Sledgehammer Games hosted CODeSports player OpTic Nadeshot at their studio this past week to preview Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare MP and some eSports features within the title.

OpTic Nadeshot tweeted out stating that he was “blown away” by what he saw and that SHGames “one my favorite game developers.” EnVyUs’s Rambo also went and stated that he was blown away by what was shown as well.

It looks like eSports players are in for a treat later this year.



  1. FUCKING BULLSHIT why do these people get special treatment and not the MAJORITY THAT PLAY THEIR GAME?!

          • e-Sports magically makes the game balanced? No. It doesn’t. Pros use the best weapons in the game. I don’t want it effecting the maps and the metagame of public matches, but of course it will. That’s what’s drawing me back from Advanced Warfare. We’ll see some stupid unbalanced shit and headglitching everywhere.

          • damn kid ur rlly pisd arent u, nobody cares about ur pointles pub lobis where u just get a kil then die and feel happy

          • His a fan boy bro! It’s like talking shit to a battlefield person all they’ll do is protect a game that has given them a million fuck a and shits but yet is in epic love with it. Because it’s the only game he can win without trying all the games were good just had alot of fucking stupid shit that fucked it up connection one spawns two guns three and lag hackers and booster and beyond four. Eugene is a speical cases of stupidly in love of cod.

          • Pros don’t get special treatment from the developers over the majority that actually pay their bills, bottom line. This is why CoD is dying.

          • Yep. I doubt it’ll get any views. It’ll just give the media fuel to the fire. Stupid decision. Plus CoD isn’t a sport and that’s a fact.

          • I never said I liked CoD. I’m definitely not among the community anymore.

          • “Not among the community” yet you posted half the comments on the page, communicating with the community and talking about COD. Pretty sure that makes you part of the community, bud.

          • Your logic makes no sense. That’s like me talking to a bunch of people in school randomly one day, and then being regarded as to “fit in”. I don’t want anything to do with the QQing teeny boppers that support e-Sports whatsoever.

          • But if you keep going back to them and talking to them about the things they want to talk about, everybody will see you as part of their group, which you pretty much are at that part. If you don’t like them or don’t want to be associated with them, you avoid them and don’t talk to them.

          • Are people who negatively criticize CoD part of the community too, by your logic?

          • Yes, because they talk about the franchise with others who play the franchise. Thought it’s not just anyone who talks about COD, they have to play COD.

          • Then, by your logic, I’m not among the community, since I don’t play CoD at the moment.

          • If you don’t play COD or don’t plan on playing it, you have no reason to be here and argue.

          • Also, you had this huge argument with me about how Ghosts was so great and so much better than BO2, and now you say you don’t play COD? Yeah, ok.

          • Nope. Haven’t played Ghosts in months but I hop on Black Ops 2 every once in a while. Don’t know why because I rage. I think Ghosts is a decent game but I can’t stand both IW (Ghosts) and Treyarch (BO2) not listening to the majority and them fixing their game. The post-game support isn’t the best and that’s why CoD isn’t what it was.

          • Ah, so you like Ghosts but never play it, and you hate BO2 but still play it. Got it.

          • esports players need to get outside and realize they are playing a fucking video game, not a sport, and are the reason cod is in a huge decline. If devs stopped giving a shit about this minority cod would actually be good again like mw2, bo1, and mw3 but noo cater to these esports scrubs instead. fucking virgin fags

        • When you go on twitter, who is promoting/talking about the game on a larger scale? eSports players. They have over 100k at least for all the pros, and when a game fails, their twitter shows negativity about cod to ATVI which results in bad promotion. so, they are becoming more relevant to cod, even if you hate it to death

          • That shows that they don’t care about the majority. What about the big YouTubers? Those are the people that they should cater to, but not give special treatment.

          • YouTubers are always recognized lol…TmarTn, AliA, etc.. got DLC gameplay and MP from games early all the time

          • I’ve always known this, however, they don’t get to see MP before everyone else or so I know, but e-Sports guys do.

    • Agreed. Just because a game has e-Sports, doesn’t make it a good game. Black Ops 2 focused on e-Sports on public matches and that made that game shit.

          • How can a game with such a horrible connection quality be competitive. When your kills and deaths are effected by high network latency and lag how can it be a skill based game?

          • That was the only problem I had with BO2. On days when the connection is good is when I have the most fun in comp.

          • I’m glad you had days when the connections were good. I was lucky to have a game where the connection was good. I have fiber too, but the matchmaking always decided to match me with a host on the otherside of the planet. I have more complaints too but my therapist tells me I have to let it go, so we won’t go there.

          • wrong, Ghost is the worst CoD to date, black ops 2 is way better than that piece of trash but oh well who cares right.

          • Very unbalanced MP for example the streaks, m8a1, b23r…
            Very gay maps and guns, too colorful, shiny, guns looked like toys…
            Streaks that are way to hard to get and are almost impossible to get at TDM and FFA
            Terrible CTF, BO1 CTF was perfect
            Terrible map design, every single map felt the same, it was just re skins.
            Forced objective too much look at KC for example
            Alot of lag
            Bad spawns
            Lack of interaction with the maps
            And the list goes on

          • “Very gay maps and guns, too colourful” So you’d take the greyish-brown maps in Ghosts over the ones in Black Ops 2? At least you could make out enemies in Black Ops 2, unlike Ghosts where everyone blends into the environment. Also, if you think the spawns in Black Ops 2 were bad, then that must make the ones in Ghosts absolutely terrible (which they are!)

          • Say what you want about Ghosts, but it’s far more balanced than Black Ops 2.

          • Well I respect your opinion also, but I thought BO2 was the worst multiplayer CoD to date.

          • Did I stutter? Black Ops 2 is horrendous. Extremely unbalanced compared to Ghosts. Better hit detection and net coding.

          • This. At last, I find someone who actually knows what’s up. Ghosts is better simply because of the significantly improved hit detection and the fact that you get less lag and host migrations. (From my experience).

          • Stupid excuse. Invest in better internet? Do you know how bad the net coding in the other CoD games are? It’s not about internet, it’s about the developers’ lack of knowledge on net coding.

            People with Comcast internet get shitted on CoD and get low ping all the time. What other excuses do you have?

          • I’m aware of net coding issues however this little perfect world of yours where you play a game in blissful perfection doesn’t exist. There will always be flaw. So in the meantime you can take my advise or go play a different title.

          • “or play a different title” that’s just an excuse… And nothing can be perfect is true, that’s why multiplayer gaming shouldn’t be the norm, until connections like Verizon Fios are the norm. Saying to play another title is just dodging my argument…

          • Modern Warfare 3 makes every other CoD look like shit. It was definitely the best one yet with Face-Off, Clan Ops, perfectly balanced MP, infected private match, knockback mod (God that was fun), good prestige system and the list goes on and on and on.

            I wish they make a remake of it.

          • Your joking, right? Was MW3 your 1st cod or something?
            MW3 is the most unbalanced CoD, full of BS

          • Nope, I started with CoD4
            If you can tell me 1 thing that was unbalanced I’d like to know because I haven’t noticed anything playing through those 20 prestiges.

            When you got killed on MW3 it was simply because the other person was better than you. I liked that alot more than LMG and shotgun noobs killing you without even having a chance to do something about it. And thus turning it more into a camp2win game (like BO2)

          • Deathstreaks like dead mans hand and final stand
            Stealth bomber
            Support OP streaks like ballistic vests
            ACR was the best gun period. Too op
            SMGs that kill people really fast across the map as well as the mp9
            Terrible spawns
            But it was still a good game

          • No it’s not.. I guarantee more people in a poll can say that Bo2 is better than Ghosts

          • It’d have to be a balanced poll, but the only people who liked BO2 are e-Sports fanboys. Ghosts is a much more balanced game than Black Ops 2, but is more hated by ignoramuses.

          • “the only people who liked BO2 are e-Sports fanboys.”
            Now that children is called making an un-provable and(to sillibks’ dismay) very untrue, I for myself like black ops 2 but I am not massively into the competitive scene(the closest being that I am a TK fan).

            What is the moral of the story kids, to not make assumptions that cannot be proven and to not be an ugly virgin sitting in your parents basement(or attic) like sillibk!

          • Balanced? Fucking SMGs everywhere you deluded as, you don’t know what you are talking g about 0. You complai. About C4s, IEDs and op weapons, then complain when it is fixed in esports. Esportd makes it balanced you dumb fuck.

          • Oh shut the fuck up, the only deluded one is your dumbass who continues to make up excuses.

            You’re the only dumbfuck here. Oh really? They nerfed the IEDs? Oh cool that’s one positive thing. But you forgot about them buffing and nerfing the Bizon and nerfing the CBJ. Stupid patches here and there. Still, IW did better than Treyarch in terms of post-game support.

          • I prefer Black Ops 2 for public matches, and Ghosts for e-Sports. Not all people only liked Black Ops 2 for the e-Sports.

          • Black ops 2 is my 3rd Favorite cod because it is what Call of Duty is meant to be, fast paced and very competitive but also very chilled, and easier to pick up and play unlike alot of new cods!

    • You say that but esports makes the game better it’s the reason why certain guns get buffed/nerfed without esports the bizon would never have been nerfed after it was recently buffed. Esports helps to grow the franchise as it’s a growing community. Yeah the pubs to competitive ratio is about 80/20 but if you want a good balanced game then esports needs to be implemented. You might have your own ideas where somebody is a good player if they have a 2 k/d but gunskill, knowledge of the game and reactions is what make a good player. Competitive cod is going places it’s going to be at the X Games, which is only making the franchise bigger. You won’t see them player public matches at that. They’ll be playing competitive.

      • You’re an idiot.

        They make the WRONG nerfing and buffing decisions. That’s why e-Sports doesn’t deserve to be on CoD. e-Sports is making CoD LOSE sales. They’re only FIVE percent of the community. The ratio is 95/5. It being at the X-Games mean fuck all because CoD isn’t a sport and will make the franchise look bad. CoD is in DECLINE because of e-Sports.

          • They significantly buffed the LMGs for no reason (stupid), BARELY nerfed the Remington, barely nerfed the pistols, FAL, SMR, snipers, etc.

          • Competitive also influenced the patches on Ghosts. It made them buff/nerf the Bizon (which should never have been touched), nerf the Uzi-like weapon (forgot its name), etc. But IW has been far better with patches than Treyarch.

          • I don’t think eSports had any part of share in buffing the bizon since most of them use mtars and vectors but they did have a part in nerfing that weapon. I would rather have a bizon that kills you in 3-4 bullets I believe rather than in 2 bullets. Also I highly doubt CBJ has a big impact on the game. You’re full capable of out gunning people who carry that gun with an mtar or vector etc.

