Microsoft has just announced that DLC will be arriving first on Xbox platforms again:

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, developed by Sledgehammer Games (co-developers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3), harnesses the first three-year, all next-gen development cycle in franchise history, and again brings all add-on content first to Xbox.

We sort of saw this coming when Activsion posted that teaser clip yesterday with the Xbox One logo…

SOURCE: Xbox Wire – Major Nelson



  1. why there is no surprise there? i guess its the only good deal for the Xbox if you cant wait for one month! which boggles my mind when i hear people saying that they bought Xbox just for the time exclusive. the box isnt worth it guys…

    • agreed. Hopefully by the time Black Ops 3 hits next year, Activision will wake up and see that there are more PS4 consoles sold than xbox ones, so there will be no need to continue this practice.

      • It does not depend on what activision says about what console sold the most, its about what company gives them more money, which for all this years has been xbox, PSN was given the same opportunity but they didn’t take it…

      • maybe, maybe not. if the game itself is really good then what’s the point of complaining? you are a playing a COD game if its good it is going to last that one more month with ease. big deal. the real exclusives are on the PC and PS4. a month is just time, its not real content.

        • You mean PC? PS4 ain’t got shit and either has Xbox, that’s why both my consoles are collecting dust. Also don’t say PS4 has Infamous and X1 has Titanfall, because Infamous was boring and it’s collecting dust after I completed it and TF is on PC.

      • I think MS and Activision have already a contract. I think that if the contract disappeared, the DLC would get at the same time for both consoles, and not 1st on PS4, due to Sony’s lack of money.

      • I think that COD finishes being the most-sold on PS and Xbox, so I think Activision will just see the money given to them.

      • actually since there has been more ps4’s sold than xbones, activision is talking to sony about signing a contract for early dlc release in the 2015 cod on playstation instead of the usual xbox getting it.

    • I would never buy a console just for a time exclusive (or very rarely a normal exclusive). I buy a console for what I believe will give me the best gaming experience, so I went for the PS4.

      To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the DLC pattern to change. While the PS4 may have sold better, it probably didn’t affect Ghosts too much. We’re likely to see the impact of that PS4/Xbox One divide later this year though, given that more people are likely to have upgraded by now than back in November.

      If there’s a big divide, I expect there to be some change to the contract on Activision’s request. Perhaps not necessarily a Sony-exclusive contract, but an equal contract, or something that shortens the month-gap.

      I’m not too fussed though. I’m happy waiting for the DLC, gives me a chance to enjoy the older packs more.

      • yes, i agree with that. but someone may say that he finds value in something as transparent as time. which will fade away after a month! thats what i’m talking about. people do buy the XboxOne and will buy the XboxOne for the COD time exclusive when there is no real deal about that. its just time that flies away. yet they see it as value.

    • Buying a console for timed DLC content?
      I highly, highly doubt anyone does that….at least I hope not o.o

        • I bet most do. Need to show their subscribers the DLC as early as they can. But most have all both consoles.

          • I miss the days of n64 right before ps2 and xbox came out . cheap hardware so many games and no bitching about which console is better. Just enjoy the system and games you like why have to argue and dlc is ridiculous what a joke video game systems shouldnt make you pay when you already put out 60 bucks for a game, which is already expensive. Sorry if I got off topic just trying to make a point.

    • The “only” good deal. Plus Halo.
      Plus Titanfall. Plus Sunset Overdrive. Plus Project Spark. Plus a shitload of other new exclusive IPs. There’s so many I can’t remember

      • the same can be said about PS4 so invalid argument. it comes down to taste at the end of the day.

        • /facepalm “Invalid argument” Derp. You were trying to say the Xbox had nothing going for it, and I listed a bunch of reasons. Oh and I forgot to mention dedicated servers for every game. My taste is definitely in the Xbox exclusives.

          • i’m taking about exclusive deals here. not exclusive games. PS4 has exclusive content for WatchDogs and a bunch of other games +++ what does the XboxOne has? COD DLC time exclusive? that isnt value its just stupid marketing to buy their product. i facepalm at you sir.

          • I see you there really trying to justify your purchase. Calm down dude. I don’t give a shit what console you have. Just don’t condescend to Xbox One owners. There are plenty of advantages to owning an Xbox One.

