A new job listing for Sledgehammer Games has got our attention. The listing in question says that the team is “working on the next Call of Duty game“. This is the first job listing for SHGames to say this, and as of now this is the only one that does. The other listings just say that they’re recruiting for their Call of Duty development team. The job listing is for a Weapons & Vehicle Artist to work for them that was posted on Jan 10th, 2014.

While we’re on the job listing topic, two days ago Sledgehammer Games posted over 10 new “temporary” jobs which further hints/indicating they are working on this year’s game. This happens to be standard practice for games that our getting ready to launch.

Rumors have been circulating recently that Call of Duty is switching to a 3-year development cycle with Treyarch working on next year’s (2015) Call of Duty. We’ll keep you updated if we hear any more information.


Sledgehammer Games, co-developers of Call of Duty MW3, is hiring! The Sledgehammer character team is looking for a top notch hard surfaces modeler to join our AAA family working on the next Call of Duty game.  In this position candidates would live, eat and breathe everything vehicles and weapons related.

SOURCE: Sledgehammer Games Linkedin (thanks for the tip Kevin O.!)



    • Me 2 I want treyarch for 2014 but it’s better for treyarch to launch there game in 2015 because no one wants dumb glitches on cod bo3 ( if that’s how they wanna call it )

    • Bullshit. I can’t deal with another subpar call of duty game next year. IW has really dropped the ball these last two games (sledgehammer had their hand in the debacle of mw3). 3arc is a superior developer now. blops 2 was so much fun to play compared to ghosts where ill go days without playing.

      • i dont see why everybody loved blops 2. I mean It wouldve been a great cod if the hit detection and lag comp didn’t screw it up. Ghosts is actually great

        • i’ve played ghosts for less than 2 hours, i hate it, but im not gonna support 3arc with BO2 as im not a fan of that either, Zombies was a real let down compared to BO1, and thats all i play really but i did however enjoy BO1 MP, BO1 still stands as the best COD for me

        • Do you even know what lag comp is? Obviously not because it wasn’t a problem in BO2. BO2 had a very big NET CODE problem, because they an insanely high base ping to everyone so you’d die before seeing your enemy. BO2 also had other issues like small cqc clusterfuck maps. The game was terrible but don’t go blaming it on things that weren’t even in the game.

      • I don’t agree at all. BO2 was not a great CoD game at all. Ht detection failures, lag everywhere, too much focus on esports and less focus on the regular community.

        • I think they need to go back to WW2. How can people hate on a WW2 game? They are historical fiction, which has some realism to it and they also have real guns with real statistics. Also with new graphics, think of how amazing a World War 2 game would look! World at War was my second CoD and I honestly loved it just as much as CoD4 (in MY opinion it was better). It had something new – Zombies. It also had a phenomenal campaign (despite Sgt. Resnov always kissing your a**). Multiplayer maps were not these maps where you have three ways to get across the map like BO2 had.

          • They over did esports and forgot the general community. The majority of the balance changes came in due to esports players asking for those changes.

          • but to be quite frankly honest, if treyarch listened to the general community, they wouldnt know what to do because the general community complains about EVERYTHING, literally. and esports changes were for the better for public matches too (kap40 nerf, dual wield nerf etc) and also,the balancing for pub players seem pretty balanced to me, unlike the ACR and MP7 dominating MW3.

      • I havent played Ghosts for more than 2 hours since release, i hate it, im not supporting BO2 much either, but it is better than Ghosts, MW3 has Infected and Face-Off – the only redeemable features i like about the game, BO1 stands as best COD for me, campaign was ok, enjoyable MP, best Zombies

  1. The three year dev cycle is good for 3arc, but that also means two years in a row of crappy, rushed CoDs after every 3arc game. But we also have Titanfall coming out soon, so that will just replace CoD for this year and then we’ll see what 3arc does for the 2015 CoD.

    • I wish 3arc will take this opportunity to make the best CoD, I would love to get back to WW2 theme, including both european, african and pacific theaters. IW and SHG should get out of the cycle, I think players could wait 3 years just for one, but polished title.

    • “Crappy, rushed” CoDs are the exact same CoDs you’ve been getting for 10 years. Just because the prospect of a three-year cycle has arisen doesn’t mean we should be immediately disregarding the current cycle.

      And, I’m curious as to why everyone is convinced this SH CoD is going to be awful and the Treyarch CoD is going to be the best ever? Neither have been released yet, we know nothing about either, what position are we in to be judging them?

