Infinity Ward has announced that the micro items that were set to release today have been delayed till this Thursday, Feb 20th for Xbox platforms.

To learn more about those, visit the link here.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more. There’s no news on when these will release on PSN & PC. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: @InfinityWard



  1. lmao who the hell can go back to that slow ass boring game after playing Titanfall?! First cod I couldn’t even last until the second map pack.

      • Titanfall is a good game though, just like call of duty and battlefield. They are all great games! But his comment is just stupid

    • Keep overhyping your little jetpacks and mechs game. lol

      There’s a lot of people that have posted that they are disappointed with the beta on XB1, & the 360 version hasn’t even shown any gameplay either…

          • “They” as in respawn? They aren’t making it retard. And why would people wanna see footage of the past when the future is next gen. Respawn has nothing to do with the 360 a PORT is being made. Fucking 12 year olds who don’t know shit.

          • I too want to see x360 footage, I am not buying a x1 for just 1 game so I will buy it for the x360, that is if it runs as smooth and looks at least decent

          • Hey buddy why don’t you read the post above yours.


            Titanfall will be perfect for your “ADD issue”… *sigh* lol

          • I love how he stereotypes 12 year olds and automatically assumes you were thinking Respawn were making it. If anything, he’s the retard ‘who don’t know shit’.

          • The fact that you jump right to the defense of them shows you’re 12 because if you were older you would know how annoying they are and how easy they are to spot. 🙂

          • Haha yeah because defending 12 year olds makes me 12. Yes they are annoying in everything made possible but unless you have evidence to back up your statement, your points are invalid.

          • He has 185 comments on a video game site. He has posted consistently for a year. Now I’m not saying he’s a nerd, but why would a man visit a site like this more than a couple times a month, maybe a week? No, only 12 year olds have time to discuss Optic “Scumpii” on a VG site. men fuck girls and go on sites like this in their spare time.

          • Because he’s a hardcore Call of Duty fan like I am? It’s a more logical reason than stereotyping 12 year olds. Also ‘men think about girls’? So your excluding out homosexual men, oh wait don’t tell me, I must be gay because I’m defending gay people.

          • Nope. Big difference. 12 year olds ruin gaming. Gay people don’t hurt anything. Also, it’s easy to tell if someone is 12, and easier to insult them because they are terrible. Gay people are fine by me.

          • I was going by your logic, you claim that I’m defending 12 year olds so I must be one too, so if I’m defending gay people I must be gay too.

          • Don’t you need to go play with your playmobil set rather than playing games that are not suitable for your age group.

          • Don’t you need to go play with your playmobil set rather than playing games that are not suitable for your age group lil boy.

          • Aight well I have better things to do unlike you guys. I know how you 12 year olds love to sit and argue for hours on these sites. Again, Im 20, you guys are not 17 yet. So who shouldn’t be on a 17+ site right now lmao. The way u guys defend urselves makes me laugh. Peace.

          • I think “Avery” has a fetish for 12 year olds.

            I try not to judge people, but a grown man such as Avery hanging around “12 year olds” may be IDK a little creepy.

            But hey that’s just me…

          • Well ur 12 on a website about 17+ gaming. Who’s where they shouldn’t be right now?

          • Then why should they be responsible for releasing anything? Buddy? My ADD issue? Oh my god these 12 year olds. Learn your facts kid… And why do you put lol after all your comments. You are not saying anything remotely funny.

          • Laughing cuz you have 190+ lol. There’s ur proof for both of you. My god. How often do you go to a cod site lmao.

          • It’s a website about Call of Duty, I’m a Call of Duty player. Charlie Intel have a comment system which allows me to discuss with other people about Call of Duty. Oh let me guess, you’re one of those casual players Infinity Ward were talking about.

          • TBH I’m probably older than you.

            As for me “laughing”, it’s good to laugh. It’s good to even laugh at yourself every once in a while.

            Then again IMO it’s better to “laugh” than playing the “12 year olds” card (twice mind you) on somebody that you have never seen… 😉

          • Like I said, no adult spends that much time on a gaming site. 185 comments? What the actual fuck? Kid, I highly doubt you’re 20 years old i mean jesus fucking christ. Keshav posts good content but I guess this is the price I pay for checking it out once in a while.

          • Well obviously you must be older than me, since your posts are much more “mature” than mine.

