The official Call of Duty site in France, Germany, Espana, and Canada France has released some details regarding Invasion DLC for Ghosts. The website, as shown in the image above, is still being updated with information and it appears that this info has gone live early on their site.

There’s three images shown so far reveal three MP maps (Departed, Mutiny, and Pharaoh):

Stay tuned for more information…we’ll update as we get more.

SOURCE: CoD Site and PSN Forums 



  1. It’s either a Favela remake or a Seatown remake. Here is a side-by-side of Favela compared to this Invasion map: (Side-by-side courtesy of my mate Dan) P.S. I’ll have a video on my channel to do with this, don’t worry, I’ll give CharlieINTEL credit cos I’m not Ali-A or TmarTn. ALSO my video on my channel is up, don’t worry CI and my mate Dan got credit YT/jordanxbrookes

      • Look at Strikezone though, everyone said it was a Dome remake, even though it wasn’t, it looked similar.

          • Yh but it didn’t act like Dome in anyway. Idk, it’s something I pointed out.

          • There is a real difference between Dome and Strikezone.
            Strikezone is much more protected against aerial killstreaks. Also, Strikezone has 2 pathsways that Dome hasn’t: The kitchen area and the skybridge area.

            And it also plays much different, like Jordan said.

          • Strikezone is not a Dome remake. wtf is wrong with every stupid human on this planet playing COD stating that it is. it is close but no it is not.

          • i’m calling people stupid maybe because they behave like that? the differences are not obvious i can give them that but i’m sure someone has explained them the differences. yet they choose to act stupid.

          • That is like saying unearthed is not a dome remake? Even though the creators stated unearthed is a dome remake? It’s the same 3 maps.

            Prove how it’s not.

          • Unearthed IS a Dome remake. Strikezone is NOT. i can proove how it is not but i need to either make a video (which wont happen), either start taking screens of both in certain areas to prove their difference (which i’m too lazy to do cause i need to instal both games for that) or do it in text. and in text it will be painful so its your funeral if you want me to go over it in detail in this kind of manner.

          • so because NadeShot said so thats your rulebook, thats your bible? heavily inspired is not a remake of a map. they are not the same maps. you can easily say so too when you play them they play completely differently. until IW themselves come out and say it it is not.

          • huh…yes? obvious answer? its the same map! just with a cool reskin? so now reskins of maps play different so you can prove a point that you pulled out of your ass? thats how your logic works?

          • no it is not. Strikezone and Dome/Unearthed are not the same maps. they do not play the same. grow up already.

          • Yes they do?

            If you wanna Be so negative then how does Igntion and Scrapyard work with your dumb logic? Same map diffrent reskin? New pathways.

            Still the same maps? As so is strikzone, Unearthed, and dome.

          • ah…you are just “fuck logic” arent you?

            in your little dumb shitty trash garbage mind of yours you think that Strikezone and Dome are the same map. but hey let me tell you a secret…they are not! :O mind blowing right!?

            the reason that Dome and Unearthed play the same way is because they are the same map. the exact same map! the above applies to Ignition/Scrapyard, Summit/Uplink and a lot more. it does not apply to Strikezone and Dome because they are NOT the same map. use your brain you dumb fuck of a troll.

          • It’s the same map? Your just somebody who has to fill right all the fucking time aren’t you? Well your wrong dude, it’s proved. Look at all the fucking YouTube videos of people stating its the same map, look at all the similarities dude.

            Holy fuck your dumb.

            Untill I have a FUCKING proof of your reasoning of why it’s not the same map then don’t fucking run your damn mouth.

            The proof is done on my end thanks to all the videos others have made EXPLAINING HOW ITS THE FUCKING SAME

          • and YT is a holy bible to mindlessly follow because people that make these kind of videos are big on YT and want money?

            ok, Strikezone has the kitchen corridor, the bridge in the middle of it, the ladder back in the round rig thingy is missing and you can climb anything there. also it is a lot more clostophobic than the Dome map. it also plays differently cause of the mentioned points. do you need any more proof than that? here’s my reasoning and its the fucking fact and truth about the matter.

            get lost now, you’ve been pwned.

          • I’ve been pwned? I highly doubt it. Your just stating the obvious differences of the map? It’s still the same.