          • I said that they nerfed the CBJ. Why? It didn’t have to be nerfed. In fact, it had to get buffed so that it could compete with other SMGs. Pros use the MTAR and Vector; the 2 most powerful SMGs. That’s why I don’t like e-Sports, they make 1-2 weapons in each class overpower others.

          • I don’t think they nerfed the CBJ. I might need to double check but even though there are 1-2 weapons that’s overpowered in a weapon class, I don’t think the whole pub playlist will be running around with those weapons. The pub playlist always have variety of players using different guns.

          • Do you not know the CoD community? The kids will always use the most overpowered crap to piss you off.

          • True but I highly doubt every game you go into is like that. Just my opinion. Never happens to me so….

          • Generally I use overpowered guns because they are good not to piss people off, and usually people use those weapons because they care about their score. Is there something wrong with that, that I can’t see because if so please tell me what it is.

          • That means that they don’t have any gun skill if they have to use the easiest guns in the game.

          • Either that or they don’t feel like they have to prove something. If you use the easiest guns in the game it could just mean you’re smart enough to not care about showboating a mediocre score with a bad gun.

        • So you like getting two bulleted by a bizon? If you’re into that then that’s cool. You have you’re opinion I have mine no need to be a douche, you say that but cod is definitely not in decline because of esports it’s expanding.

          • Edited my post.

            Ghosts just wanted to be realistic. It’s not the health, they increased the time to kill. Competitive had nothing to do with Black Ops 2’s health.

            e-Sports is still only 5%. Tell me again, why do people like the e-Sports guys get to see new CoDs before us, the majority? Don’t you see a pattern here? CoD is becoming worse and worse thanks to e-Sports. I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL AUGUST TO SEE THE MULTIPLAYER.

          • In the ghosts they decreased the time to kill pal, the reason why the pros have got to see it first is because they have established themselves well enough to get the opportunity to go and see it i.e nadeshot, the game isn’t released yet that’s why they’re not going to show the general public that’s why you have to wait…

          • Again, FUCKING BULLSHIT. He gets NO special treatment. They haven’t established shit. They just play CoD and get paid, they know nothing. If they can see it, then so can I. It is BULLSHIT and INEXCUSABLE. Yes I’m mad, bro.

          • You mean not even 5% of the community? Nadeshot is a nice guy but I should be able to see the game too. Why not make a trailer? Pathetic. It’s unfair bottom line. This is why I hate CoD now.

          • They won’t show the full game this early as to build up anticipation, we’re still in the ghosts cycle there’s still more dlc to come out. They won’t show much until they’re both out.

        • Also you said that they’re only ten percent of the community and the ratio is 95/5 nice contradicting yourself.

        • I honestly think everything you’re saying is put on because of the amount of bullshit you’re saying.

    • cod sales declined when bo2 hit, continued to decline for ghosts. Bo2 was when they started caring for esports virgins. Coincidence? I think not. Fuck esports faggots. Die in a fire. Play a real sport.

      • Lol you are talking completely out of your ass, the sales actually increased along with the increase of emphasis in eSports. Are you just upset that people that play eSports can come into a public match and do well, but you can’t go into a game with eSports rules/players and do well? #slightwork

        • LOL you’re ignorant. Black Ops 2 lost sales compared to MW3, it didn’t increase at all. e-Sports killed games like Battlefield 2 Modern Combat and Halo. Their skill is irrelevant.

          • Firstly, you seem to like to start off with large capital letters in your replies and that’s just… Please get off my screen.

            Secondly, I just recently realized that you are correct with the stats and I did indeed read them wrong, so I will give you that. But eSports is MOST DEFINITELY not what killed the sales

            EDIT: Checked the wrong sales, BO2 is possibly the best selling COD of all time. So my point stands.

            , the functionality and appeal of the games overall is what caused the decline in sales. Simply put, people are gradually getting tired of COD, and most people give the reason of “It’s the exact same thing every year”. The only time I have ever heard someone complain about the existence of eSports is here, on this cancer of a comment thread.

            Exactly how, in your opinion, has eSports “killed” Call of Duty?

          • Maybe BO2 went down in sales because its predecessor MW3 was such a let down and if you know the dev story behind that game you’d know it was a rushed patch-up job. By just providing an insufficiemt amount nof data and pointing at somethimg and giving it your own theory proves absolutely nothing and is isninsufficient as well as an inaccurate use/depiction of the data. You have no analysis of why sales dropped only your assumption which is based on your biases.

          • cod 4 from cod 2 MASSIVE leap because it was new and modern and everyone loved it, WAW was in WW2 and in 2008 everyone was sick of WW2 so it dropped in sales, MW2 one of the most hyped game ever was a very fun game and IMO the best cod to date, no cancerous esports, devs clearly made it for the public and they catered to fun not a bunch of nerds that take a video game seriously, MASSIVE leap in sales. Black ops 1 got MORE sold than MW2 because everyone was desperate to go on a new cod without bullshit and black ops delivered and of course the zombie fans, but the problem was it was a pretty balanced game (except second chance and ghost) but it got boring fast, Mw2 which had the bullshit but it was FUN. when MW3 was announced everyone wanted it because it was going to BE MW2 without the bullshit, so pretty much everyone was thinking that they are going to get MW2 without the commando and noob tubes which made alot including me excited, and again BIG sale increase. major reason why it flopped because they had 10 months or so to finish it and with limited employees after the dispute and then sledgehammer helped out to finish the game which had lots of problems and balancing issues. Black ops 2 my theory on why it dropped is because BO1 wasnt the best for everyone and the futuristic stuff looked lame, (TBH alot of treyarch sales come from only players that like zombies trust me if treyarch didnt have zombies or made it into a separate game they wouldnt sell not near what they are now), and because Mw3 flopped to alot of people. alot of people stopped playing BO2 and BO2 was the last straw because it was laggy, sniping, WAY too much focus on eSports, and the game overall sucked. ghosts was just a joke because people SAW IW instantly thinking of MW3 and alot thought of BO2 and good on them for not buying it because it sucked another game eSports focused. DEVs in the last 2 games screwed the public and kept catering to the cancers known as the quick scoping community and of course esports. overall people are sick of getting fucked over by devs sucking up to the sniping community and the esports nerds. ghosts as well was boring and catered to campers

          • and because alot of people dont liketreyarch multiplayer because it isnt as fun as IWs (COD1 COD2, COD4 ,MW2 and IMO MW3 as well). treyarch just feels more boring to more another reason why IW games usually sell more

          • Lol I don’t even play or watch eSports. I’m saying that they have their own community and that eSports will always be a part of COD from now on, like zombies. You guys need to get over it.

          • “You guys need to get over it” is no excuse. It’s still unfair. It’s still special treatment. It’s still inexcusable.

            They have their own community of whiners, complainers, and stupid teens with retarded logic (The e-Sports guys are essentially the sniper community, but they use regular weapons over snipers). Why not just show the “early footage” for the MAJORITY? I’m not saying that I get special treatment, I’m saying NOBODY gets special treatment. It’s to treat every single person, the MAJORITY, equally and FAIRLY.

            You know retarded shit like this? Inexcusable. This is what’s killing CoD.

          • This is killing COD so much that it’ll still be top selling next year, and the year after, and the year after. If you don’t like how the game is turning out, you stop playing it. Wow, amazing. I used to love Assassin’s Creed. I didn’t like how they started to evolve it in the last 3 games, so guess what? I didn’t play it! *Gasp* Incredible.

          • “Don’t play it” yet another excuse you have for these guys. I’m just displaying my opinions because of the stupid decisions these developers are making. This is a CoD website and there is a comments section for a reason; for opinions. My opinion is that Nadeshot does not deserve special treatment over the majority and doing so is a major negative to this franchise.

          • You’re upset because he got to see the game before you? “Special treatment” has been going on over so many games for a long while now. It’s like giving Youtubers early access to a game or footage. NadeShot is a Youtuber, and a “pro player.” People would rather hear from a “pro player” than some random dude who got to see it early, simple as that. It’s like how you see doctors talking about something in a commercial, they seem more trustworthy than if some random dude was talking about it.

          • That’s like saying pro football players are ruining football because they have special treatment over all the regular people who play football for fun. Because the rules change (or did change) to better fit the sport on a profession level, you know that, right?

          • Terrible analogy. You can’t compare Football to e-Sports because Football is an actual sport, and they don’t get to see things early on, because the only thing that changes in Football is the roster.

          • What does seeing things early on have to do with it? It seems like you’re upset because Nadeshot saw the game before you did.

          • You’re honestly so wrong. The game goes Campaign players -> eSports players -> public players in terms of how public it is. Do you not see how many people follow players like Nadeshot on twitter? If they show Nadeshot and he tweets a good tweet like the one he did BOOM thats an EASY 500k people that will take interest in their game. ESports is growing into a VERY huge thing and you might not realize it but it is.

        • yeah which is fucking pathetic how they are on x games they are in the way of real athletes and people that train and work hard to reach their goal unlikes these asswipes just sitting on their fat asses playing a video game and pushing a few buttons, it is pathetic how they are going to X games which is for actual people that have a skill, and an actual LIFE

          • I’d say they still have to practice and train to reach their goals, and they have a skill. Odds are if you played against any of these e-Sports player you would lose, simply because they have a lot of skill. When you compare e-Sports to regular sports, that’s like saying athletes don’t deserve to get payed because they don’t have a real job like doctors or lawyers, and they are just playing a game.

          • hahaha i laugh at you. you think pushing a few buttons takes skill? id say it takes a little skill if you do it on the wii with the wii mote because at least there you are standing and moving around and to have accuracy on a wii is hard. what the hell has athletes and getting payed have to do with this? these people at x games have built an ACTUAL skill for what they do , skill is earned in working hard in reaching that goal like working hard in getting very fast boxing punches, football skills, being able to juggle a ball 200+ times,being able to do magic etc etc ill let this video bury your bullshit so called *cod skill* this video is the fucking definition of skill and if you think that cod is skill you are a brainless dipshit pushing a few buttons is not fucking skill you are so delusional. do i give a fuck if i cant beat these nerds? no because i play cod for fun after a long tiring day and i dont give a fuck about loosing to them im doing something normal with my life instead of staring at a screen all day.

