There are always rumors about what the next Call of Duty game will be, and who will be developing it. Ever since Call of Duty 3, the developers weren’t hard to guess – Infinity Ward and Treyarch switched off year after year. But now it seems like there’s a possibility of a third developer entering the scene: Sledgehammer Games. Sledgehammer Games worked with Infinity Ward to Co-Develop Modern Warfare 3 – the best entertainment franchise of 2011.

Which developer will be taking the lead for 2014: Treyarch or Sledgehammer Games? We’re going to list the facts about both studios.

Sledgehammer Games

After Modern Warfare 3 development ended, Sledgehammer Games basically “disappeared.” Many fans expected them to come back with Infinity Ward on Call of Duty: Ghosts, but that didn’t happen. When Infinity Ward announced Call of Duty: Ghosts in May, Sledgehammer Games tweeted saying they aren’t working on Ghosts, rather a different game. And in May of this year, Activision CEO said, “Sledgehammer is not working on this game, but they are working on some other stuff we haven’t announced yet.”

Rumors have surfaced that Sledgehammer Games could be working on a new Modern Warfare game – maybe MW4 or branch out of the Modern Warfare line. An employe’s Linkedln profile stated that he was working on a new Modern Warfare game. Sledgehammer Games has been actively recruiting new employes for a ‘ambitious’ new CoD project for over two years now. If you look at Sledgehammer Games’s Linkedln account, there’s 15 jobs currently available – many of them being the temporary ones, and jobs related to the QA position. With many temporary jobs and the QA position being opened up, it seems like the studio is in fact gearing up to deliver something new very soon.


The general leading idea toward Treyarch coming in 2014 is the Call of Duty pattern. Infinity Ward came with Ghosts this year, so fans would assume Treyarch is coming back next year with a new game, which is reportedly a new Black Ops game, although nothing is official yet. The actor behind Frank Woods later tweeted that he would be back in 2014, although we don’t know what the really means. It could mean either he himself will be going back to Treyarch or a new game. But, there are a few things that seem to put us off on believing Treyarch is coming in 2014. They  have 16 job positions currently available, but a majority of those have been on Treyarch’s job page for over two years now. None of those jobs are “temporary” or QA, and you’d expect a few of those if you’re gearing up to launch a new game within the next year.

The job listings could be mean absolutely nothing, and the fact that the current 2 year dev cycle is working could lead to a new Treyarch game coming in 2014. It ends up being a factor upon which studio Activision wants to release a new game from.

With the new generation of consoles, Activision could be looking at ways to change the Call of Duty formula by implementing a new 3-year dev cycle. This would mean that Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and SHGames will be switching off, which could help the developers implement new technology and features with the extra year of development.

In regards to which consoles and platforms the next Call of Duty game will be on, it’s expected that it will come to Xbox One, PS4, PC, and the Xbox 360 and PS3. Most of the current job listings even state experience with Xbox 360 and PS3 is needed, which leads us to believe Activision isn’t abandoning the “last gen” consoles for 2014.

What do you think? Which developer will be coming next year?



  1. I’m hoping it’ll be Sledgehammer, would mean the cycle would then be each team has 3 years instead of 2. At the same time though, we want zombies.

    • I agree. Plus, Sledgehammer should help bring something new to the franchise – the current state of play that I see on here is “I love Treyarch, I hate IW”, and if there’s a new developer, people will have something new to experience. I’m more excited about the concept of a new CoD developer than I am about the 3 year cycle to be honest.

      Something that’s interesting about the Treyarch jobs is that under the job Gun/Vehicle Artist, it says this:

      “And you’ll really get our attention if you have:
      · Experience in next gen development (Xbox One, PS4)”

      So, Treyarch are definitely doing a next-gen game, and by the looks of their job page, they need help too. :/

    • But imagine zombies after a 3 year cycle. More zombie maps could be available at launch and more DLC could be worked on. An extra year of beta mp testing would be extremely beneficial with more possibilities of finding issues, balancing everything, and just giving us more.