            BTW what’s with the “anger issues”? F bombs twice in a single post?

            Do conversations about video games really get you that angry?…

          • Alright well I’m gonna let you chill for a little bit.

            I’d talk more, but sadly I’m not 12 (not even remotely close to it).

            Since you seem to be turned on by “12 year olds” maybe you might find a new “friend” around here. If not, well best of luck with that… 🙂

          • Just ignore Avery he’s defiantly 12 or has issues that require him to let out his anger LOL. There is no need to get in a pointless argument, he clearly has no common knowledge to even come up with a decent reply to your comments, so uses insults – this clearly shows his maturity haha.

          • Ali-A, TmarTn, LegendofThunder, chrisjspooner, XboxAhoy, chaosxsilencer, Smosh, Node Studios, SeaNanners, Hutch, Mr Sark, GoldGlove, Mr Ernest Lee, gaming editors for newspapers, blogs and websites, the media, and much more have spent quite some time going on gaming sites, and you still think they must be 12 year olds? My idiot friend, your grammar is terrible.

          • That’s their job, my friend. And sorry I’m not capitalizing and using punctuation, I’m not writing an English Paper. *Many *Run On

          • It doesn’t matter if it’s their job or not, they aren’t 12 year olds so this proves my point against you.

          • Proves ur 12 again. “It doesn’t matter if it’s their job”. Do I need to explain how retarded this comment is? I guess jobs aren’t a good enough reason to go on sites to help u with ur job.

          • You said people who go on gaming sites a lot of the time are 12 year olds, I named a bunch of people who do that and who aren’t 12. I proved my point, and if you still feel you are correct, I feel sorry for how life will go for you. Now I’m gonna go and play some Call of Duty. If you do carry on this argument, I won’t be replying as I have better things to discuss than your idiot logics and your badmouthing.

          • Honestly, get a life. No one what’s to have a pathetic argument with such a stubborn person. Your attitude makes you sound like a 12 year old. I pity you if this is how you are going to be for the rest of your life. HAHA 🙂

          • Keshav isn’t even over 20 he’s like 16 or 17. Age doesn’t what you say but your maturity and common sense will. Yes, stereotypically you can usually tell who’s a 12 year old and who’s not but you can never really know for sure with people these days.

    • Titanfall is a fun game, but as with BF, it’s unfair to compare it to CoD – in fact, it’s unfair to compare the big three to each other (BF, CoD, TF).

      Battlefield is a game of tactics and skill. You need to know how the matches play if you wanna enjoy it, as you do with the planes and helos. You’re not gonna do well in a match simply based on your choice of weapon, you need to move tactically around the map and be prepared for anything.

      CoD is your typical FPS – methodical, yet fast-paced. Skill is required to do well, – most of the time – and you need to know what you’re doing – most of the time. The “most of the time”s are there because CoD is occasionally strewn with stupid weapons, such as the pre-patch MSBS.

      Titanfall is a mad game. It’s fast paced, ridiculously fun to play, but requires barely any skill to play whatsoever. If you’re fighting against another Titan, you just press your buttons hoping to bring him down.

      The guns are easier to use than in CoD, and the bots in game are stupider than the recruit bots in CoD. The parkour mechanics add a great element of verticality, but you’re just pressing “X” (I’ve been playing on my DS4) hoping that you’re gonna end up on a roof and grab that ledge. It’s not a bad game though, I love it.

      • Well said. Can’t speak for TF since im on PS3, but what you said about CoD and BF being two very different games is something not enough people are realizing. They’re both great games in their own way

      • How can you put Titanfall on the same level as COD and BF when hasn’t released yet – we only have the beta. Putting it in “The Big Three” already might be taking it a bit far considering there are other FPS such as Halo and Kill Zone who have large fan bases as well even though they may not be as popular as COD or BF. I understand there is so much hype because it’s made by the creators of MW2 but for all we know it may not last.

        • The same way that BF4 Beta was part of the big three. It was just a beta, not completely out yet. But people still loved the beta! Plus the company it is made by factors in also.
          Not a BF Player Because I’m Poor,

    • Exactly. And also is it a coincidence that they decided to hold off 2 more days to drop the camos, the 2 days left in the Titanfall beta? They must be sh*tting themselves over there knowing it’s coming out very soon and will kill off whoever is left playing their game.

  2. I was looking forward to buying the extra slots (which should have been included from the start), but I’m fine waiting a few more days.