          • ok let me make this clear. i own a PC. the best platform of them all. #PCMASTERRACE and now that this is dealt with…

            what are the advantages of owning an XboxOne? we saw how good is Titanfail and the other 2 exclusives you listed – never heard of them which shows a lot already. except DLC time exclusive in COD what kind of good and solid content the XboxOne brings to its customers? i know that it limits the customer’s ability to do things behind a paywall on XboxLive Gold which is fantastic. you need to pay to get crunchyroll, YT, Skype and everything else while all of this is free on PC and PS4. fantastic right? or having real exclusive content like 60 mins of Destiny campaign that is not on the PC or XB1 but is on the PS4, or the 60 mins of campaign on WatchDogs PS4 and not XB1 or PC. where is your exclusive content battle?

            dont bring up exclusive games to defend your argument, i can do the same and its a conversation for another time. now its your go. show me that you’re worth my time.

          • PC is far from the master race it might once of been. PC doesn’t get a lot of the games consoles get and I don’t see PC having GTA 5, Destiny, Red Dead Redemption, Halo, Gears of War, Last of Us, Uncharted and so on. PC is only good because you can build one yourself to make games run amazing and look good but it would help a lot if the PC had some good games to play on. the pc master race is just a bunch or nerds talking specs and not playing games.

          • did you…did you really said that? o.O wow, i’m amazed by your ignorance on the matter, no wonder you are a console peasant after all.

            also, Halo, GoW, Last of Us, Uncharted are exclusives to one console. the only good point you made is Destiny which is on both consoles but not on PC. same as Titanfall. it is on both XboxOne and PC so its not a real exclusive. its just a partner deal so PS4 is lacking something same as the Destiny deal. get your facts straight. also i dont need to list all the MMO games that we get and consoles dont.

            you say that we are all PC specs and no games but the Steam platform is full of games, around 4 times bigger than the Xbox and PS game library combined and around 40% of them are exclusive to the PC platform. yeah, we on the PC have no games to play…sure. and that only on Steam, there are tons of games that dont use Steam as a platform of release, games like League of Legends, Hearthstone, Guild Wars 2 and so on…

          • That so much a part of it man , its not just colorful avatars like xbox one 🙁 which is boring after a whilee

          • Xbox has exclusive deals with the Division and having deals with COD is smart and Sony are retarded for not trying to grab that offer when Activision was giving out the chance to platforms.

          • Its an offer killer, that’s all. Nothing to do with the game .. PS4 is smooth my friend and the graphics are pretty nice coming atcha in 1080p with no lag , i can wait , theres more to life than COD.

    • I prefer the X1, and a point for my decision is COD’s DLC, but there are many more factors.

      I think buying a console for some timed-DLC is stupid.

    • Probably a contract deal from before launch, before they realized PS4 was going to outsell Xbox near 2:1 globally.

      It will be much more expensive for the Xbox division to pay for these
      kinds of deals now. They are better off investing in 1st party studios.

      They bet on the wrong horse early on, they won’t make the same mistake now that the sales results are in.

    • No next-gen console is worth it, stick with your current-gen or PC’s. I have the X1 and PS4, never play them because they’re a pile of shit and they don’t have any must have games ye except maybe TF but I have that on my PC so yeah.

        • It’s almost the same thing. Xbox has slightly worse hardware for better software. Calm ur tits it won’t look different

          • I am aware of the slight difference between the versions but I’m just saying that PS4 will presumably be a higher but very unnoticeable difference

          • If its so unnoticeable then why are you saying ps4 will take the cake? There will be a big margin between the consoles when it comes to multiplayer game such as call of duty. Take a look at what comes in the packaging. Xbone – everything you need to communicate in online games, even if you don’t have a mic, use the Kinect. PS4 a fancy touch pad on your controller and a share button so you can continue to be a shadowed introvert in multiplayer games.
            The Xbox brand will always have the edge in multiplayer games, always. Playstation will always have the edge in single player games, always.