      • ^
        what this guy says

        edit: the BF series does the 2 year cycle as well but i dont see any BF fanboys or generally anyone saying anything about that. they all know to point the finger towards COD but its clear that they have no idea what they’re talking about. fucking casuals.

        also, SH sounds just fine, i just think that people are afraid that SH may do some changes which can lead to rookie mistakes but i dont believe that will happen. 3arc will always remain the solid devs they are and IW should start a new IP cause its clear they have no idea of how to develop a COD game anymore.

    • Zampella tweeted that Titanfall will be a max of 6v6.

      If I’m gonna go for a different FPS besides COD, it’s needs more than 6v6.

      None of my friends are into the mechs either…

  2. NO these are the people who made MW3 Multiplayer all of the dead mans hand and shit the people who made Robert Bowling quit please NO NO NO Treyarch!!!

  3. I know this might not work but if everyone really wants a Treyarch game this year just keep on tweeting activision & Treyarch to let them know just get there attention some how don’t matter if it’s by tweet, facebook or even YouTube just get there attention so they know we want Treyarch this year along with zombies

  4. I think this is a GOOD idea (unlike everyone else here). I mean, it gives IW and Treyarch 3 years to create their next game, and with Sledgehammer games joining in we could really see a MASSIVE new take on what Call of Duty could do. Even if they only take the 2/3 years given, that means more support and dedication to map packs and extra content patches! This can not simply be a BAD idea, just a DIFFERENT idea.

    • Maybe, but i dont seem to have faith in SHG after MW3 .. but hey, it has to be better than ghosts/MW3 right ? 3 years?

    • But they should of done this a few years ago because COD is kind of dying. Less people have been playing it because it gets old. Newer games coming out will make COD have fewer players then it already has. I believe we only have a few more years of COD before its just done. I think it is smart but executed too late.

      • COD is the only game to have such fast-paced action and fast gameplay, unless Titanfall or some upcoming new FPS is just as fast, COD is a game that won’t die. Fast-paced action is key for popularity, as people can jump right in, have a couple of matches before they go to work/bed/school. Even though it looks like its dying, you cant get that experience with a game like BF4(no offence to BF fans, but BF is a slower paced game)

        • Yes but less people are buying it due too the series getting old. With games like Titanfall and destiny cod will have fewer fans. COD cant go on forever things get old. So with less people playing if they don’t make a really good game then it will lose many fans like Ghosts has.

          • But as long as the addictive genre is unrivaled, it can’t really truly die. Unless there is something with even more liquid, smooth, controls, there was a reason why Medal of Honor got knocked off, because Cod Found out the winning recipe. But FPS is getting downed as a whole, i mean, the whole thing with BF right now is hitting EA really hard, harder than this “Drought” with ghosts.

          • Ghosts as still sold about 19M units, that’s still massive. If that’s a “drought” things are still going pretty well.

          • I have heard it argued that COD is approaching the same place as Madden, and I think it kinda makes sense. Madden basically has a LOCK on football games on every platform, and we may just see an eventual LOCK on the military-themed FPS…I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing but it’s quite possible.

        • I call bullshit on that because they were 15% below what there marketing team said. Soo no your way wrong. Also if your on any consel you’ll see less people playing them any previous cod. BLOPS 2 wasnt the 2nd either.

      • You do realise that every year (excluding Ghosts – which now has less players than MW2) the player number goes up by at least 20,000 on average at any one time, with millions more sales and pre-orders each time. “Dying” isn’t the word, more like “Thriving” – PS no other FPS game has gotten more sales than COD since way back in COD 4 times…

    • they were the ones who made MW3 MP which was fucking shit. they are clueless and dont use their heads when they make games.
      and so much more shit.

      • Nope. That’s not how it works. If they wanted to, they could fit the content available from DLC on the disc, but devs will never do that. They get much more money if they charge you for it.

      • Well, be that a GOOD idea, with Treyarch adding an ENJOYABLE side-mode (zombies), IW adding a PLAYABLE multi-player, and SHGames adding a GRIPPING single-player, it wouldn’t be a fun wait. A game every year with additions every so often, while maybe not affordable to some people, keeps the game fresh and new-feeling. This is one of the reasons why I LOVED COD Elite – a few maps a month, for FREE, that kept the game’s experience rolling!

    • Totally agree with what you are saying. Giving each studio an extra year to work on their game can not be a bad idea. Just gives them more time to refine everything and make COD perfect each year.