  3. The only reason why they are pushing back the release date on these micro items, is becouse they want to get the most sales on the day they release them, and then the Titanfall beta wont be avaliable to play anymore. Also, they know that the camos are trash, and probably the worst in call of dutys history, so they want to create more hype around it so they can make more money. I cant believe that people actually want to buy these. Its amazing how terrible call of duty have become. Best of luck with these items.

    • You do realise that it’s optional to buy the camos, And even if that was the reason, it’s an extra 2 days, I’m sure people will live. What’s wrong with a company making money? These micro DLCs were popular in Black Ops 2, and that’s why IW are doing the same these items. Don’t tell me, if I asked you ‘Would you do the same in their spot?’ you’d say no when in reality you would. Let me guess, you’re one of those guys who just complains and whines over Call of Duty all year long. Must be sad to live that life.

      • Yes, I do realise that it is optional to buy these idiotic packs. Nothing is wrong with a company making money, but I would prefer that they would but out something that doesnt look like it belong in a 2 year olds room (ducks, and spacecats). If I were asked if “would you do the same in their spot”, I would ofcourse say yes, but I would have come up with a much better idea than a freaking duck camo. I have been a call of duty for a long time. Ive played since the very first one came out, (included United Offencive). And I dont really like to complain to much about call of duty, becouse their community only consists of fanboys that have no idea what they are doing (or saying/typing). And actually, Im pretty happy with my life. Hope this answered your inappropriate last question.

      • Yes, I do realise that it is optional to buy these idiotic packs. Nothing is wrong with a company making money, but I would prefer that they would put out something that doesnt look like it belongs in a 2 year olds room (ducks, and spacecats). If I were asked if “would you do the same in their spot”, I would of course say yes, but I would have come up with a much better idea than a freaking duck camo. I have been a call of duty for a long time. Ive played since the very first one came out, (included United Offencive), which you probably never have heard of. I dont really like to complain to much about call of duty, becouse their community only consists of fanboys that have no idea what they are doing (or saying/typing). And actually, Im pretty happy with my life actually, thanks.

        • Why are the funny camos so bad? Its not battlefield where the color of your camo can make a reasonable difference. Its call of duty, if you’re running and gunning (Like the game should be played” it doesn’t matter what you’re camo is because they’ll see you anyways! Its cod. Not MLG legit final battlefrontfall. Stop being such a baby, they’re intended to be funny, like “Oh that guy killed me, with cats on his gun” *chuckle*

        • 1] Ducky and Space Cats are the only idiotic ones
          2] You have been a Call of Duty what?
          3] It’s Offensive not Offencive, and yes I’ve heard of this Call of Duty expansion pack
          4] I’m not a fanboy I can assure you of that

    • Orrr they could be waiting to coincide with the DLC release on PSN/PC next week.. if I remember correctly, there was only a week between the festive pack last time, maybe it’s happening again.

  4. Seriously IW what are you doing in your offices that a simple micro transaction can’t even make it out the door on time… I was hoping that with the micro transactions there could possible be a update to fix the frame rate stutters, and constant fact that every time I play ghosts it sends me to the spot in campaign mode that I saved 2 weeks ago.

    • It’s because of the Titanfall beta – people aren’t gonna care about the camos if they’re playing Titanfall. They will, however, be back playing Ghosts by the 20th. Just in time for the camos 😉

  5. I’m hoping that along with the camos comes a new in game update as well.

    IW already said that they are gonna be nerfing the C4 Riot Shield combo, and TBH I can’t wait for that to happen…

  6. Fuck the micro transactions! IW needs to concentrate on making the fucking game fun. I’ve never played a game where everyone is a bunch of camping bitches and game design is to blame. Maps are too big, Amplify is OP, Spawns still suck. LegendofThunder said it best on youtube, you know you have a problem with game and map design when FFA and Kill Confirmed matches go the time limit. If all the maps were the size of Strikezone with less rooms to hide in the game might be fun. Titanfall will be a Ghost killer for Xbox and PC users. Unfortunately playstation owners are fucked!! Titanfall will not beat COD but Activision needs to put the pressure on IW to try and fix their fucking game!! Wasting time on stupid micro transactions-greedy fucking company!!