          • I am not saying ‘PS4 will take the cake’. I am merely regurgitating what is said on every other article about consoles. There is a reason PS4 has been 1080p and 60fps and xbox hasn’t. PS4 and xbox both come with headset mics. Xbox has always been the dominant system for multiplayer and it will remain as it until Sony can get it figured out.

          • Are you stupid? The Xbox Kinect camera mic is trash & has been looked down towards. No one wants to hear your parents screaming at you to do your chores.
            I sure as hell hope the NEXT CoD after AW has DLC coming to PS4 first, as it’s the best and it’s more powerful than the shitty Xbox VCR.

    • Timed DLC doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “the lead console”.

      I expect 1080p 60 on PS4 and 900p 60 on Xbox.

      • They will both be developed for their own version specifically, but xbox is the primary lead platform due to the exclusivity for xbox.

    • And PC as well.
      Not to mention the Wii U community, who looks like will be missing out on this. Probably a good thing for them too, since Activision won’t be providing them DLC anyway.

  2. former xbox now ps4 player here, if ps4 players are mad over this. .. direct your anger in the right direction. ….at PS for not even trying to bid against MS.

  3. Freaking moneywhores! “No we dont care about PS being the biggest platform or has the biggest amount of players! No! All we care about is the fucking money! I mean if it would make there games better, but man really!? Why not just equality?? Why should one get it before the other?? Oh I forgot…Money! For three years now all PS3 players have had to wait i whole month for the DLC. All the hype is completely gone when you have watched everything about the maps on youtube for an entire month! I am so mad!Damn you Activison!

    • Money is how businesses stay in business. Once you know that. In your heart you will know peace.

      • I agree with you, I don’t understand all of the outrage over this (but not over Destiny getting DLC first on Playstation) and not the stupid microDLCs they keep hurling!

        • I mean screw the micro DLC…for me Its just about the real DLC. I have, like every other player on PS, payed the same amount of money for the game, and then just because I play on a other system I have to wait? Something is not right. Not so wierd that COD is loosing support…but that is Activisions concern (Gues they have non – they god the money right?? 🙂 )

    • they are being payed by Microsoft about this so they shut up and take their money. also, its just a month! who cares? PC and PS4 have real exclusives and not just stupid COD time exclusives which wont be remembered one month later…so relax, hit a juice and wait patiently, it will come to you just after a month. 🙂

      • Haha But you most understand for at pretty hardcore fan a month is quit a long time. But I’ill try that Juice 🙂

        • Im a hardcore fan, cod is the only game i play. Im on ps4 and i don’t care about xbox getting it earlier really. with infinity ward and sledge hammer i could care less but its treyarch with the zombie is the one i would care about. only because of zombie and wantin to be the first to find clues.

      • And you know that Sony are paying Activision for that Destiny exclusive that no one will remember after the 60 mins of gameplay? You act as if Sony aren’t out there doing the same thing as MS. Well I got news for you, Sony wants your money just as much as MS, especially when Sony are almost broke.

        • the difference between the deal that Microsoft and Sony has done is that MS has a deal about time, which is nothing, time isnt anything that you can hold dear to or say “look, they gave me time! good deal!” while Sony is giving their customers 60 minutes of gameplay. which you are going to play cause Sony payed them for you to have. they gave you actual content, not time! of course both are businesses and want money but what matters is which business treats you best and respects you because you picked them. and as we have seen so far Sony respects you and MS doesnt give a fuck about you.

      • Its not because Activision is in some sort of lack of money – they have just become greedy (the rules of the game), but It’s still a bad way of treating over half of your “customers”.

    • Quit crying cod dies fast so u get an extra month of playability. Plus ps has more users so better connection quality. Go get a job u Nerd a month isn’t that long

      • I’d just like to point out that every single online game for Xbox One has the opportunity to have dedicated servers (which Ghosties was promised to have but for some reason decided to roll out the servers that they didn’t have to pay for slowly) so if PS does have a better connection it’s because they were too stupid to take advantage of free, low latency servers.

      • A month is actually a pretty long time, when it comes to the difference between playing and not playing the new DLC…

    • I think that they already have a contract.

      But even if they don’t, Activison knows PS gamers buy mostly COD, even if they have to wait a month to play DLC, so they don’t see a reason to go to Sony now.