      • fixing the bs that’s in the game is the main problem these days. if IW had more time with ghosts, then they probably would’ve made the I.E.D.’s blast radius 5x smaller.

  2. I hope that will be a Treyarch Game, but having a third developper in the circle can be benefic for Call of Duty. So my hope : Treyarch 14, SHG 15, IW 16, Treyarch, 17 and so on.

    • SHG has already waited 2 years so it’s most likely that sledgehammer will release it 14, which then starts the cycle of each developing team getting 2 years to develop a game

  3. If Sledgehammer has “15 jobs currently available”, then I don’t see why they would be up next. Even IW needed help when they were understaffed for MW3.

    Besides the “Woods Tweet” seems more likely to me that it will be Trey next year.

    I’m guessing that it will be Treyarch in 2014, and Sledgehammer in 2015 (with possibly the help of IW if needed)…

    • If you read further, I wrote the fact that the jobs on SHGames are mostly “temporary”. Those types comie in play closer to a launch of title.

  4. Sorry but after the Hackers etc in Ghosts CoD is NOW Dead to me now! And I have EVERY game in the series so don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about! In Ghosts I FEEL Obliged to play a COMPLETELY ALIEN game style by HAVING to Camp! Run n Gun is so much Fun!

  5. Mw3 was a good game, it also played quite well. I hope to see sledgehammer come through in 2014. Treyarch also makes fantastic games, but i believe when it comes to multiplayer in the call of duty series.. Infinty ward/sledgehammer always has the upper hand. If youve noticed, the game plays alot better when it is made by infinity ward.. Alot smoother and cleaner when your moving and playing. Plus the hit detection in mw3 and ghosts was fantastic, but if you look at bo2 when you fired the gun at sometimes the shots wouldnt even register. Not sure id that was due to lag compensation or how they designed it.
    Cant wait for cod 2014 tho!

      • Sorry you can’t seem to get it to run well but as you know mine runs very well. So you don’t speak for us all.

        • Explain how a gaming PC tower (the tower only) of 2k euros can’t run Ghosts..if the game isn’t shit..then what???

          • Just because you have a high end PC doesn’t mean it can run it flawlessly without any issues. Until Gsync hits the market you will have to trade off tearing against input lag and stuttering if you use v sync. Personally I prefer a little tearing over stutter and lag. I use 2 gtx 670’s which perform close to a gtx 690 and I still have to dial certain features back. It’s not because its bad it’s because its a graphically demanding game to max out. Have you ever checked your frame rate whilst running this game on your settings? Also go through all of your settings even the ones on the nvidia control panel and consider buying a second card or dialing back the settings.

          • No it is not, when they developed Ghosts they used movie grade equipment to develop the game with and scale it down to suit each platform even the PC.

    • If it is SledgeHammer, than I will not get it, but I will like the fact that it gives more time for treyarch to work on BO3

  6. I would like COD to have three years for development, but at the same time I want to see Treyarch make Black Ops 3, and hopefully it will be based of the original Black Ops and not Black Ops 2. It’s a bit like ‘Catch 22’ I guess. Do I want something that will benefit the franchise or do I want something that will interest me such as the Black Ops series? We’ll have to wait and see, but I hope it’s Treyarch with Black Ops 3.

  7. Treyarch if they return to there [email protected], bo1 style of games, or else sledgehamer to bring something new in the mix, so hopefully no mw4 I had it with the modern/future time period.

  8. i really want to see a COD game from Treyarch but if they choose to let Sledgehammer to develop the next COD game so it becomes a 3 year cycle i wouldnt complain. more years = more content and more content = better games. maybe that is the comeback COD will do with the new consoles…who knows, it gets me excited a lot about the franchise and where it may choose to go from here.

  9. The development cycle between IW and 3arc are going very well, if actvision brings on a new developer altogether it would a stupid business decision. I honestly dont think that Sledghammer is making a mainstream call of duty replacing infinityward/treyarch for a year, i thing their working on something else Call of duty FPS related. Treyarch is for sure making next cod, look at frank woods voice actor’s twitter.

