UPDATE: This patch has been released on Xbox One & Xbox 360, and Chaos Mode is now out for these consoles. We’ll update when we get patch notes.

A new patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts has been released for PC players. User @JrrizzoYT has sent an image showing that Chaos Mode, previously announced on the Devastation Day stream, is now available in Extinction on all maps. Chaos Mode is round based infinite amount of aliens mode for Extinction.


We’ll update this post when the patch notes are released.

SOURCE:ย @JrrizzoYT




    • …(Not offence meant for the poster of this comment but…)
      Does no one see how fucking ridiculous it is that anyone is happy about “free” content?…The fact that we expect to be charged for even used content is really upsetting

      • I think Mitch was referring more to the fact that Activision (Who just added a shit ton of micro transaction items to milk the game) would offer such an awesome thing for free. It’s a true rarity to see such things in today’s industry.

        • The rarity being the sad part was all I meant, the comment was only focused on that topic to stay “on topic” sorry… I tend to ramble ‘-_-

          • Actually you had to pay for chaos mode lol.. so it wasnt free get your facts straight ๐Ÿ˜€

          • There was a reason he said “actually you HAD to pay for chaos mode” had being past tense, meaning MW3.. Idiot.

          • Can I be the idiot, and you two can peacefully realize you misunderstood each other. It’s really sad to see these cat fights break out over a game.

          • I got my season pass for mw3 free. Season pass members got content at different times usually in small bits earlier than others so I was mistaken, my apologies.

  1. Way to bring back an OLD game type. How about investing in some NEW content and stop reusing old shit that hardly anybody played.

          • Well, you try and hold of against other beings(just like zombies), it has an ending (like zombies, has 4 characters (again… Just like zombies), and oh, what’s this? It has a money system (sigh just like zombies)

          • How is Extinction “shit”? How does Zombies not get boring? It is LITERALLY the same every time on every map. Even the story is as confusing as “shit”. At least the Extinction story makes sense is actually pretty good an in depth unlike Zombies when the whole story line is: It’s a game invented by 2 children during WWII. If IW is soooo bad then why did Treyarch take something so amazing and perfect then take a massive “shit” on it. Still think Zombies is “awesome”?

          • I do agree to this. Extinction is actually better because of the things it does. It has a real rank up system unlike that shit in Black Ops 2. It takes strategy to play maps like Nightfall and Mayday. There’s objectives to the game as well, which makes the game more fun and challenging, unlike Zombies. The money system is different as well, as there is a cap limit in Extinction, unlike Zombies, you also have things like different class setups, the challenges of having Relics and the new edition of the Teeth system. In reality, IW did everything Zombies should have done. Ghosts multiplayer might be terrible, but at least they made a gamemode that is completely original, with original maps, enemies, challenges, etc. I will give them that.

          • While I agree that the Zombies Ranking system did suck, you are wrong about many points. There are several strategies to get high rounds in zombies, and several objectives. Easter Eggs, tomahawks, Origins Challenges, etc. There’s a money cap on Zombies as well, ever tried getting a million? Also, to whoever said that Treyarch “took a shit” on the storyline, you do understand that that is just a new story arc, right? It wasn’t ORIGINALLY a game, but do to the events of the Maxis side of the Buried EE, Samantha is freed, and CHANGES the whole storyline so that IT’S NOW just a game. It’s confusing, but that’s what the fans like. Oh, and it’s “2” maps that you can end by not dying out, not just one.
            I’m not hating on Extinction though, like what you like. Just at least be correct in your argument.

          • If you have a million points in zombies, you don’t need anything but ammo at that point. Extinction ends on a high note. Extinction is harder than any zombies map at any round. Try beating any of the map with 5 relics on. Then try doing it with 3 other people who also have 5 relics on. That takes real strategy and skill. In zombies, the most skill you can have is running in a circle. Try doing that in Extinction. Long story short, Extinction is much better built than zombies ever was. Anyone who has felt the thrill of escaping or killing the Breeder or the Kraken can tell you Extinction is better than zombies. Zombies had a good storyline, but it ended by telling all of its fans that it was all the game of 2 disturbed children. Plus the storyline in zombies is just do a bunch of random shit and then you get some of the storyline in audio. In Extinction, events unfold in the map as you are playing, like in Mayday and Nightfall and then you have intel that clearly shows you what is going on with some backstory. Zombies was fun for its time, but like all great things, it was replaced by something better. I personally can’t wait to see how TreyArch responds to this.