    • Maybe this time, IW can make a real next gen engine! Just like the good old time with Call of duty 4. I want to be amazed by IW again. I can still remember when I first played Call of duty 4. The graphics, A.I, Campaign, Multiplayer. Jaw dropping!

      • CoD 4 has the same engine as CoD 2… it wasn’t nextgen at all. Also engine has nothing to do with the game feeling fresh. Engine is simply how the tools and whatnot operate. Look at how Respawn made the source engine still look and feel like CoD. Besides the engine has had constant upgrades throughout. It’s the game style not the engine.

        • yeah exactly my point too. its not the engine, its the game feel. although its impossible to explain that to a BF fanboy. they are blinded by their Frostbite game.

    • I think Treyarch should make the COD every year, but for some reason people have a love for IW, They make the worst games(MW3 & Ghosts) while treyarch makes the best(WaW, BLOPS & BLOPS 2)

      • Treyarch recycles their games… Hardly a difference between BO and BO2 besides the weapons and theme. Zombies was the only really good part. IW has always made great games. MW2, MW3, and Ghosts are great games.

        • Yep. Treyarch and Infinity Ward made the best ones. I think Sledgehammer Games is not so good though. I would love to see IW and Treyarch make a COD together. I miss the cold feeling of World at War. It had a great feeling in the multiplayer with really bloody things like limbs and stuff people tearing apart by explosions and the really war feeling of multiplayer of world at war. It was the cod5 when Treyarch made gold and Black ops series.

      • Whilst Ghosts IS shit, the MW series was the best selling COD games of all time, and that to me must mean IW are doing something right. I think IW’s multi-player, mixed with Treyarch’s zombies and SHGame’s potential for an awesome campaign would make THE best game… EVER…

    • I don’t think Sledgehammer will make a COD in 10 months. It takes more time to make a game. I think Treyarch will make the game for this year. Sledgehammer is still recuiting, so they maybe do the COD of 2015 or 2016, but not now, not if they want a 8-bit COD without online

  5. You guys are so stupid it really doesn’t matter who make what cod with sledgehammer games cod will be better because all companies have three years to make a cod which will make the cods better

  6. And how do you guys know that the new cod won’t have zombies treyarch might let them associate with zombies or they could have a new mode

  7. We’ll see, maybe a new dev can put in some good new stuff for CoD. Lets just hope it isn’t MW4 but something new. Wouldn’t mind seeing them go back to WW2!
    Also, maybe the 3-year cycle can save CoD.

    • I always wanted another WW2 game. It would be way better then a modern warfare game. I love the old weapons, and story.

    • It isn’t MW4 as SHG have been working on the game for three years and IW said when MW3 was released just over 2 years ago they initially had the mind set for working on MW4 but they wanted a change, that’s why we have Ghosts.

  8. I used to always blame SH Games for the fallout of MW3, but maybe now that they’re alone on this one, maybe they can bring something good to the table. Something new and fresh to the series. Hopefully my optimistic mind doesn’t betray me. But hey, it wouldn’t be the first time I hoped for something in COD and then was heavily dissatisfied.

  9. Why are all you fan boys such die hard Treyarch fans, Black Ops 2 was a terrible game that consisted of tiny maps and SMG rush gameplay. I hit maybe prestige 1 or 2 in Black Ops 2 and I’m sitting comfortable at Prestige 5 on Ghosts. Ghosts is great, structured and varied map design where assault rifles rule and you can actually snipe. I mean i’m excited for the 3 year cycle as it means that all the developers have more time to make the games.

      • What the hell, so what? If there is no Zombies, you won’t play it? There is a reason they put Campaign and Multiplayer in CoD you know.

          • you seem to be quite the stupidest COD player i’ve seen on the internet.

            MW3 and Ghosts were bad games (with the exception of MW3’s campaign mode) BO2 is a good game, not a bad game as you claim it to be. same for WaW, very good title indeed. COD4 is legendary and the same applies to BO1. so its not that BO2 is a bad game, its just that COD4 and BO1 are amazing titles. stop saying moronic things like that please.

            and no, a game isnt good just because it has zombies. i love zombies but i really wanna burn my BO1 copy just because of you and your stupid approach to everyone about zombies on this website. seriously, stop it. its annoying.

  10. I will be skiping this year´s CoD.

    Since Sledgehammer had 3 years to work on this game, I hope they made a new engine.