          • For future reference being verbally abusive towards people tends to not help your point. That being said I watched the video you linked, and while that did involve a lot of practice no doubt, I can’t help but feel like you made no effort in trying to see how playing call of duty on a professional level takes skill, albeit a very different kind of skill.It is a more mental skill, needing quick reactions, good assessment skills, and the ability to out think your opponents. Just because they aren’t doing something normal with their lives should not make them any worse of people than anybody else. In fact, playing sports for a living, or acting, or any other acceptable living in our modern day society, isn’t normal and it is very ignorant of anybody to belittle people for not doing something normal with their lives, while at the same time applauding others for doing something special with their lives too.

          • oh please i can tell you spend your whole life playing games and idolizing nadeshot, seriously it is not that hard to learn competitive ffs i got a few friends that play and it is NOT hard, pressing a few buttons is not hard, knowing the spawns, knowing all that shit isnt hard and it ISNT for the life of me a FUCKING skill, get over call of duty being skill because it is not, take advice on skill by watching the video again.

          • I do actually sped most of my time playing video games, so you got that right, but usually I don’t play Call of Duty. That being said I can see that you are either having a bad day or you are naturally toxic so I don’t expect you to believe me, to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if you instead call me a no life nerd. Which would be true so it’s fine if you want to, go ahead.

          • im not pissed im just laughing at how you think cod competitive takes all this skill when ive tried it myself its not the hardest thing like acquiring skills of the video i showed it is fucking child’s play.

          • Okay that’s fine we all have our own opinions, but maybe if you presented yours in a respectful way they would be easier to listen to.

          • my opinion had cussing because i am angry at the fact that people like these competitive nerds are going to x games which is a slap in the face to those who worked hard to get there, and they have REAL skills, and how delusional people like you are thinking cod competitive takes all this skill.

          • you keep playing for a bit and you will learn ITS NOT HARD EVERYONE CAN DO IT! mosts skills in real sports and REAL life are acquired by only some people Example some of the talents and skills in that video not everyone can do and those skills take countless hours to acquire and it is something to be proud of if you have one. NOT your so called *cod skills* which sounds so low. so you want to get in with girls they ask you “what are you good at what are your skills” you say “oh my skills are being a good cod competitive player i have skills in doing call outs and knowing the map off by hart”, she is probably laughing at you, same is a job interview they would piss themselves if they heard that that is your skills. haha

          • It’s good that you don’t find Call of Duty hard, I look forward to seeing you and your spelling at the next competitive event. Also just so you know I’m hopeless with girls, and my job is pretty simple so you know you hit that nail on the head 🙂

          • i dont have a problem with that its just eSports slapping the faces of real athletes with real skill.

          • and one more thing people are going to say WOW to skills of in that video there is NO ONE going to go wow that quick scope or that come back only nerds or people that are paid to praise the game and esports

          • That’s true. The one game people will say wow to is the Koreans playing star craft. That is mind boggling.

      • “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.”

        That is the definition of sport according to the Oxford Dictionary, but there is a flaw to it.

        Chess, it’s classed as a sport and all you use in that is your hands and your brain, just like video games, so e-sports can be classed as a real sport!

      • Die in a fire? Although your opinion is valid for some, you cannot say that eSports ruined CoD, and how do you know that they’re virgins lol?

      • i’m pretty sure black ops 2 held the record for fastest game to hit a billion dollars or something. Doesn’t sound like the sales declined from that.

      • Actually, sales have continued rising through the years. Mostly because in the first month, everbody that can buys it. So, the numbers grow. But ATM, the only thing this franchise needs is a savior, so we just have to hope and pray that this game is it.

    • I can’t really agree with myself when I say this when it comes to competitive Call of Duty past CoD4, but typically when a game is played competitively, it’s made into a more balanced game that requires players to have more overall skill (aim (skilled aiming with a controller LoL), positioning, comms and what give you) than the other team/players.

      While making a game play out 100% competitively isn’t always the best idea, it will still offer the players one of the best ways to play a game. This typically is more relevant to only FPS, RTS and potentially MMOs, but I would assume can work in some way for other online games outside of those genres.

      • e-Sports makes the game unbalanced. On CoD, it makes 1-2 weapons per class overpowered for the pros to use. It’s a joke.

        • No, just no. The reason pros use 1-2 weapons is BECAUSE THOSE WEAPONS WERE ALREADY THE BEST WEAPONS IN THE GAME TO BEGIN WITH. Competitive players point out the imbalances and show everyone which mechanics can be abused and which guns are overpowered right away. They pick the best and most imbalanced classes because money is on the line and when something is super imbalanced or requires little to no skill it gets banned in the competitive community. Casual players still keep the things they want in pubs and nothing gets taken away from them. When a gun is nerfed it does not get nerfed to the point where it is unusable in pubs. In public matches you can literally use any weapon and do fine simply by being better than your opponents. So when a gun is nerfed because it is over powered no one misses out on anything.

    • Ikr, Esports is what is ruining the franchise now, what with all the useless nerfs and buffs that have been because of a result of intervention from the minority that play CoD. It’s completely illogical. :/

        • Alright, I apologise. It’s all good that you disagree with me. Maybe I exaggerated a ‘little’ bit too much! Uhh, why did I even make a comment like that? It’s doing my head in…
          Once again, sorry for that.

          • Nah, it’s my fault dude! It’s my fault for posting such a negative comment…I’m absolutely fine with you disagreeing with me anyways, that’s how opinions work. 🙂

          • You should not apologise for expressing your views. From what I can see your view is accurate and popular. For xxx LOW LiFe xxx to write off your view as belligerent is offensive and uncalled for.

          • Ahh I don’t know what to think now! I appreciate your concern, it helped my to believe in what I think. But I also believe that opinions should be criticised! Thank you for being respectful; a common virtue that has been lost in the online community for a while. We need more people like you in the community! As well as Goten, aha, top comment amirite!?

        • How about you do the same? You’re obviously biased and in favor of competitive and that’s why you make these comments, you’re among the people that I’m talking about. Special treatment should be frowned upon, but no, you’re going to keep making up excuses since it’s right up your alley.

      • How is eSports ruining the franchise? If anything, it’s what’s keeping it going! With it being a yearly franchise, it can (and has gotten) quite stale in my opinion, and eSports adds a new perspective on that! Even if you don’t agree with this, how does it cause any harm to actually put some good eSports features into the game?

        • It always ruined the franchise. Look at Black Ops 2. That game was made with e-Sports in mind. They went behind our backs and put forced skill-based machmaking, headglitches, unbalanced weapons, etc. into the game. How does e-Sports add a new perspective? There’s no changes to the game, in fact, e-Sports is as Vanilla as it gets when it comes to CoD. You don’t see League of Legends and Starcraft tournaments turned into Vanilla with 1/10th of the game being played and all the “bullshit” taken out. To answer your question, yes, adding “good” e-Sports features into the game will harm the game instead of helping it. There’s no such thing as a “good” e-Sports feature.

          • that is because LoL and SC are made FOR eSports. COD isnt so they have to optimize the game.

          • It is being built with eSports in mind but how is there such thing as a bad eSports feature?

          • problem is do you play this game competitively? pro players make a living out of this and it is their job they get paid by playing the game. how are they going to play a game that isn’t at least e-sport related it would just ruin their jobs.

          • They should be god damn grateful they got to sit on their arse playing video games for a living in the first place. God forbid these uber skilled and useful people, may have to find another job.

          • LMAO do you even realize what you are saying? gosh, you must be pretty bad at cod. Black ops 2 actually require some skills unlike ghosts, where you just get dropped so quickly that you can’t even react.

          • Black Ops 2 doesn’t require skill. Anyone can quickscope or use Target Finder LMGs. “You must be pretty bad at CoD” even if I had a 0.01 KD, who cares about my skill level? I’ve been playing since CoD 4, so no, I’m not bad. The games since Black Ops 1 are just THAT bad. Black Ops 2 is the worst.

          • LMAO are you serious? You are implying that quickscoping and target finder LMGs are actually viable options to dominate in the game.
            Additionally, just because you’ve being playing since cod4 doesn’t mean you are good or bad at call of duty. Someone could have been playing since cod1 and still be a worse player than you. This is pretty amusing. Your logic is flawed there.
            btw, you still didn’t justify why adding e-Sports features to the game will harm it. I’m all ears. lol…

          • That’s because they are. LMGs can dominate any weapon, and quickscoping is absurdly easy.

            It means that I have experience. Adding e-Sports ruins the game because it adds headglitches and unbalanced weapons. It also influences patches and the developers listening to the minority over the majority.

          • LMAO you are absurd. “LMGs can dominate any weapon.” That statement is questionable in so many ways.

            “quickscoping is absurdly easy.”

            So explain why new cod players aren’t using that. They rather have a weapon to spray and not die if they miss one shot. *facepalm.

            “It means that I have experience.”
            more like you are speaking out of your ass. LOL

            “Adding e-Sports ruins the game because it adds headglitches and unbalanced weapons.”
            headglitching has always been in Cod. Are you for real? You honestly think the developers add that in as an e-Sport feature. WOW. You are clueless
            And do you honestly think pros want unbalanced weapons? Why do you think the FAL has been banned in tournaments and league play?

            LOL kid. I think you don’t know jack shit. You are a joke.

        • No, the only ignoramuses are people like you who defend it, and it IS the minority. 10% isn’t a majority.

    • So you think that the game can be good with little to no support from eSports? Ya, it will be good in your opinions, but not the pro players. Such selfish comment. wow, this is 2014, not 2007. This is joke

      • So you think eSports on this game will exist if no one wants to play it online? The focus should always be on the online experience, not the LAN. I’m not saying eSports shouldn’t have any support and neither is the op, but to base an entire MP game around eSports is short sighted and disrespectful to the majority of their player base.

          • Speaking hypothetically. I don’t know any game that is “entirely” based on eSports but BO2 put way to much effort into it.

          • Don’t say entire if you don’t mean it. There are just as much multiplayer support for casuals. nothing really changed.

          • I do mean entrire, my statement wasn’t about a any particular game. I don’t need you to tell me what I shouldn’t say, I can say whatever I like.

            Multiplayer support was garbage for BO2 though, match making was dire and the connection quality was bad because of it.

          • LMAO you are basically telling me what to say now.

            Multiplayer support was garbage? how so? If BO2 multiplayer support is garbage, wonder what you think about MW2. LOL
            most people are fine with the matchmaking and connection. Didn’t hear any outrageous complaints. It’s just you. hahha lol if you don’t like the game, you don’t have run around in circles and not get to the point. What a joke

          • Where did I tell you what to say? Are you really that stupid that you can’t understand a simple paragraph. I have tried to be civil but you’re just a douche with a bad attitude.