          • Good point. I’m also confused to how Bo2 Zombies works. Didn’t Richtofen blow up Earth after Moon? I’m confused…

          • It takes place after the earth was destroyed. Thats why it was split apart on the cutscene of Die Rise. But it doesn’t even matter, its just the game of 2 sick children anyway…

          • There is no strategy to surviving high round on Zombies. Take Kino Der Toten for example. Wanna survive high rounds by your self? Run around the stage in a circle. Zombies is a fun gamemode, but its major fault was that the AI always followed you no matter what so when people learned how to train it became TOO easy. The AI in Extinction is better as it is impossible to train because no aliens constantly follow you besides the Rhino. I’m not hating on Zombies and I still love it probably just as much or even more than Extinction but I’m pointing out that not everything in Zombies is sooo amazing. At least it’s better than most Co-Op modes than other FPS games. I’m looking at BF4 with their lack of Dinosaurs mode.

          • Yes i do, the same formula is one of the reasons why most people love it, and i dont recall saying i was a fan of BO2 Zombies, more classic zombies – WaW/BO1

          • clearly you are a zombies fanboy, if you had actually played extinction and were good at it you would see that extinction is a lot different to zombies, firstly in every FPS you have to hold off against other beings in MP thats what you do…you kill other people, extinction doesn’t have 4 set characters, it just has up to 4 players, zombies doesn’t have an ending apart from one map, even the money system is different. Then things that extinction have but zombies doesn’t, you can search for extra attachments, money, anything really. There are different kinds of enemies, zombies just have one kind of enemy, There is a class system, you can have sort of streaks that you can buy or the boosters, you get skill points for doing the challenges and can upgrade the class or streak/boosters, theres now the teeth you use to get permanent upgrades. If you think that extinction is shit, you just aren’t playing it right or you’re just simply shit at it. Zombies is a lot different and more simpler and boring really.

          • In Zombies you must discover the story, make strange easter eggs, zombies has no ending, online games like this always have 4 characters, wich is the number of controllers that can be plugged into a console, in zombies money is infinite.

            Aliens has an ending, can be finished, has Skill Point System, and much more.

            I also thought that the game mode would be the same, but after playing it for some time, I know those 2 modes are very different stuff.

    • OLD gametype on a NEW BETTER mode. The strategies will be different and the way you survive will be different. Stop complaining.

    • I know hating COD is the “cool” thing to do atm but Chaos mode for Extinction is just what Extinction needs at the moment…

    • You’re one of those guys who asks for innovation and new things, but then complain about it when you get your wish. Just stop it already would you.

      • Not all innovation is good. This Chaos mode and Extinction are both great, innovative things brought to the game. But stuff like predator and millions of micro-DLC is a step in the wrong direction, IMO. It’s still innovation, it’s just not very good innovation.

        • Yep exactly. It really depends on the community. The Predator can be fun to begin with but then it gets annoying because everyone is CONSTANTLY fighting for the field order and they always use cheap tactics to kill you from getting it. I remember getting a Predator and then I was about to pick it up then BAM! Some guy kills me with a Kastet. Same with the Venom-X in Unearthed, it ruins the flow of the game.

  2. THANK GOD! I thought you’d have to buy the DLC 3 pack to get Chaos mode. Hope you can get Teeth in this game mode! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      • It’s the fault of the third-parties, not the console. If third parties weren’t dicks, everything would be fine.

        • The third party developers don’t see a lot of potential on the Wii U. That’s why they are not developing for it. They don’t see growth and the trend doesn’t look like it will change until Nintendo’s next generation of consoles.

      • Because Disqus doesn’t show the amount of dislikes anymore, I just wanted to tell you that your comment is horrible and useless.

          • Have fun paying too much for a console and then continuously wasting money having to pay for playing online.

          • Lol all your doing is showing how poor you are ยฃ35 for a year is nothing and the console is ยฃ320 again not alot

          • It’s a lot for a minimum wage worker. I have friends working at Burger King and they’re still saving up for a PS4.

          • Lol well they should of done better at school and have better ambitions in life.
            Then they wouldn’t be in that position woul they.

            They could be like me and just buy it!

    • Sell your Wii U and buy a PS4. I assume you have kids who loves Mario but for things like COD, PS4 is the way to go.

      • I have both and think paying for online play on a console is the dumbest thing imaginable. Besides, it’s optimized for every console (excluding PC), so aside from DLC it actually matters the least.

          • I don’t think so…

            I think that if you buy COD you should just buy the DLCs or the game will turn into something for renting.

          • Are you kidding? More people are playing COD without the DLCs. Matchmaking goes down the toilet and people are asking for ways to delete or turn off the DLCs. Just go to the forums and see for yourself.

            I would rather have better matchmaking rather than have new maps.

