Activision has just confirmed Sledgehammer Games is working on Call of Duty 2014. Activision CEO has announced that Activision is transitioning into a 3 year development cycle for Call of Duty franchise to allow for better game development and DLC for other games.

Here’s a statement from Sledgehammer Games:

Five years ago, we started on the most exciting journey of our careers. Sledgehammer Games was built around a singular goal – to create world-class interactive entertainment that entertains millions of fans around the world. We have a passion for creating games and a team dedicated to achieving excellence in everything that we do.

Having the honor of developing the new, next generation of Call of Duty is a developer’s dream come true. All of us here at Sledgehammer Games have a shared vision to create the best work of our lives. The next Call of Duty represents a new era for this amazing franchise, and we look forward to sharing what we have been working on.

Today is just the beginning, there is so much more to come!

Activision CEO said he has full confidence in Sledgehammer Games to deliver one of the best Call of Duty titles ever.

“This will give our designers more time to envision and innovate for each title. Simultaneously, it will give our content creators more focus on DLC and micro-DLC which, as you know, have become large and high-margin opportunities and significant engagement drivers,” Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said during an annual earnings call today. “Finally, we’ll give our teams more time to polish, helping ensure we deliver the best possible experience to our fans – each and every time.”

Hirshberg went on to say that Activision “needed a third studio capable of delivering the level of excellence required for the West’s biggest interactive entertainment franchise” and that Sledgehammer Games fits the bill. “They demonstrated their skill on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and on their past highly-rated games.”

Activision CEO has stated that more information regarding Sledgehammer’s title will be announced in the months ahead. With this new 3 year development cycle, Treyarch fans will have to wait till 2015 for the next Treyarch title.



    • Why?… This is good news, this means every COD developer will have 1 more year to polish their game before release!

      • Yeah, but why did Sledgehammer get dibs on this year when they don’t even have enough staff? Is Treyarch making a new engine or something?

        • No, every Cod has the same engine. the next Cod games will all use the new Ghost engine (but an improved version) Sledgehammer is apparently making a new MW game. I hate that idea but at least Treyarchs next game will be AMAZING now since they have an extra year, and they don’t have to rush the game

        • dont forget Mikester that these guys made Dead Space and Dead Space 2. i know, its a very different game comparing to COD being a 3rd person, horror and all but they know their shit. just believe in their ability to make a game a little bit and i think they’ll come through with more than just a decent COD title.

          • thank you. infinity ward is what i believe murdered MW3. i think sledge hammer stopped it from being worse.

          • yeah pretty much. i mean, maybe its SH that saved it from being worse, who knows. there are a lot going on behind the scenes that we never see. i believe in those things personally.

      • Yay useless Bowlshit. That is what Treyark thinks they just released a new dlc they aren’t going to work on the new cod until it’s due. They r acting like kids with homework to read over the summer. They don’t do it until it’s the day before in this case the year before so when call of duty 11 ( or unknown/blacksmith) comes out Treyark is going to have lots and lots of work to do. Ps if quick scoping isn’t in this one either I will kill somebody not in the game 😐

    • If it’s MW4 some guy on this comment section is going to eat his shirt. Screenshot it too and make him keep his promise lol

    • I don’t care what others have been saying that a ‘future’ warfare game would be bad for CoD. I think it would be sick.

      Not quite lasers, but not bullets either. Something unique to CoD. Or throw in some mechs like Titanfall. Some wall riding as well.

      • I guess we’ll have to see what sledgehammer brings to the table , honestly though ..gutted ! personally after buying a PS4 on release for Ghosts ( big mistake ) I am eagerly awaiting a next Gen Treyarch
        title , until then i’ll carry on killing for Vsat’s 😉

    • I’m not sure if they can make a MW4 game. If they don’t have permission from Infinity Ward/whoever has they rights of the copyright will be a discussion at some point in time.

    • I thought zombies ended in Bo2? I mean I could be wrong but treyarch did make it seem they weren’t going to make anymore zombie maps.

      • Zombies hasn’t ended. If anything they opened a whole new world of possibilities, which is why it sucks that we have to wait another fucking year.

        • Actually, I’ll give you some insider information that I got from a pretty reliable source. It’s not much, but it’s pretty big. The entirety of zombies will be concluded by the end of BO3. Also, there is a very important character that has a huge role in the whole storyline, and we weren’t introduced to them yet, an unknown Mexican. I don’t know who the Mexican is and I don’t know the details because the person who told me all of this didn’t know a lot either. The big thing is, though, that the zombie storyline along with zombies itself will conclude in BO3.

