UPDATE 2: The same person has posted a full picture:



UPDATE: The same user has tweeted saying the release date was Jan 28th on the poster.


A new image has been posted into to Twitter, and it appears to reveal the contents of the first DLC pack for Ghosts. We know the name of the pack is Onslaught, but the exact info hasn’t been revealed.

According to the image, Onslaught will bring:

Multiplayer Maps:

  • Fog
  • Ignition
  • Containment
  • Bayview

Bonus Weapon:

  • Maverick AR & Sniper Rifle


  • Episode 1: Nightfall

We’re waiting to hear some official news from Activision in the near future.

SOURCE: @SeriousSix2010



  1. Looks brilliant, a bit confused about the Maverick though – is it two separate guns, or an AR/Sniper hybrid? Because surely if it’s a hybrid, it’s a marksman rifle?

    As for the maps, Containment and Fog look nice and small, whereas the other two look larger. Can’t really validly judge them from the pics though.

    • Maybe they are going to do something strange, and make it a full auto AR, but if you use (the integrated) select fire it will turn into a bolt action Sniper?
      That’d be something cool.

        • Because changing from single shot, burst and full auto in battlefield doesn’t change the damage profile. It eases some recoil woes, sure, but not every BF AR has all 3 firing modes, either.

        • It was a balancing Tactic. The Select Fire in BO2 was broken beyond Belief. Most AR’s took more than a full 3 round volley to kill, and the Full Auto on the Burst and Semi-Auto Rifles were ridiculously OP. This gave the chance to tweak each weapon Individually. And Quite Frankly I love it. I am a huge fan of DMR’s and Semi Auto Battle Rifles. I can put the Select Fire Attachments on, depending on my mood.

    • Yea, real promising. Tracker Sights & Thermal, Ghillie Suits and IED’s hiding amongst a barely visible environment everywhere lol…as if the game isn’t broken enough. Infinity Ward is clueless to what they are doing

        • And handicap myself by not using Dead Silence, Stalker, Amplify, and Focus, which are pretty much a necessity in Ghosts. Sure thing. Recipe for failure

          • Shouldn’t have to use stalker , it’s only good for tiny maps… And amplify is almost not needed if u use headphones

          • Stalker is a necessity on every Assault Rifle. With how broken Agility and Marathon are in this game and people exploiting it every chance you get, you won’t stand a chance without it equipped. Amplify is needed because of how bad the spawns are. You need to be a step ahead of everyone just incase you take your eyes off the mini map for even a second.

          • Then play Cranked. You basically get all the speed perks after a kill so you can make space for Sit Rep and .Incog.

          • After all of this complaining I am a little confused. People have made a lot of good suggestions but you could care less. One would think you are just trolling but you have made a few lengthy comments and invested some time so you may actually care for COD. FYI the guy that suggested crouching probably didn’t mean all the time, just when you go over metal or other loud surfaces. I would however agree that the community has ruined the game not just cranked. The excessive use of thermal/tracker sights as they cost nothing but costs 3 points to counter. To take care of you camper problem try using a the USR has the mobility of an smg and you can quickscope those corner campers and they will be pissed.

          • USR =/= Mobility of SMG, has mobility of standard AR.
            Quickscoping is bullshit. Only wussies use the tactic, nonetheless, it’s not as effective, and no. I want to play the game like it’s a game, not like it’s all about score.

            I want everyone ELSE to stop caring about score and play. I literally had a lobby with this clan going 77-0. You know how? They hold up one position the entire time. ONE PLACE. That’s the only reason they won. Thermal sight LMG’s with butt buddies everywhere.

          • The fact that you said a sniper has the mobility of an SMG, NOW you know why the game is in shambles

          • Been playing it man 2nd prestige and I only play Cranked 80% of the time. You’re just getting in some bad lobbies.

          • Again, I say….you are playing the wrong game. Don’t tell me how to learn to play when I have 7 days logged in the game already. I know more than the majority

          • You’re telling me your game time? But I thought only nerds do that according to what you said: “I didn’t know stats mattered here…nerd. Who gives a shit about in game stats?” So by what you said, we shouln’t give a shit about your game time.

          • Even if you got more or less time playing the camper rate should be the same. Of course I’ve found all classes of campers like the ones who never move

          • I don’t use the perks and I’m ok. Here’s the perk that will make you win: LEARN HOW TO PLAY. I just have had less than 5 spawn errors since November. Some enemies spawn close to you, but not close enough for you to don’t be able to kill him quick

          • Less than 5 spawn errors? LMFAO. You are delusional kid. All points made from here on out on your end are invalid

          • You can’t have everything. Using 5 points on those two perks doesn’t equate to the 9 points you are claiming you would need to sacrifice. I would suggest specialist but no doubt you would not like to give up kill streaks. They should nerf amplify though, no perk should make another perk pointless.

          • Amplify doesn’t make Dead Silence useless. I have been killed countless times by a Dead Silence user because of the effects of the perk while utilizing Amplify. Other things do play a factor in it, like I told the above comment. The maps are very noisy with environmental sounds, add the Assault Streaks to that, its constant noise…you have to keep everything in mind

          • Er.. yes it does. When you have a good headset Amplified is OP. Enviromental noise does F all when you use Astros it may as well not even be there. Since IW changed Sit Rep Pro to counter DS the game has desended into a campfest.