    I want treyarch to sit down and do an old school with new features CoD game set in the 80´s, I want another black ops and moreeeee zombies. From now on I will be just getting treyarch games(If its good, if it is shitty like BO2 fuck CoD)

    • Everybody keeps throwing around the phrase “I hope they make a new engine”. Seriously? Do you honestly think it’s possible to not only create a brand new engine AND a game with said engine in a span of only three years? Do people not understand how much work has to go into creating a new engine from the ground up?

      • Activision can simply purchase Unreal Engine 4? the most simple and basic engine to develop upon yet has graphics that destroy Frostbite any day (especially on PC). with such a simple engine they can retain the COD feel and have top notch graphics to tackle their rivals and make everyone happy. the answer is just around the corner, i really dont understand the thought process of Activision.

  11. Why does everybody like Treyarch? They fucked up BO2 with the multiplayer. Cartoonish looks, bad weapons, very bad maps (lazy made ( symmetric, tiny, very few detail), tactical play is very hard on them).. It’s like they completely forgot about the multiplayer mode till october and had to make it in one month..

    • cause they are actually superior developers to both of the two IW teams that have touched COD up until now. you can say that they fucked the zombies in BO2, you can say they fucked the maps a little in BO2 but the rest are just nonsense that you made up.

      • Notice how 8 people agree with Cantano but 0 agree with you… and also, “TheShadowReaper”? You couldn’t think of a less original name?

  12. I’m exited that it is a new cod with new multiplayer but no no no no. I want zombies. Treyarch screwed us over with black ops 2 dlc. Especially the 4th. Now we are left with the same crapy black ops 2 maps for another year. But maybe Treyarch will help sledgehammer and make zombies.

  13. Well think about it. If they are hiring now that most likely means that the game is not coming out this year. This year will most likely be Treyarch, then Sledgehammer, then IW.

      • Maybe they are co-developing again, but instead of helping IW, they are helping Treyarch. I don’t know why but there is always a reason…. OR there will be a CoD spinoff… A handheld, a sub-series to be released with the REAL CoD main series game released by Treyarch, and that sub-series could be a small game that gives more in-depth on some parts of the story, something like a “lost chapters” game, where they give u new game, but set in the same universe as CoD 2014. Idk, we will see.

    • Your definitely overlooking that tweet. It could mean anything and surely doesn’t mean they are releasing a new CoD this year.

  14. This is good because, well, black ops 2 was abysmal in my opinion. if Treyarch could make their next game like the first black ops then i’d want Treyarch this year, but that probably isn’t happening. although mw3 had tons of problems it had something black ops 2 didn’t, fun.

  15. I read somewhere else where Activision confirmed that Treyarch is still under contract for another 2 games under the conditions of “every other year” which means SH couldn’t be making their own CoD

  16. Is it 100% confirmed that Sledgehammer Game is making this years Call of Duty or is there still a chance that Treyarch is making it?

  17. Aww…..i was hoping for a Treyarch game. I have a feeling that Sledgehammer’s game will be even worse than the last two infinity ward games. Treyarch is the only one that seems to still care about this franchise. 🙁

    • Who remained removed tac inserts because of abuse? Developed a game mode that was meant to deter camping by the nature of its rules? Who removed theater to address an inherent lag issue? Who gave kill confirmed to a sister studio to use in their CoD? Who listened to the community and timely patched the Type-95 Mk ll? Who has had the biggest turnover yet was still able to churn out 2 overall good titles? Who introduced/reintroduced game modes because of community opinion?

      I’m honestly just sick of all the bashing. Not picking on you specifically.

      • 1. Agree with
        2. So?
        3. Has always been wrong theater mode had an insignificant impact on lag
        4. That’s not how it works.
        5. The community was retarded the MSBS is literally the WORST gun now, aside from shotguns. It wasn’t even OP to begin with.
        6. Lolwut. No.
        7. Yes, because 3arc never did that either.

        Once half of IW left it went down hill fast.

        • 2. Because everyone raved about Ghost in BO2 because you had to be moving to stay off the UAV. “Campers are screwed. Lul!” Ghosts took it a step further. The community just showed they can come up with more inventive ways to execute monumental douchebaggery.
          3. I remember reading it wasn’t that insignificant. And I started in MW2. I remember good hit detection.
          4. I can’t say I know how it works, but its just an interesting thing to note.
          5. Agree. The community will find anything to cry about. Just saying they tried to appease them quickly.
          6. Maybe it is subjective, sure. But MW3 and Ghosts are far from the worst games I’ve ever played.
          7. Not implying IW are the only ones. But boy, they sure did it quick when the community was in an uproar over S&D and a buffed health playlist.