          • As long as Activision can make money, Zombies isn’t ending. The specific Mexican that you’re talking about is from Richtofen’s journal from World at War. This isn’t “insider information,” this is speculation from reading some of the backstory.

          • No, it’s a different Mexican. I’m familiar with the backstory. You’ll see in due time.

    • they better not use the time to just make more micro transactions i will be so pissed if they do, i want more if they are taking more time, like more zombie maps, and more weapons on every part of the game. longer campaign. if they take the extra year and we get the same amount of content im saying fuck it completely and not playing call of duty anymore, i want at least 2 or 3 FULL zombie maps on launch, and at least 2 zombies maps every dlc. i just know activision after playing there game for so long and have a bad feeling this will only be used to make more micro transactions like the guy in the interview said in the article…

  1. Interesting. We wont really be able to tell if this is a good or bad thing until we’ve both got Sledgehammer’s and Treyarch’s game to see the quality of those games.
    One thing I’m just hoping is that Sledgehammer will make their own sub-series. FFS, don’t make MW4…
    But an extra year should definitely improve the quality of all games. One thing I’m hoping is mayor engine changes each game, similar to what DICE does with BattleField.

    • Because of sledgehammers involvment lmfao WRONG. Mw3 was garbage because of iw. A new developer making the entire game is exactly what this franchise needs.

        • WaW and Bo1 was amazing? Pfft. That’s your opinion. You know what the franchise needs..? I company who isn’t lazy as fuck and knows how to net code. Period.

          • hey buddy, step off of Treyarcs ass. HAVE YOU EVER CREATED A GAME? NO! its hard shit. and all the COD games have a specific timeline. It’s not that they got lazy, they just ran out of time

          • No I haven’t created a game..? No shit. I can’t state something that is basically a fact. The fact that IW and Treyarch reuse gun sounds, map layouts. Are small examples of pure laziness. IW takes FOREVER to release patches and when they do they don’t address everything. You know how long it took to bring in the competitive Clan v Clan..? The fact that they still haven’t nerfed danger close still amazes me. Alot of people just accept that when they say they will fix something it just means “Oh we’re covering our ass for now so we can fix it later in 3 weeks.” Treyarch is good at bringing back old maps also why in the hell would you pay $50 for a season pass to get reskinned DLC maps..? Don’t attack me when it’s obvious that these two companies are lazy compared to how they were during their prime. These companies are killing COD not us

          • Have you looked at the guns on the game? They are not the same for a majority of them, all snipers were new, new AR’s, new SMG’s. This means different sounds.

            They use the same maps because the fans loved those maps. Studio was amazing, same with Take Off. Fans have asked for reskins of maps. Reskins still take time though, you have to change textures and theme.

            Also, you having not created a game means you don’t know what all it takes to make one. It takes new textures, new models, new layouts, coding, etc. That is just some of the stuff that goes into making a game.

          • BO1 is along with COD4 the best in the COD franchise. what are you even talking about? which game are you gonna present me as better than BO1? MW3? MW2? or Ghosts? hell, even other FPS gaming franchises couldnt compete with BO1 quality and still cant even to this day.

          • We’re all entitled to our opinion of course but I completely disagree with you. BO1 was complete shit! Treyarch still, to this day, have yet to make a game with good hit detection. BO1 maps were shit, the gun sounds were laughably bad, the Ghost perk took camping to a whole new level and the killstreaks were shit!. The only good things about BO1 were Array, Firing Range, the Tomahawk and the Chopper Gunner killstreak.

          • no need for that. read your comment again after 5 years and you’ll see what i mean. cause i dont think you’ll be able to see it now.

          • I see everything very clearly now so nothing will have changed in 5 years; BO1 will still be crap! But because my opinion differs from yours that means I have no brain? Lol ok kid!

        • I agree. I think COD have kinda made too many games recently about modern times; a waw 2 would be the refreshment in the series that everyone wants.

    • Sledgehammer was only involved with the campaign which was really good, the MP was ruin by IW, so I don’t know why everyone is bashing on them when we haven’t even seen anything

    • There’s perks to counter thermals. Big maps are way better than SMG spamfests, quickscoping can’t be killed without killing default sniping (see the nerf to snipers on Ghosts) and Tactical Insertions are gone forever.

  2. Finally!!!! Gayarch and iw are so washed up there games are dull and boring. Ghosts being the most boring cod to date.