    • I couldnt agree more good sir. You are absolutely right. They need to focus on actually making the game both good, and fun. Just as you have said. Its like they dont even care anymore and just put out a game every year becouse they know it will sell, no matter what.

    • You sir, deserve a cookie. YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. I could care less about the micro transactions, they need to come out with a patch that fixes the REAL issues of the game. For example: FIX THE FUCKING SPAWNS, the game is literally unplayable at time because you spawn and can’t live for more than 5 seconds.

  7. lol IW is too busy playing the Titanfall BETA they cant get these shitty camos out on time. I hope TF really does well because it will push COD to do better. I played TF the last 2 days then put in ghosts….same slow bullshit. camper crouched in the corner thermal scope…camper scans area…looks left, looks right..throws and IED down to cover his ass. scans again, sees me…ads, shoot…lol Im DEAD. fags ruin COD… and its a shame. but TF is a game that needs to be out. COD isn’t being pushed to be better cuz there wasn’t anything better. now the almighty ‘TITAN’ might have some competition in Titanfall…. here’s to a better future with more options?????

    • So you don’t think the TF community is gonna try to ruin TF?

      ^ EVERY community has bad apples.

      Also you’re assuming that TF is gonna push COD, people said the same about BF. Personally I like that different games have different styles.

      BTW I see Destiny being pushed more by TF than anything, since it’s more of a sci-fi game. Turn COD into a Sci-Fi game and trust me you’ll piss off the core fan base…

          • It’s just for fun. All of this is for fun. If you don’t like it, don’t get it. They’re trying to be funny, that’s all

          • Well they’re certainly having a laugh. I remember the days when Call of Duty didn’t have stupid images and then claim them as camos. Sadly those days have passed and Call of Duty is catering more to kids every year. I love Call of Duty, no matter what happens, but this is just ridiculous. I know I don’t have to get them which is thankfully a good thing, but I want a camouflage, not a Peppa Pig poster.

          • It’s for enjoyment, same reason they still have the gold camo around, bragging rights, and frankly, because why the fuck not. Im still waiting for von to become true on his egotistic word and put in the vonderhaar camo, im waiting.

          • Yes but Space Cats? It’s almost like IW think Call of Duty’s community are all 12 year old kids. It’s just ridiculous, and I know it’s for fun and just a game, but this is silly. I guess I’ll still have to wait for the day ‘Create-A-Camo’ comes into the game, then I’m sure we will all be satisfied.

          • How did I say exactly what you said? You were on about Infinity Ward being greedy money whores who don’t care about the community. I replied that it’s a company, and companies want to earn money, and by releasing when people are back playing Call of Duty, they’ll get most out of the sales. Just because I don’t like Space Cats and Ducky doesn’t mean I’m gonna have a cry over a company selling items that I don’t like and trying to make more money off of me. Yes IMO they are silly and feel childish, but that’s just my opinion. If I kept on saying “Oh these aren’t camos, I want military camos” everytime I see a silly camo, I’d get told to go play Battlefield. I love Call of Duty no matter what, and if I have to put up with this, then fine, but when you say that I was bashing your comment and I was saying the same thing you were, that’s to do with you saying in short that IW and Activision are money whores, not to do with my opinions on these camos. If I don’t like it, I won’t buy it. Simple.

          • So then what do you want? Something like a digital camouflage? A lot of people would say that is boring, but others(like you?) would say that it adds to the realism of the game. Personally, I want the game to be as close to real as possible. But majority of the players don’t. They want to have fun and have something that pops.

          • Do you have a survey or evidence to support your statement of ‘majority of the players’? I say this because look back at Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2, they had camos that were realistic, and still the games were fun.

          • I’m not saying that even with the regular camos CoD 4 and MW2 weren’t great games because they were. But the times have changed. Now the CoD community has been overrun with squeakers who will drop the ten bucks for the camos

          • unlike 3arc iw knows how to have fun and plus its optional if u don’t want it don’t get it other people will

          • Actually I’ve been playing COD just as long as you.

            When I see something cheezy such as space cats or Myers, I keep telling myself that they are trying to appeal to the masses, and overall the good stuff outweighs the bad.

            However – If COD ever got jetpacks, mechs, and people running all over walls, then yeah I’d be done with the series.

            All my friends feel the same way too…

        • Not really TBH.

