Infinity Ward has announced that Season Pass holders will get early access to The Ripper, a brand new weapon. If you’re on Xbox, news about this is coming tomorrow.


Season Pass holders: this is for you. | #cod #callofduty #codghosts

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    • I donยดt think itยดs an exclusive weapon for Xbox season pass users. It will probably release at a later date for the rest of the platforms.

  1. Finally they are doing something good for season pass holders even though i donยดt play this anymore… Much better than those childish cammos.

      • Yeah thatยดs just stupid but watch the bright side of things, atleast you can save yourself from wasting money on DLC since you have a month to see how crap the maps and wepons are. ๐Ÿ˜›

        • I agree and disagree. I agree with what you said about waiting to see if the dlc is worth it. I disagree because if it is a awesome dlc, then I don’t want to wait a month after it is released on Xbox to play it.

        • What about when we get to miss out on stuff like easter eggs on zombies maps, or hilarious glitches? The same could be said with xbox360 too.

      • It’s been like that for the past 6 years, Xbox always gets the DLC first. Deal with it or get an Xbox. NOT SAYING IT’S FAIR, BUT MICROSOFT PAID MORE THAN SONY.

        • Thank You someone who fully understands and does not get all pissed off because Xbox get’s DLC first… Microsoft felt that their fans deserve something Special…

      • Microsoft payed Infinity Ward and Activision to release all DLC and bonus’ on XBOX first or XBOX all together. That is why sony get’s everything late and isn’t promoted as much in videos and advertisements.

      • Because i manage my clanยดs facebook page and we post call of duty news in there, and i like to know what is happening to the game… Why do i even have to give you an explanation anyways. I can do whatever i want on my free time. Why do you watch the news if you are not a politician? (Just an example)

  2. Has nobidy else sussed this is the gun, the powerplant and the Golden gate bridge that drift0r “leaked” as the new call of duty !! lol, utter fail

    • I can definitely see what you mean about the gun, but he said he didn’t actually see the Golden Gate bridge in the gameplay. He said something about a power-plant, and seeing a TV screen with the Golden Gate bridge on it – maybe the map with those pipes is the powerplant.

      I don’t know, but I thought about it too.

      EDIT: He’s said it isn’t the same video.

      • Well the guy on twitter said there was a level on the golden gate bridge. Maybe this isnt the EXACT same as what drift0r saw but something similar. Guess we’ll know for sure tomarrow.

          • how would you know that both are linked? What if the guy on twitter is talking about something else and drift0r is talking about something else too

          • I was saying that if it was the Golden Gate Bridge in the clip (which we know it wasn’t now), they would have never showed it at the Sony Conference because it’s DLC. Therefore, it can’t be the same thing that the Twitter guy mentioned.

          • Not really, the golden gate bridge was also featured in a spec ops MW2 mission. It could have been a coincidence both games have a level in the golden gate bridge. Also, what if the map drift0r saw was still a ghosts map but not for DLC 2, but DLC 3 or DLC 4? Or even a scrapped map while running around with the ripper? Who knows.

          • You’re missing what I’m saying – Activision would never show DLC content at such an important, annual conference as that Sony conference.

            I’m not saying that what the Twitter guy’s boss apparently saw is definitely MW4 and is definitely true, but it’s certainly not DLC content that he saw.

    • I don’t think so for a few reasons:
      1. There’s no sign of the Golden Gate Bridge in this video.
      2. Driftor said the video was a bit blurry and this looks very polished for an alpha stage game.
      3. He also said the weapon he saw in the video didn’t fire so he couldn’t tell if it was an assault rifle or a shotgun.
      It’s way more likely that this is a new gun and map for the next dlc.

      • You clearly didn’t watch his video then. The description and paint version of the image he saw on the weapon are exactly what it was. He got raped. Get over it.

        • Well…you clearly didn’t watch the video.