  3. I will not be buying the 2014 Call of Duty game. As of this information I just can’t take it with Activision’s bullshit anymore. I personally like Treyarch games. I can deal with Infinity Ward. But not Sledgehammer, they made MW3 and that is unforgivable. They will just fuck it up. Activision is going to give a studio with only one game on their hands, (mind you it sucked), the opportunity to make a next-gen version that is as good as the Halo game coming out, and Titanfall? Have you no shame Activison?

    • ”I can deal with Infinity Ward. But not Sledgehammer, they made MW3 and that is unforgivable.”
      They made it together with Infinity Ward.
      They also had to jump in on MW3 while they were already working on a action-adventure Call of Duty, and it was their first FPS experience, so give them a break.

  4. As long as they don’t lie about dedicated servers like IW and fix the terrible spawns they’ve got my $. Infinity ward fucked Ghosts. And i would like to never see them make another Call of Duty again. The game is so frustrating now of how the multiplayer runs.

    • The spawns on Ghosts aren’t random – the problem is that they are so related to teammates that even if there’s an enemy nearby, it will spawn you as long as you aren’t on its line of sight. He can be even around the corner, but as long as teammates are near it, you’ll spawn on it and have to deal with the enemy.

      I haven’t been killed by a bad spawn since forever I think.

  5. I love CoD and this is just my opinion. I want to be excited for it but I’m really not. I know I should give Sledgehammer a chance but CoD really isn’t that interesting for me any more. The campaigns are getting increasingly dull each year and multiplayer is just a complete shambles. I loved Zombies, and Extinction has turned out rather good but there’s just no way Sledgehammer will be able to come up with anything on the same level, saying that after Survival on MW3. Don’t want to lose faith in the franchise but I think Ghosts is probably my last year for Call of Duty. It’s had it’s day but it’s getting boring now. I’d rather IW/3arc/SHG worked together on a worldwide Call Of Duty online game or something. At least then we’d have all the best parts of games we do like instead of new stuff which we don’t. That’s just my thoughts though.

    • I respect your thoughts man. I feel kinda the same way,but to tell you the truth Sledgehammer has been working on it for years and its their first Cod,i dont know but unlike IW i actually have faith in them. On the other hand,we have Treyarch,which in my opinion has raised the bar with every new cod it whith the fact the 3 companies will have 1+ year to dedicate themselves to Cod,im actually optimistic for its future and that the level can be raised.

      • I’m not going to say I won’t buy it, because that’s really immature as we haven’t seen what they’re coming out with, but if it’s just going to be another ‘futuristic’ game, I think I will most likely leave it, as it will just be the same thing we’ve had for the past few years. We’ll have to see what they can bring to the table. I think if we can stop with all the futuristic plots and go backwards a little, maybe another WW1/WW2 era game, that would be a bit more appealing to me. I don’t think we’ve had a game set in the past since BO1 so it would be good to have some older weapons. I have very little hope for the side game mode. Considering the best they could do last time was Survival, there’s not much else left for them to try. I don’t know, we’ll see what they’re doing April/May. It might look alright but I’m not getting my hopes up. I respect your thoughts as well man.

        • You re very right. I mean its something we havent seen before from this studio. who knows really? time will tell although from what i heard its Treyarch who will be focusing on ww2 next year,whereas SHG might do mw4,which to tell you the truth im ok with, because Captain F***ng Price, thats why haha.

          • Yeah, I made a video about the possibility of BO3 being set during WW2. Was tempted to take it down after reading this but I guess the information could still be right, just not for this year. Aha, anything with Captain Price, count me in!

          • Yeah ive heard about that rumour too,something about a soldier in 29th division on ww2 connected to woods and mason???? well time will tell ;). to tell you the truth, i might be more excited for cod since cod4 because now that both Shg and 3arch have seen the mistakes of ghosts,they can make the games even better!!

  6. Was iffy about the rumors of this but I’m sure in time I’ll warm up to the idea. As for everyone saying they won’t buy it, maybe some of you won’t, but the majority will like every year lol. Calm down, we don’t even know what’s gonna happen, give it a chance.

  7. I dont know if this is a good or a bad thing and i am not going to judge it. I was hoping it would be treyarch because my friends and I enjoy treyarch games. Lets see how sledgehammer does… *crosses fingers

  8. If it’s MW4, I’ll eat my shirt. Someone better screencaps this so he/she can make me hold my promise! We’ll see around may, we’ll see…

  9. wow everybody’s acting like a bunch of babies, how do you know this years COD is going to suck if we know nothing about it, just cause sledgehammer is developing doesn’t mean its going to be the worst cod ever. give them a chance or just don’t buy their game at all, gives treyarch enough time to perfect their cod. for me I’m looking forward to what sledgehammer has to offer for call of duty!

