Sgt. Frank Woods on his twitter account has RTed an interesting tweet.

He tweeted out at first saying, “I keep seeing a lot of guessing out there…trying to predict the next step for COD.” Then a user tweeted out saying “No zombies or Frank Woods for 2 years =;(“, and Frank Woods RTed this tweet with a reply, “Well there is nam zombies the movie ….kinda has both.”

And while we’re talking about this, it seems that the Sledgehammer Games twitter account just recently (very recently) got verified on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 12.51.37 PM

With these new hints, it’s seems more and more likely that Sledgehammer Games is coming out this year. For now, nothing has been officially confirmed except for the fact that a new Call of Duty game is coming out this year.

SOURCE: @Sgt_Frank_woods




    • An extra year will make zombies bigger and better than ever, and hopefully PS4/XB1/PC exclusive. Just think of the possibilities within multiplayer and zombies. They sky is the limit.

        • Going on 9 year old consoles are holding games back. If Treyarch wants a good game, they need to drop legacy support.

        • I’m assuming you have a job. Save up for a gaming tower, buy [email protected] or BO1 (Or 2 if they released the community mod tool) and play User Generated Maps. That should hold you over for a year.

        • Yeah, but it could be like Halo where it supposedly was meant to end at Halo 3. But they add a 4 and say they are starting a “new” trilogy. (Halo 4 was Bad, 3 was good by the way)

        • No, its a paradox. Origins takes place back in time before the first zombies map. IF it was fake and toyed, what was with the future? If it ends in the beginning, current zombies maps wouldnt happen. And if its all just a childs game in their mind, it means we could go to candyland and kill zombies and have it make sense.

        • Just because zombies returns doesn’t mean they have to follow the same storyline. It could be a different storyline with different characters, but still linked to the Origins ending.

          • It would be pretty fuking awesome if it had a paradox shit just like Bioshock Infinite’s ending, with the same characters, etc.

        • I never liked the storyline I thought it was stupid in BO2 but that doesn’t mean they won’t make new maps all you need is some badass guns and cool map design.

          • It was dumb in BO2, it was good in WAW & BO1. The zombies storyline should have ended at moon.

          • Yes, but zombies was all about easter eggs. That was the fucking cool part of it. Also, I like how people disliked my comment even though it’s the truth…

          • It’s not just about the easter eggs. Yeah they were alright in BO1 but thats it for me. I never cared for them and thought that they were a waste of time. I’d rather have a cool map then gay ass easter eggs.

          • xD. You know that if the zombies mode hadn’t easter eggs, it wouldn’t be as big as it is, right? It game-mode starts to be boring as hell when you reach 20+ rounds… Maybe 30+ rounds. I let zombies kill me when I reach a round between 27 and 38…

          • wouldnt be as big if no easter eggs? who cares about easter eggs? i was playing zombies with my friends to have fun, we never gave a single fuck about easter eggs, as many others have done so too – i’m sure about it.

          • The zombies mode became huge even Black Ops came out. And the easter eggs came along.
            it has 2’666’129 views. Ye, I think it’s a big deal. And don’t tell me that the game-mode isn’t boring after round 40-50+. You must be fucking crazy to lose so much time just running in circles. xD

          • him having a lot of views means nothing, no wrong…it actually works in MY favor. since many of us never did any easter eggs on these maps we were giving views to guys like him to see what the easter egg were. i probably did one or two easter eggs on Ascension and thats because they were easy. and no were werent running the circle strategies…not a lot at least. and that made zombies challenging and fun. so yeah, you got your answer.

          • See but that’s you. The best maps were the ones that didn’t have huge Easter eggs. They don’t really matter as much as raw gameplay. If they didn’t but alot of focus on them I think the gameplay may be better.

        • No it’s not. Origins like MOB is in an alternate universe, so nothing that happened in Origins had anything to do with the main storyline.

          • In a way yes, but also no. Origins and Mob of the Dead are both in an alternate universes. There is a lot of evidence that supports thus theory such as: in Origins Samantha doesn’t have here German accent and also just sounds different, In Origins Samantha is not actually Maxis’ daugter, Origins takes place in WWI during this time period Samantha shouldn’t even have been born yet, also if Origins takes place in WWI then the original characters should be a lot younger than they are, I actually just thought of this next one, if Origins is a prequel then wtf happens after they reach Agartha do they get out and then the story continues from there?

          • Origins is the prequel. Samantha goes back in time to tell Maxis that she is his future daughter. The characters are all in their early to mid twenties, and once they go into Agartha it causes a major time paradox, or it causes the story to never happen. I’m sure Treyarch will explain everything in their next game. Also, Samantha has a different accent because they felt like giving her a different actress.