          This is how Drift0r described the logo on the gun; “It had a symbol on it, similar to an “A” over a “W”. The logo on the Ripper is a “A” alongside a “2”.

          Furthermore, the picture I’ve attached is the stamp on the Ripper compared to the stamp on the Drift0r gun (those are both the exact images).

          Drift0r has even said that they’re not the same. You’ve been raped. Get over it kid.

          • and? Maybe he’s fucking stupid and can’t make out a W or an S. Or maybe they changed it in final development. This is way too similar to what he described as the “new call of duty game” to what he was given. Like he even stated he didn’t know the person at all. The game play from the video above really doesn’t look like ghosts gameplay so I can see why he described something different. He definitely saw this crap and not the new game. Hate to break that to ya. But have fun sitting on his dick some more.

          • Oh dear kid…really, oh dear.

            Firstly, it’s impossible to mistake a vertically arranged stamp for a horizontally arranged stamp, as well as mistake a “2” for a “W”.

            Secondly, you’re judging what Drift0r has said off a 15 second clip. I mean, really? We’ve seen practically nothing to make a valid judgement with.

            Thirdly, I’m just gonna attach the image below.

            You’ve been proved wrong, so please, just stop trying to prove yourself right. You’re making yourself look like an absolute twat.

          • Just for the record nothing has been proven. Neither you nor I are right Mr. Fanboy. Keep fapping to his material though, I’m sure you love that shit. Btw, bye.

          • I’m not a fanboy, I’m not prepared to waste any of my credibility at all on Drift0r.

            What I am prepared to do, however, is to prove sad little kids like you wrong. And, once that’s been achieved (which, if I’m not mistaken, it has been), I’m more than happy to just laugh at your pathetic attempts to fight back.

            Because, let’s face it, you were wrong. The gun in the video and the gun Drift0r described are not alike. Did I say I believed him? Nope. Because I don’t. I’m not prepared to believe anything until I see it.

            But if you’re stupid enough to think that anyone could mistake an “A2” for an “A” over a “W”, whatever they’ve seen whether it be MW4 or simply bullshit, you’re utterly mistaken.

            You’re just sad, stupid and pathetic. You’ve made yourself look even more stupid by trying to prove yourself right. Maybe you should fuck off before you dig yourself any deeper?

          • Henry just ignore the illiterate idiot. We know you are correct he’s just finding stupid ways to make himself look right when clearly he doesn’t know his facts. And he calls drift0r stupid, hahaha, Henry please give him a mirror.

          • Well, if he is correct, we have potential details and info on the next CoD game. I give a shit about the next CoD game.

          • Yeah, true…but a minimal amount of details at that. Nothing getting worked up about. It’s weird when someone defends Driftor to this extent, just as it’s weird when someone makes it a point to attack Driftor to this point.

          • I’m not defending him in the context that I believe he’s right and that the gun he described is in MW4, nor am I attempting to make it look like what he said was true.

            I’m defending him because the gun he described (whether it be real or not), is not similar to the one in the trailer, and to try to make it look like that is stupid.

          • I hope you realize that anyone could mistake make a visual mistake with anything. You’ve got to be a narrow minded dipshit to think that no one makes miscalculations.

          • Just wondering because you can’t be above 11 years old when you use sentences like “You’ve been raped. Get over it kid.” Do you think you think it’s cool to toss around the word rape?

          • I’m not sure if you saw his original comment, but I was repeating the exact phrase same that he used, after he said it against someone else while being wrong. I’d never normally say it (if that makes sense), I was simply mirroring what he said.

            Sorry if I caused any offence.

          • Except I wasn’t talking about this butthurt Henry fuck kid. I was using the word to Drift0r. And then this guys quest to prove me wrong about something so minuscule turned into my entertainment for the day while I trolled the absolute fuck out of him and probably made his blood pressure skyrocket. Seriously, you must have some really bad issues at home for you to get worked up over something so small that doesn’t even fucking matter in life. Thanks for being my entertainment for today though, it did give me a good laugh.