            You are also clueless, Lag Ops 2 had the worst matchmaking of any CoD to date. Any matchmaking system that prioritses skill level over connection quality and geographical location is bad.

            Just because I’m aware of the lag issues doesn’t make me bad I have a 3.5 w/l ratio on BO2 so no I’m not crap and it’s well documented that the netcode is awful in BO2 just look at fourm threads over the course of BO2’s life cycle, or Vahn/Treyarch’s twitter feed from that time, or watch the broken camera videos that are all over YouTube.


          • You just told me what not to say. That’s basically telling me what to say. Or limiting me what to say. LOL don’t call me a dumbass when you don’t even understand your own actions

            You think i’m a douche with a bad attitude? More like you are just completely talking out of your ass. You do that to people on the street and see if they will give you a nice attitude. Trying to be civil. hahah Do you read over what you write? You are so civil. LOL You making puns and bashing on a game that you don’t like. That’s so civil! Where did constructive criticism go? Speak for yourself, kid. Just because you didn’t swear doesn’t make it civil you fucking idiot.

            “You are also clueless, Lag Ops 2 had the worst matchmaking of any CoD to date. Any matchmaking system that prioritses skill level over connection quality and geographical location is bad.”

            I think you are retarded. If you are in NA, they are not going to match you with people in Europe. *facepalm.
            it’s pretty amusing that you are acting as if you KNOW everything. You are just some fucking kid playing this game. You don’t know how the code works so don’t act like you do. Makes you look like a joke.

            And win to loss ratio is so easy if you are playing with friends everyday. That’s called teamwork. If it’s lagging so hard for you why are you not losing? Why aren’t you leaving lobbies and just take a loss, then find a new lobby? hmm? Give me a break. There’s lag but clearly it’s not every game for you.

            “it’s well documented that the netcode is awful in BO2”

            So you’ve made that statement based on the forums? LMAO kid. You are a true idiot. You are speaking as if you developed the game and aware of the netcode. HAHAHA what a fucking joke.
            fucking lame ass kid talking like a developer. haha COMPLETE joke

          • I didn’t even tell you what not to say dumbass. I said I don’t need you to tell me what to say. It’s a statement not an instruction. Your more caught up in finding things to argue about than reading the response. If you weren’t you wouldn’t come off looking like a tool.

            “So you’ve made that statement based on the forums?”

            Again learn to read, I said that its well documented and sited that as an example. I never said that I based my opinion on forum atricles. How does pointing out that BO2 has awful netcode make me sound like I’m trying to talk like a dev?

            I only play FFA on CoD so playing with friends isn’t going to effect my stats.

            “I think you are retarded. If you are in NA, they are not going to match you with people in Europe.”

            Thats exactly what happens, I lost count of the amount of times I got matched to a lobby hosted on another contenent. Ping to the host should be the deciding factor which it is not. The game prioritises skill level above anything else no matter how high the ping is. I got thrown into a lobby in Japan 5 consecutive times once while my friend with worse stats was sitting in a half empty lobby.

            You’re clueless and I never leave no matter how bad the connection is. I take my losses, without having rage induced fits. However that doesn’t mean I can’t see the obvious flaws with the programming. I do well cause I play on a monitor, have a very good internet connection, have Astro cans and because I have I high skill level because I can adapt.

            Lobbies with high pings can still be won by using high rate of fire weapons like the Skorpion or high damage weapons like shotguns. Just because I can cope it doesn’t mean I should be happy with it and if it wasn’t brought to their attention then nothing at all would be done about it.

            BTW im an adult with four children. Not a kid and my original comment was respectful. It’s you that came storming in on your high horse to defend BO2 not me.

          • That’s basically telling me what to say. It’s just indirectly. Wow you are unreal.

            well documented and sited. Ya, For sure man! I don’t see the link by the way. But I really care. Telling me how to read while you are getting info from a third party source. ARE YOU SERIOUS? HAHAh you are a a joke.

            And FFA is all by yourself. Just know the spawns and rush. It’s about aggressive smart play. It’s not dom or tdm where you can get a team of snipers or complete noobs.

            If I’m clueless but why are you still replying to me? Stop being a fucking pathetic fool.
            You are an adult? Stop being so stupid and just play the game. Complaining with nonsense and third party source. Using puns and insults such as lag ops 2 is totally unnecessary. Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you are acting like it. So until then, get a life kid. if you don’t like the game, don’t buy it. Don’t support it. Get over it. If you went to eat at a restaurant and really didn’t enjoy the mean, and it was expensive, are you going to continuously complain?

            Stop talking about the netcode and shit as if you actually developed the game. You didn’t decompile and see the source code. omfg This is complete joke. You should really re-evaluate yourself on some of your decisions on making criticisms..

          • No it isn’t basically telling you to do anything. Your inability to understand a simple statement is pathetic. Yes it is well documented I don’t feel the need to provide you with links, they are a simple Google search away.

            You say third party sources like Treyarch are gonna come out and say that the match making is crap. The community that play the game and my own experience is more than adequate justification for me criticize a game I bought.

            If I was served up bad food at an expensive restaurant of course I would complain and get my money back. Just because you’re happy with whatever garbage companies shove in front of you doesn’t mean everyone else has too. I paid for the game so I will criticize it for it’s short comings with or without your approval.

            “Using puns and insults such as lag ops 2 is totally unnecessary.”

            Now I see the real issue, I’m sorry if saying something negative about your precious Lag Ops 2 offends you. Is that better? I know how FFA works, I don’t need you to explain to me how to play it. You assumed (which you tend to do a lot of) that my W/L ratio was high because I play with friends. I was merely stating that it wasn’t the case because I don’t play CoD with friends.

            Again with the ‘talking like a dev’, please explain to me how ‘devs’ talk. To my knowledge they talk the same as everyone else. If you are referring to the fact that I understand the in game mechanics and how they work, then I hate to break it to you but you don’t need to be a game developer to do some reading and research.

            “If I’m clueless but why are you still replying to me?”

            In hope that you actually have the slightest bit of intellect and come up with a decent rebuttal rather than the tripe you keep spouting in your comments. I enjoy arguments and debate but you argue like a woman, you’re not in this for logic and reason. You seem to be in it for distance and irritation in the pathetic view that if you get the last word you have won the argument (not that I find this irritating and I know this is an assumption).

            You are clueless and it’s obvious that you’re not getting this so you wont be getting anymore responses from me on this matter, but by all means feel free to have the last word.

        • You think these guys “love” CoD? NO. They’re PAID to say positive things. They hate the core game.

        • lmao so am i a pathetic loser for saying serial killers are bad people? Killing people is what they love!

          • While my comparison is extreme, it is accurate. Your comparison is flawed because blacks and whites are treated equal in the us, but in cod, pub players and esports players are not treated equal. They cater way more to esports.

          • “They cater way more to esports.” then please explain why ghosts esports is awful then.

          • Example of a cod ghosts online patch:
            Esports: Bug fixes: Weapon Balancing:
            blah blah blah xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
            blah blah blah xxxxxx
            blah blah blah
            blah blah blah
            blah blah blah
            blah blah blah
            blah blah blah
            blah blah blah
            blah blah blah
            blah blah blah

          • this didn’t come out clear but my point is that the patches have long list of esports fixes, way more than any other category. Its all they care about.

          • His comparison was right, you were too clueless to understand it. Blacks and whites are treated the same. So why exclude esports? Yours was wrong because it isn’t true, people don’t love killing they are crazy and messed in the head.

          • Blacks and whites are MOSTLY treated the same, but some prejudice and inequality still exist I’m society, so your arguments are invalid

          • Wait, did you really just say “serial killers” while they are playing arcade shooter? I swear some people are so delusional.

        • Dude you sound like a virgin, So he’s not a nerd for sitting at home and playing video games all day?

          • Since when did being a virgin = a bad thing? This new generation logic baffles me.

          • The point is that if all you do it sit at home playing video games all day your a nerd. Being a virgin is boring im just glad i have a hot girlfriend that does shit with me haha.

        • Doing what they love? I guess they love killing a franchise by influencing the nerfs that the developers make. Gun balance my ass!

          • So you miss the one shot kill msbs before the patch? You miss the very weak smgs other than the mtar before the patch? Then please, by all means, go consult IW about it.

      • nadeshot makes $100,000 a year, which a pretty great sitting at home and playing games all day tbh..

        • And you think he deserves that money over YouTubers that put far more quality into their videos than him with his or him “just playing CoD”? What makes you want to defend this inexcusable act by Sledgehammer and Activison?

          • Holy fuck. Do you even know the struggle Nadeshot went through to get the fanbase he has today? Bro, youre delusional period.

          • I’ve been watching Nadeshot for a long time. Long before he got into competitive. I’ve watched his “struggles” and it still doesn’t excuse him getting special treatment. Rambo saw the footage too. The only delusional people are people like yourself who make up excuses for these peoples’ cause.

          • Seems like your just mad that they get an early glimpse of the eSports aspect of COD. If you wanna get an early glimpse grind COD everyday and build a channel or make a team. You’re sitting here hating on people who make a career out of COD and are given a special opportunity for their success. Pathetic bruh.

          • Yes. He does deserve it. He works extremely hard which is more than you will ever do. Combine that with all the haters getting him down, and huge pressure from a massive fan base – he deserves everything he has.

          • I think Nadeshot is a down to earth dude. Still doesn’t give you the right to make up excuses for him because he gets special treatment over the majority of the people who give Activision and Sledgehammer their money. Nadeshot is paid by CoD, he has to say positive things, and he’s in e-Sports, so he’s biased.

          • YouTubers make a LOT of money than some people even think, and Nadeshot puts a lot of effort in YT AND streaming.

            How is this inexcusable? What is wrong with SHGames and ATVI bringing two eSports players to the studio to ask for their feedback for the game’s eSports features? What is wrong with SHGames wanting to do that? What if Nadeshot never tweeted this today? Would you have ever even known or cared then?

          • It’s ok Keshav, he’s a silly bad kid, trying to sound tough over the internet, people are just jealous of other people’s success.

          • Don’t let him get to you. He’s one of those sad kids that love to complain.

        • Would you really be proud to sit at home playing video games all day? Not talking shit but It’s a little sad because most of them are virgins when you hear them yellin “I melted him”,”He’s A warrior” and ” He warriored me”. They sound like pathetic girls when I hear them.

          • i don’t understand whats with all this “virgins” talk is about. they are 20 almost, and i don’t think being a virgin is a problem for them, rather play games and win is

          • No I know theyre like 20 and aren’t actually virgins but when you hear the things they yell and scream it makes you wonder. My girlfriend would laugh her ass off if she seen me doing that shit.