  10. I believe this is going to be a brand new Call of Duty and I don’t mean like another year another Call of Duty I mean like a new story not MW4 or BlackOps3/WAW2 that’s Treyarch. Sledgehammer Game said ” a new era ” so it’s a whole new game maybe even an actual new engine an multiplayer and not something like Ghosts.

  11. Unlike most of the comment, i absolutely loved MW3!! I think Sledgehammer could sort out the franchise for the better! I’m excited for it!

    • Most people hated MW3 because it was pretty much just a fix to MW2. I didn’t play (or liked) MW2 for the matter, and I had fun with MW3, but I didn’t think it was THAT awesome.

  12. All these people saying they won’t buy it, come on. I’m really not keen on the idea at all but lets see what they have to offer before giving them all this hate.

  13. I’m sorry but what the fuck. Treyarch’s games are the ONE THING that I looked forward to in the Call of Duty franchise. I’m not waiting 3 years in between games and I know that a lot of other people wouldn’t want to either. I can see this affecting sales and the games having smaller budgets to make up for them.

  14. Their work on MW3 left a lot to be desired. I am going to guess that they are making MW4, it will be interesting to see what they come up with but my hopes are not set very high.

    The only pro of this is that Treyarch now has more time to make a better, true next-fen CoD game.

    • Don’t know how they are going to continue MW3 campaign without either a prequel or bringing Ghost and Roach back, because the 141 would have little to no members (personally hate how IW attaches you to a character then kills em off).

  15. Honestly if anyone thinks a treyarch cod is gonna save the series they are dead wrong. Isn’t that what we said about bo2 and that game turned out to be a fail? Lmao I’m giving a sledgehammer a chance and before I get a bunch hate from a bunch of treyarch fan girls sledgehammer didn’t make the multiplayer for mw3 it was IW. Sledgehammer did the single player. Rant over.

  16. It’s funny how people still support Treyarchs games even they have shitty hit detection, poorly implemented lag comp and broken camera angles.

    • Yeah but most cod games are like that. Treyarch games have better fast paced acting and always kick ass. IW sucked with Ghosts. Ghosts is the shittiest Cod iv’e played, the only good thing with it is the guns. Which BO2 sucked with.

      • False. bo1, bo2 and mw3 were the only cods with netcode and connections issues. treyarch hasnt made a good connection cod since WaW. Alao bo1 was slow paced as hell and the maps were smaller!! all people did in that game was hide with ghost pro

        • Actually I’ve recently been playing a lot of BO1, and I can deny that argument. To me, BO1 has the funnest MP. It all depends on the gamemodes you play. Not once in BO1 have I ragequit over campers. Not before MW3, not after Ghosts. But for some reason when I play BO2 and Ghosts, I rage due mostly campers.

  17. Activision never listen to the community! We want treyarc to make world at war 2 prequal to black ops with kick ass zombies!

  18. Well, I’ve never been the type to down talk new games so once I buy it and see how It is I’ll have an opinion. I really dislike Ghosts though for the simple fact that the health and the maps killed it. Even if you’re playing passive everyone is still afraid to move around because you die quickly. Most of time you’ll find yourself living long enough to become a camper.

  19. With a 3 year cycle people will think it’ll be better. It might but you don’t want to wait 3 years to know what happens in the storyline. By the time Ghosts 2 comes out nobody will want it. Same with what ever SHG and Treyarch. I’m going with Destiny this yeah and maybe the next cod game.

    • And that attitude is part of the reason why they can keep putting out awful titles like Ghosts. Or really anything that’s been the decline starting with MW3.

      • the quality has been only dropped from IW in 2 games in a row. i didnt see anything wrong with Treyarch games. and bth BO2 is a great game cause it has support for competitive, its quality and polishing is great, its quantity of things to do in game is huge, the PC port was great with the FOV sliders and all the good stuff, the balancing was spot on and the thematic in both singleplayer and multiplayer is solid. my only complain is that they substituted their unique way of making maps for a very bad “small maps = more action” which just made the game not so fun for many such myself. but other than just a complain, what else do you have to say? nothing.

        ps: just in case you were to bash on IW and not Treyarch at all consider this message as non-existent. but you said awful titles like Ghosts not clarifying the titles you were bashing and thats why i went on this big rant. have a good day sir.

        • Well, I was meaning moreso from a publishing standpoint, meaning Activision.