          • Well how do you explain this, we all know that in the original story Maxis supposedly died (not really) when Richtofen teleported him and Samantha to the moon base since this has been a part of the story since [email protected] In Origins Richtofen cuts out Maxis’ brain and puts it in the Maxis drone. Basically Maxis’ fate in Origins is completely different from what we’ve known to be true thus far. Also a big reason why I support this theory is because it pushes aside the whole, “it’s a children’s game thing” which is something that I hated Treyarch for doing. One last thing, as I said before, Origins and Mob of the Dead weren’t even made by the zombies team, they were made by the campaign team.

          • I know the campaign team worked on Origins and Mob of the Dead. Also, Maxis doesn’t have any kind of fate, he was dying in his original body. So Richtofen put his brain in a drone for the time being to save his life. Then puts his brain in new and younger body before WaW. Also , I have all my info from the CoD wiki. Here’s a link:

          • Just read the whole page. The end kinda mindfucked me. That page actually made somewhat more okay with the ending of Origins being a true part of the story. Altought i still believe that the story could function properly without Origins being involved. Many people have noticed that the zombies storyline has a large affiliation with cycles but it seems like even the main storyline is just a huge cycle which only leaves me more confused.

      • I honestly didn’t like Black Ops 2 zombies too much. I liked the simplicity of Black Ops 1 zombies. Just my opinion though.

      • I would agree with you but Destiny looks like a COD killer, I’m not a hater, I LOVE zombies and multiplayers ok but I think I’ll pass cod until the next treyarch game.

        • I haven’t seen a lot on destiny yet, but from what I see, I feel it won’t be a CoD killer. What I can see happening is Respawn re-negotiating the exclusivity deal and getting Titanfall on the PS4.

        • I think of Destiny as Halo killer. Bungie wants to finish what they started. I hope Halo gives a good fight. Titanfall is the COD killer BUT FOR MULTIPLAYER ONLY. Zombies and maybe Extinction would be the COD saviors. I don’t think the COD franhise could ever go down, but only why they have zombies and extinction, but I don’t think there will be a single game when Treyarch hasn’t zombies in it

        • Destiny is like Halo for Playstation (even though it’s on both consoles). COD still beats Halo on Xbox, so I think it’ll be the same on playstation.

          • I’m very interested to see what will happen when halo 2 is re-released on xbox one. Around the same time as destiny, and sunset overdrive. I honestly think after ghosts, they need a break to recuperate. The series is old and ghosts was such a step back in the wrong direction. They just need a year for people to want cod again then they will release it when people are dying for it. Ghosts got awful reviews and sold less than black ops 2. It showed a nick in the COD armor and Activision cant let their billion dollar baby go down.

            Either way it will be better as treyarch will get more time to design and with the dedicated servers on xbox one…Maybe we could actually have an amazing cod.

            I personally think that black ops 2 would have been one of the best cods if it hadnt been for all the inconsistencies that come from a peer hosted game (booting, lag, etc…) League was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to cod. Sadly being DDos’d every other game ruins it..

  1. I’m actually happy beacause they may release a way different CoD and it sould be interesting but i’m also sad that i have to wait 1 more year for zombies 🙁

  2. Okay, it’s almost undeniable now. All of these tip us towards a Sledgehammer Games title coming out, basically confirming our suspicions.

  3. Now we have to wait 2 years for a Treyarch COD whilst we deal with mediocre bull crap IW and Sledgehammer CODs, fuck this but it’ll still be worth the wait. I reckon Treyarch is working on a new engine.

    • So you’re judging the Sledgehammer game, not only before it’s come out, but before we know anything about it and before it even exists? Wow, ok.

    • COD Ghosts was the transitioning COD between the old gen and this gen. COD MW4 (Or whatever it’s called) will be the game where the developers start to get used to the capabilities. In 2 years (BO3), Treyarch will have enough time to explore PS4/XB1 and find it’s true limit on what it can handle. I expect an amazing Treyarch game in 2 years, and I think it’s going to be worth the wait.

    • No offense, but I’m sure you’re one of the people who says this every year. “Treyarch is SHIT, IW needs to save us!!” *IW releases a game* “I LOVE YOU TREYARCH, SCREW IW”. Please, stop calling IW and SHGames bull crap. You don’t even know what SHGames is working on to say that.

      • Far too right Keshav. Far, far too right.

        I’d understand if people were calling the next IW game shit and not looking forward to it – I really would. For people to be judging a game that we know nothing (and that’s absolutely nothing) about is pathetic, but to be already comparing it to a game that we know even less about is beyond childish.