          • Omg your a pansy how is that sexist? Everybody are just defensive bitches nowadays, did I pinch I nerve or something?

      • Why are you hating? A craft is a craft. You should invest in one. & eSports is developing and will have a huge influence on gaming period. It’s the future of the industry and it lines pockets to make even more or better games. I’m sorry you have a confined view of our future. You would have probably been one of the people back in the day who were against professional sports such as basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and etc while their respective industry was still in its infancy.

      • Lol I play esports on the side, yet I’m the starting tailback and free safety on my football team and I can bench 320. Stop making up fallacies and absolutes, it only makes your argument weaker kid

      • Lol and calling someone a “virgin” and “nerd” isn’t an insult anymore in this day and age. Stop thinking in a patriarchal fashion. Our society needs to get rid of this sexist logic

    • So by that logic, since blacks are a minority in the US, we just don’t pay attention to them? Alright, who upvoted this idiot?

      • Terrible comparison. Absolutely dreadful. Do blacks get special treatment in the USA? No, we’re all equal.

        • If you actually cared to play ghosts, the esports there is God awful. Special treatment, my ass.

          • No special treatment? Really? So pros didn’t influence weapon balance patches? Ignoramus. I’m GLAD Ghosts’s e-Sports is God awful.

          • The msbs was the most op ar that was patched because the pub community wanted it patched, dumbass.

          • i hate esports, but im pretty sure the mtarx and bizon patches were directly influenced from mlg.

          • The mtar wasnt patched that much to make it weaker. The Bizon needed to be patched. Balance is a good thing.

        • Actually, yes. It’s called affirmative action aka positive discrimination. For example, most schools and colleges give out scholarships just for being a certain race or ethnicity. There was an incident were there were 20 spots open for an Ivy league college. 10 spots were reserved for minorities. So when 11 whites qualified, they had to reject one, even though he was more qualified to enter the school than the minority. They had to hold a space for a minority and he couldn’t go to the college of his dreams. It’s a shame, really. I don’t agree with the original comment though, I think eSports are a big part of COD and will always have a place in future CODs.

          • e-Sports doesn’t have a place in anything. e-Sports is a very small minority.

          • I read an article about it. The kid sued and was eventually accepted, but it took 2 years.

          • He said minorities aren’t privileged in USA. I said they are, because affirmative action exists. Look it up.

          • It’s sad that affirmative action exists. However, the idea of it was great (to keep employers honest). During those times employers weren’t hiring minorities (Women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, etc.). During those times minorities who were over-qualified for certain positions could not get jobs because they were minorities. Should affirmative action exist today…nope, because employers should hire based on skill, character and things of that nature rather than economic standing, ethnicity, sexual orientation and things of that nature. Anyway, back to CoD! Who’s ready for Destiny!!? Huh…

          • Yes, that’s what I was saying. I think it’s unfair to get jobs or scholarships solely based on race and not even looking at skill, especially in today’s world. Yeah, anyways, can’t wait for E3. Destiny looks good too, really just want to see AW in action and some new releases though.

          • In the word we live in that’d be ideal but the fact of the matter is that the world isn’t like that and affirmative action is still needed.

          • It’s very a controversial topic. Personally, I believe that today, everybody wants to be equal and everybody should have the same chances and opportunities to be equal. But yeah, it’s all controversial, like gun control laws, etc.

        • Sorry, but I disagree. Although we want to all be equal. There’s always gonna be douchebags oppressing people based on what they look like. I would love for it not to be like that, but it is. That’s the horrible truth. No one is equal. People try to find any reason to discriminate others, whether it’s an accent, an extra couple of pounds, or pigment of skin, someone is always gonna think they’re better than you, which actually makes them worse. Bullshit system makes everyone seem the same, but nope, people are pulled out of opportunities for reasons that are so insignificant. I fear for ignorant people that oppress others. Kind of feel like they need someone to hold their hand when they’re walking across the street.

          • You’re a dumbass. I’m not saying that the guys at e-Sports should be “ignored” (even though I’d love that). I’M SAYING THAT DEVS SHOULD NOT BE CATERING TO THEM OVER THE MINORITY can you not read?

          • Can you? You said minority and not majority so you basically just undid your whole argument with that one since we’re the “minority” and you’re the “majority”. Cost benefit analysis… and others like you decide not to buy the game & hundreds of other people with dreams to go pro buy it instead and compete. Thats a gain and not a loss. Developing eSports in the long term will generate more revenue than catering to you as it’s a larger and more sustainable effort from a business standpoint. The funny thing is by playing multiplayer you automatically become a “competitive player” and so you’re arguing against yourself. Your ignorance angers me in all honesty. I will pray for you.

          • It’s a gain, however, 15-20% was how much Ghosts lost compared to Black Ops 2 (which lost 5 million sales compared to MW3 so do the math, Ghosts sold 21-22 million). So it’s not a whole lot. It’s roughly 2 million sales Ghosts lost. That’s how many people I believe are apart of the competitive community (10%). Though decently sized, you are still a VAST minority.

            It’s larger and more sustainable? Use League of Legends for an example, at least 30 million users, and how many play competitively? Another minority.

            Activision loses $1 million per tournament. So how is it larger and more sustainable? Plus e-Sports is known to “kill” games like Battlefield and Halo. A minority doesn’t make you larger, and a million dollar tournament doesn’t make it sustainable.

            Multiplayer’s entirety is competitive-based? What if I wanted to play casually? I wouldn’t mind a couple competitive games or so, however, making the ENTIRE public matches with COMPETITIVE, E-SPORTS, in mind, makes for a dreadful game. Headglitches, at least 1-2 overpowered weapons per class, early access to the new games over the majority, etc. You never gave me a viable opinion as to why Nadeshot gets to see early footage of the multiplayer before the general public, who only get to see it in August. It’s inexcusable.

            Sledgehammer never said that public matches aren’t competitive-based? They said that they build Advanced Warfare with e-Sports in mind. So when I’m proven otherwise, my opinion that the multiplayer will suck will stick until then.

          • What you and your fanclub fail to realize is that sales means nada. Every new COD game is judged according to how good/bad its predecessor was regardless of the developing studio. Which means that sales are proportionately related to the previous games success/failure which is why it is possiblenfor games like BO2 doing “bad” due to MW3 and GHOSTS selling “well” because of the success before it and the anticipated continuance of that succes. Seeing as it didnt live up to the hype there are a lot of people who are skeptical of AW and a lot of people who have tuned out and will not buy it or wait to buy it. You have such a one sided argument that its not even feasible to combat with reason as you blatantly ignore so many varied aspects of what’s really going on.

          • “Sales mean nada” that’s not what Activision says. Black Ops 2 left a bad taste in a lot of peoples’ mouths because of the broken bullshit like the snipers and LMGs, and some people didn’t buy Black Ops 2 because MW3 left a bad taste in peoples’ mouths. Since MW3, the franchise hasn’t been that great. Sledgehammer Games saying “The multiplayer is built with e-Sports in mind” will really hurt the game.

            My arguments are one-sided? Who’s in favor of e-Sports again?

          • ONE SIDED. I’m not here crying about pubstars, zombie players, survival fanatics, and yet here you are thrashing the community. ONE SIDED. If you want things done solely to suit your tastes dev your own game

        • You missed the point. My point is just because a group is the minority does not mean you ignore them.

          • Nadeshot being impressed by the game does not mean Sledgehammer is ignoring the more casual players, the competitive players are the minority, and I know the point you were trying to make, which was “this minority does not get special privileges, so neither should this one”, but you did not make your point, because natural skin color is not a skill, and giving special privileges to one would have different advantages/disadvantages than giving them to the other.

      • Wow Racist much?!?!, why do you automatically need to throw in race, this is a gaming community he’s talking about not a specific race, and to have a comparison between the two is disgraceful and ignorant. Go spout your racist comments in somewhere else.

        • Are you retarded? It’s a comparison and it’s a fact that blacks are the minority in the US in terms of population. In no shape or form was I acting racist.

          • I understand that idiot, I’m just saying why do you need to put race into something entirely different. Why have an comparison between the gaming community and race. It’s common knowledge that blacks are a minority but that has nothing to do with this article, DUHHHHHHH

      • It’s a shame. People have no respect nowadays. Especially on the internet, since there are essentially no consequences.

      • It’s sadly true, I would love it if I could sit down with the community managers and give my view and opinions of how I feel about the game, unlike ignorant idiots who think swearing, cursing and generally being a douche will have their voices heard.

        • So e-Sports guys raging at their TVs during PUBLIC events is any better? So why do people STILL support this and their toxic community. The CoD community in GENERAL (everyone) are full of douche bags.

          • No, I’m not the cunt, these developers giving these e-Sports douche bags and people supporting it is the definition of a “cunt”.

          • Yes you are. I’ll always prefer Public over eSports, but you are literally being a cunt.

          • Probably because Advanced Warfare will suck majorly thanks to them catering only to e-Sports. They’ve said it themselves, they built the entire game with e-Sports in mind. You’d know why I’m being a so-called “cunt”, squeaker, it’s because SH is taking the game in the wrong direction and people are making up excuses and defending this bullshit.

          • Squeaker? Hahahahaha, charmed I’m sure, have you seen your name? Silly BK, that’s exactly what you are.

          • I called you out because you’re not old enough to call me CoD and you’re replying with something some stupid sniper or e-Sports cunt would say. A+ for effort. This game is going to fail miserably and I’ll laugh at you for paying $60.

          • I’m not old enough? Ghosts is PEGI 16 in the UK and I’m 17, I’m old enough alright. And keep crying, it’s sad that you have so much time troll on the internet, watch I’ll bet you buy Advanced Warfare, like everyone else. Such as BK.

          • Lol I didn’t go on here to fight with you I was as anticipated in AW as you were until I heard the news that the entire game is built around e-Sports. SH said it themselves. I’m not trolling, I’m stating opinions. I’m not here to make you mad, you’re the one who called me a cunt for expressing how upset I am that a game I was interested in is now potentially going to be atrocious. And go ahead and pay for AW it’s your money. But I’m fed up with Activision’s bullshit and them not catering to the majority and them flying out the minority instead.

          • Hey if your just gonna bitch then fucking LEAVE, your pathetic if you just come on here just to bitch. like a 4 year old.

          • Shut the fuck up e-Sports fanboy. GOD you guys are fucking toxic this is why CoD is atrocious.