          Get somebody pissed off on certain drugs with a knife and the manic thing is definitely possible. Not once did I ever think of it as Sci-fi…

    • That’s the community’s fault not IW’s. Infinity Ward don’t make the community play the game like pussies. The CoD community make the CoD community play the game like pussies.

        • At least he can be arsed to have one, and calling someone a fag definitely proves your maturity. Thinhtam, welcome to the jungle my friend 🙂

          • lol Jordan. jxb lives on this site… comments on everything everyone says. lol you have to do something productive with your life otherwise you will have those floppy women tits hanging off your chest your whole life. keeping it real bud 🙂 keeping it real. thanks for chiming in…keep commenting Jordan. ill as mature or immature as I want. thanks for noticing. have fun with thinhtam…your team

          • Aww your third comment, bless you child. If I lived on this site, I’ll be a digital form of myself, which I’m not so that’s an invalid point.

          • you don’t want anything to do with Jordan…all he does it start shit with people and be a prick. look at everything he says, he always challenging someone or talking down to them.
            lol kind words unlike some people? u said I might be bad at the game because I was killed by a bitch camper…must have never happened to you huh?! or you must be one of those IED corner camping slugs…btw I don’t buy your second account BS. who makes 2 account for this website? and why would you? you didn’t have your finger in your mouth on your first account pic?

          • I’m a prick for what? Speaking out my opinions? Great logic there, doesn’t like my thoughts on something so make you feel better you call me a prick, great maturity.

          • he’s right you r a prick. you are always arguing with everyone. I can be mature too- suck a pee pee

          • Aww is someone mad because they can’t take someone’s opinion? Bless you for spending time on a username that doesn’t affect me, but great attempt tho.

    • Call Of Duty NEEDS to end this futuristic/ Present Day Thermal & Target Finder crap. Your 100% right on that part. Putting shit like this in the game only encourages inexperienced players to camp their asses off and the disadvantage your’e at even with all these damn perks is just ridiculous. Especially on these huge maps in Ghosts. Sledgehammer has gotta do the COD community right this time around. I think bringing COD back to the early war era is the only way to go to keep it’s older fan base. You’ve gotta reward experienced players not just scrubs with an OP sight.

      • something like WW2/Cold War era war fighting is over. With Evolve, TitanFall, and Destiny, the Future is brighter than ever.

  8. What also is funny is that people were bashing BO2 6 months after launch and now those same people went back to playing it because Ghosts is such a slow playing piece of shit!!! I hope Sledgehammer is listening!!

    • EVERY COD game since COD4 has people bashing the current game (hating on it because it’s popular). Those same people that bashed the current game, will praise it a year later.

      Hang out over on GFaqs and you see stuff happen every year…

    • Ya. Everybody was like “OMG BO2 is the worst cod ever it plays way to fast you can just run and gun”, and then Ghosts comes out and they do a complete 180

  9. Spending more time with crap they can sell to us when they should be worrying about what we have already paid for and are not getting… Why arent the new maps in regular circulation?

    • I would also like an answer to that as well. The new maps are way better than whats in the current rotation. War Hawk aka “CAMP HAWK”, and Prison break aka “Who can get in the guard house quickly” need to go. The new maps are smaller, and give an advantage to people who rush rather than the current ones which have a million hiding spots that are nearly inpenatrable like the room’s in war hawk.

  10. Im probably going to get alot of hate for this, but to be honest with you the worst part about titanfall is the titans themselves. When i saw the titanfall trailers i was more excited for the moving capabilities. The titans are just huge robots that are overpowered towards the pilots and require no skill to use. Not alone mention that you could be going 0-25 and still be averaging 4 titans a game. Respawn needs to fix this somehow. But everything else with titanfall is fantastic!

  11. Woah! Where did all these Titanfall fanboys come from! First of all, this article doesn’t mention 1 thing about Titanfall, so I don’t know why you guys are on about it. Stop comparing CoD to Titanfall, they’re two completely different franchises, in their own sub-genres. Go back to where fanboys came from, and stay there. (Probably came from the Titanfall Blog).