          • Yep? I’m sorry, but simply because we’ve seen one, shared development effort from them from three years ago, I’m really not going to base that on the upcoming game.

            We don’t know how long they’ve been working on this game (they were working on one before they were pulled in for MW3), we don’t know anything about its content or about its tech. I’m not judging it.

          • I don’t want to base the next SH COD on MW3 but that’s all we can base it on…

          • Are you trying to say Black Ops was a bad COD? Because it’s easily one of the best if not the best. IMO it was the best.

          • Sorry but I have to agree to disagree with you. I was PS3 owner too and didn’t suffer from any “nightmares” the story mode was not cheesy and actually required some level of intellect to understand the twists etc. COD always takes something from the previous COD, not a bad thing and as far as I’m concerned BO1 added COD points etc so there was a lot of new stuff too. To each to their own I guess…

          • That made my list as one of the worst CoD games personally. It was a wrecked mess for PS3 fans.

          • Yes. I liked MW3. I don’t see why people didn’t.

            EDIT: I actually do why see some people did; but those issues didn’t bother me.

          • So you never died 5 times in a row whilst in the enemies sights? You must have got lucky lol.

          • Woo! Another person who enjoys MW3 as much as me. Here I am thinking I’ll never see someone like us…

      • No offense taken I’ve seen ppl like this too lol but that’s just not me my friend. Treyarch fanboy since WAW. Never said anything bad about them. or said “IW save us” lol did u not see my posts about how shit MW3 and Ghosts is even during their prime.

        I do not hate IW/SHGames, COD4,MW2 were gr8, however ever since MW3 i have lost all hope in those developers and rightfully so. I’ve always preferred Treyarch games but that is just me. I’ll take back calling IW/SH bull crap developers, i know they try hard to produce something good with their smaller workforce, but MW3/Ghosts is still shit imo. Whatever SHGames produce I hope it’s good and beats Treyarchs high standards but based on what they done with MW3 I think their next game is going to follow suit and be another mediocre to shit COD.

        PS That’s just my initial prediction so don’t get mad, I KNOW full well that I may wrong and it could be the best COD ever made. But hey it’s early days.

      • I would make you a cake for saying this. I am sick of flip-flop, flavor of the year CoD fans. I came from a generation of gaming where you buy it, its yours, zero support, we can’t change it, have a nice day. Kids and their whining and sense of entitlement with games today really disgusts me.

      • They may have a new game experience, since they were thinking of an action adventure. They only helped in MW3 any way. So i’m interested to see what they make.

      • well i’m here every year praising Treyarch and shiting on IW, why dont i get a hate mail? SH Games sounds cool, something new, i’m open to new ideas. but seriously Keshav, i dont believe there are many that would say “IW SAVIOR OF COD” ever. not in a million years after so much bullshit with MW3 and Ghosts. i see your point but…i also see a hole in your point! ^^

      • Well I always felt up until around MW2 IW (west Zempalla) they were the major dev, since BO Treyarch were slowly taking over, they are almost there with BO2 and the next game from them will cement the fact they are in pole position as the lead CoD dev. They’ll launch possibly black ops 3 with a brand new next gen engine and blow people away.

        *this maybe all wrong but it’s fun to speculate. 🙂

          • In some areas yea, but they also did a lot right with the game. They also did a lot right in BO2, but again some areas let that game down.

          • Not really. They just advanced in a separate direction than the MW. Just because it’s a different graphical style (colors, more basic shapes), doesn’t mean the engine was set back…

          • No, they used the [email protected] engine, not the more advanced MW2 engine.

          • MW2 used the CoD 4 engine and made advancements to it. BO1 used the CoD 4 engine and made different advancements to it.

          • its not the more advanced or a setback…3arc took the IW 3.0 engine and modified it to their needs. they didnt change the number, thats all! i mean can you really be SO stupid? or are you an IW fanboy and cant handle the truth?

          • if you play on PC then you know that BO1 is the best COD to date in both visuals and sounds. maybe Ghosts is better visually, but it loses in everything else. some mock BO1 for its colors, but its the cold war era, if you dont like it go shove MW2 up your ass.

          • so you are working for Treyarch and so happen to know? cause it was way better looking that both MW2 and MW3. you sound ridiculous.

          • so we dont give any attention to:
            – Texture streaming technology
            – Stereoscopic 3D support
            – Deferred lighting
            which none of them were present in IW 4.0 but its still a worst engine. sure. just because they put a 4.0 instead of a 3.0 it became a better engine…*sign* such a derp you are.

          • yes that my line. also, eyes do not deceive. BO1 is superior to most COD games, especially the ones that use IW 4 engine. i guess it was really just a number change.