          • Dead Silence is a counter against people using headsets. It should have no counter, ever since Sit Rep was buffed all anyone ever does is crouch walk around the same area or sit in a corner camping it up. What’s the point of having perks that you have to spend points on if they are ineffective? You may as well just remove them from the game. How do you purpose you counter Quick Draw, Steady Aim, Ready Up, Scavenger, Focus, Incog and virtually all the other perks? If you can not counter all of them then you shouldn’t be able to counter any of them.

          • You don’t need these perks. Crouching is equivelant to Dead Silence. Headphones will work fine instead of amplify. Hip fire first and aim if necessary; You only need stalker and focus if you spend too much time aiming down sights.

          • LOL. I don’t know what game your playing or what kind of play style you have but I most certainly don’t find crouch walking an effective way to do anything. Headphones themselves don’t cut it. Most of the maps are too noisy and drowned out enemy noises (Warhawk, Stormfront are 2 examples) and for maps like Chasm where it’s multiple levels. Hip fire? Such a noob tactic. Focus is on every class just like it was needed in Black Ops 2 on every class (Toughness). Finally, if you don’t ADS around every corner in Ghosts you are pretty much dead 100% of the time. Don’t know what game you are playing but obviously it isn’t the one talked about in this article. Get better kid

          • Looks like it is you who is a looser in the game. I have a good k/d and win/loose ratio. I don’t even use those perks. Just the silencer, and even without it I play good. Not a camper.

          • I didn’t know stats mattered here…nerd. Who gives a shit about in game stats? Maybe you should use those perks, and your meaningless stats would be on par with what mine are.

          • You tell people to “Get better kid” and then you call them a nerd!? You sound like an arse who just complains about the game all the time. I just can’t wait to read your reply.

          • So, in other words, we have to use your set up so that you’ll succeed, and to fix the problem of one perk, I should buy a $150-200 headset? Your logic has issues.

          • I didn’t had a headset until some weeks ago. I have a 200 dlls TurtleBeach headset. I play the same with or without headset. Good KD and not camper. Looks like you are the one who don’t knows how to play and say the game is the culprit to feel good with yourself

      • You may want to do a little checking on that: The only evidence I’ve found of a “maverick m4 carbine” is in another video game – Counterstrike — and that gun looks absolutely nothing like this one.

        Additionally, M4 carbines rarely, if ever, have wood stocks – especially not in the case of modern infantry.

  2. {Ghosts DLC} NOT REAL. Just for fun…

    Onslaught – 4 new MP maps, Broadcast map, 1 extinction map, Machette, Vintage goalie mask, Bloodsplatter & Silver camos, reticle, New weapon, Desert eagle, WA2000, Patch, player card/background.

    Devastation – 4 new MP maps, Skidrow map, 1 extinction map, Assault Drone, suit of armour helmet, Bronze & War Worn camos, reticle, New weapon, G36C, Stinger, Patch, player card/background.

    Invasion – 4 new MP maps, Trailer Park map, 1 extinction map, Black Hat, samurai mask, Purple Alien Scales & Yellow Tiger camos, reticle, New weapon, PP2000, AK-47, Patch, player card/background.

    Nemesis – 4 new MP maps, Killhouse map, 1 extinction map, SAM Turret, Tigris of Gaul helmet, Black Diamond Plate & Digital Orange camos, reticle, New weapon, Mini-Uzi, Assault Aug, Patch, player card/background.

    • Now this is just ridiculous, why would they bother with this kind of effort and waste this much space in the game, when they already took up all the memory giving us the ability to DRESS UP OUR CHARACTERS. Yeah, we don’t need ground war, indeed. /sarcasm

  3. If these maps are on the bigger size this will be a complete fail! This may be the first COD that I don’t spend money on the DLC. Come on Titanfall!!

      • 1st) its 6v6 with some RTS elements…i guess? not sure.
        2nd) i’m not with you on this one COD dog. i dont know why everyone seems to forget what EA has done to us all and stops shouting “boycott” when a new EA title lands the market. shows that the gaming community has no backbone, no spine and doesnt put their money where their mouth is. disgraceful. no more EA games for me though, thats for sure.

        • You should wait some time after the release date, find out if EA shit on people, and if they look like changed or wathever, buy Titanfall

          • they have shat on us too many times. doesnt matter if Titanfall is a good game or not i’ll boycott it anyway cause it has “EA” all over it.

          • I don’t trust EA, but I read some Respawn Entertainment reports, and looks like they have the decisions because I don’t remember what EA wanted to do to the game, but Respawn Entertainment cancelled their decision.

          • but even with that being true which i doubt, its EA. they dont deserve my money after so many “screw you guys we want money!” what changed this time? Respawn developing the game? nah, not convinced.

          • thats EA we are talking about. they will never change. and no, Respawn doesnt have the command, they were saying the same thing about DICE and Battlefield but its obvious that DICE has no control over anything. so lets not delude ourselves about the EA practices.