          • Did you not see what he said before I replied to him? E-Sports fanboys are the cunts.

          • Cod is atrocious because of all the little kids on it. You don’t have anything to say about you bitching all the time. I’m not an esports fanboy, I mean yeah its fun to play league play because bo2 is shitty without it. If your going to bitch then leave nobody really likes you.

          • Way to represent what I said factually, you’re the CoD community in a nutshell. BO2 is shit in general. CoD is atrocious because of the minorities in the community, e-Sports and snipers alike.

          • No body likes you all you do is bitch and whine. If your going to bitch why come on this site? Is your life really that sad? Your making a big deal out of nothing is this all you do is just bash on esports? yeah It can be stupid but that’s why you don’t keep up on it but your dumbass keeps doing it. Grow a pair and shut the fuck up.
            I respect that you don’t like esports but don’t bash it like an immature bitch. Yeah you can say it sucks but everything you post is about esports sucking. Yeah they for the most part are all nerds and its stupid but really? Like I said STFU already.

          • Oh shut the fuck up, you’re exactly what I’m complaining about. No wonder why CoD sucks now, it’s because of people like you blindly supporting it. You’re just an e-Sports fanboy. This is NOTHING? This is a BIG FUCKING DEAL.

          • Is cod your life? All you do is talk shit about something stupid and expect nobody to say anything to you. Like I said all your doing is bitching and you say nothing about it. You act like just because you support esports means your a piece of shit. That is just stupid. Cod sucks because as years go on the game doesn’t change and we get bored. Not because of esports, competitive has been around for years ansome of the best cods had (not great) competitive. These players have added alot of fans to the franchise, yeah they bitch alot and they’re not amazing people but to bitch the way you do its saddening how pathetic your life is. I’m a fanboy? So Just because I watch it every once in awhile means i’m a fanboy. Just because i don’t talk shit about esports means i’m a fanboy?
            If your just trolling then your life is just sad and pathetic if you just like to fuck with people.

          • Stating one’s opinion is one thing, arguing the toss over a subject is another. If your upset then I’m sorry for you, but some of the comments you say to people, makes you look like a cunt. Think about it, right now if competitive players are saying that eSports for 2015 is going to good, Sledgehammer can then have part of their team carrying on with the eSports work, whilst the rest can sort everything out for the casual/public player. Granted they did say Advanced Warfare would be focused around eSports, doesn’t mean they can’t cater to the rest of us.

          • The only toxic people are people who are in e-Sports and support it. And don’t tell me what to do, you’re part of the problem, not the solution. I’m a hypocrite? Elaborate because I’d love to know.

          • We don’t rage at our TV’s at public events? We don’t even pay attention to public events because we don’t care about them. People like me support e-Sports because it takes a game that’s literally designed to be easy for people like you and turn into something that can be balanced and competitive.

          • Show me a video of North American players acting that way. European players act like fucking idiots I’ll agree but NA players don’t act anything like that (it’s funny because every time someone tries to bring this up, they always link the exact same video you did). You may hear some shit talk (the same that occurs in real sports) but none of us act like that. What about pub kids like you? On the rare occasions I play regular matchmaking, all I ever hear are 12 year old kids screaming racist among other profanities constantly over the mic. At least for us we talk shit because we’re playing for thousands of dollars and it’s just to get into their heads to make them play worse, you kids scream because some random stole a kill from you or you died because a kid outgunned you but you think you’re some god player so you scream and blame it on lag or something stupid. I’ve heard pub kids scream so bad I seriously thought they were going to commit suicide on the spot, so don’t think what we say is some how much worse than you guys.

            On the other part, explain to me how e-Sports doesn’t make the game more balanced. We remove the most random and broken aspects of the game (killstreaks for example) and turn the game into something where players actually have to use their brains to win games (which is the whole point of the game in the first place). The reason CoD has turned into a pile of shit is because year after year the game is dumbed down to cater to casual players. If the game was actually designed for e-sports, it would probably be the most balanced CoD since CoD 2.

      • Are you serious dude? Have you seen the snipers that cried and complained? Have you seen the e-Sports guys cry and complain? They’re no better.

        • “crying and complaining” is a lot better than being sexist to Tina and/or sending death threats to them.

          • Snipers were the ones who sent death threats. Do you not know what would happen if a dev patched their favorite guns? They’d do the exact same thing.

          • she doesnt even do her fucking all she does it takes selfies hardly take proper feedback only eSports feedback. she shouldnt be in that fucking spot if she cant do it, to be a CM you have to take the hate and deal with it, if i was CM i would just ignore the ridiculous death threats that are coming from a 12 year old and if you take them seriously then you are an absolute pussy.

          • @Teanah is her personal account, as says in her bio, and as what she has said many times. They use @InfinityWard for work and they do read comments/feedback. I guess you’re happy when you see CoD community folks, who are older than 12, use profanity against people who can’t do that much. She isn’t a developer. She is just a CM. You don’t event know her proper job and you don’t know what she does.

            Have some respect.

          • i dont give a shit about her account all i know is she doesnt take feedback like robert bowling and vonderhaar for what i see thats why ghosts is a piece of shit lowest ranked/ loved cod and no one is even on the game its so laughable, and all the feedback they address is by e sports cry babies wanting stuff to get nerfed nothing but lies for ghosts especially the promise of dedicated servers on all platforms and constant shitting on the PC community (not that they actual at least they didnt block people for the slightest thing). ill give respect to whoever i fucking want to she doesnt show it to the majority the public players she blocks us (even the ones that say negative shit about her game in not a threat or rude way) she only takes feedback from esports nerds and doesnt care at all for the majority which is the casual, perfect video for explanation. IMO she needs to fuck off and get the fuck out of there
            perfect videos somes them up but eh you are going to defend them of the bullshit she is useless as CM

      • Yes, I felt sorry for Vonderhaar with all the death threats he got from the snipers. Same with all the Community mangers. It’s sad people have to be that way.

        • it’s even worse and just sad when you see the sexist remarks some make to Tina. People should show respect, then maybe they’ll get respect back.

          • I leave them alone, however, people troll those people because they want them to fix their broken game. It’s inexcusable, however, the devs still aren’t doing their job.

    • Focusing on e-Sports brings a better more balanced game to everyone. the average COD consumer looses NOTHING out of the game development focusing on e-Sports.

      • The average CoD consumer does. e-Sports doesn’t add to the balance, it destroys it. e-Sports players only use the most powerful weapons.

    • So basically what you are saying is you want another version of ghosts. bo2 was so successful because of the e-sport integration. it was focused around e-sports and it made the game fun.

    • The reason Call of Duty is as dumbed down and noob friendly as it is, is because they listened to the majority lol. “Don’t listen to the e-Sports guys” Why? Because we want the game to actually take skill to play?

      • They’re logic is so flawed. I can’t even play pubs anymore because pub players are so bad in general. You’re talking about skill, yet you guys get wrecked against real competitive players. You get high stats on pubs then try to play League & get WRECKED because you can’t adjust so you go play something like Moshpit as its closer to what you’re used to but fail to realize we’re there too and guess what?! WRECKED AGAIN! Then its back to pubs for you and then you rage and cry when competitive players party up and destroy you on your own territory in public matches when we’re bored. Pub stomping requires very little skill and you guys utilize the most BS in game exploits. If you’re going to carry on about us like that then please stay on pubs and speak nothing of us & our community. Not directed at you Elevation but these misinformed gamers adamantly protesting the future of gaming.

        • They should just add a ranking system similar to what Halo 2/3 had into the game so then there would be an actual emphasis on winning games as opposed to just playing to keep an impressive K/D. Do that so more people will be inclined to tryhard in pubs and play for the win so maybe then the rest will truly understand how broken and unbalanced regular matchmaking really is once everything is abused. That’s probably the biggest problem as to why they think pubs are balanced, they don’t ever really face players good enough that play strictly to win and will abuse anything they can to do so.

        • stop shitting on alot of public players. alot of public players like me just get on the game to have fun unlike you competitive players take the game so seriously when you loose which is hilarious, i play the game to have fun thats why i love MW2 the most because it catered to the fun feel of a game, thats why i love GTA V that why i love titanfall because they are just fun the, you can tell the devs made the game fun for people who just want to have fun. call of duty is lacking that now they couldnt give a fuck about their majority of players who bring the money to them and are dick riding competitive players which is sad, i wonder why cod is loosing sales people the majority feel shitted on and they have stopped purchasing the game which tells that they aren’t putting up for their shit.

        • you wonder why games like GTA , half life, counter strike, the cods before MW3, titanfall (besides the limited customization on it and guns etc), older halos, left 4 dead, wolfenstein WHY are they loved so much by fans? because they cater to fun not fucking eSports esports (not even a sport shouldnt even put the word sport in it) is a cancer ruined you wonder why no ones liked the previous few cod because of the cancer known as esports, and if you say that they didnt have enough time to make their games thats bullshit, cod 4 cod waw MW2 BO1 all had the same time as BO2 and ghosts and look how great they were? because devs concentrated on fun like i remember BO1 there would be random challenges to do and then you would have Nuketown 24/7 appear same as MW2. fuck esports you ruined HALO multiplayer and now killing CODs fuck you get a real passion for a real sport you nerds

        • you know who i was competitive to? i was competitive with my father my cousins my friends my brothers in mario kart 64, in goldeneye 64, in 007 agent under fire on gamecube, on wrestlemania 19, on dragonball z budokai, and tenkaichi. not calling myself an athlete because i can move my hands on a controller. esports is so ridiculous, i personally wouldnt of hated it as much if they didnt fuck over the casual, public players that want to have fun before they go do a REAL sport of after or after school or after work.

  2. Fuck Esport game ruin everything they do boring, competitive players 10%, 90% regular players concentrece to make a fun game like mw2 or mw3,

    • Completely agree. These esports fucking nerds are the reaso cod gets more stale by the year. Mw3 was the las one where they didn’t shove esports down people’s throats. Awful. Play a fucking real sport nerds.

  3. Wait wasn’t nadashot going to stop playing? Lmao! Oh look new game coming out let’s go jump on it and be emo after 6 months.

  4. Esports players are the biggest fucking faggots. Fucking virgin nerds and esports is the reason bo2 and ghosts have been abominations. Play a fucking real sport you degenerate faggots. This game will be aids for 95% of the community.