      • Yeah exactly! For them it doesn’t matter if they lose fans on PS cause they got their money from Microsoft anyways and they still have trust in the huge amount of loyal supporters on PS, who no matter what will buy the game (my self included). So win/win for Activision…

    • Hey, I understand your grief since I used to play COD on PS3 but you also have to look at it from the point of view that Activision offered the same deal to Playstation first but they declined. If they hadn’t then the roles would be reversed.

    • Dude. When you play call of duty on your playstation…. Who is collectively talking to you when you play? Nobody….
      for a person that’s crying about exclusive DLC, what is the benefit of playing online games on a playstation? Their multiplayer aspect has been neglected till not too long ago. Regardless of what console the DLC comes out for first, Xbox has a clear understanding and vision of the multiplayer fanbase. Dont expect the playstation to catch up any time soon.

        • It’s 900p actually lol. Nah but PS4 still beats X1 in resolution, but I don’t think anyone really cares about PS getting a 180p difference and if you do, then I think you need to go outside.

          • You’re just jealous, bitch. 🙂 It’s ok though, because the PS4 will handle the game better.

          • I agree with Nathan. PS4 all the way! Enjoy your Xbox ‘720’ LOL hahahah to you MS fanboys.

  4. They’ll get their CoD DLC first one XBOX/XONE, while I’ll be waiting meanwhile, with my DLC content on Destiny on the PS4 :^)

    • I love COD DLC 1st on Xbox, but Destiny’s DLC is something to be jealous about. I hope that the PS4’s bonus DLC isn’t something good, I can’t own both consoles.

      • Were getting DLC first. Like xbox with CoD but sony can be resonable and it prob won’t be a month wait for DLC just look at BF3 that was only a week early.

    • Dont judge anything yet, destiny might be crap and cod might be amazing say that it has been in dev for 3+ years

      • Well take this into account, if you played halo 3 odst, there was a hidden Easter egg that was recently found a month or two ago showing that destiny was being planed out when halo 3 odst was out. The Easter egg showed a picture of the logo of destiny (the moon or earth, not sure which it is.) the caption on the picture said “destiny awaits” so this was all planed out in 2009 (when halo 3 odst was released) so imagine how much time/effort they must have put into this game. It took people this long to realize an Easter egg like this! One of the best hidden Easter eggs of all time in my opinion.

          • yeah but did anyone know that destiny was coming about in the year 2009? I don’t think so. Destiny was announced… what, last year or something like that. So that’s why its kind of relevant for some people that didn’t know.

          • Yeah I always came across it in ODST but never knew what it meant. Now it all makes sense!

          • How can you doubt that? Destiny is made by the people of the halo franchise. This was definetly planned out in 2009. People never knew what it meant, and I always kept that in the back of my head and it just so turns out that it was a video game. Coolest easter egg in a halo game.

          • And how can you tell that it was definetly planned in 2009? Bungie didn’t know what they were going to make next until they broke from the Halo franchise and after Reach, then they joined Activision and began to work on Destiny. There’s more a chance that it was a coincidence than anything to be fair.

          • Yeah you maybe right. Its whatever but its a pretty cool “easter egg” to me. Maybe they had a project in mind at the time in the year 2009 as they were making halo 3 ODST, they just probably never got to it.

  5. god….so sick of this crap. Activision already makes more money than any other publisher with sales of the game alone. I don’t understand why they continue to screw over playstion fans with this dumb dlc exclusivity. 🙁

    And Microsoft needs to learn better ways to make their console relevant than just buying up dlc rights every time.

    • Need I remind you that Destiny (an Activision published game) gets DLC on Playstation first? But as I pointed out in my post, you only care about how they go for money when it’s not in favor of you. You’re just as bad as they are.

      Besides, if they didn’t do things like this how would they make up the money they wasted hiring SnoopDogg to do a microDLC?