    • Totall agree. Always owned a season pass (founder) but ghosts ruined cod. On the bright side treyarch can see exactly what not to do!

  4. Don’t forget guys these maps have a strong chance of having some sort of dynamic elements to them just like the ones on disk. Maybe for the first time weather change will happen in Ghosts with the fog appearing and disappearing, who knows.

    • The ones on disk didn’t have shit. Their most dynamic map, “Freefall” doesn’t change. I barely notice we’re falling.

      • Freefall does change if you pay close attention to sightlines and the map’s surroundings. And dynamic element as in interaction with the maps like the tumbling logs on Prison Break or changing appearances to the map’s like on Tremor or Strikezone. If you want a huge dynamic experience with blowing down skyscrapers or burst open a levee, go play Brokenfield 4.

        • Freefall barely changes. You’re seriously telling me that with all the hype of dynamic maps before the game was released, you’re satisfied with the underwhelming dynamic elements. Since when have the logs been useful? Where are the “dynamic countdown” we were promised, where we repel from a chopper into the map when we start a game instead of just appearing. The Freefall “Dynamic Map” as they call it, really only changes a little. I want more dynamic elements, but not BF. I hate BF’s pace and play style. I’ll stick with COD out of personal preference. Just saying that the “Dynamic Maps” are bullshit.

          • Nobody ever said anything about a “dynamic countdown.” Yes COD has let us down some promises in this game buy nobody ever said anything about that. Get your facts straight before you comment on something.

          • I clearly remember that during Summer 2013, I was super hyped about it.

            EDIT: Did some research and you’re right, it was never confirmed. It was a rumor or it was taken out of the game to save space (Would explain the 15 second map loading.) Anyways, here’s the video that got me hyped from like March, and most of the info is true, so I did have strong reason to believe the dynamic countdown existed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQBprYUW3gk

          • At this time of the year, it was still speculation. But I understand your hype, I was hyped up too.

          • this is cod……and cod isn’t about dynamic elements bo2 had some dynamic elements and so does ghost period if u want to see dynamic elements go play battlefield 4

          • I’m just saying they hyped up dynamic elements so much and just dissapointed with lackluster “falling logs” and a “moving train cart.” I remember them saying stuff like “Freefall is such a dynamic map. The WHOLE map is falling down, always changing. It’s incredible.” Now, go play Freefall and tell me if it feels dynamic. BTW, I’ll say it again, I don’t like BF’s playstyle and pacing. I prefer COD. But the dynamic maps that they hyped up are a pile of steaming bull shit.

          • well the hyped us dynamic maps in BF4 too but it wasnt anything special, just marketing techniques to get unsuspecting consumers to buy an EA title, as Acti did with Ghosts too.

          • Agreed. They hyped up dynamic maps so much but they were a big let down. BO1 had more dynamic maps with elevators and zip lines.

          • That was rumoured not promised idiot. If you want static maps play the old CoD games, I for one like the dynamic maps, yeah they could have been better, but at least their not plain static.

          • I don’t want static maps. Just saying, BO1 was more dynamic than Ghosts, and Ghosts hyped up dynamic maps to the point that I was expecting something game-changing. The only reall dynamic map they included is Strikezone, tbh.

          • As much as I love Black Ops, I disagree with you. Ghosts has more dynamics and interaction to its maps than Black Ops did. Every map in Ghosts so far has some form of dynamic element or interaction to it. Black Ops had Radiation, Stockpile, Discovery, Firing Range etc. I understand you were disappointed, but maybe the new maps in Onslaught will bring something nice. My guess is we will get a trailer for this map pack, this upcoming Tuesday.

  5. Buddy if they bring in another marksman rifle, everyone might as well line up outisde of gamestop and return there games. Plus i swear i heard people saying dome and scrapyard were coming back??

  6. AR/Sniper could be a full auto or burst fire sniper. I like the idea of burst fire sniper, it could be really interesting.

  7. People, it says AR ‘and’ sniper rifle. That means two weapons. If they meant it to be a marksman rifle i think they would be smart enough to say that.

    • Maybe it’ll be a full-auto AR with the ability to slide up a sniper scope/ make it single shot? That would be pretty cool. Just a guess.

  8. I love DLC but I’d rather IW put thier efforts into fixing Ghosts than giving us more content that a lot of people won’t even get because they’ve given up on Ghosts

  9. i hope that this gun isn’t balanced by Raven Software, alot of the gun in ghosts suck view kick and recoil wise.

  10. Quick question: If I have the have the season pass, can another player on my console play those maps as they drop as well or do they need their own season pass?

  11. I don’t even want this. Ghosts isn’t even relaxing. I want to sit down and have some fun, but all I do is get angry. Done with CoD for a while.

  12. Does anyone else notice the M4A1 in the Ghost’s hand. Could this be another dlc weapon in the future? It’s been in all of the MW’s that IW made.

  13. Guys, it for the weapon it says ” Maverick AR & Sniper rifle ” It could be two weapons, but only showing one. Maverick could be the assault rifle name and they’re keeping the sniper name a secret.