  5. 90% of the people who buy cod dont give a shit about esports. watch the multiplayer be shit and broken because sh focused too much on esports. remember when cod didnt give a shit about esport?. Cod4

      • They spend a lot of hours pushing buttons on their controllers, don’t insult them like that! Its really tiring training to become a cod esports beast lmfao what a bunch of fucking faggot virgin nerds

    • yup, cod 4, waw, mw2, bo1, and mw3. After mw3, it was all esports, which made it all shit. Bo2 and ghosts are fucking abominations because of shitty esports, aw will follow the same path

        • I disagree, I think competitive is a lot of fun, and I think a lot of players are sharing that thought as well considering they’re spending more time on competitive clearly.

        • WIthout completive play there would be no pubs. Are you serious?! Pubs are a form of competitive play. Statistics show that gamers are playing multiplayer more than playing campaign. Multiplayer games outsell single player games. Achievements and Gamer-scores are at all time lows. Do your research kid. Read Game Informer. Do something gotdamn productive or better yet USE YOUR BRAIN BEFORE YOU POST! PLEASE!!!

  6. Holy shit the hype is about to skyrocket by the thousands since Nadeshot posted something good about Advanced Warfare (Not hating I love eSports too)

      • I hope I don’t come off as rude here with this post, but how do you want the game to be focused? Tracker sights with IEDs in a corner? Maps with no pattern like Ruins or Siege? Support streaks like the Oracle?

        I thought that we wanted 3 lane maps, balanced guns, and higher health? I don’t know, it seems to me like those kinds of things in a game would make it harder for the noobs and better for the people who have played the game for years. Doesn’t it annoy you getting killed by an IED camper on stonehaven? There should be a high skill gap. Someone who picked up the game shouldn’t be able to compete with someone who has played since bo1/mw3 (majority of players I presume.) They should get destroyed.

        Just my thoughts, again sorry if this seems rude.

        • Black Ops 2 and Ghosts focused on competitive, but still had Target Finders/Tracker Sights in the game. Competitive makes the game UNbalanced, not balanced. Call of Duty started out with small maps, competitive did not make the Black Ops 2 maps small. What competitive DID do was create headglitches on all the maps.

          Again, competitive makes the game unbalanced. Why? “Pro players” only use the most powerful weapons in the game. That will force developers to make one gun out of each category to be more powerful than another. That’s what happened in the past 2 Call of Duty games. e-Sports also influences weapon balance patches, which caused Treyarch’s post-game support to be utterly atrocious. They barely nerfed and buffed anything. I do agree, however, that there NEEDS to be a high skill gap. However, that doesn’t mean you make the entire game have an e-Sports metagame. It never works.

          It’s not rude. Thanks for sharing your input.

          • I agree with some of your suggestions like the whole game shouldn’t revolve around eSports, but it should support it a lot. Maybe I’m biased since I play Gamebattles often. I think the headglitches were created just from the general design of the maps, it didn’t really have anything to do with Esports. Also, I really liked the small maps in Black Ops 2, or at least they seemed small with only 3 lanes like Raid, Standoff, Slums, Hijacked.

            Hardpoint was a fantastic idea though, one of the best game modes in Call of Duty history. I really hope that they take out supports streaks and come up with a new streak system, hopefully similar to scorestreaks, that was a fantastic idea. Although, people did abuse it by hopping in and out of the Hardpoint over and over again to get +200.

            As for the guns, normally in a Call of Duty game the 3 round burst weapon is wayyyyy overpowered and gets patched right after release, like the Type 95, MSBS, and even the B23R pistol. But with the M8A1, it became a 4 round burst weapon which made it weaker, so it wasn’t as dominant as say the MSBS. Let’s just hope the map designs and equipment/weapons aren’t as terrible as in Ghosts.

          • I want a separation. If e-Sports isn’t going anywhere, then make a separate playlist and leave it out of public matches. Pros use headglitches all the time in order to outgun their enemies. It’s a cheap tactic. Black Ops 2’s maps are good, but there are also the terrible ones, and the remakes that are ruined by the BS.

            Hardpoint is essentially King of the Hill. KTH should have randomly generated objective points so that people can’t memorize where they are. I think it’s cheap that people can remember where the Hardpoint spawns. But I agree, it’s good. I heard Sledgehammer is using Treyarch’s base ideas, so scorestreaks and pick ten might exist, as much as I hate to admit it. I think they’ll improve upon it, but we’ll see.

            I thought Ghosts was balanced for the most part, it just wasn’t fun. Black Ops 2’s M8A1 is vastly used by pros. Why? I have to look at its stats but I think it’s a LITTLE unbalanced.

          • Well e-Sports does have it’s separated playlist such as League Play and Clan OBJ. But I don’t think the game-developers are going to make seperate maps just for competitive mainly because from my knowledge all eSports COD used certain maps from the day the game was released. They never have implemented new maps in. Also head-glitches were never an idea from the e-Sports. It was implemented since COD 4 if I believe right.

          • I don’t feel the need to hate but whenever I see someone that says the M8 is overpowered, I need to respond. The M8 is in no way op as most of the time it takes multiple bursts to kill. You need to be extremely good to be able to use the M8 effectively, like the pros. You have to have fantastic aim and also to be able to stay at long distances from your enemies as the M8 is in no way, a close-range weapon

          • I agree with the Hardpoint locations. The hardpoint should be randomized not fixed, that was my main complaint for that mode.

          • Dude I’m sorry but you’re extremely mistaken if you think that ghosts was focused on competitive

          • Ghosts was not focused on competitive at all. Once the game “leaked” before launch, IW saw the comments on how there was zero eSports features and started making stuff after launch.

          • In terms of fan votes, the symmetrical 3 lane competitive maps have always been the most highly regarded maps. Crash, highrise, backlot, overgrown, strike, raid, standoff, scrapyard, summit, the list goes on and on. In most examples when you take a cod game and take the most popular maps, the maps that always get voted in they are maps that are fun, balanced, and used in competitive play.

        • I hope this game is fast paced and has higher health. This will benfit us better players. That’s why I hated ghost low health and snail pace

          • For the billionth time, the health in Ghosts is 100 Units, it’s the Time-To-Kill that’s low -_-

          • I understand that, the guns were powerful for 100 health. Most guns killed with 2-3 bullets so relative to how strong the bullets are the health was to low. I like the health in titanfall where u have to have gun skill against pilots. In ghost a camper could be in a corner hit u with 2 shots and you are dead. Where if u had more health u can react and use your gun skill to have a chance or retreat.

          • The guns killed in 2-3 not just because of the damage, but because of the low TTK, hence why it’s not the health that’s the problem, it’s the TTK.

          • It’s not the low TTK. It’s the fact that the connection is actually much better, lag comp. has improved, and the hit detection has also significantly improved. My bullets actually kill, unlike in previous CoDs, where the netcode wasn’t as strong and all the features I listed weren’t perfectly implemented.

          • The connection, lag compensation and hit detection are factors too, but the TTK is the main factor.

          • How ever you want to word it you died way to fast in ghost. Add no recoil weapons this game was a disaster. While I played I maintained a 2 kd but I am rusher and this game was made for slow play and camping. I could have camped and all that but it’s a video game it’s supposed to be fun. I mean I know there are players who will defend ghosts but for all the bullshit bo2 had at least it was fun. Ghost was to boring and killstreaks were to watered down. I am a cod fan I hope advanced warfare is good.

          • 100 units in Ghosts doesn’t necessarily mean it is the same 100 from previous games.

          • Any gamemode with tac inserts allowed is not competitive at all. Defining and controlling your own spawns is way overpowered.

          • Did it not influence public matches? Headglitches? League Play is essentially Public Matches with dedicated servers giving e-Sports guys special treatment.

  7. Bugs me that these “Pro” players get special treatment. I’ve been playing CoD for 6 years, does that not mean anything? Guess not.

    • If they said something good about the game : Activision paid them
      If they said something bad : that’s legit and true

      WTF ?

      • Of course not… But they were invited specifically out there to have a look at a brand new game that hasn’t been released yet… The company wouldn’t do this if there were a slight chance of the players to say negative things about the game!

  8. Blops2 was a very frustrating game but coming back to play it after playing Ghosts I learned to appreciate it more. I usually do the same with each CoD, go back to the last one for alittle bit if it frustrates me but not in the same way i did with Ghosts. Ghosts is just so bland in every aspect of the game, one of the worse CoDs IMO.

    As much frustration Blops2 gave me, it was still a very fun game and since AW is looking to follow in the same foot steps by looking into e-sports, then I am all for it.

    Just ease up on the quickscoping, yet again.

    • Ghosts definitely did the same for me and forced me to appreciate the OKAY in general but GREAT competitive game known as BO2. GHOSTS is the WORST!

  9. I remember when a past Call of Duty game (must have been Black Ops 2 or Ghosts) said that they may not support eSports, during the development period. When this was announced, all of the people from the eSports community started freaking out and whining, because they’d no longer be making the money they do. I really hope something happens in the future so that one release does not support eSports, and we’d get to watch all of these “Professionals” go out and try to find real jobs.

    • lmao wouldn’t that be biblical these virgin fucking pathetic faggot esports players don’t know what a real job is. It’s pathetic. I wanna see them cry.

    • Most of the professional players such as Nadeshot actually held jobs early on in their lives before eSports started to blow up. As a matter of fact, he used the money from his job to get the equipment he needed for his gaming setup.

  10. Alright I don’t understand the hate towards eSports. I don’t know much about the eSports part of COD but I know a little. What about eSports makes the game bad? Please be specific in your arguements because I’m not interested in reading whether if it’s not a sport.

    • It influences illogical weapon patches, headglitches on maps, overpowered weapons, special treatment over the majority, etc.

      • “illogical weapon patches” – i believe Vahn already explained that that’s not true when he changed things for BO2

        • I would assume he’s the same kind of person that believes dropshotting and jumpshotting are exploits, and that snipers shouldn’t be allowed to quickscope.

  11. Sports is the failure of cod, remember those moments where no there eSport everyone playing just for fun. cod4,mw2,mw3.

  12. E-sports may be a minority know but it is steadily growing and the developers realize it
    back in older cods e-sport supporters may have been the 1% but now like some of you have said it is up to 10% the developers are thinking of the future

  13. eSports is whats transitioning video games to become a greater marketing tool. That is the reason why its being paid more attention to. If you think the esports aspect of COD is whats ruining it then you are delusional. eSports is what makes the game seem more professional which brings in more spectators and sponsors. If you seriously think thats bad for COD then gtfo.

    • You explained it perfectly. Sadly there is a troll here in the comments that’s going to try his best to roast you, his only indication of any intelligence being that of his grammar, so be prepared.