      • Quit bringing Destiny into this alright. PLEASE. You’re basing all of your arguments on PS getting Destiny DLC first. Both games are TOTALLY different (besides the fact that they’re both fps), Destiny is a brand new title so not that many people are complaining about it. COD is different because this has been happening for YEARS. The least they could do is shorten the time frame to 1 week (like BF3) instead of a month. That way, the DLC would still seem fresh. Whereas after one month, they already announce the next DLC right after PS and PC gets it . Destiny is different because I’m sure that there will be plenty of things to do in the game while you wait for the next DLC. COD has a reputation for getting “boring” after a few minutes or hours of play. Bungie said it themselves that they are not favoring any consoles (source: ). So quit comparing the situations like it is all the same thing, when CLEARLY it isn’t.

  6. Coming from an Xbox player, I think its bullshit that PC and PS players have to wait a full month for DLC content to hit. I could understand a week later but damn a month that’s some shit.

  7. Damn, I’m more of an Xbox guy but I really wished DLC exclusivity wasn’t a thing for COD. I hope one day Xbox, Playstation, and PC could get DLC at the same time.

  8. Hey guys, quick question because I’m really confused right now.
    Is COD: Advanced Warfare a next-gen only title? Thanks!


  10. It’s a bit ironic and hypocritical of you guys talking about how this is all about money when your big thing for the PS4 of Xbox One is money (granted Xbox One is now much MUCH cheaper if you want to bundle it with a good game [Titanfall]) and suddenly it’s cheaper and price doesn’t matter anymore.

  11. Still getting PC (and PS4, depending on ratings and stuff) version. 🙂 Xbone is only for Titanfall and AW is aiming to kick the sh*t outta the titan ass (lol jk). Who the hell cares about playing DLCs 1 month earlier. Who plays DLC maps anyways.

    • it’s been like this for years… and it still doesn’t matter. after the first map pack, it truly is pointless.

  12. Why does SH keep saying “all next gen development cycle” when it’s very clearly for last gen too?

  13. Well….. Activision you know what…. you ruined my dreams again. Don’t take the money from M$!

  14. DLC? why do you need that for? All they do is remake maps again and again. So who cares? I’m not buying the season pass anymore. Just to find out a month or 2 later you have to pay for all the xtra camo’s and sh*t. Hell noooooooooooooo…

    • The Season Pass clearly states you get the Map Packs not any microtransactions. And anyway I agree with the fact they bring back maps from previous titles: YAY! And then they reskin them into soemthing it’s not: NO!

  15. Figured it would be. Wish everyone got it at the same time, but that’s business for ya :/
    All us gamers have somethin to feel for now though.
    Xbox gets AW content first, and PS gets Destiny content first.

  16. Short term gain, long term loss?

    Downloads and game sales are better on PS4, I know for a fact a lot of people would be on the fence about buying COD: AW DLC on PSN because of other titles, now it seems inevitable that their DLC sales won’t be as high as they could be

  17. Again?
    Why the f is MS paying to have DLC first?
    No one will choose a XB1 instead of a PS4 just because of COD DLC, f u MS!

  18. Stupid Microsoft I was hoping for once that they would sign a contract with Sony but they didn’t. At least we have awesome Destiny DLC

    • I know man. I am tired of the Playstation owners getting screwed over year after year with microsoft’s BS

  19. don’t care the DLC the last couple years has not been good and besides the xbox720 needs something to make their fans feel better about that crappy overpriced console

  20. Yknow…. I dont even care…. just hope the multiplayer doesnt suck. If it does, than dlc would be useless.

  21. AGAIN? Come one Activison, drop the fucking DLC first crap. You’re even pissing off players on XBox.

  22. I know it’s all marketing BS, but I just wish they would all drop at the same time.

    I’m mainly a “MS guy”, but I’m also tired of the fanboy BS console drama…

  23. every time there is a post saying first on xbox, the PS gamers start with the complains and everything else. if you have to complain to someone is sony, they obviously didn’t care about getting DLC early.

    • yeah…ahahaha, you get dlc one month earlier but you bought COD for the worst platform of this generation so…the joke’s on you! xD

      edit:ps: cant wait to see COD:AW maxed out on my PC when you play it on a poor man’s box. i really cant! 🙂

        • Ghosts had a shitty port but i was still able to run it fine! dont worry, i will be the one to get the last laugh.

          • meh whatever. if you think you got a deal because you are getting dlc that everyone is getting one month later then fine. but i’m sure the PS4 guys will be way better playing the exclusive 60 mins of campaign on WatchDogs when it releases. i think its clear who is getting a real deal here, dont you agree? and it wont stop on WatchDogs…such is the power of Sony.