          • You sound mad angry. Please get off your computer and breathe something other than Mountain Dew and Cheetos, lol.

          • If you watch the start of the video look at the black bar underneath the sights, it clearly says “SMG”. Then later on in the video when the unique new sight comes up, the bar changes to “ASLT”. That is why the gun did not fire they are leaving it to us to work it out. I suggest watching Ali-A’s verision of this he tells us where the information was from and a lot more that will answer all your questions.

          • You think Ali-A is the first person to realise this? I saw the SMG/AR the third or fourth time I watched the clip hours ago, as did other people who uploaded images to Twitter and even other YouTubers who mentioned it in their video. Look, all Ali-A is just a glorified CoD fan, who can do no more when it comes to CoD news than anyone else.

            By the way, I didn’t really understand what you meant by “the gun did not fire they are leaving it to us to work it out”. Sorry :/

          • I had my sound on mute when I first watched the video so I thought the gun didn’t fire :/ My bad, and I didn’t say he is the first I’m just saying in my personal opinion that he gives pretty good information about the weapon and I know alot of people hate him, I don’t hate him I just think he is overrated all he’s like a parrot just repeating everything Infinity Ward posts so they will notice him. I know their are alot more commentators and gamers that are 10x better than Ali-A but I don’t know them, I only watch Ali-A because he just shows off DLC I don’t really care what he says because to be honest he talks too much. And I don’t really undertand this drift0r thing and the Golden Gate Bridge can someone explain? Sorry :/

          • With the Golden Gate bridge, someone had previously posted on Twitter that their boss had seen “MW4” (let’s just call it that) at a Sony conference a few days ago. They said that they had been told there were “great physics” and a scene involving the Golden Gate Bridge.

            In Drift0r’s MW4 leak video, he said he didn’t actually see the Golden Gate bridge, however he says he saw a TV screen with what looked like a blurry image of the Golden Gate Bridge on it (there was some writing over the image…can’t remember what).

            People are drawing lines between something that looks like the Golden Gate Bridge in this clip, and the apparent Golden Gate Bridge that Drif0r and the other Twitter user mentioned…however, this is technically ridiculous because Activision would never show Ghosts DLC at an annual, important Sony conference. Hence why I still think that Drift0r didn’t receive a clip of this DLC – whether it’s the next CoD game or not…I don’t know.

          • Ali-A is like TmarTn. What’s going on guys TmarTn here and I’m super excited to bring you some information I took from charlieINTEL website without giving the guys who work on the website any credit. I don’t hate these YouTubers, but I hate them when they don’t give credit where credit is due.

        • I like how people like you try to get out of an argument without reading/listening to other people’s sides by saying “get over it.” You failed whatever you were trying to prove by saying that, lol, and made yourself look like a total fool.

          • An argument? Over a fucking gun in a video game? Don’t make me laugh. If you honestly believe I was truly trying to argue with this kid who got more worked up than a girls first time trying anal then you’re just as pathetic as he is. I was trolling him the whole time because it was very entertaining to see someone get so damn frustrated over a fucking video game. Get over it. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Not only did you fail to make a single point from the 2000+ words you wrote in your replies to HenryDF/Drift0r, but you made yourself look like an absolutely fool the entire time! Haha good job man!

          • You really don’t know what trolling is obviously. Unless you’re trolling me, but I doubt it considering how dumb people really are. Anyways, this was all fun, onto the next one.

    • I was thinking that also but the gun says right on it That it’s an smg/ assault. There are things in it that makes you wonder like the device on the characters arm and the a2 symbol is similar to his aw logo. I doubt that he saw this video.