            Would you like me to state the diffrences of ignition from scrapyard? Even know you agree it the same map?

            And if I mentioned the diffrent points of ignition it would it point out the fact THAT IT PLAYS DIFFERENTLY TOO.


          • Your an idiot. You always comment stupid shit before you think. EVERYONE knows that Strikezone is Dome. EVERYONE. Play both and walk through the maps side by side. And also about Nadeshot he’s a professional Call Of Duty player. Are you? No. Pros know everything about maps. Especially Dome considering it was heavily played by pros. So think before you comment.

          • yeah, cause you need to be a pro player in order to point out something right!?hey guys, @mr_doge:disqus here says that in order to have a brain you need to be a pro player! you cant point out differences between two things, no! you need to be a pro player for that!

            and yeah dude, everyone except sane people who think before talking believes that Strikezone is the same as Dome. everyone except sane people.

            is walking all there is to these two maps? what about the kitchen corridor? the middle bridge? the ladder to the round thingy in the back of the map missing? why no one points out these and just accepts any bullshit NadeShot comes up with? you’re a sheep with no brain of his own. go read an Optic book or something.

            gtfo of here with your bullcrap MrDogeShit

          • Very well, I do agree with the statement, heavily inspired.
            There are a few alterations such as the addition of the bridge.
            But overall, I do hope we can agree that IW sure has gotten lazy on their part to go on remaking maps heavily influenced by Dome.
            And even the DLC Map, ignition inspired by MW2’s Scrapyard.

          • yes i completely agree that IW are lazy fucks right now. i dont like the current IW team. but Dome and Strikezone arent the same map. its not only the bridge, its the kitchen corridor and the ladder that leads up to the round thingy that is on Dome which isnt on Strikezone. also the maps Dome is free and has sky above it, Strikezone is a closed matchbox etc etc differences.

            and no Ignition isnt inspired by Scrapyard, it is a remake of Scrapyard.

          • Good that we can talk with some sense and not argue for the sake of arguing.
            However, you do know that Ignition has a new path right? The one that leads underground.
            But since the IW developers says that it’s a remake(in the DLC trailer), so be it.

          • yes, its the first map remake that had something new cause it needed balance. there was no other way but to run in a straight line of fire before they made that underground part in Ignition. but still you can easily see that its the same map, one hidden part of it doesnt change that fact.

          • They even said on the second dlc there was a dome remake you so dumb thats how we know your not a tru hardcore fan

          • strikezone is a reskin of dome along with Unearthed(the extra route inside the b building). also ignition is a reskin of scrapyard with the underground. uplink and studio are remakes of summit and firing range respectively. however strikezone plays extremely similar not the same but extremely similar because lines of sights and paths are closely related.

          • Not once was strikezone a dome remake, In the Devastation DLC Pack there was a Dome remake… derp

          • say that to @bsktballmsu1:disqus @mr_doge:disqus @disqus_lxApHknNLZ:disqus @disqus_GXXqQs4zuy:disqus and all the rest of idiots believing that. i dont know what their parents feed them but its no good, that much is clear.

          • Your fucking dumb to just like theshadowreaper, it’s the same fucking map, you sir tell me how it’s not the same map?

    • There certainly appears to be some similarity although it does look as if a lot of the buildings behind the the main one pictured and in front of the pyramid are missing. I did like Favela though so wouldn’t be disappointed if that was a remade map for Ghosts.
      I much prefer the re-imagined maps than just ports of old maps. Although they play the same, it makes them feel ‘fresh’.

    • It could be a ‘Mission’ remake from MW3. Ali-A and TmarTn should give your channel credit if they use this.

    • Why do they only remake mw2 maps and even touch the game if they can patch it. It is don’t even their game, like mw3

        • Would love to see a remake of Wet Work or that one small map with a bunch of storage crates.

          That map was small, but fun!

          • Look at mutiny though not saying it’s a Wet Work remake but still looks like one of the cooler maps I’ve seen yet.

          • Yeah. That looks like it’s close as we might get to Wet Work in some way. I just hope the ship is a playable part of the map at least.

          • The ship is playable, but Infinity Ward said to beware of the many flank routes and line of sights that you can be killed from when on the ship.