          • Sony is fucking up. Infamous Second Son is their only decent exclusive and I’m not hearing any big ones that are making think, man wish I had that. I could care less about watch dogs. I lost interest few years ago

          • so you lost interest to a game that will be amazing and everyone is looking forward to playing…eh, ok. you’re not a gamer you’re a hypocrite. too bad.

          • So I’m a hypocrite because I don’t want to play a game that should have come out years ago. Not everyone is excited for every game.

          • yeas ago? you mean some months ago? the hypocracy is still strong on that one. you lost interest on a game that we’ve had trailers for not even a year now but you’ve lost interest in it a few years ago…the only question left is, how many years ago you liar? xD

            also on continuing our discussion, dont worry. there will be plenty of games that Sony has locked additional content for and Microsoft hasnt. there will be eventually one or two games that you will get hurt because you chose the Xbox platform.

            and on a previous note, the only descent PS exclusive is Infamous Second Son? rly? what about Killzone? Gran Tourismo 6? and from what i’ve seen Sony is keeping the good old exclusives like FF and Uncharted while adding a lot of new and interesting exclusives like The Order 1886. what about the XboxOne? the only good exclusive right now is Dead Rising 3 and the rest are shit.

          • Watch Dogs was starting development in 2009. They have been trying to hype this game up for 2 years now.
            PS4 exclusives suck. I have a friend who bought all of those and ended up selling them within a week.
            Xbox One has Plants vs Zombies, DR3, Forza 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome. Not to mention we will be getting a new Halo game is on the way too. Also, Sony content has next to no interest to me.
            Microsoft has exclusivity the DLC content that I want.
            BTW, Sony is a dying company. the only division at Sony making money is their gaming division. I’ll let you ponder on that for while.

          • so you will be playing the same game for another generation yet again? yeah i thought so.

            also, Ryse sucks ass, Forza5 is mediocre at best, DR3 is good yes and PvsZ is meh. so thats all you’ve got? wow, Microsoft is looking out for you so much mate! yeah…

            Sony is what? what that has to do with making a superior product to the ShitBoxOne?

          • Sony is dying. A company a large as Sony cannot go on with PS4 alone.
            Meanwhile Microsoft is doing well and locking down DLC that really matter.
            Go back to playing PC where people care if you can run 1,000 frames per second right next to the rest of you elitist bitches.

          • yea Sony is dying and WW3 is right around the corner. cool stuff bro, cool stuff.

            nope, Microsoft doesnt lock down good dlc in any kind, matter or form. they instead make you pay on XboxLiveGold for things that everyone else has for free. things like YT, Skype, CrunchyRoll, Netflix etc etc. amazing right? they make so much money because they make fools out of people like you! fantastic stuff.

            yeah we on the PC are such elitist bitches! #PCMASTERRACEFTW! i’ll give you something to chew on while thinking that. watch them closely.




          • Here’s a thought, no one at CoD really cares about PC and maybe thats why you getting shitty ports? hmm…

          • watch the videos first then talk. also i dont know what you’re talking about. every game except Ghosts was a great port. especially MW2, MW3 and BO2! you are desperately trying to attack me cause you are getting butthurt! ahahah! it makes me feel good when a console peasant gets jelly of a PC gamer. 🙂

          • HA! Acting like I actually care about your 17 monitors. Please. When I see a PC MasterBitch like you, I see a kid who has never seen the sunlight before and parents are playing hide and seek with him all his life.

          • an unreasonable Xbox fanboy says all of this? sure ok. i’m pretty sure we both know who is the kid in this argument. have a shitty day! bb.

          • you’re getting time as a “deal”. thats not a deal its a stupid marketing technique of MS. time isnt something you can touch, you can store or use later. its just time! that is not a deal cause time isnt real content.

          • So getting a 4 new maps, a new gun, and a new map for SHGs’ equivalent of Zombies/Extinction isn’t content? Give me a break. If you don’t like CoD DLC, fine. But guess what, I’m not you. I like playing CoD and getting the DLC before any other console is a deal for someone like me and plenty others.