    • It’s not a dlc it’s a new cod game for next year sledge hammer games will bring out but I don’t really care anymore ghost might be the last game I get I’m going back to sports games at least let us get our shit a week later not a freak’n month dam I spend as much money for playstation and I can’t even get a release date on something that’s all ready out wow

  3. let me guess xbox gets this a month early. Playstation should get this a week later like whth the christmas camo

  4. This is getting stupid now ps4 only just gets onslaught as 1st dlc and xbox is onto 4th set of dlc bits fuck IW money grabbing dicks!

  5. Buy a season pass and then buy all the extra content its a JOKE how they just rip people off now instead of providing a quality experience u get a pretty average boring game less interesting than ever and get charged way more for the privalege GREAT!

  6. They are really pushing hard on all this DLC . Could it be because Titanfall releases next week? Lol! Not enough to get me to go back but at least they are trying.

    • What does this have to do with Titanfall? At the end of Jan we had Onslaught so chances are Devastation will be available at the end of March. Nice attempt to try and bash on Ghosts, I’ll give you that.

        • I didn’t say he was bashing I said ‘Nice attempt to try and bash on Ghosts’. Please read what I actually said before replying, thankyou.

          • But how was he trying? Never spoke bad about it, just subliminally mentioned that he doesn’t play it anymore.

          • He gave me the intention that he was trying to bash on Ghosts. Plus if you have read his comments on previous posts, you can tell he bashes on the game.

      • That doesn’t explain the micro transactions being pumped out so close to each other. I want to like Ghosts, but they lost themselves along to way. Maybe because most of their talent left four years ago or the fact that they bit off more then they could chew with developing for 6 platforms but it is not the same IW from COD4 and MW2. Again before you start calling me names this is just my opinion. Tell me this, why do you like Ghosts so much?

        • Please state where I name called you, because I’m pretty sure I didn’t. As for the micro-transactions, IW brought out 4 new personalization packs, 2 legend packs, and 7 new special characters. Treyarch, around about this time last year, had quite a few of personalization packs released, so the numbers are close. Plus who wouldn’t like to see some extra DLC to the game. You are correct, this isn’t the same IW from back in Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2, anyone can see this. Finally, to answer your last question, I’m not too fond of Ghosts but at the same time I don’t hate Ghosts. There is only one Call of Duty that I will always love no matter what, and that’s Black Ops.

          • I didn’t mean that you did call me a name. I’m just used to getting that from immature kids(some aren’t kids) who don’t know how to have a respectful conversation. I apologize for that. You are right that Treyarch did release Camo micro transaction between regular DLC. I’m just surprised IW released another set of customized characters so close to the last. One would think they would of spread it out a little bit. I agree with BO being a great game. Treyarch seems to nail the fun factor. I guess what I hope for each year is a balance between the two companies. I would love a COD that had the IW gameplay mechanics with Treyarch’s everything else. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

          • What we need is to have Treyarch’s game design and Infinity Ward’s connection as well as some gameplay mechanics. Maybe that’s what we’ll get with Sledgehammer, who knows!

          • IW’s game design made the connection happen… FYI… Also MW3’s multiplayer was just about basically by Sledgehammer, so expect the multiplayer to feel like mw3’s.

          • I read elsewhere that Sledgehammer did the art design and the Campaign. MP was all by the new IW. Check Tmartn’s or Ali-A’s vids. Might be there.

    • Micro DLC = Items that you can buy if you want. Treyarch did this and everything was fine, I hate the DLC camos, but I don’t mind the character customisation.


  8. Does this mean the devastation dlc is coming out this month. I saw someone posted a link to Dutch website stating it will.

  9. I love how the Iron Sights transform into that cool looking Optical attachment. I’ll give you that IW.

  10. Is it me, or does the trailer kinda not look like Ghosts. It just might be a higher resolution, and my old man eyes. Also the optical sight for the gun coming up like that seriously if they can make the game do that then why aren’t there better optical attachments in the game already. The red dot and eotech just look like a cookie cutter paste from previous games.

    • Wtf do you want, some fancy ass rds? Its a sight, if you want to get picky over design, go to bf4, they have like 3 rds.