          Black Ops 2 became way too fast paced for my liking, with maps that most often boiled down to close range rat mazes that had no logic. I eventually grew to deal with it, but for a spell, I’d considered it the worst CoD I’d played.

          Then Ghosts happened. Oh man, Ghosts made Black Ops 2 look like CoD4 in its prime. The throwaway killstreaks that weren’t worth getting, much less using. The atrocious map design that and I can’t believe I’m saying this for a CoD game, were too big. The implementation of DMRs. I could go on and on.

          The last straw was being shuffled into hacked lobbies only four days after the game had been released. Four days. That’s sad even for an IW title. First time I ever rid myself of a game I paid 60 bucks so soon after buying it.

          At least Treyarch tries to change things up, mechanically in both single and multi-player, whereas Ghosts was so absolutely run of the mill, yet not even playable. Just sit with your DMR or Sniper Rifle with your dog. and IEDs. There’s the game. The kids love it.

          • well BO2 was a great game if you take out the maps. other than that the game was solid and there were 2-3 maps that actually played as classic COD maps that we’ve grew to know from COD4 and BO1. so it was more than tolerable imo. as for Ghosts, copy and paste MW3 with some tweaks + add horribly huge maps that arent meant for a COD game and there you have it.

          • You really are a fucking retard! Exactly how is Ghosts a copy and paste version of MW3?
            People complained that MW3 maps were too small and now Ghosts maps are too big. They have different weapons, different perk structure, different killstreaks etc.etc.
            So how on earth are they the same?

          • – same engine. literally, same engine. same lighting, same textures, same all. didnt even bothered to change them a bit like Treyarch did with BO1 to BO2 change.

            – they promised us a new thematic but since the engine is the same and its in this same era as MW3 just a few years after its feels like i’m playing MW3.1

            – every COD has small changes when it comes to gameplay. whether its the pace that changes a bit cause of smaller or bigger maps, or the handling of the guns etc. MW3 = Ghosts in terms of gameplay. no change whatsoever.

            – the menus and such are structured in the exact same way as in MW3.

            – gun reskins

            its not me but you being a fucking retard for not seeing any of those. you are either a blind IW fanboy or just plain retarded which wouldnt surprise me at all.

          • – Every CoD has used the same engine with a few minor tweaks here and there not just MW3 and Ghosts. There’s no doubt they made Ghosts using a brighter pallet than they did for MW3.

            – I don’t remember anyone promising a new thematic but either way though does it really matter? Ghosts is set in the modern era (which many people wanted myself included) and it has a whole new story with new characters.

            – The pace of Ghosts couldn’t be any further from MW3’s. Ghosts is much, much slower due to the larger maps. MW3’s pace is very fast as all the maps are small.

            – The gun skins are almost all different.

            Like I said, I’ve owned every CoD since MW so I’m hardly an IW fanboy although I do prefer their games over Treyarch’s. I can understand people saying MW3 was a copy and paste of MW2 but MW3 and Ghosts? You’re either delusional or a Treyarch fanboy.

          • – but thats the point. the minor tweaks that are supposed to be there are absent.

            – yes it matters. else why release a new game and expect us to buy it? i still had MW3 why should i buy its sequel when its the same thing with different name?

            – slower due to the maps…maybe. but as gameplay its the exact same. they didnt even bother changing the running animation. wtf! i’m moving throughout the world at the same speed that i did back in MW3. no other COD has given me that feel.

            – gun reskins. no they arent. look the CM901 in MW3 and compare it to the Remington R5 from Ghosts. the in-game models have no difference. and thats not the only example i could give.

            gj, i own every single one from COD4 and onwards too, but i’ve been playing since the very first one. i loved IW. COD4 is one of fav FPS games of all time, but i really starting resenting them after that. MW2 is mediocre and you know the rest, they suck. its not about me being a 3arc fanboy, which i am, but about me being transformed from an IW fanboy to an IW hater. how can you shift someone’s opinion about your games so much? the answer is…they are keeping messing up real bad.

  20. Judging the comment section, many people are skeptical about SHG next CoD game and would rather want Treyarch doing it and I can’t blame them after the events of MW3.

    Yup, MW3 is arguably the lowest point of the CoD franchise but you know what? I still enjoyed the game throughout its lifetime. Base on the feelings of that game I’m not instantly dismissing them. Like I always do, I’ll wait until more details are announced to make my judgement.

  21. I’ve always preferred IW over Treyarch, but Treyarch did impress me with BO2 and I’m quite skeptical of Sledgehammer… I feel like with MW3, IW had 100% of the creative direction and SHG just had to do whatever they told them to do. Even if COD 2014 is a fail, I’m excited to see what a 3-year dev cycle allows each studio to do.