    • Actually, next year wouldn’t be a bad idea for ATVI to introduce SHGames at all. If the game doesn’t do so well, ATVI will still have revenue from Destiny as its launching closer to that timeframe too.

          • EA routinely screws players by locking content on the disc to sell as day 1 DLC, they constantly release games that are half finished that need multiple updates and patches before they are even playable, and their sports games are all but garbage now.

            2k had the best NFL games for years. EA got tired of the competition so they signed a deal with the NFL. now they dont even try to improve the game because they have no competition. same goes for NCAA football. half-assed game because they know they have no competition.

            there is a reason they have been named the worst company 2 years in a row.

            i have been screwed over multiple times by their bullshit. NHL14 wont even work on my system and no one seems to know why. brand new system. the only thing i could do with that damn game was sell it for half of what i paid. Dragon Age 2 is another one. didnt get that free DLC with my copy. sent them an email about it and, i dont remember their exact words, but they said i was shit out of luck and had to pay the $10 if i wanted it.


    • maybe SH doesnt make the usual COD games that we get every year but even if they did i wouldnt complain about it. the cycle of the COD franchise will become 3 years which is a good thing if you think about it a little. and after all we dont know what SH can do, we havent seen a game fully developed by them. i’m not saying they will revolutionize COD in the way 3arc does but i believe they can make a decent COD game if they put effort to it.

      • There’s two sides to this, 1 – why would you get a dev that “we dont know can do” to develop a fully mainstream Call of duty title, the biggest entertainment franchise ever. 2 – Yes, personally i think that that COD in the hands of IW and treyarch is horrible, treyarch makes a great game then IW ruins the next, and treyarch has to avenge its brother every two years while IW keeps telling us NOT to buy their (IW’s) cod’s anymore. I fully support SHgames making the next cod, with 3 years, a fresh new dev team made of two legendary game devs which already have a bit of experiance with MW3 with fresh new ideas and maybe their own take on their next gen cod engine should definately make a very good FPS. If anything, it should just be Treyarch/SHgames while IW works on a brand new IP, something original at their own pace with the funds of Activision. Who knows, the might come up with something like The Division, Titanfall etc .

        • exactly. that avenge IW my Treyarch soldiers! every 2 years is what made the franchise decline in both quality and patience of the fans. i heard Ghosts some months ago and i wasnt expecting a MW4 game. and when the game came to my hands i was disappointed that i have to play this game again (MW3) with some adjustments to seem like its different. SH Games are needed, COD needs them more than ever i believe. at least we are sure one of the developers (3arc) is still solid and strong with their COD titles. that eases me a lot.

          and btw, “a fresh new dev team made of two legendary game devs” = SH Games? their past has isnt something i know a lot about. could you explain?

          • Sure. Before MW3, SHgames was newly found studio (consisting of 140+devs now) that was founded by Activision. The two people leading SHgames were Michael Condray and Glen Schofield, they have been partnered with Activision to make a 3rd person COD. These 2 guys have been working on video games for about 25 years and they also made the game Dead Space. thats why they are known as “Industry veterans”. heres a full bio – (CHECK THEIR HISTORY)

          • i see. so they left Visceral Games (now i know why Dead Space 3 sucks. damnit…) and formed SH Games. their background is interesting. cant wait to see a full game from them!

  10. Treyarch put out a terrible product in blops 2, but WaW and the original blops were top notch. If we do get another treyarch game, will it be creative and fresh like WaW and blops or will it be a lazy and glitch-filled like blops2?

        • You mean like a legitimate new engine and graphics that take full advantage of next gen’s true power? We can only hope!

          • Anyone who has played the PC version knows that the engine has had a massive upgrade, to the point a lot of mid range PC’s can not run the game on extra settings.

            Nearly every engine out (including frostbite) has its roots burried in an old game engine. No development team say’s “lets throw everything away and start from scratch”. If they did I guarantee that you would be disappointed in the result.