  11. Pay attention to the maps. Thats what the new dlc is supposed to bring us AKA Devastation. I might get it only if they fix the spawns ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I think this gun is a hybrid between SMG and AR because the Iron SIght says SMG when the sight converts to the future holo sight it switches to ASLT meaning it turns into an AR which makes believe the gun itself also converts into an AR as well

  13. Notice how it changes from an smg to an assault rifle when putting up the sight.
    The words smg change to aslt on that part

  14. The Legend Packs should be free for Season Pass holders…
    but this looks awesome too. Can’t wait to try it out.

  15. It’s an SMG and ASSAULT weapon hybrid. It says so in the video, right under the iron sight it has the following text “SMG” , “ASLT”





    WITH AN ” ^ ” SIMBOL, like he described.

    Sorry 4 caps, I forgot that was turned on, well, this just destroys every MW4 theory yet

  17. Looks like we’re going to get yet ANOTHER gun built in with the damn TRACKER sight!
    How about a normal gun. Like the UMP45. It was shown in the first ever Ghosts gameplay reveal. But it wasn’t in the final game.

  18. the maps are getting better. fog is a classic call of duty map, all the new dlc are good maps.

    it makes me wonder what they were thinking when they made siege, overlord and the rest of maps.

    • I like Overlord, it’s just one of those maps that you come to like. Siege though, is the worst map I’ve ever seen. Maybe if the map was more square rather than rectangle I might like it.

  19. What the f**k? PS3 and PS4 season pass holders should get this early too! I’m f**king sick of Infinity Ward and Microsoft’s bullsh*t! Why the hell did I waste money on a PS3 season pass if I won’t get this stuff until 1 or 2 moths after! This is why I’m fed with the Call Of Duty Ghosts BULLSH*T!!!!!

    • Why should they? The deal has been in place with Microsoft for what, 5 years or so now and you are still getting mad at this?

      It’s an exclusive, if you care so much about it, you should’ve have gotten an Xbox. That’s the point of exclusives.

    • When the guy was ADS with this attachment there is no outline that highlights the enemy, so rather than a Target Finder 3.0, more like a Red Dot Sight 7.0 [And yes I know it’s green and not red ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

  20. Awkward moment… this is a real gun lol its was already glitched into the game and players already have it with dlc camos

    • Are you stating that if it was real and that it would be an awkward moment, or are you stating it’s a weapon in real life? If it’s the latter then please show me some evidence otherwise I have no reason to believe you.

      • Its a gun in the game that is going to be a dlc release and season pass holders get it early but with the patch this morning there was several glitches including getting this gun early but the patch was repatched in a few hours but some people still have the gun if it was on there class already

  21. Hey guys how’s it going my name Ali-A and I just got leaked info on a brand new gun from an unknown source I believe it is called the Ripper

  22. So is this gun going to be exclusive to Season pass holders or can anyone buy it? That would be so cheap if only season pass holders got it, I feel like infinity ward is just out for money at this point. seeing as though this is the first time call of duty didnt seel as much as the previous game.

  23. It’s sounds like drift0r is talking about mw4 possibly. But that has nothing to do with the new maps and the ripper gun we have seen in the new video leak

  24. so sick of this game, i don’t think a new gun with a trash sight for campers is going to make me feel any better about it.

  25. Honestly I can understand the map packs coming out on the ps3 a month or so after the xbox does, but I think it is really stupid that ALL season pass owners aren’t able to get the ripper. It really is unfair, why the hell would we want to buy the PS3 season pass only to have to wait until this gun is available to everyone else on the xbox and ps3???!!! Thanks for thinking this through Infinity Ward…

  26. I have the season pass installed I have all the latest updates, Still the gun shows I when I try to pick it it will tell me to go to the store. Were I don’t find it. An update got installed on 04/06n 04/07 early morning. And still not gun. PS4 version.