    • Name me one game (apart from cod 4) that is better than the following years teyarch game. Go camp your ass off in camper paradise, mw2, camp-happy, mw3, camp-aholic, ghosts? oh fuck the lord all fucking mighty.

  22. its good that they have 3 years now,but shit because i really want another treyarch cod.i really hope that sledgehammer wont do a mw4

  23. I’m giving Sledgehammer a chance. I’m very interested to see what they have in store for the franchise. They’re excited, I’m excited. Plus am I the only one who doesn’t hate on MW3. I mean it wasn’t the best Call of Duty game, but I feel it wasn’t as bad as people make it out. The only thing that bugged me was Assassin and Dead Man’s Hand. Apart from that I enjoyed MW3. Hate me all you want.

    • I play it regularly and can’t believe the hate it gets. I think it’s one of the best CoDs to date because it’s fast paced (unlike Ghosts) and has great hit detection (unlike Treyarch CoDs).

      • All the hit detection depends (mostly) on your internet, get out of the woods and you’ll be fine. IW hit detection is up, everything else is horrid, I think the only fun cod games are: COD4, WaW, MW2 (now, not when it was first out) BO1, BO2. So who gives a shit about hit detection when the game sucks? And BTW fast paced action is Treyarch’s ballgame, I’m always enjoying their games.

        • Actually, Treyarch are notorious for having bad hit detection in their games. It’s in the coding of the game and has NOTHING to do with connection which is a different issue.

          • Do you understand hosting works? And yes I’m aware that treyarch has bad hit detection but it is because ONE person who has a bad connection pulls everyone down. That is the error in the coding.

    • I loved MW3,
      -Best gun levelling system IMO.
      -Most maps seen in a CoD title.
      -Introduction to Assault, Support, Specialist Killstreak system.
      -Face off mode with its own custom maps (My favourite mode).
      -Survival mode was alright, I also liked getting 3 Stars on spec ops. Not to mention the craziness that was Chaos mode.
      -Campaign was a perfect ending to the MW Legacy.
      -And Finally introduction to Elite, I loved having the title with your clan slogan on it and the level of the clan displayed.

      Bad things:
      -The dusty filter they put on it
      -OP MP7, ACR, FMG akimbo.

      • Don’t forget the OP Type 95 haha. MW3 actually offered a lot of cool stuff. It was fast paced, a range of weapons to use, Elite DLC meant monthly content drops to keep the game fresh, Face-Off was an awesome mode and I loved the maps with it, and I agree best Weapon Level system, in order to obtain Gold camo you had to be committed to using that weapon. Sledgehammer should take notes on these features.

          • I bought Elite Premium just after the release of Piazza and Liberation. Piazza was just a great, close quarter, map with a Favela style to it. Liberation offered a more medium-to-long range gunfights, with some CQB action inside the bunker. I also miss Spec Ops. I don’t know why people hated on it. I love the fact you can play missions with a friend. I also miss Team Defender.

      • Support killstreaks. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea on paper.

        Every game you had a ridiculous amount of Stealth Bombers and EMPs traded on both sides. Every game. Some poor sap kid goes 8 and 35, but he calls in some of the most irritating and effective killstreaks in the game. It was the CoD equivalent of a participation medal.

        Yeah. That was a brilliant idea.

        • Rarely happens in TDM but that aside the Support Strike Package should not have had Stealth Bomber in it and EMP should have been 25 or 30 kills instead of 15 or whatever it is. However, the 3 Strike Packages were still a great idea!

        • At least Support on Ghosts isn’t really that lethal, only the Jugg, Helo Scout, Squadmate and MAAWS can actually kill people.

  24. It may be bad at the beginning because SHG may be inexperienced, but i was thinking that it wouldn’t be horrible if CoD took 1 year off to just say “ok, lets build from the top up and think of how we can really bring in some innovation” which is arguably the biggest complaint of fans (they cannot do anything about kids lol)

      • relax, its not about his opinion. he just stated that he wont be buying it. as long as he doesnt give us his opinion about it its ok. but if he had formed an opinion on a game we know nothing about yet then it would be ok for you to bash on him.

        • Firstly, I’m not bashing him I’m merely questioning his reasoning. Secondly, by stating that he isn’t buying the game and opting to wait till next year he is in fact forming an opinion on this years release.

      • I don’t. Stop assuming things. I expected a Treyarch game this year, so I am not buying this year’s Call of Duty.