        • Might be the fact that IW has been making cod games until cod 3, and that the game really took up at mw. Of course it makes Treyarch look small… They also never had a new engine to keep the 60fps on console, when current gen becomes obsolete(rumored to be until 2016) They won’t abandon their audience. Its also funny, because this lead CoD BS wouldnt be aroused if it was SH games making the game for 2015.

      • The fact Activision is giving Treyarch more time to produce could imply they are now priority COD developers.

          • Well the decision was specifically made now by Activision, at a point were Treyarch,usually, traditionally or should be making the next COD.

          • If SHGames comes out this year, there’s many different reasons. One: IW came out in 2013 because ATVI wanted them to introduce Call of Duty to next gen. Two: SHGames coming this year would be good because of Destiny releasing September.

            Not because Treyarch is becoming any lead developer.

          • Have you ever thought that Treyarch might have asked ATVI for more time to make a new engine (considering the increased possibilities on the now current-gen consoles) and perhaps a new story arc? (I doubt they will make BO3 with such a large gap)

          • I want whatever your on.
            obviously a guy that isn’t high can come up with this stupid ridiculous shit you posted.

          • I don’t understand how it would be good because Destiny is coming out? Is there something going on between the two?

          • Destiny is rumoured to be the “cod killer”, while also still being owned by Activision. With Treyarch being the favourite dev team, sharing similar times would affect the sales possibly. Like Activision is known for (a quick example, that extremely bad walking dead game), they don’t mind making a sacrifice, just incase, this time it’s SH as they’re sort of the little one against IW and 3arc.
            IMO I don’t think Destiny is going to be the cod killer, and sales only to be a bit lower than every other year if they decide to advertise cod as well as they usually do, but Activision nevertheless are ready incase there is a downfall for cod this year.

            Or I could be completely wrong and 3arc just wanted to be last to show off next gen cod for themselves.

          • “First person shooter” is a type of genre, but I get what you’re saying since it’s all Sci-fi

          • no its not. FPS games are a piece of Action games as a genre. now that is broad. but FPS being broad as a genre? nah. its just that we see a lot of FPS games these days and think its a genre by itself when in reality its not, its a part of a genre.

        • I liked Ghosts, but i’m not sure why IW lied so much. They have heaps of money. But there was no next gen engine or heaps of dedicated servers…

          • double tap? juggernaut? Ghosts pro? wut u drinking boi? Also, if you complain about BO2’s version of the Ghost perk, you really need to pay less attention to your mini-map, and more to the actual map.

          • I was commenting on Treyarch’s mishaps, their, “mw2noobtoobs”, “quickscopes”,”ACRs”. The LSAT one was fairly obvious, but, i was commenting on BO’s OP Ghost Pro, and WaW’s OP Double tap, Juggernaut + MP40 combo. Don’t even get me started with the FAMAS…

          • the Famas was never OP in BO. never. its just you that cant win a gunfight vs a Famas user. there were way better weapons than the Famas in the game, yet most bitch about the Famas cause bitching is for losers…and losers are always there to bitch about something. just like a never ending cycle.

          • Same could be said with a weapon that is hated alot in mw, the ACR, i was just pointing out a popular one, whether its obviously OP, or just good, it was popular for a reason. I can’t really complain either, since i used the AUG back in BO.

          • you can call them popular yes, but not OP as you mentioned them above. i was finding myself handicapped when was using the AUG and Famas but when was using Commando, AK47 and Galil i was wrecking face. the complaints mostly came from console users due to the usability of Famas and AUG alongside with aim assist. but since there is no such thing on PC, these weapons didnt flourished here as they did on consoles.

          • there is no ghost pro double tap and jug and ghost in bo2 makes it so if your in one spot your still on the mini map… FACEPALM!!!!

          • Man are u stupid, before u respond to what he is saying, at least read before u say something as stupid as FACEPALM!!!!

        • What in my opinion caused IW to became not so great a company was the 2011 separation which half the studio left and went on to become Respawn Entertainment and releasing Titan Fall

          • No offense to the idiots who think Destiny will CoD, how’s about you all look at Titanfall, the game that has at least 38 old infinity ward members plus Vince Zampella and Jason West. That’s the “true CoD Killer” unfortunately.

          • Yep, because we all know exclusives beat out multiplatform games….wait….
            As for destiny everything I’ve heard indicated its a MMOFPS which is a whole different ballgame
            As of now there is no “CoD killer” anywhere to be found

          • is Titanfall a military shooter? NOPE. is Titanfall coming out on all platforms and not just Xbox and PC? NOPE.

            these 2 are enough reasons to say that Titanfall isnt anywhere near COD level so killing COD is out of the question. also to kill COD you need to be popular as a game to do so. i mean nearly no one knows Titanfall as much as COD so…NOPE!