            Engines evolve over time, new features come old features go but it would take a huge amount of time and effort to start from scratch. Just look at how long unreal3 and the new source engine have been in development, with no guarantee that the engine will be any good. So devs choose to upgrade tried and tested engines to ensure quality.

            Also Ghosts is not limited by last gen hardware they used movie grade computers to make the game with and downgraded the game to suit each platform. The only limiting factors will be the machine and the dev tools that are available to them.

        • They make a new experience for 2014 for sure, will it be like [email protected] or bo1 ? I can only hope, will it be better then the last 3 cod’s ? We can only hope…

    • Everything I want is a new Black ops 1.

      They should go back to 1980´s and do everything with their own classic way.

      Black ops 1 was the perfect CoD. BO2 was bullshit

      • I will give IW some credit for trying to slow down the pace with Ghosts- feels better than the annoyingly frantic pace of mw3 and blops2- but the time to kill doesn’t match up at all. Hoping they fix it because Ghosts is a few tweaks away from being really, really good in my opinion.

        • Good post! My beef after giving the game it’s honeymoon phase is the assault streaks are pretty mediocre, Death time is too quick and most of the maps are still too big IMO.

      • After Playing Ghosts straight for the past month I went back to BLOPS2, MW3, and BLOPS 1… BLOPS 1 is just too much fun. They had the right idea with that game. It was headed in the direction I’ve always hoped COD would stay in. BLOPS 2 was just too fast paced for a game that is plagued with a TERRIBLE net code. They all have their BS but I agree with you 100% that game was close to perfect IMO. I miss the older styled themes like WAW and OG BLOPS.

  11. Treyarch makes better games. FOV changer, VAC support system and support for PC players. Do not let sledgehammer make another crappy game as mw3

  12. i don’t know, i loved MW3, but i seem to be on the minority there, i think they are probably working on a single player only game, or something smaller than a full COD game

  13. I’m really tired of the Modern Warfare brand, so i’m not looking forward to Sledgehammer new game if its just MW4.

    I’m really hoping the Next game is by Treyarch, since i loved both Black Ops 1 and 2. I’m hoping its a new game outside of black ops, but i’d still be excited for a black ops 3.

  14. meh i want 3arc back otherwise that means a long time to wait for zombies to return, and the MW series is shit anyway

  15. I think it will be SHG but with CoD: Online spreaded to hole world. I read some news last time, also SHG was developing CoD: Online in China and it is like MW. I don´t think that SHG can make such good game as Treyarch or IW, because their co-work at MW3 wasn´t so good… that´s my opinion. We´ll see next year 😉

  16. Nothing can beat the feelings of the summer of 2010 playing all day long MW2. Good Old times. Sadly IW has changed and the fans too. But I hope that if SG is making the new CoD, it would be a new experience with the same recipe.

  17. Infinity Ward, Treyarch or Sledgehammer, all of them make good games, but the community is still awful with campers, cheaters, claymore, betty, EEI etc…
    I play on Europe so may be Europeans are bad players, but I thinks in USA too…

    • Here in Brazil they suck too.

      However Brazilian players are more teenagers, so there is no 9 year old kids playing it.

      The rest the community is shit worldwide lol

    • So It’s up to the developers to eliminate this type of playstyle by not adding these cheesy perks/attachments/equipment etc, keep it simple and gun on gun comes by itself, and with that a fun and enjoyable game for everyone

  18. You forgot to mention that Frank Woods confirmed that he is in the next treyarch game, and they are using motion capture again, and the game is about current gen military tech(which also means: NO future warfare YES!!!)

    • they wont abandon current gen users though otherwise activision will lose a lot of money, not all current gen users like myself will move to next gen straight away if at all, im in no rush as current gun is fine for the time being and the next gen consoles are far too expensive

    • No they do not IW used movie grade computers to develop Ghosts on and scaled down to each platform, hence no GW on last gen.