        So please, stop assuming

        • So what if this years Call of Duty turns out to be the best Call of Duty ever? You still won’t buy it just because it’s not made by Treyarch?

  25. COD Zombies will only come now every 3 years?? Not good. I’m sure there will be an alternative just like Extinction but I get tired of Extinction quickly, while I keep playing zombies regularly. Probably because of the randomness of the zombie game.

  26. Well this is exiting news. For some odd reason i have a good feeling about this one COD coming in 2014. Yes I know SHG helped out with mw3 an it wasn’t the best experience, but SH working on their OWN COD title should be interesting. For those of you that dont know we are I THINK 3 months away from a new COD trailer. I’m going to wait it out on this one. If I think it’s good in definitely going to get it. Hopefully SH gives more ATTENTION to the community an listens to them and doesn’t bring the BULLSHIT into the COD game.

  27. I hope we see one last Modern Warfare Title or at least something in that time period then a WW2 game in 2015 by Treyarch

  28. Everyone 2 months ago: “Man we need another Dev so they can each get 3 years to work on a game”
    Gets a new dev.

  29. This is really disappointing since i was hoping for Treyarch’s game this year. But i’m hoping this Sledgehammer game has had 3 years of development itself and will be Xbox 1/PS4 exclusive.
    Knowing that it was designed from the ground up to be next generation is the only thing that will give me hope for this. They can’t afford to have two mediocre CoD titles released back to back.

  30. I feel this will give more time for treyarch to create a better game and learn from their mistakes in the past (BO 2), Although CoD is slowly dying, treyarch should bring it alive by 2015! 😀 😀

  31. I wanted Treyarch to make the game this year, but I think we should at least give Sludgehammer a chance. And that will give Treyarch another year and IW more time for their next title so they can make on the doesn’t suck.

  32. Simultaneously, it will give our content creators more focus on DLC and micro-DLC which, as you know, have become large and high-margin opportunities and significant engagement drivers,”

    ^^^this should deeply disturb every fellow COD fan.

      • I feel like that’s exactly where they’re headed! “High-margin opportunities” my man. Now I know all DLC (besides map packs) has been purely cosmetic up til this point, but I feel like the pay-to-win could be right around the corner.

        • Probably not. Call of Dutys business model doesn’t really support the need for pay-to-win micro transactions. The brand itself is a household name. I could see a lot of customization options (Camos, Ghosts Create-a-Soldier items) being micro transactions, but the overall game itself does too well, is too big and generates enough revenue to not need pay-to-win.

          • actually it would generate less revenue if it was pay-to-win since this business model turns off a lot of people that play games, including me. so having such a huge audience, the COD franchise that is, it would lose so many customers the moment it would become pay-to-win. so in the end it would generate way less revenue than it does now. they wont do it, they know it wont work.

          • $1 to buy a new SMG or AR and you won’t do it? Maybe you wont, Buddha, but there are a LOT of whiny 12 year olds who would.

          • Judging a business for making money is no different than judging a human for breathing.

            I’m saying the pay-to-win microtransaction business model is irrelevant to a franchise thesize of CoD.

          • You kind of supported my argument there- all businesses try to make money. And if they have some accountant who says “more people will end up buying DLC than not playing COD anymore,” you can bet your ass they will go to a pay-to-win.

            But, I hope you’re right, I hope they DON’T do this, I was just trying to offer some food for thought.

          • Food for thought is fine, but I’m telling you I seriously doubt they would go pay-to-win because of how widespread Call of Duty has become.

            CoD can still charge $15 per DLC drop, offer a season pass at a laughable discount (even though I said laughable, I purchased it, FYI), they can turn Camo, customization options (Create-a-Soldier type equipment), and bonuses (like the wolf skin) into micro transactions…. but they would upset a large, established fan base if they were to, for example, offer Ghosts DLC weapons at $5 purchases to people who didn’t even buy the DLC or season pass.

            If CoD turned PTW, I’d be out the door faster than you could say, “Who set fire to Activision’s HQ?” And I wouldn’t be alone.

  33. wait, wait a second. its Aliens for IW and Zombies for Treyarch. so what is it gonna be for SH Games? Dino mode? that would be insane but thinking that they have made the first 2 Dead Space games its not such an insane thought…ok, now i got excited!

    • I’m not Treyarchs biggest fan. It seems to me more people say they are mad about no zombies than they are anything else in previous 3arc games.

      Edit: Could it be because IW already gave us good hit detection, a variety of map configurations beyond run & gun, the best weapon balance since CoD4, etc. and people are just in denial?