    • Engine means nothing. Engine is simply tools that’s it. All a new engine would potentially fix is shooting out the head or something. It’s about the games feeling. Look at Titanfall, they made Source Engine look and feel like CoD.

      • But it’s funny that so many people were pissed and bout too kill him for changing quickscoping. People are so damn stupid.

    • Keep in mind, Treyarch is the one that use IW Engine at first, i don’t think they are going to leave it , lol. But then again, codes are not cement , they can be deleted and replaced.

      • Its floating around youtube and ive seen topics about it on some forums. obviously there is no credibility to this, but it would be awesome nonetheless.

          • The reason i brought it up was there were a couple of videos last summer i saw on youtube saying sledgehammer games was making the next cod and that it could possibly be a cod 4 remake. They were right about the first part it seems, so there may be a chance the second part has some credibility

  4. About a year or so ago I wondered to myself it they might go with a three year rotation? With a new console generation and three main dev studios maybe a little of the burden could be lifted from each one. There is the potential for mor variety there, but damn if I want to wait 3 years between new zombies releases.

  5. If Sledgehammer is making the next CoD I can’t wait, not to say that if Treyarch was next I would’t be happy, but I like the light and graphics more on games by other studios than Treyarch.

  6. Praise the lord!
    – No overpowered bouncing Bettys
    – No Target Finders
    – No stupid hit-detection
    – No overpowered shotguns
    – No Vonderhaar

    • How to counter it all:
      -Go prone or use Flak Jacket
      -Use Cold Blooded
      -Play smart, predict where they’re going to go
      -Control your engagements
      -Vonderhaar isn’t that bad
      Common sense.

      • NOTHING counters bad hit detection! And we shouldn’t have to if they coded the game properly but every Treyarch game has suffered the same problem and I don’t see that changing for next gen.

  7. that would suck, because ghosts is not so good. the lack of factions is making this game really repetitive, the customization is already really boring, the maps stale and generic.

    i was looking forward with what treyarch would do on next gen, bring back the factions, useful killstreaks and not the lame and boring killstreaks on ghosts, how could you not bring back the ac-130, cheap and lame.

  8. Honestly speaking, Treyarch kind of got it wrong in terms of BO2. It was too easy, too simple and it catered for 12 year old kids. Black Ops 1, however, was a completely different story. Don’t know much about CoD 3 (Yes, CoD 3 was made by Treyarch) or WaW, but I’m guessing they were average CoDs. The only good CoD that Treyarch has made was probably BO1. When you look at the CoD series as a whole, you wonder, how the hell CoD gain so much popularity? Now I don’t mean to sound biased here, but IW developed ground-breaking games that were something new and innovative for those times. These were: CoD 2, CoD 4, and to an extent, MW2. I <3 Treyarch, but I don't hate IW or SH Games either. So stop flaming guys. As for SH Games, I really can't wait to see what they're working on.

    • @disqus_IBGm5M7quN:disqus If you haven’t noticed, every infinity ward game (except cod 4) has sucked huge dick. MW2 is full of hackers, quickscoping is ridiculous. MW3 just sucked, gray color, boring game, shitty graphics, just nooo. Ghosts: Fuck this, IED’s, shitty streaks, overpowered assault rifles, huge boring maps, slow game-play, no initiative to play objective. (On black ops 2 you get points which made everyone want to do objectives so they could get “pointsteaks”.) This game is not team oriented at all. The spawns suck, and for a big map, its GREAT when you spawn on an IED. And the campers are ridiculous. Not only that but treyarch made black ops 1, the BEST cod. And if BO2 was geared to 12 year olds, what does it matter? 90% of the players are anyway. So maybe try another game if you have a problem.

      • That still doesn’t justify why MW3 “sucked”. You need to explain your opinions, otherwise don’t post them at all.

        • It just wasn’t generally fun, and I didn’t like the greywash or the weapons. There ya happy! Did youuu like mw3?

          • I did! In fact, not only did I like MW3 but I’m still playing it! It does have its flaws but then so does every CoD (including CoD4).
            I don’t understand why it gets so much hate as for me, it’s very fast and very fun which, as a rusher, is what I crave. Take out Dead Man’s Hand, tweak the Support Strike Package and throw in a few larger maps and MW3 would be a great game.

          • MW3 was, personally, my favourite CoD. I especially enjoyed the Campaign with 100.3% completion. I couldn’t complete the 2 player Spec Ops missions though, due to a lack of friends. And with Multiplayer, I had fun with all the different combinations of Perks, Guns, and Poinstreaks.