  19. I think it should be Treyarch, because CoD needs a real comeback after Ghosts and I personaly feel a Treyarch game will compete better against Titanfall, BF and Halo

  20. Yeah I’m also hoping that it is SH. That will allow the 3 year cycle, which will help go against the classic complaint of “oh cod developers get 2 years, nothing will change herpaderp”

  21. Whether its Treyarch or not, I’m already extremely excited for the next Black Ops. I absolutely loved both of them, can’t wait for number 3.

  22. I personally had so much fun with BO2. My only complaints are that sometimes the connection was trash and Overflow was probably the worst map in COD history.

  23. In my opinion, I hope it’s Sledgehammer games doing another MW game (I love that series). I’m not that much of a fan of Black Ops, or Treyarch in general. I do prefer IW games over Treyarch games, but now half have resigned/been sacked, the “umph” isn’t really there any more. It would be interesting to see what Stedgehammer games could do with Call of Duty – bringing new ideas and prospects to the series.

  24. I trust Treyarch to deliver a good game. I have no trust in SledgeHammer because the MW3 campaign was lack luster. Treyarch can please fans and learned it’s mistakes from Blops2 and they know how to fix a game through patches.

    • Yep. Just look at the BO1 Famas. /sarcasm

      Look man, all jokes aside, MW3 was the first game in CoD with so much after-the-sale support from its developer. Before you just laugh and say “Because it needed the most work, lulz” may I remind you that; 1) IW seems to have the hit detection near perfect, 2) IW believes in buffing weapons (M16A4, PM-9, USAS-12, KSG-12, Spas-12, MP5, all LMGs) to make them competitive and fixing issues that are really problematic (FMG9s, extended mag shotgun glitch) to the power level, and 3) IW removed theater mode because of what it did for lag in MP.

      You have every right to your opinion. Just needed to give you some facts.

  25. Idk quite frankly. I think it would be fun for Black Ops 3 because Black Ops 2 was a success (in my opinion) but that would be cool if a new publisher changed it up and made something a lot different. I don’t want it to be called Black Ops 3 or Modern Warfare 4 though. Since it’s the 11th CoD it would be cool if it was Ca11 Of Duty but that’s just me. Either way I’m happy.

  26. the greedy companies should just come together every year and create a super call of duty. They each can bring a different componet of the game to the table.

    • While your idea is Utopian, you do understand why that is just as bad as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft making a Console To End All Consoles, right?

  27. I honestly think it MIGHT be sledgehammer games,why? Destiny releases close to the next cod,so if sledgehammer does bad,then people can go to destiny and sledge hammer won’t do another cod. And destiny won’t wreck treyarch’s game.

    The guy said,next B;lack ops game,so maybe treyarch is letting sledge hammer finish it while treyarch makes a new game like iw did.

  28. U guys have to realize that treyarch has to fallow w.e IW says they cant jump around time streams or make things to complex and they ise w.e cod engine IW tells them to use so thy have to stick to rules as much as possible i know it sounds dumb but one cant copy wat the other is doing thats y treyarch is more of run-gun while IW is more of a logic game but at the end u need to work as a team the add-ons they put in is only to there game like kill-streak to point streak or unlock token to cod points . . . .they wont have the same mechanics its just weird that IW has 3 studios working on a game while treyarch has one. And a 3 year cycle will be more better but theres a limit of how mich a 360 if they make games for 360 a install disk will me mandatory for a downgrade of next-gen mostly running on the xbox safe limit so some games will need to push there release date back dude to complications in current gen process.

  29. TBH, it doesn’t bother me who makes it, because I’m not getting anything not made by IW. I had issues with BO1, and told myself I’m not getting BO2, but succumbed to the hype. This time I will stand firm, and I will not get it. By that time, Titanfall will have my attention anyway (if I get an X1).

  30. i don’t get why they don’t just have treyarch to make zombies, IW to make the storyline and sledge hammer to make the multiplayer. there will be the ultimate cod. IMP

  31. Black Ops 1 was simply the best Call Of Duty a long with the awesome COD point system and great maps. Bring that back and COD will be revived.