          • They were the best we had seen up until that point. The best before MW3 were in MW2. The BO2 KSG was satisfying to use when you weren’t being destroyed by lag (my experiences).

            Meaning the worst shotgun in MW3 was better than the abomination that was the HS10.



    COD community Logic

    • It’s because every new cod (except for BO1) sucks so people keep realizing how much better the previous one is. Ghosts will always suck though.

  35. Ghosts is pure dog shit and i’ll bet they’re putting out a rehash of that garbage. 2013 was the beginning of the end for cod.

  36. Well, there’s TitanFall coming out, and the developpers of that game are the old developpers of Call Of Duty back in the day, when Call Of Duty was “good”

  37. cod ghost is the worst cod game ever and there gonna let them make the next one? i for one will NOT BUY IT. wow activision knows how to dissipoint us! im so mad

  38. This is what I think sledge hammer is making the next call of duty. We now know that sledge hammer would take a big risk making a new game but with the evidence of black ops 3 on websites o myself “I know sledge hammer isn’t making a new game but the game they are currently working on isn’t confirmed” so what if they are going to make cod black ops 3 while Treyark starts a new series so sledge hammer gets an extra two years after release to either work on black ops four or a new cod all together while black ops being the one knowing more makes a brand new series this would be logical and effective just like the theory of it taking modern warfare 4… Even if it’s not all that modern… We’ll that’s what I think and that’s what I believe.

  39. They need to make a brand new engine from scratch for xbone/ps4.Look at ghosts on xbox one,not very next gen is it?No point in using an old engine with updated parts for a next generation system.Anyway this cod will be no better than what we have seen already,they need to make some serious changes for a lot of issues they have and i cant see that being done with this one.
    I hope treyarch go back to ww2 era,i did not like blops2, it was too futuristic for cod.Go back to where it all started,thats what made it good.There is too much bullshit in cod nowadays,too many customizations,perks,kill streaks.Go back and make it simple and fun again.Also go back and make decent maps like the ones from waw/mw/blops1 they were the best maps we ever got.Everything now is too clustered and has too many path ways.

    I would honestly pay $100 for an updated version of blops1 on next generation.Get rid of second chance and rc-xd,the lag will be sorted with dedis.Easily my fav of the franchise.

  40. Sledgehammer and infinity ward are a joke. Their games suck. They always have and always will. Not wasting more money on a game that’s exactly going to be like ghosts (Which is the worst cod made ever

  41. this makes no sense, mw3 was crap. black ops is easily the best selling version of the game, more people even play bo2 online than ghosts – that says a lot. yet, these fans now have to wait 3 years for their game. also makes things worse for zombie fans, at least multiplayer and campaign fans get their annual dose of a new game, us zombie players have been royally stitched up.

  42. this sucks i was looking forward to new zombies…they better make it worthwhile if its another year, if it comes out and we get the same amount of content ill be done with call of duty, im already done with sledge hammer, i wont be buying advanced warfare, they screwed up mw3 bad in my opinion the maps were so flat and arena like, the weapons felt nerfed, and ive already seen advanced warfare and it just doesnt look like call of duty to me, it looks like some titan fall/halo mix or something not what i want from call of duty, i liked mw, waw, mw 2 and blacks 1 the best, i enjoyed black ops 2 zombies but multiplayer was just ok i couldnt play it all the time over and over like i could the previous titles, i thought zombies was one of the best zombies yet though once the DLC came out and made up for it in alot of ways. with the extra time we better at least get an entire 2 or 3 zombie maps from the start, not one map and some “mini maps” or what ever that bullshit was, and tranzit was bullshit too as the main map total bullshit, the DLC maps made up for the lame start in alot of ways…i want 2 or 3 good zombie maps from the start and at least 2 zombie maps every dlc from the extra time, and more weapons or something, they better not use the extra time just to make more micro transactions just so they can squeeze more money out of us its pathetic, we should get more for our money, i wont buy any micro transactions they are a cheap attempt to make more money out of a game that has already made them millionaires many times over, seriously its pathetic, and im not making them any richer

  43. Goddamn .. no nazi zombies 2014 ?! Waw was the one and only cod .. what about the engine for the gore ? Do you remember ?! I don’t need no ‘sledgehammer – future-war-shit’ without any blood , gore and realistic effects .. plz make World at war 2 or a single nazi zombies cod ..

  44. I would Also buy The Call of Duty what Ever the title is I keep on seeing Worl war 2 “CoD that could be an awesome idea for 2016”