          • 2. Which was idiotic and appealed to the lowest common denominator. I love when people act like camping is this end all be all uncounterable tactic, even though lag comp has always favored rushing.
            3. You ever play a game in MW2 and get killed? And then you see a kill can? Theater mode has existed since CoD4, the difference is the game wasn’t permanently saved before BO. Just because you personally don’t remember MW2 lagging doesn’t mean it didn’t.
            4. KC wasn’t even an original idea. Almost every game mode ever has been either invented in the 90s or thought up by the community. Even if it was Activision owns it not IW (which was a problem West and Zampella had with them)
            6. Complete opposite. I hated BO2 MP for the most part but Zombies and a interesting campaign saved it. MW3 and Ghosts had no redeeming value for a lack luster MP.
            Any potential Ghosts had was ruined by god awful spawn logic and bad map design. At least 3arc used the dead zones on their bigger maps in BO1 for safe spawns. IW has huge maps and still spawns people next to each other.
            7. S&D was removed probably in order to make people play S&R, I doubt it was ever gone for good. Buffed playlist was another appeal to the LCD by people who don’t know crap. Health wasn’t lowered and guns weren’t made more powerful. Again an idiotic community crying over nothing

          • 2. Don’t get the wrong idea about what I’m saying. I don’t lay awake at night crying about campers. I’m just saying that no matter what IW or 3arc do, they can’t fix bad players. And the community needs to learn the difference between bad balance and bad players.
            3. I never said I didn’t remember lag. Just that I remember good hit detection.
            4. Fair enough, but then that means people shouldn’t bitch at IW to bring back a mode that Activision didn’t push them to add in the first place, maybe?
            6. Still subjective. You don’t like the things I like. Fine by me. And spawns? There are some BS spawns but it takes time to fix. I’ll wait and see.
            7. Again, not important if they were gone for good or if they didn’t really change much (but I do get more rescue kills in HD playlist), my point is the “community” asked for it, got it, and still cries about how terrible IW is.

  18. Another possibility here could be exactly what we saw in 2005. There was a split between next gen and current gen. In 2005 IW’s Call of Duty 2 launched on the brand new 360 while Treyarch’s call of duty: big red one, a completely different game, launched the same time for all the current gen systems at the time. Sledgehammer could be working on a 360/ps3 title while Treyarch will launch a next gen only title.

  19. Think about it this way, if Sledgehammer games were working on this COD, they would have had 3 years to work on ti already. That is if Activision said, yeah Sledgehammer you can start production on the next COD after you finish up MW3. Treyarch would have only gotten 2 years to work on the next COD, and not a whole lot of time to improve on the Black Ops series.

  20. think about it this way now iw will be able to patch their trash game faster. and treyarch will now work at god speed patching their games

  21. In my opinion this is a great opportunity for us all. I know Sledgehammer might not be popular but them doing a COD adds another year for Treyarch to work on Zombies+ Multiplayer oh and Campaign if anyone cares which also means IW gets another year to work on theirs. More time=more polished game.

  22. I’m a little disappointed sledgehammer is making the next game. Not because I think it will be a bad game (I loved mw3) but it’ll feel just like an infinity ward game. Having treyarch and IW switch off every year made it refreshing because they have two very different takes on it and they each have a unique feel. Hopefully they do come up with their original feel so it doesn’t feel like I’m playing Ghosts the second year in a row.

      • Not saying it will I’m saying there is a good chance it will be similar to mw3 since the title is likely mw4. I could be wrong. Maybe they are making a completely different and unique game. But it will likely feel like another IW game

  23. Hell no! The new IW sucks. Treyarch is the greatest. Sledgehammer made fucking MW3, the worst COD ever in my opinion. I want BO3. I’m still playing BO & BO2 now instead of Ghosts.

  24. maybe sledgehammer meant the next cod after treyarch but we will know more in march and april im sure then may will be the announcement

  25. It’s going to be different, even if it’s terrible like Ghost or worse, I’m still going to get it and finish it. It doesn’t really matter to me. But they really should have a side game with a nice story like how zombies had and how extinction is maybe going to have.

  26. I think this could be really good. Last 2 CODs I really noticed that they have a shortage of production time. Like some features are just missing. For example the Operations menu from Ghosts. It took them 2 updates after release to get it how they wanted it to be. And many other things.