  32. it has to be treyarch, only this time bring back rentable servers on pc, otherwise sales and player count on pc will be even less than #ghosts. In my opinion infinityward should Never be allowed to make another cod game, last 3 from them have been hack infested laggy POS.

  33. I’ll probably rent it if its slegdehammer to try it out first but if Treyarch HELL NO! Done with Treyarch shitty lagging games dumping lobbies every other game.

  34. I hope this means that one of these 3 developers will create a brand new engine to compete with BF destructibility in their maps. IMHO this is the last piece of evolution that COD needs to explore. I could care less about vehicles and personally think that type of thing should stay BF. But destructible environments is needed so camping asses can get blown up!! Cover should only be temporary not an all game tactic. I hope this rumor is true and we get another year of development from these companies. They need more time to make a better game. The only downside is we might be on the tail end of COD’s life cycle. Only time will tell.

  35. i’m praying Treyarch for the new Zombies mode. i always loved the story line and my favorite map was Origins with the Nostalgic feel of it. They REALLY need to bring back the 4 Original characters but maybe new maps or a new story line. I just absolutely loved the original characters and maps (Kino der Toten, Moon, Call of the Dead, Including Origins) They all had the same feel but maybe they could make the Multiplayer feel a little bit more like IW..IW makes good Multiplayer and Treyarch makes good side modes..maybe they will combine one day

  36. Well for a good zombie game let the single player team make it cuz the ranking on zombies was shit perma-perks was stupid and the mini games nobody really like mabe greif on cell block z cuz jugg makes everything easy . . They should make a game on there liking not the fans cuz the more we ask the more harder and the more laggy the game gets just keep it simple if ppl want bigger maps more guns and tanks ummm here bf4 go nuts but cod should just be simple no customization for the character use the memory for somthing better. In my opion i think they should try new but keep it simple cod4 was good but let the past be done lets see if they can hit another great game with a NEW idea not the same one like before

  37. If it does turn out to be sledgehammer games i hope & pray they don’t fuck it up. I actually liked the IW & Treyarch switching every year but if sledgehammer gets added to the rotation & there game sucks…Well fans are gonna quit buying it.

  38. For some reason I beliveve that all the companies should combine and make one COD every 2-3 years. You could have IW working on multiplayer with help fro, Treyarch. Treyarch working on zombies and Sledgehammer games working on campaign. Then they could bring out load of new stuff during the life cycle and make a better game. Just a thought though…

  39. MW3 and BO2 were both garbage. neither of those companies should be considered for multiplayer FPS games. if people want that kiddie spray and pray shit they should go play halo

  40. I’d be more interested to know what Game Engine the devs are using instead of which devs are up to bat next.
    CoD has been on Life Support for a while…there’s just nothing better out there yet. I know that there is die-hards out there and I respect that–but reusing or modifying the same Game Engine over and over and over again has put the franchise in this position.
    When something better comes out (and with the new consoles here that “when” is approaching sooner than later) people will RUN from CoD for a new experience and fresh gaming.
    Hopefully, when this happens Activision will change their business model for trying to save money with having all devs use the same/modified engine. Look at how long it took Activision to finally get dedicated servers after years of CoD players complaining about it. For a company hitting record sales numbers time after time with each CoD release, they sure have been cheap (up until the dedicated servers).

    Can we get each of these three devs using three different Game Engines? That would really give developers their own artistic fingerprint on the franchise and give CoD fans something to really debate (as to which dev does it the best).


  41. Please Treyarch for the next CoD developer Please! Ghosts went back to the crap killstreaks, instead of the brilliant scorestreaks, they went back to the classic Dom which I think is inferior to the new one, they removed the smart idea to make attachments abbreviated so you don’t have to wonder what “AK-12 Custom” is. Then the maps are too big, they don’t have CodCastor mode or something similar, and every gun is OP just like MW2. They took out Demo, CTF, and Headquarters which weren’t too popular but fun nonetheless. They even blatantly lied to us when they said the tracker sight isn’t a remake of the target finder. Staying on the topic of lying to people where is Grind? That game mode where you have to get tags and take them back to your zone, the game mode I was actually looking forward to, where’s that on the playlist? Now how about those IEDs? Oh god don’t get me started. How about those KEMs out of CARE PACKAGES! Gosh, like for real come on! We’ve also missed emblem editor yet another game in a row. And now there’s aliens mode which is fun, but zombies is much better. Don’t get me wrong, IW did make some smart moves, like character customization and less air based scorestreaks. But the only thing I like about IW now is the free DLC they give.