          • Just realized that… that would be a crazy CoD troll. Leak pics of 3 maps, get everyone to focus on this one map and ignore the others thinking it’s a remake, and the remake is the other one. CI reported that they’re getting word Pharoah is not Favela

      • Interesting observation. To me the buildings look different and the space between them seems to be farther apart, but i definitely see what your getting at with the two buildings. Plus the float could be the new tank

      • Wrong. Right building on the new map is missing a story compared to the old map. Big difference in gameplay.

    • it is you and your mother that doesnt like maps being remade. if what you’re talking is value then yeah i can see where you come from. but the maps that all the fanbase loves making a return is so good even Jesus would cry about it. they know that most of us are suckers for them and just throw our money at their faces like mad for the remakes. and thats what they give us.

  2. Favela is one of the top-tier maps of the Call of Duty franchise: it plays well in every game mode.

    If one of the maps being a Favela remake turns out to be true, I’m ecstatic for this DLC.

        • If cod history repeats itself then it won’t be a solid remake. Lines of sight change and the map is never as good as the original. That’s why they should keep it the same. I will exclude the Cliffside remake in Black Ops. Hazard was a good remake

          • The maps themselves were not bad, just didn’t fit well within the game because of one solid reason, NO STOPPING POWER. Every Bad remake sans ghost has played awful because of all the people trying to play “stealthy” a.k.a camping with stealth perks…why do you think Terminal was so bad on mw3, but not on mw2? everyone used stopping power and a simple UAV got rid of the camping. The same concept applies to most of the IW remakes. Ghost’s remakes have been hit or miss though…ignition could be good but people are so used to camping now that it’s all they do.The same will probably be true for this map if it is a remake…the map will be good or ok and the community will ruin yet another thing with potential.

        • Your right it’s just one picture and from that one picture it doesn’t look like a good favela remake. If it’s even a remake.

  3. What if the special Michael Myers like character for Pharoa is The Mummy? Not the universal mummy but the mummy from the movies with Brendan Fraser! It would be the perfect character! The mummy could like have a sword and run really fast maybe be able to blind people with sand?

        • Yea, being that Disney forced a daycare to get rid of their Micky Mouse cut-outs from the front of their building, I don’t think they’d be thrilled at the idea of a billion-dollar selling game using one of their characters

  4. ZOMG DLC!!!!1 sorry, I have to get that out of my system whenever DLC is leaked. Anyhow, Pharoah does look like Favela, and so long as it has the rooftops, I’m down for that! Departed looks… Normal, looks like it takes place during Mexico’s Dia de Muertos celebrations. And Mutiny looks badass

  5. Munity will have a famous pirate for a field order! department will be a close-quarters map! pharaoh a remake of favela! and let’s wait for everything else:)

  6. Guys here’s the Seatown-Pharoah side-by-side, both Favela and Seatown look similar to Pharoah: (I have a vid on my channel about this YT/jordanxbrookes)

  7. Honestly, not even a remake of favela can help ghosts out… It’s player base isn’t far from being the lowest ever while a cod was still in its natural life cycle. Give it up, ghosts is dying out, and I’ll be surprised if it lasts until nemesis (map pack 4)

  8. If Ali-A and Tmartn don’t give Charlieintel credit for this in the description.

    Then make a comment which says: #GiveCharlieIntelCredit

  9. in the new extinction map, i think we will have to escape to the chopper again by looking at the achievments.Maybe escape to a plane? It would be so cool

  10. Why do people think Pharoah is the ‘old’ map thats getting redone? I dont know which one it is or if there is going to even be one but the map description for Departed is ‘Classic combat through the festive streets of a Mexican town celebrating Dia de los Muertos’

    Classic combat?

  11. Pharaoh is a remake of underground for sure, there’s less verticality (no roofs on buildings) but the layout is similar. The ramp on the left is the same as the stairs leading into one of the hallways, and the front of that stone building has 3 entrances which are very similar to the front of the train station on underground. The two lines of pillars represent the trains too.
    This idea popped into my head as soon as I saw the leak, just seemed familiar, let me know what you think.

  12. Favala is coming in this dlc. It’s called favela and appears to look exactly the same. It’s in the dlc trailer they JUST released.