      • I didn’t mention anything about MW3 or Ghosts, but whatever…
        I’m pretty sure I didn’t say that I had a problem playing BO2 either … in fact I pretty much beast at that CoD.

    • Correction: World at War was the last amazing Call of Duty games. It was very well made and very fun. I still play it sometimes but it is ruined by asshole hackers

      • thats a possibility but the CoD Online thats F2P activision might release worldwide instead of just a china version.. it’s a mix of MW2/BO1/MW3 im pretty sure and robot zombies. im sure you can find it on youtube if you dont know about it.

        • Well, since the game on LinkedIn was listed as ”the next entry in the Modern Warfare series”, I thought it maybe could be a combination of CoD 4, MW2 and MW3 with some re-balancing obviously. Take 5 maps from each game, fan favourite weapons from each game and CoD4 killstreaks. Rebalance it a bit and you have a great f2p CoD.

    • Well, we know it was a dramatic conclusion to the trilogy, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be a “MW4”, which I would like to hear more of.

  9. I thought ghosts was such a disappointment that it really doesn’t matter who makes the next COD. All I want is for IW to bring out COD4 completely updated for the next gen. Don’t change anything about the gameplay just make it next gen!

  10. I’m really hoping for a WW2 shooter, because it’s been ages since we got a AAA WW2 shooter, I’m getting kinda done with the modern BS. Everyone is doing modern day or sci-fi shooters… C’mon Sledgehammer, WW2, gore and a new engine, make it happen!

    • Honestly fighting in a war game that the war actually happened is more fun. Also WW2 just has this aura of greatness. The greatest generation type of thing. I love the games.

    • I honestly and so is my brother praying for a WW1 game, sort as of a prequel to WaW but since WW1 has smaller tanks, it could be easier for them to create high res small tanks if they create a new engine.

  11. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Why would let the people who helped make the second worst cod have their own game? Already gone back to BO2 for this year, now I’ve gotta do it again. How the hell is a small studio like Sledgehammer gonna make COD. That’s such a risky move by Activision. Nobody wants another Modern Warfare, we want Black Ops 3 or World at War 2. All I know is that with all this time, the new Call of Duty games better be damn good. I guess Sledgehammer has had 3 years so this game better be the shit, but I doubt it. I don’t want to judge a game I know nothing about but I just hope it’s nothing like Ghosts. I want some small maps and some fun fucking killstreaks. That’s what I play COD for! Based God, please help us! I miss Vonderhaar.

    • I’m quite sure Activision wouldn’t have taken this decision lightly and will have assessed Sledgehammer very strictly on their ability to produce the goods. Personally, I’m delighted at the decision as I, and many others, think Treyarch games are shit! Many others, like you, think the same of IW and Sledgehammer. There are tens of millions of people who play CoD and so there are a lot of opinions so it’s almost impossible to please everyone so lay off the hate until we at least see some footage of their game.

  12. This is disappointing if true. I don’t think Activision can afford to have two lackluster CoD games released back to back. I have way more confidence in Treyarch’s game than i do Sledgehammer.

    • You haven’t seen anything yet. Stop jumping to conclusions. This site is rampant with Treyarch fanboys like you. I also prefer Treyarch but it doesn’t mean I have to hate on SH Games or Infinity Ward. Geez, lighten up a bit. Sorry if I sound too negative; I just wanted to get my point across…

  13. I honestly don’t mind waiting for 2 years on treyarch. I mean just think about it. Treyarch has PLENTY of time to make graphics look better, possibly BETTER spawns and most importantly make the player love the game as much as the past COD’S

  14. I just want a all zombie game 🙁 they cant say it will take to much time or its to hard is lyeing. People make their own pc zombie maps for world at war in 8 weeks. So a trained group of 100 could make a full game in under a year and make millions of dollers. Why dont they do it 🙁

  15. Did anyone take into account that they may be remaking CoD4? The signs are there, and they might even be adding extra to the game, such as 3-4 more map packs.

    • I don’t really get why people want a CoD4 remake. CoD4’s huge plus was one thing: it was something we had never seen before in the FPS genre.

      • Gasp… you mean to say that people who hailed CoD4 would be underwhelmed if its exact replica were brought back? Nonsense. The Ford Model-T, propeller aircraft and multi-mast sail ships would be just as popular now as they were when they first came out. /facetiousness

    • People hated the fact that Treyarch remade MAPS in the DLC for Black Ops II. You really think they’re going to dish out another 60 bucks for a CoD4 remake?

