Infinity Ward has announced that Extinction Double XP weekend will be across platforms this weekend, starting May 9th and ending May 12th.

PlayStation & PC fans, it’s the perfect time to grab the newly released Devastation DLC pack and play Mayday, the new episode to Extinction.

SOURCE: @InfinityWard



  1. Cos we really care about ghosts, i come on this website to learn about the new cod and i get reminded of the disappointment of cod ghosts ?

  2. Nice, I personally really like ghosts and Extinction.
    Dont get butthurt because you dont like it

  3. I’ve actually been recently playing Extinction to get the achievements so I guess double XP is an added bonus. Btw guys according to Sledgehammer in an interview with Game Informer, Advanced Warfare will have a new melee system/mechanic. I hope it’s Roman Reigns’s Superman Punch.

    • You know considering how strength the exosuits can give, i’d like a Superman neck snapping a la Zod 😀

      • Haha, anything to kill a man I guess. I mean I hope it’s still knifing but more balanced with a new approach to it. I mean everyone thought Black Ops 2 was going to be made with no more panic knifing since everyone thought the guy in Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Reveal Trailer switched from his Executioner to the knife, which we know wasn’t the case and the knifing ended up being horrific. I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see, I just hope SHGames don’t wait until E3 to show gameplay, I don’t want to wait another month.

        • Unfortunately, thats almost what happen always, what can i say that E3 starts at 10th of June the same day that my university exams begin? I mean man, come on!!!

          • That’s tough man, I hope you do well in your exams 🙂 Also I’ve been thinking about what made millions of people love Call of Duty in the first place. After Black Ops I felt that everything started to die down. I want my Pro Perks back, I hated Treyarch for getting rid of Pro Perks considering that Black Ops had the best way to get them Pro: Complete 3 challenges while using that perk. I just hope Sledgehammer can do it right, MW2’s colour pallet, fun killstreaks, weapons we will fall in love with, proper camouflages with the exception of maybe one or two fun camos etc.

          • Thanks for the concern man 🙂 You know i have a feeling, a feeling that i havent had since black ops 1 that this cod, sledgehammer’s cod will be amazing, i dont know why, but i just have the feeling. By the way where did you learn about the new knifing system from SHG? It certainly wasnt in the interview released yesterday.

          • Btw I said just over a year ago, that I had a feeling that Infinity Ward’s next game will be great. While I still feel Ghosts overall is good, I was more or less wrong about ‘that feeling’, but I seriously hope Sledgehammer will give us the Call of Duty game we the fans/players/community deserve.

          • Yeah unfortunately i somehow knew from the beginning that it wouldnt be so good, not because to some others the developers didnt try but the fact that it was in the middle of the evolution of the gaming generation (last-gen to next-gen),and they had so much to do for 6 consoles, while now SHG has more time andddd are in charge for the development of only 3 consoles. by the way you should let Keshav know about that article

          • Yeah I will tweet it to him. EDIT: Just tweeted him, hopefully there will be an article about it on CI 🙂

          • They should use the prestige system from black ops 2. You prestige, and can select one thing to be unlocked forever. It helps the game feel fresh again once you start over after reaching max rank. Also its fun to have to unlock the weapons again it makes you play with different ones until you unlock them all. Just don’t make one gun unlock at level 60, 70, etc because then you get it, but have to hit the prestige button. The pro perks is a good idea, and I could get behind it just don’t make it to where you have to play one certain game mode because then it will just have random people in the game mode just to get the pro perk. Another idea, and I know it can’t be implemented because the game is set in the future, but bring all the best guns from all the previous games, and throw them in. M16, Famas, AN94, MTAR-x, UMP, MSMC, AK74U, FAL, SCAR-H, and have them be the guns that use regular ammo, and have the energy weapons be all the futuristic weapons. Oh and please, please, please no target finders, and tracker sights. If you can’t aim practice until you can!!!! Sorry for the rant….

          • I actually prefer the classic way of leveling up believe it or not. I hated how in Black Ops 2, you were forced to prestige in order to unlock everything. Prestige shouldn’t be forced it should be given for those who feel like they want to. If I’ve finally got to the max rank and I’ve unlocked everything, then it means I don’t have to prestige if I don’t want to. Also when we get to Commander, don’t get rid of the 5 stars icon and replace it with a prestige icon, that was a nuisance for me in Ghosts, not to sound like a huge complainer. That’s my take on leveling up and prestiging. But I agree with the last part. NO TARGET FINDERS OR TRACKER SIGHTS!!!

          • Yea they should make it where everything is unlocked once you reach max level. I would prefer being able to keep one item, or perk through prestige rather than loose every thing, and grind it out trying to get pro perks again. This is assuming that the pro perks have ridiculous challenges like “head shot 4 people in air while doing a 360” 0/5 completed… Other then that I would be fine loosing everything, because I would naturally get it back by playing. I like the prestige icons, but thats me they should make them really stand out ghosts are just bland, but ghosts in general is just bland. The backgrounds, maps, etc. I think that is the idea they were going for the gloomy depressed look.

          • They do look crap, but when you see the prestige icons up close, they don’t look that bad.

    • *OMG, Look at me! I’m so hyped up for CoD: Advanced Warfare!! HAHA, I don’t care about Ghosts anymore, I just want the new CoD!!!* Have seen you on nearly all the Advanced Warfare articles, and yet you have the stones to say who cares, on a Ghosts article? Sorry bud, there are still people out there such as I who are still playing Ghosts. Oh, but according to you, ‘nobody cares’. CoD: Advanced Warfare doesn’t release until the 4th of November, which means people will still be playing Ghosts until this date. So, we do care!

      • Its Extinction kid, the most hated CO-op in Call of Duty History. If it was multiplayer, then I might care. And I am still playing Ghosts multiplayer along with Black Ops 2. Get your facts straight before you talk kid.

        • I care also. Due to the fact that it’s better than zombies in several ways… *Slowly walks back into a wall*


          • Lol. I don’t hate zombies, in fact, I love zombies just as much as I love pie. But zombies is kind of repetitive. Still fun nonetheless.

        • IMO extinction is the best co-op game mode, i think the story line is great and i enjoy leveling up in it.

        • Oh, but you gave me no facts! I did get my facts straight, however. No matter how much you hate Extinction, there will always be someone playing it. You’re the one who’s opinionated here; you stated no facts! ‘tom coon’ is evidence that Extinction is great. Oh well, to each their own I guess. By the way, calling me a kid makes you sound more like a kid. Whether I’m a kid or not is irrelevant, anyways.

  4. Perfect time to finally hit 15 prestige <3 Then I'm pretty much completed Ghosts, platinum, master prestige in MP. Only extinction left to go

  5. Personally, I really enjoy extinction. The story with the found intel gives the gametype more life. With Ghosts MP, it’s just not something that I can play for extended periods of time and enjoy almost every game. With BO2, I could play that MP for hours and have tons of fun! And I have not used the Scar-H. Is it Good?

  6. Just got Devestation on PS4 yesterday. Barely played MP. I’ll try the new Extinction map tonight. I love Double XP weekends so I’ll try to take advantage of this to rank up while still trying to get the trophies on Point of Contact & Nightfall. I still need to finish all challenges and escape on Point of Contact and I haven’t even escaped on Nightfall. I haven’t played it a lot either and I play with randoms online.