  42. ghosts killstreaks besides the dog are lame.

    two juggernaught kill streaks and two dragonfire killstreaks, couldn’t think of anything new.

    no ac-130, the best call of duty killstreak ever.

    and if you want to go to sleep, put the loki killstreak on.

    i think they reskinned the grand theft auto v mini map and called it a killstreak.

    because using loki is about as much fun as setting way points on grand theft auto, and plays the same way too, not to mention the tiny view window you get and the waste of time it is scanning the giant maps for targets, only to have it end by the time you find one.

  43. I think everyone, from developers to customers, would benefit from SH coming in. With an extra year, they could make the sound and graphics better, add new elements like they did in Ghosts with sliding, and it would also feel better. Also, more people would probably like the games. Let’s think about this; they rush out a game IN A YEAR. Up until Ghosts it was somewhat prebuilt because they had the same engine and reused SOME things, but with Ghosts they redid everything. Although CoD was still a great game, I’d rather see new things then them keeping it safe. Ghosts definitely did new things. However, they WILL go back to playing it safe if they only have a year. Hopefully, with a new dev, they could feel more safe trying new things as they would have another whole year to test it and make sure it works. If they add SH to the mix, we could see MANY news things from rolling while prone, dynamics events closer to BF, drivable vehicles, MUCH better maps and weapons, ducking, a new diving/sliding mechanic, a server list like they have for CoD on pc or BF has on consoles, better graphics, anything is really possible. So SledgeHammer, please develop CoD, because otherwise, I’m not buying the next one.

  44. As long as we put some real fucking soldiers in these game. Ie marines who are good at war? Instead of superhuman imaginary soldiers that can kill everything with the tips of their c###ks. Fuck it take it back to ww2 or maybe even before that. Idk

  45. Why not have all teams make the next COD? that way errors can be tended to quickly and not to mention hey’d be MAKING a MEMORABLE GAME!

  46. I welcome the idea of a 3 year cycle but that’s not a knock against infinity ward. I love safeguard as I loved survival in mw3. I played mw3 up until ghosts came out. Black ops 2 had little replay value for me as I hate zombies mode. Treyarch should not be allowed to touch another call of duty until they can come up with an alternative mode. Zombies is pointless I find. Safeguard in ghosts forces u to play as a team and requires being strategic although most the idiots online play selfishly.
    It would be nice to see a call of duty finally add coop to the campaign and make you play as a team. It can’t really be that complicated.

  47. As a loyal BF player, I can honestly tell you that even though Battlefield is uncompareable to other FPS games, World at War and Black Ops 1 made the best memories. I could cry to death if there was a chance to re-experience the moments with BO1 especially. +1 for Treyarch 2014.

  48. I’m torn. I LOVE Treyarch games. WaW and BO1 were my favourite experiences. Those games made me get so excited to get the DLC I could hardly wait. IW games just don’t do that. Never have. I forget that they come out half the time. I think IW has some major work to do to get on Treyarchs level. However the proposition of a third developer is intriguing. I think it’s a good thing for them to have but I don’t know if I can wait another year on top of this one to get the next Treyarch game.

  49. OK so here’s what I think IW and 3Arc are both great game designers but I personally like 3Arc because of zombies. So hopefully they can make BO3 or whatever their making because maybe they added zombies again and there is ALOT of people who got bo2 and bo1 for zombies. While on the IW side its kindof killing cod especially with cod ghosts not being that good. But if they do the 3 year cycle (3Arc, IW, Sledgehammer) hopefully they don’t cancel the 3Arc Cod