  16. Alright, real talk.

    I’m not a fan of Treyarch. Doesn’t mean I’m going to shit on anything they do. I like IW/Sledgehammer. Doesn’t mean I’m blind to problems in what they make. You “gamers” who feel the need to slam one dev or the other need to stop and think about the message you are sending. Are you guys really fans of this franchise? I like me some Destiny, Titanfall, Home front and Battlefield just as much as I enjoy CoD but I know I wont find a game that lives up to 100% of my expectations. Neither will you, most likely.

    What I enjoy and what you enjoy maybe be different in many ways, but the slamming of devs needs to be finished. Its an insult to people who work hard to try and create something that runs a treacherous ground of being well received by millions of different people with different ideas, expectations and assumptions of what they are going to get. Its not an easy job. And there is a crazy deadline run by a publisher who will (most likely) throw you out in a minute and find someone else if you can’t deliver.

    Pissed off at how these games are marketed? Quit buying them. Your money may not be missed, but if these games piss you off so badly, wouldn’t you feel better without having to deal with it? I would, if I hated CoD.

    I just think its time our behavior matches the ESRB rating for the game. M for Mature.

  17. The negative:
    This game being made by Sledgehammer could end up mediocre like MW3, and if we don’t buy it, Activision might make one of it’s other IP’s dominant, and CoD will be dormant.

    The positive:
    Sledgehammer might have learned from Infinity Ward and their mistakes, and CoD will be on a 3 year development cycle.

  18. Anything will be better than Ghosts.. At least I hope so.. Come on, IMPOSSIBRU for this franchise to fall even more… ;D

  19. I am now worried if Sledgehammer make mw4, I think it will kill the CoD franchise once and for all. Ghosts is good but so boring to play,I played Blops 2 yesterday it is so much better. I think the series needs to go back to basics W&W 2 with 3,5,7 kill streaks gun on gun action that’s what the series needs fun I am bored with lets be a pro cod player bullshit does anyone remember what its like to just have fun.

    • If Ghosts was critiqued as a step backwards for the franchise, you can only imagine how people would respond to your idea being implemented.

      • Yes you might be right, but the fact of the matter is the games have lost there fun and skill factor. guns with little to no recoil op shotguns with little skill needed to use them, op sniper rifles with quick reload. The game is getting to easy to play there for no excitement about staying alive and hitting the big killstreaks or ghosts case lack of any good killstreaks.

        • It sounds more like you want CoD to be something that isn’t CoD entirely. Going back to WW2 isn’t going to change what CoD is.

  20. Hey søger danske Clan members i min Clan Bro’s Army (B’A). Lige i øjeblikket er vi kun 4 danskere i clanen. I clan wars er vi i Platin division, vi har været med i 2 clan wars indtil videre, og vi har vundet dem begge 2. Hvis i er interesserede så ansøg: theextremekiller eller mikkel2921! 🙂

  21. Hey søger danske Clan members i min Clan Bro’s Army (B’A). Lige i øjeblikket er vi kun 4 danskere i clanen. I clan wars er vi i Platin division, vi har været med i 2 clan wars indtil videre, og vi har vundet dem begge 2. Hvis i er interesserede så ansøg: theextremekiller eller mikkel2921! 🙂

  22. I really think Treyarch is a much better developer. They always bring new maps and guns, unlike IW which just reskins maps and guns. Cannot wait for the next treyarch game!

        • That is simply the most ignorant thing I have heard. I still own COD4, MW2, MW3 and Ghosts. Go ahead with your “proof.” The game is afoot.

          • ok

            Remington- CM901 from mw3
            SC2010- FAL (automatic) from mw2
            ARX-160- ACR from mw2 and mw3

            Bizon-pp90m1 from mw3
            CBJ-MS- Mini uzi from mw2
            K7- Sub machine gun version of the USAS-12 from mw3

            Ameli-STG-44 from WaW (not even their game, pathetic)

            Lynx-AS50 from mw3

            FP6-m1014 from mw2
            Tac-12-KSG from mw3
            Bulldog- Ranger from mw2

            Should I need to say more? IW RESKINS guns and maps from older games.

            Nuff said

          • The Remington R5 (Ghosts) and the Colt CM901 (MW3) have different minimum damages (20/25) rates of fire (631/666), magazine sizes (24/30) recoil patterns and different damage drop offs.

            You do realize, also, that the R5 is statisicially superior in Ghosts, while the CM901 is the worst AR in MW3, right?

            The SC-2010 (Ghosts) and the “automatic” FAL (non-existent in MP MW2). Let’s see. I’ll pull the actual MW2 FAL for you. It does 55-35 damage, unless you have a Holographic on it, then it does 55-40. Fire rate is capped at 759rpm. 20 round Magazine. The SC-2010 does 35-20 damage, Holographic or not. Is a fully-automatic (by default) at 750rpm. 30 round magazine. Less recoil than the semi-auto FAL.