      • No game can be overrated before the release! Why? Because it’s not yet been played by people, only if you count early stages, but that isn’t even the final product.
        Titanfall is not overrated, it’s overhyped, which is a totally different word. You can’t say a game’s overrated if you haven’t played it yet, but you can say that a game is overhyped. And when a game is overhyped, that means that most of the time the guys that are working on them make or made good games before that particular game. A game can be overhyped aswell when there’s a reboot or an announcement for a new game that it’s been “sleeping”, for example, if a new Jak and Daxter or/and a new Crash Bandicoot game was announced. A game been overhyped isn’t a bad thing. The Last of Us was overhyped, and it is the best game I’ve ever played and many other people say that aswell. The Last of Us was overhyped because it was made by Naughty Dog, which are, in my opinion, the best devs out there, along with pretty much every Rockstar dev studio.

        P.S.- I think Titanfall has the reason to be overhyped because first, it’s the old IW dev team, which made incredible games and second, the game is very fun to play. I’ve been playing it pretty much my entire free-time. It’s a “pain in the ass” that I have to go to work, because I wanted to enjoy the game’s beta fully. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that I have a job, OF COURSE, but everyone knows that it’s better when you stay at home doing pretty much nothing xD…

        • Man those are stupid and outright bogus ways to say a game can’t be overrated before release. That’s not true, almost every Call of Duty, or AAA franchise game is looked at as if it’s going to be the greatest game of all time. You may not see it now, but wait until a huge game with an even bigger fan base like Halo or Half-Life is announced. Then start looking at the game and don’t tell me that’s overrated.

          • have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved. Yeah. I think its possible to call a game pre-release overrated.(Thats pulled from google). Like, hypothetically, if GTAV was utter shit(which its not), then GTAV was overrated from the hype before its release. BF is overrated for example.

      • I’ve played the beta and I can tell you that the hype is real and that it is an awesome game. I’m a ps4 user so I will not be playing the full game.

  12. Best thing sledgehammer can do is listen, if they choose to ignore the community we will be playing the same crap come this november.

    • Listen? the damn community wont make their mind up, general terms like MORE BETTER SPAWN, and people bitching about big maps when requested, and small ones when requested. You can’t please anyone anymore.

      • That is sadly true. I just hope Sledgehammer release polls and surveys so they can understand what things we at least like to have.

        • There’s a huge problem with this- impatient 12 year olds want small, simple maps and things like heartbeat sensors/tracker sights, whereas others (like me) want bigger maps with more flanking routes and simpler perks/kill streaks that aren’t OP.

        • I hope either that happens, or more people(not trying to sound like some self imposed bastard) are like me, Im not hard to please, and Im loving the hell out of ghosts(even though i had a drought of not playing it right after launch). I just really hope no shit like bulldog, c4+dangerclose comes into the game, and that resultant balancing ends up underpowering the weapons in its class(the shotguns in this case)

  13. Shit, I wasnt planning on putting money onto this game any further. They really need to focus on what matters like the bullshit spawns. I literally felt bad for killing a guy that spawned right in front of my walk path. Shit is ridiculous. Heavy Duty mode wouldnt be so bad to make a return either. It almost feels as if you’re playing Hardcore mode all round.

  14. I am soooooo excited for the Captain Price Pack. The mustache reticule looks awesome. He was great in the Modern warfare series

  15. LMFAO

    I just took a quick look at the comments below and I literally ate a snack while reading them. Funnier than hell. I love it when a person is like “Ok, I’ve got better things to do rather than just sit here and argue” but then they stay and continue for awhile until the opposite side does the same thing.

  16. I saw a guy with the keegan skin pack earlier.
    But I hope they exclude the big maps from gun game,I ran around the map for atleast a whole minute withought seeing anybody and it was a full lobby! Then I died from a camper. This was on stonehaven.

  17. Just waiting till the December 15th for these to get released on PS3/PS4
    That’s what it feels like waiting a month anyways..

  18. What i really don’t understand is people complain about micro transactions for things like camo that have absolutely no game play advantages just merely cosmetic benefits.

    Also there will always be hate on games like cod because the most popular things always get hated on then another company makes a game like it but slightly different and all the haters flock to the new game and automatically say its better before its even out.

    I know this is a little bit off topic but look at Apple & Samsung, there is so much hate for Apple but it makes tons and tons of money each year. Samsung is pretty much Apple with a different name and all the haters just flock to Samsung and throw hate at Apple fans.

  19. they are going to take advantage of the dumb 10 year olds who will buy this shit. I play Cod but refuse to give them any more money after paying 70 for game (60 originally and the 10 dollar upgrade to X1) and another 50 for season pass. then need to use the money for dedi’s I saw three host migrations today on X1 unacceptable.