if they’re using a hybrid system of that type of server and listening server? Just because this game doesn’t server browsing does not mean this game is not using dedicated servers.

      In reality, players brought mass confusion on the fanbase by claiming that dedis isn’t online or something similar to that.

  8. I’m kinda conflicted. On the one hand i really want to see Treyarch do a new setting and world for the first next gen exclusive (hopefully) call of duty. On the other hand, I loved both Black Ops games so i’m positive if they continue with a black ops 3 it will be phenomenal!

  9. Hopefully they don’t do another game set in the future. I’m pretty sure World at War was the only CoD that brought those “holy shit that was epic” moments in the story. And, it was even more gory. Even the announcers in multiplayer hyped you up. The weaponry back then are more fun to use. Also, i hope they add bullet drop with the snipers. Maybe even tanks?

  10. Hopefully it will be like BO1, with TRUE DENIABLE OPERATIONS, not some terrorist shit.

    Hopefully it will not be futuristic, it should go for the 80´s again, with alot of Alex Mason and Viktor Reznov(Yes he is alive) And Weaver(who dissapeared in BO2)

    James C. Burns has been hinting on the next BO since early november.

    • And Ed Harris back as the best CoD character ever (except maybe Price), JASON HUDSON! I love Michael Keaton and all, but he really fucked Hudson up bad.

        • Late 80s. Besides they should just write that off. Hudson wasn’t remotely written like he was in BO1… didn’t act the same, didn’t think the same, didn’t talk the same. And of course different voice. BO2 = not canon. The game has the writing quality of 13 year old girl fan fiction.

  11. Multiplayer should go back to what BO1 did.

    I hate those scorestreaks, I mean the swarm was way too high.

    It makes you to play the objective in a bad way, you just want to capture that shit to get moar scorestreaks.

    Also Objective stuff gave more points than actual gun kills

    The BO1 was way more competitive with less streaks that are easier to get, alot of rushing, the CTF was just perfect, it didnt have that flag holder indicator shit.

    CTF in BO2 was just the enemy getting the flag and spawn trapping you and getting 200 points per kill to call a swarm

    • It must have Ghosts perk, CoD points, dynamic maps(but more improved with dynamic weather and daytime), new engine, completely running on dedicated servers, next gen only, more destruction(Not like BF but more destruction is always good.)
      And maybe some tanks in MP(We had that in WaW)

    • Personally think what they did in Black Ops 2 was much better. If you are playing an OBJECTIVE based game type, there should be incentive to make you actually play the objective instead of being one of those people who do nothing for their team other than focus on getting tons of kills.

      • In BO1 I go for the objective to win the match, for the right reason, not for total rape with a swarm.

        In BO2 I go because im forced too

        • You may have, but nobody else did. Most people ignore the objective an just camp to get kills. You’re not forced to play the objective, it is still possible to camp for kills in BO2 and still get high score streaks. The way things worked in BO2 helps you out when you do something to help your team and encourages players by giving incentive.

          • I don´t want to camp, I always rush, but the scorestreaks were total bullshit, they should do pointstreaks like IW

    • agreed, i love CTF in BO1, then they ruined it in MW3, then 3arc decided to carry on that trait and overall for me BO2 is fairly shit, BO1 was the last great COD, i hope the next one is like that, good campaign, good multiplay, good zombies

      • WHATT? Have you ever played CTF properly?

        In WaW/BO1 it was so epic, so much epic when both teams get the enemy flag and they hide, and the match becomes some crazy hide and seek, and when you kill the flag carrier it was just the most amazing feel on gaming.

        No flag holder indicator opens up a path for more strategy, if they add that, BO3 will be the best CoD ever for me

        • It was in Blops where spawn trapping was a clusterfuck that a friend let the enemy win a round and force a 3rd round only to destroy the enemy with blackbird, chopper & dogs.


      Im tired of futuristic, current gen warfare, it just got boring.

      I just want atleast another 80-90´s CoD it doesnt even need to be that old warfare

  12. They should just remake all the call of duties for new gen, fix all the problems.

    And do the same for old gen, fix all the hackers and all the stupid stuff, but only up to Black ops.

    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
      – Best 6 maps from each Modern Warfare game.
      – Favorite guns and perks from each game (some rebalanced).
      – 4-6-8 killstreaks (rebalanced from the 3-5-7 system, no hardline).
      – Leaning and sliding from Ghosts.
      – New attachments.
      – Pick 10 from Black Ops 2.
      – Gore.
      – New engine (doubt this will happen).
      – Bonus maps for people who have purchased Modern Warfare DLC if possible.
      Make it happen!

  13. I reckon he’s just trolling. Hopefully they go for something fresh and new- Continuing a series too far isn’t a good thing, just look at Mw3, which had worse graphics than Mw2

  14. [email protected]

    He’s asking a hell of a lot for a competition! – recruit also 10 followers that have to adhere to the rules too! crazy!

  15. I HOPE THEY LISTEN TO US AND LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES WITH BO2 AND GHOSTS! Ghosts has too big maps, so learn Treyarch!, BO2 has too fast movement speed, LEARN TREYARCH!

    • Ghosts maps are way smaller than BO1/MW2 maps. If you want ghosts maps to get bigger, play ground war or go back to BO2 ans stay there forever

    • Ghosts maps are fine size wise, just tame them down abit, not so much confusion going on. As for BO2 speed, it was just fine as well, Combine BO2 speed with the size and fun of MW2 maps and you have a winner. And can we please take explosives out of hardcore ??

  16. New COD game came out 1 month ago, already raving about the next one. *ad pops up* “ONLY, IN CALL OF DUTY COMMUNITY”

  17. While no one would be shocked over a 3rd Black Ops title. Please god all mighty let them bring back the gore from [email protected] PLEASE!!!!!

  18. Woods die in one end of Black Ops 2, so if it’s a Black Ops, this in between BO1 and BO2, and I hope more Bo1 than BO2… Cold war, Aug, Famas <3

  19. Activision told him to tweet that, he clearly wanted to give us a hint even if he is on NDA.

    He already said he knows the truth

  20. So I guess this confirms that Treyarch’s doing it this time around and not Sledgehammer? I’m REALLY looking forward to Treyarch’s next-gen effort :3

  21. In reality i just want them to go back to.the cold war era which for me was a very intresring time period and in black ops 1 it was implemented in a very entertaining way

  22. Cod is dying the multiplayer is washed up same shit every year,If I wanna play a shooter online ill play bf4 cause im not a 10 yr old kid playin cod I feel COD is for kids its weird but its true all I hear when I play online is a bunch of fucking kids screaming few cool guys but mostly dipshits playin online. Didn’t buy ghosts not gunna but I am buying the next one because treyarc is making it, the flavor and variety in Cod these days are ZOMBIES that’s why infinity ward tried to add some spice but you cant add a worse version of a survival mode than the last game. Zombies has always majorly improved throughout treyarc history adding more and more to keep it fun. treyarc should also add the gore it has in zombies and WaW to the multiplayer if you get shot in the head with a 50cal sniper your head should be off or just look like a fucked up piece of heads gone or if you get shot in the leg with a shotgun your leg should fly off cause its not stayin on after that, treyarc needs to show things like that or something that would make someone go holy shit that’s different. TREYARC ALL ABOUT ZOMBIES FUCK THE MULTIPLAYER!