            The ARX-160 couldnt be any more different than the ACR. And the ACR in MW2 is slightly different than the ACR in MW3. The ARX-160 does 43-17 dmamage – making it the first AR in CoD history (that comes to mind) requiring 6 shots to kill at long range, shoots at 857 rpm and has both a recoil reducing feature built-in and the best hipfire spread of all ARs in Ghost. The MW2 ACR is 30-20 damage (meaning 5 shots max to kill), fires at 789 rpm, is classified as “extremely low” recoil on the wiki, and has average hipfire and no additional recoil compensation. The MW3 ACR 6.8 does 45-30 damage (meaning 4 shots maximum), fires at 705 rpm, and is a laser beam, especially with the kick proficiency. Having a great deal of experience with all three weapons in game, I can assure you that if you think these are reskinned guns, you’re wrong.

            Bizon and PP90M1. Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day. But do you know why they are so similar? Because they are both Russian built SMGs. If you don’t know anything about Russian-built and engineered weapons, I’ll spare you the boring bits and just say imitation is a sincere form of flattery. Other than recoil (PP90M1 has less) and rate of fire (PP90M1 is faster), these two are fairly identical. Not unlike their real life counterparts, really.

            You’re really going to go with Mini-Uzi vs. CBJ-MS? I’d have gone PM-9 vs. Mini-Uzi vs. CBJ-MS. And even still, we have damage differentials, range differentials, rate of fire differentials, and all three have insane recoil. I’m not going to bother going into the precise differences because yes, all three of these guns are similar, but there is a difference between similarity – like the PP90M1/Bizon – and reskinned weapons. They are all statistically dissimilar.

            Wait, you’re seriously going to say that a SILENCED SMG [all caps for effect] is a reskin of a LOW RATE OF FIRE SHOTGUN? I want some of whatever it is you’re smoking. About the only thing these two weapons have in common is their effective range. For real.

            The fact you purposely just compared the Ameli and STG-44 shows me three things: 1) You didn’t pay attention to the fact I don’t own anymore Treyarch games, 2) You have no fucking clue what you’re talking about because the STG stands for Sturmgewehr, which means Assault Rifle, which is vastly different to an LMG like the Ameli [now if you said MG42 I’d be on the same wavelength] but even still, the Ameli is a real weapon used by the Spanish Military that is based of the MG42, and 3) You are a Treyarch fanboy because I could easily cry that Treyarch reskinned the FAL, KSG, MP5, etc. from IW and be all bitchy about it like you, but I’d rather not.

            Point is, the game is neither IW nor Treyarchs, so your comment about being pathetic shows you are just wanting to find any excuse to make IW look bad, They’re not. Trust me.

            Lynx has a higher ROF and doesn’t have a silencer penalty, AS-50 does. Other than that, both are low magazine-sized semi-automatic sniper rifles that are one-hit kill machines. Might as well compare every sniper rifle, at this point. They all do basically the same things. Treyarch or IW. Full stop.

            FP-6 vs. M1014? A pump shotgun vs a semi-auto? Ok. Statistically, the M1014 has better killing range and shoots faster than the FP-6. I don’t see how you’re calling most of these guns reskins.

            Tac-12 and KSG-12? KSG has more pellets, looks like slightly better range, with Damage it’s a monster. Tac-12 (among others) does something many other many had wished shotguns did before. Smart Choke. Tighten up the ADS spread of pellets. Otherwise the weapons look similar. Is that your point? Still not a reskin.

            Bulldog vs. Ranger. You must have hated being killed by shotguns. Bulldog is a completely different breed to the Ranger. Both shred your face up close, yes (like just about EVERY SHOTGUN IN EVERY GAME EVER) but the Ranger has a ridiculous DPS(hot) of up to 450 damage per pull of the trigger. And it fires very fast. Akimbo Rangers vs. Juggernaut Maniac would be no contest. It’d be a dead Maniac. Bulldog is less powerful, semi auto 6/9 shot, reloads fast (relatively speaking). These weapons aren’t even in the same league with each other.

            I’ll edit this post as time permits, but since your first example is utter bullshit, I think its fair to say the rest are too. Keep checking back.

            FINAL: There. I’ve addressed every weapon comparison you could manage to throw out. Hope you like reading.

  23. Whoever makes this years Cod just give one thing: at least 40 players lobbies with ghosts size-type maps and more weapons!!!!!

  24. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. Happy that Treyarch has more time make an awesome game or sad because it will take one more year before we can play it.