          • so getting a deal that is as solid as air is (because lets face it, time exclusive dlc isnt a deal, one month later everyone has access to that dlc) is comparable to solid deals like exclusive campaign story of the game itself? ehh…ok sure. i understand that you try to justify your purchase of the ShitBoxOne but while trying to do that you’re being unreasonable, to the point of calling you a fanboy. and we all know that fanboys are unreasonable. should i just tag you in that category and call it a day?

          • So now your are resorting to calling names. This means that you have nothing left to argue. I like my Xbox One. I like Call of Duty. Getting DLC before any other console for me is deal. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else where people actually care if about your GPU speed.

          • HAHA faggot. 720P bitch lmao. I’d rather play on a NEXT GEN console that supports NEXT GEN GRAPHICS (1080P BITCH)

          • Xbox with more Kinect NSA shit than actual privacy and 1080P?
            sure…HAHA BITCH.

        • i have a 40 inch TV in my living room and a very comfortable couch, if i want to do so i want. i can lay down with a keyboard, i can lay down with a controller. all sorts of stuff. you are clearly a console peasant who has no idea that the PC does whatever any console does + even more.

  24. I don’t know why they decided this when the fact is more people own a PS4 that XBONE so if you want to make the most money or cater to your biggest fan base you would pick the console that has the most sales i.e. Most people playing it. Activison and Sludgehammer as I call them now just alienated the majority of who will buy the game. Plus I thought the exclusivity agreement between Microsoft and call of duty expired in November.

          • You’re fucking stupid. The game runs higher than 60 FPS, but the game was made for your pussy Xbox 360, so it gives the superior console issues when playing. JOKES ON YOU HAHA. We get to play in 1080P, while your ass plays in 720P/900P lol.

          • I’m sorry that my Xbox One has 720p with no framerate issues and all these games to play and that your PS4 has so many shitty indie games and 1080p with a unstable framerate

          • 720P lol
            Ps4 is outselling Xbox One by 4 million consoles.
            I can’t wait to laugh at you faggot when the game comes out with good graphics on PS4.


          • Maybe because not everyone can afford that extra $100
            Talk shit all you want. I’m the one with a console that has Titanfall. 😉

          • You ran out of arguments, so you had to resort to calling me a ‘fangirl’.
            Look at you, dumbass. You just rode micro$haft’s cock.

  25. It really does seem like there’s a cult out to get xbox in the comments below, PS fangurls are obviously upset about this that’s why they’re complaining 😛

  26. well, we are getting the next Souls game ,exclusive. I think I’ll get over not having cod dlc very quickly

  27. I think they should do a Microsoft exclusive beta being that it is used for esports. COD should show them they appreciate them.

  28. Don’t know why all the Ps3/4 players are complaining, if you, supposedly, knew this was going to be announced anyway. You have a right to air your opinion but it doesn’t need repeating more than once or twice. And just because the Ps4 sold a ton of consoles doesn’t mean that everyone brought Ghosts with it. I bet the Xbox’s player count is very similar, compared to the Ps3 and Ps4’s.

  29. Its bs we pay for playstation plus and we have too wait for the release a month later for cod dlc kinda dumb i still wouldnt buy a sorry azz xbox although sonys ps4 controller breaks on the R2 button every 20 days i have too exchange it 3 controllers so far sony fix your controller and get us dlc same as microsoft please we deserve it now that we are payn thnxs

  30. Not kool cod why sony gettn dissed on the dlc they sell more consoles than xbox cmon man!

  31. Can anyone tell me if this 1 will bring back the 4 player split screen??…missed that in Ghosts…

  32. Usually by the time we get the last dlc pack for COD on ps, there’s not much time before the new game is released. I can deal with a week or two, but a month? And they still want my money for a season pass?

  33. I jumped from ps3 to Xbox 1 for this reason I always buy the season pass but I always had to wait an extra month that’s some BS. I still miss some play station features.

  34. Oh come on! Microsoft knows they an inferior product, next to Sony… They need all the momentum they can get, not that it’s going to matter..! Besides, really Microsoft & Xbox are doing us play station gamers a favor, they using this month to fix all the bugs, giving Sony a clean and refined product…