    SH Games making a COD isn’t really a problem for me, I liked MW3. I know, it had flaws, but so has Ghosts and so had Black Ops 2 (which I hated 😛 )

  27. I honestly don’t like Ghosts. I’d rather play older CoD games which are actually fun besides their problems. Ghosts is just way too boring and slow paced in my opinion. I have more fun being quickscoped, out lag-comped, commando-lunged, and noobtubed all while my bullets don’t register than I have playing Ghosts

  28. I honestly <3 Treyarch more than Infinity Ward, but that doesn't mean I'm not excited for the upcoming CoD, developed by SH Games. It will be something refreshing, something new and will definitely benefit the franchise (I love the notion of a 3-year development cycle. Why all the hate, lads? (I WANT ZOMBIES OMG I'M GOING TO DIE IF IT'S NOT TRYEARCH THIS YEAR!! IW & SH SUCK WAAAAAAAH) I'm a Treyarch fan at heart, but at least I have the patience to wait for their next game. If anything, it will be even better game, than if it was released this year, with it only having 2 years of development. Don't just assume that SH Games is going to release a shit CoD just because they were a part of MW3. We haven't seen anything yet! I'm up for anything! So keep your trousers tied, guys, and try not to flame each other too much. And my rant is over. 😉

  29. I’m excited about this news. Although Sledgehammer obviously aren’t newcomers, it will be nice to see a fresh take on this franchise. Don’t get me wrong, Ghosts is awesome, but it’s definitely a “last of an era” style game. We’re all ready for the true COD next gen rebirth.

  30. I was a little disappointed to find out that there wasn’t going to be zombies this year, but 3 years of development on a Treyarch game? Surely that has got to be epic. Mark Rubin said that it’s impossible to make a completely new game engine in 2 years, but with 3 years it should be possible. Hell, even MW4 (It’s MW4, right?) could be running on a next gen engine considering they would have had 3 years of development by the time it’s released if i’m not mistaken.

  31. Im totally open to sledgehammer.. I personally thought MW3 was a great game, and you could clearly tell where sledgehammer added there personal touches. I would prefer a sledeghammer call of duty over treyarch any day. Ive seen enough of infinity ward for a while, i think they need to sit as a group and understand what there doing wrong because they are a clearly a mess and the fact of “listening to the community” is clearly not getting through to them. When people ask for things they do the complete opposite. They waste a playlist spot on heavy duty.. I find that all the guns kill at the same rate.. i see no difference. What they could bring back is hardpoint, that would be perfect.

  32. My thought from the beginning was that the third studio(SH) would work on a COD for the Next Gen systems while IW and 3arc continue on their cycle, not saying they won’t also make their COD for next gen but to a less of a degree like an upgraded port.

  33. Hopefully this years game is by Treyarch and next years is by Sledgehammer. I didn’t like MW3, but I love Treyarch’s games

  34. actually this is a really good idea treyarch gonna have 1 extra year to make the 2015 cod which means the game well be better like gta every 5 years (correct me if im wrong) make a awesome game no body complains about it the only sad thing is that is no zombies

  35. No thanks, not after MW3. I mean sure, it wasn’t their fault completly, but lets face it; Sledgehammers work won’t be able to reach IW or 3arc quality. Even if it does make it a two-year dev cycle, I’d still prefer a steady two good games per two years than have two better than before game and then being stuck with one mediocre game for a whole year.

  36. Treyarch and Sledgehammer should make a game together. Treyarch should do zombies and multiplayer i dont give a fuck about campaign so sledgehammer should do it

  37. 2 Year Development Cycle, get it right. Treyarch stopped supporting Black Ops 2 in Q4 of 2013. In 2015 Q4 Treyarch will come out with a new Call of Duty game. That’s 2 years, not 3.

  38. I would like the Treyarch to come back with the cold feeling of a World at War-like game. It was their pure gold production. The multiplayer was so great even with really few weapons and adjustments available. I miss that bloody violent game they made back then with guts and mad explosions not like in the modern series when the explosions even sound like crap. World at war 2 that’s what we need. With some fictional war, maybe Hitler shouldn’t die and take over the world or something so allies are few or we could be German soldiers with any fictional story behind the game. I don’t want to see another future crap with drones and stuff. Anyway if sledgehammer games decides to make zombies this time, they will ruin it, I guarantee. I WANT TREYARCH and activision!