            A true COD fan would know this. Is this your first COD? It seems like it. Well, speak for yourself but i will never sacrifice connection quality just to have some new shiny maps that the majority doesn’t care about.

          • The majority of people who don’t buy the DLCs have sold the game or just don’t play it.

            And I have the impression that the man you answered at first, is a COD fan, and that he will buy the DLCs.

            I don’t want DLCs to exist, but they do.

    • That’s it! Imma buy another Xbox 360 and buy World at War and Black Ops 2 for it! Oh, and a few other games! (Already have Black Ops 1 installed on Xbox Live account).

      • Black Ops is the best Call of Duty IMO. Never shall I call it ‘Black Ops 1’. It doesn’t deserve to have a ‘1’ to distinguish it from Black Ops 2.

        • I just call it Black Ops 1 to not confuse it with Black Ops 2. When Black Ops 2 came out, just saying Black Ops would make people think of Black Ops 2.

        • Black Ops was not as good as MW2 which was the best CoD IMO, early game was solid until people started exploiting, but honestly, compared to the BS nowadays, a little bit of commando lunging and OMA Noob tubing is manageable, everybody complained and now we get the noob campfest we have today. It’s amazing how one group of people whining and complaining can ruin a really good franchise, cause first went the knifing, and now hit detection is destroyed.

          • ^ Is this guy serious? Poor development – knifing /hit detection – is solely the fault of developers making “poor” design choices.

            Anyway, back to subject matter. Chaos mode is my personal favorite co-op mode from IW. Spec ops missions was my least favorite by far. In the end, all this will still pale in insignificance in light of the fact that the main MP is still riddled with “poor” design choices. Which over shadows any progress made in the eyes of many – hence the not so good user reviews out there that seem to out number the “few” good user reviews. And that makes the “good” reviewers look like they were paid to be “good”. That’s another story.

  4. Why are they adding stuff that should have already been in game since release, wow, shows how lazy IW are, they are still working on the game, it is not finished…. IW, you had a year to make a game, instead, you took it easy and made the worst game, ever.

    • What is wrong with you? They add new game modes all the times in other games and not just CoD. They added Chaos mode after MW3 was released. Man sometimes I swear people hate on IW because everyone else does.

    • They should bring that back if they can fix the spawns it in. Due to the nature of the mode (2 bombs lined up just over the middle of the map), it’s very easy to push the enemy back and get a spawntrap, probably easier than any other mode.

    • It’s one of my favorites. I liked it in MW3 because you could rack up your supports and then unleash them like crazy at the begging of round 3. I actually appreciated the stealth bomber. I think it was well earned and not always easy to target successfully. Those who didn’t like it should realize its easy to hear it coming and take cover. It’s not good for tactical insertion campers

  5. Another news for you guys using Nvidia:

    The new 337.50 BETA drivers have a HUGE improvement for the performance of Ghosts. I feel mine has more polished graphics now.

  6. One thing I don’t get it, why does it say PC and yet the first image shows of this ‘Select Mode’ menu on the 360?

  7. I am ready for this mode for consoles. Extinction is great and all but for players like me who beats the maps on a regular basis this will be a nice breath of fresh air.

  8. MW4
    would have a new cast of characters along with the previous ones that survived
    like Price, Frost etc. MW4 would take place in the year 2020, 3 years after the
    events of World War 3 (MW3) as the world recovers. Frost becomes the Field
    Commander for Delta 6-4 while Price acts a mentor to the new recruitments (The
    New Characters). Terrorist attacks on the world’s biggest cities happen over a
    period of days yet you still don’t know who is leading these attacks. The
    Antagonist of this game is one that acts as a plot twist to the game: You find
    out later in the campaign that the villain in all of this is none other than
    Hassan Al-Asad, the son of Khaled Al-Asad from Call of Duty 4. Over the
    years and the events of Modern Warfare, Hassan has been secretly plotting his
    revenge against our Protagonists, especially against Price, the man who killed
    his father. I would say more, but hopefully you guys like this storyline that I
    am building if there should be a Modern Warfare 4.

    • I found out some better plots online like this one:
      Shepard actually survived the knife to the eye and is rebuilding Shadow Company and he plans to hunt down Price. Ghost survives and you get to play as him as well as Nikolai and maybe Price as you hunt down Shepard once you learn of him being alive.
      Maybe they could incorporate both stories to make it even better?

  9. Why does PSN always get shafted? I understand they have a contract to give maps and DLC for LIVE first but c’mon the PlayStation nation deserve to at least have a well optimized game (like the X-box versions), Patches released at the same time as other platforms, and get these mini additions at the same time as any other platform.