Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Elite service will be shutting down completely this Friday, February 28th. Call of Duty Elite was introduced back in Black Ops 1, which it was then in beta stage. It officially launched, alongside a premium membership with MW3. Elite set records for premium subscriptions, getting 1 million in a month. Elite lasted for MW3 and Black Ops 2 and provided a site and apps for all your stats, theater clips, and more.

With the launch of Ghosts, Activision has switched over to Call of Duty App features only, which is free and supports more platforms.

Users who logged into to Call of Duty Elite after Jan 1, 2014 will receive two hours of Double XP in Ghosts in the near future.

As an extra thank-you for supporting Elite, users who have logged into the Call of Duty: Elite service since January 1, 2014 will receive two hours of Double XP in Call of Duty: Ghosts. This special bonus Double XP will show up in your Call of Duty: Ghosts profile soon.

If you’re looking for an FAQ, there’s one available here.

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  1. Damn. I remember the beta for this during Black Ops 1 being one of the coolest things. Unfortunate that they just stopped supporting it.

      • Im still salty over the lack of elite in ghosts, especially since i scraped my way to the top of my own clan without founder to 50, blops2 to 30, for it to be shit down the hole. :c they should of atleast ported the elite clans or something.

    • I remember beta testing it too. I still have my Founder’s card from my Hardened MW3, too. I’ll be wearing the Founder patch on Friday in memory of Elite.

    • I remember it crashing, often losing service for extended periods of time, and not having accurate information… but yea, nostalgia dudes…

    • I do too, man. I was and still am proud to call myself a beta tester and CoD: ELITE founder. I remember telling all my friends about how awesome it was and that if they didn’t have it, to sign up. I ended up having a few friends in the beta with me. lol

          • I mean the article did say that Activision was switching over to the cod app that launched earlier this year for ghost. So their really transferring. I don’t know why their “shutting it down” because it was something to look at but like I said I hardley ever went on elite so it doesn’t matter to me.

  2. It’s doesnt matter to me really. I HARDLEY ever went on COD ELITE. The only time I really went on it was to check my black ops 2 zombies stuff to see what was my most used zombie weapon when I played. I could guess that I went on COD ELITE maybe like 3-4 times out of the time it was up.

    • It wasn’t too great on Black Ops 2. The zombie stats were cool but other than that it didn’t have too much.

  3. Call of Duty Elite and Modern Warfare 3 were the best times. I remember when I was so pumped for Modern Warfare 3, and then to put the cherry on top, Call of Duty Elite got announced. Way better than Ghosts and the Call of Duty App. RIP Call of Duty Elite.

    • MW3 was on paper a fantastic game, but they really dropped the ball when it came to how much Theater messed things up, the obviously overused and arguable OP weapons *Cough* ACR & MP7 *Cough*, and how unbearably closed in maps were. Sure they fixed it with the DLC but they all just felt cluttered and filled with forced choke points, catering to SMG’s and Shotguns.. Face off was the most fun I had since MW2’s launch, but still. Lot’s wrong with the game.

      • In reality, some weapons are stronger than others, so why not use the same OP weapon to balance the playing field? just saying.

      • tbh, i think the striker deserves a say in it too. But i loved mw3, even if people tell me its mw2 reskinned, it was a fun experience nevertheless

        • The creators of call of duty should go back to the old days and stop bringing in this new stuff like ghost and advanced warfare because I am pretty sure most pure cod fans would agree. The new games suck!!!!

    • I agree with you, Call of Duty ELITE is definitely way better than the new Call of Duty app. ELITE has so many more features than it’s successor. I thought I was pissed about not having a theater mode in Ghosts, but this… This is a whole new level of disappointment.

  4. Fuck you activision! Your nothing but trash go fuck yourselfs. I just fucking started a fucking clan, you peices of shit! Ghosts is fucking garbage, black ops 2 and MW3 was the only bearable games you fucktards have EVER made! So instead making games like that you make a fucking TERRIBLE game and then fucking take down call of duty elite. Fuck you activision! Im going back to halo!

    • Well someone’s a little grumpy. Activision are focusing on the future of Call of Duty not the past. Why do you think Sledgehammer are building the next CoD game primarily for 8th Gen? As much as I loved MW3 and even Black Ops 2 at times, those games are over with, even with people still playing on them. It’s not Activision’s fault your 2 years behind.

      • Dont you think its a bit weird that you paid $60 (or more with DLC) for a game and a year or two passes and its suddenly “over”. Like really, they were good games but now its just “over”. I wnat my moneys worth. I think his grumpyness is justified.

        • How many hours have you played CoD? How much does it cost to see a movie in the theater, or even on PPV? Even factoring in the cost of the console, if you play a video game for any length of time you are well getting your money’s worth in entertainment $ vs time, it’s probably the best bargain out there.

          If you’re really that bent about it just GameFly everything.

    • “black ops 2 and MW3 were the only bearable games…” Are you stupid? MW2, BO1, CoD4, are you saying that those aren’t bearable games? Before they were overrun with hackers those were the days! So just because you haven’t played those games don’t say that they weren’t bearable.

  5. since there shutting it down they should unlock all of the mw3 clan emblems for everybody and give everyone all double xp you unlock for ranking up your clan plus the clan rank 50 prestige token

    • I sure hope they do. My clan was unable to unlock our titles and i wasnt able to redeem my code to get the cool bonuses due to all the glitches. After having to pay 60 bucks and still not get the founder benefits, it would be seriously awesome if they would just unlock them for anyone that actually had an elite account.

  6. gutted. used this daily to work off my challenges and check stats. the new app is missing a whole lot of what elite had to offer. this is a step back not forward:(

  7. Watching this game die is sad, “They” just can’t do anything right at the moment.
    Ghosts is shite I absolutely hate the multilayer , BLOPS 2 was bearable (zombies was good) We are just getting tired of it they had a good run made a ton money time for them to go out with at least some dignity

  8. EL|T3 is better than the COD app, it has more features and all your stats are visible unlike the COD app that only shows limited things.

  9. Sucks that Activison is shutting Elite down and making us use this “wonderful” app now instead of an easy web base to check your stats, manage classes and clan stuff. Elite will be missed by the CoD Community

  10. Yeah I was in the beta. I will miss this service. Sure wish there was a site to go along with the app for those of us that cant get the app.

    • Is because it is a double XP weekend, and the time you are playing now counts. So basically for anyone who plays this weekend the double XP from Elite doesn’t matter, your two hours will be consumed.

  11. Ok. On my Black ops 2 my Youtube got unlinked for some reason,And now that elite is Shutdown how would I Link it again using the Call of Duty app?

  12. how to get your ps3 bo2 theater linked with youtube? because elite shut down if i render the video it shows it on the codblackops2 youtube channel
    What can i do?

  13. screw activision elite was great and if they didn’t want to deal with elite just give it to beachhead its not like they have anything else better to do.