      Anyways… You are completely correct. People are saying that just because eSports causes the most patches, they are ruining COD which is just ridiculous. Even for public matches, it makes the game more balanced. I mean… When I played GBs before the overpowered Bizon got patched, I could destroy an AR slayer from across Warhawk. I mean that’s overpowered. Thanks to eSports, it was changed and now that won’t happen in eSports OR public matches.

      I mean if you eSports haters want to have guns that just annihilate all other guns, then use the Ripper or the Maverick. Jeez.

  14. I’m never surprised by the stupid shit I read in the comments everyday. Half of it has nothing to do with Call of Duty..

    • One person says something, some people agree with them. One person disagrees. Everyone in the comments go to war.That’s the way of the internet.

    • Majority of the comments comes from 1 person. I’m ashamed of humanity, no one ever cares about other people’s opinions nowadays

  15. Go ahead, call me a douche, but I would LOVE to spawn trap with my buds on Nuketown EXO. And another awesome thing would be a friggin’ beta!

    Edit: When I first found out that SHG was developing a game, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about it, but now i’m really starting to think that they’re a really good developer from what we’ve heard about AW so far.

  16. Dev 1: “Hey, let’s add this cool stuff to our game, it would be fresh and fun for the franchise!”
    Dev 2: “We can’t because nadeshot would not like it”

    • Reality:

      Dev 1: Hey X community wants to have this thing changed.

      Dev 2: Okay let’s change it

      Dev 3: We can’t because Y community wants the opposite, and also Z community wants something contrary to the other two.

      Dev 2: Well what should we change then?

      Dev 1: Well I’m getting so much input from so many different factions and they all all contradictory and at odds, the only coherent input that we are getting is from the competitive players.

      Dev 2: Okay well might as well do that then.

  17. All you people arguing that the devs aren’t focusing on the public side of the game or that e-sports shouldn’t be looked at are being silly. When a dev adds e-sports features it doesn’t take away anything from the public side of the game. You still have your single player, you still have your pubs. The reason it seems like the competitive side of the community gets what they want more often is because we are one big unified voice and we put forth what we would like in our game in a respectable and coherent manner. The public community although bigger, is divided into so many small factions that feedback from these groups is almost never clear.

    Another thing many of you complaining fail to realize is that many of the things both competitive players and public players want are one in the same. We want fun balanced maps and a game that rewards the better player. This is what makes a good multi-player title. Let’s look at maps for example. Throughout call of duty the most fun and balanced maps that have been used in competitive gaming, have also been the fan favourite maps. Take one second to think back to all your favourite maps or at least all the fan favourite maps (It’s not hard to think about most of these maps get remade). Think of the maps that are always voted in when playing public matches. It is almost always competitive maps such as: firing range, summit, raid, standoff, scrapyard, highrise, terminal, dome, crash, overgrown etc. We are not at odds on the majority of issues and should instead be working together to get/make the best game for all of us.

    TL;DR Many of you public players fail to realize the competitive community and yourselves are not at odds. The majority of the time we agree on things and all we want is a fun and balanced call of duty where the better player wins.

  18. The real question is, how much did they get payed to say this? I heard people saying the same with Ghosts and look how that turned out. I’m never trusting anyone again until I see some real gameplay. Not some trailer trash, actual gameplay.

      • Lots of pro players HATED GHOSTS. So many of them said and claimed the game was utter trash. A second year of BO2 was even being considered because the game lacked eSport support. These anti-eSport pubstars’ argument is nonexistent.

  19. I don’t really care what Nadeshot says. I want to see the camping/tactical playstyle be viable in this COD

  20. I’m glad that the pros are excited for the game. But i hope its also enjoyable for casual players like myself as well.

  21. I think it’s great that CoD developers are paying attention to the eSports Community. There is a great opportunity there, not on the level of LoL or Dota but in that direction. How on earth did some of these comments get on the topic of race…c’mon!!!! There’s even an ignorant comment about “affirmative action” in this thread. smdh wowzers

  22. This comment section has literally cancer. You guys arguing like this will bring nothing to the table. You guys also need to know they brought the Pro Players to analyze the eSports section of AW and probably asked little from them for the Pub section. These guys are PRO players so they will be addressing their opinions and feedback mainly for the eSports section and very few for the pub section. They are also bringing in normal youtubers to give feedback on the Pub section. Most COD titles had done this so stop getting so one-sided Jesus Christ.

    • Look at what happened to the Charlie Intel community. Just observe. In one corner you have someone calling a person a cunt because they don’t agree with a particular person. In another corner, there’s people arguing over whether Ghosts or Black Ops II is better. There’s so much “this, that” bullshit going on. I need a cure for this…
      Btw, love your name, perfectly describes the situation.

  23. Fuck eSports players. They ruined CoD. They are the reason the cod fanbase is frowned upon and not respected. The developers cater to them too much whenever they cry for a gun to be patched! They killed Black Ops 2 with all the patches! CoD is a fucking video game, NOT a sport. Stop treating it as such. Sports take skill. CoD doesn’t.

    • “Fuck eSports players. They ruined CoD. They are the reason the cod fanbase is frowned upon and not respected.” You are dead wrong. The cod community is frowned upon because of the immaturity of most cod players. Take yourself for example. You and those other 2 children keep bitching about esports ruining Cod. If that were true, why was Cod 4 considered the best cod, even though esports was there at the time?

  24. Woah! This is getting completely out-of-hand guys. Calm down! We need to be civilised and provide each other with constructive criticism, so that our voices may be heard by the higher ups at SH Games. Why should they bother to take feedback, listen and co-operate with us when we’re being like this? EVERY one is entitled to their own opinions, but it isn’t until someone disrespectfully disagrees with another person, to where it comes to the point where a situation like this has arisen. We’re better than that! The veterans at Charlie Intel must agree with me, as well as those who have been a part of this community since it’s inception.

      • But when you have one side just dishing out insults you can’t expect the other to sit back and not chat back. This all started because of one opinion. One opinion which insulted (knowingly & intentionally) a group of people. There has been sound reason in some of the statements but the ignorance always wins and then the more civilized people end up taking their gloves off to combat the incompetence. Look right under my comment for example. “F**** eSport Players” Seriously?

        • Yes, that also has to be taken into consideration as well. I think there should be a hierarchy system be put in place. If you’re worthy enough, and have been generally respectful towards the community, you should be in the position to become a moderator. I know there’s already Keshav, and a few other staff that are moderators on this blog, but honestly, there should be more moderators and stronger policing. This should give ‘some’ people an incentive to ‘behave’ themselves. There’s always going to be that minority group of people who will try to make themselves look as though they’re the ones representing the community, not us; but until something happens, the future of this community doesn’t look too bright.

        • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Yes, their attitudes show their immaturity but your compulsive need to get them back also shows yours.

          • I never claimed that it did but lets face the reality….you insult a group of people and there will be backlash period. I didn’t get anyone back, have you read my comments in their entirety?

        • Probably because it’s a minority of the community that gets special treatment and I’m tired of it.

    • ” Why should they bother to take feedback, listen and co-operate with us when we’re being like this?” Exactly. This is why the Cod community is frowned upon.

      • Agreed x1000000000000. Not just COD but gamers in general. I really want to see gaming go into the professional stage and gamers making they’re dreams come true and all the jobs and opportunities the industry could foster and create for enthusiasts and non-gamers alike but in general the community is so unprofessional and childish. It’s ridiculous sometimes I can’t help but get involved in the arguments because I hate ignorance, belligerence, incompetence, and all their family members with a zealous passion :'(. People in general should just exercise more humility, maturity, empathy, and ubuntu. Myself included as I sometimes get riled up when reason and logic fails to penetrate their minds.

        • I hate ignorance with a passion. What I hate more is how a person keeps going no matter how much of a fool he/she is making out of his/herself.

        • You can’t have a change until the entire community changes. That also means the developers giving these people special treatment. You really think my disdain of e-Sports is a fallacy? No, it’s ruining CoD and is influencing developers to listen to them over the majority. People are sexist towards Tina and give Vonderhaar death threats? Well wait until a developer patches an e-Sports player’s favorite gun, then you can see what their community is really like. The amount of hypocrisy in your comments are ridiculous.

          • just because they get invited to see or try out something it means that they are listening more to e-sports players then the whole? just because the majority didn’t get to see it at the same time or first you assume that they care more about the pro’s then the whole? okay pal. its good to ask the pro’s for some feedbacks cause pro players play the game at a higher level then anybody even the people making the game , but it doesn’t mean that they are going to let the pro’s overtake the whole game, you are just being so delusional because e-sports is becoming big.

          • Yes, it’s called special treatment, and they said that the game is built with e-Sports fans in mind. What does that mean? Michael Condrey also said that they made a great game with e-Sports AND the general public. The pros play at a higher level? They play 1/10th of the game. The developers put so much stupid crap in the game, that they have to remove things for the “pros” to play. League of Legends’s FULL game is played competitively.

            e-Sports is getting big? Still not even 10% of the community. It’s not getting big. Not true at all.f

          • yeah like they would forgot that 50% of their fans and community is full of people that don’t play e-sports just because they said they want to have e-sports in mind for the multiplayer does not mean that they would forget about their non e-sports fans pff . and pro’s play at a higher level and that is true , that’s why they are professionals , sigh if pro’s were to play at 1/10th of the game then any public player can go toe to toe with a pro , so if you think that then be my guess and try..
            and e-sports is getting the game big xD , you’re just so delusional .

          • 50%? More like 95% of their fans are people who don’t support/acknowledge competitive. They are the people that these developers should mainly cater to. Building the game with e-Sports in mind completely diminishes the way that the franchise always has been. It would completely destroy the fun factor and balance. It would add things like headglitches to the map and 1-2 weapons per class outclassing other weapons. “Pros” use the best guns in the game for a reason. No, “pros” do NOT play at a higher level, they play at a diminished level, because they don’t even play 1/10th of the actual game. If Advanced Warfare’s competitive aspect has nothing removed then I’d be okay with it, but I’m definitely not okay with building the public matches with e-Sports in mind. The two should remain separate and should ALWAYS remain separate. Black Ops 2’s public matches were built with e-Sports in mind; and that game was atrocious. Headglitches everywhere, guns that outclassed others, etc.

            I’m the delusional one? Who’s blindly defending e-Sports, again? It’s fact that they play a fraction of the game compared to what we, the general consumer, play. They play on way less maps than we do, they play with way less guns and equipment than we do, etc. If Black Ops 2 is as balanced as you say it is, then why can’t pros play the same game we do instead of playing a fraction of it? e-Sports is getting the game big? Black Ops 2 LOST sales compared to MW3, and e-Sports is not even 10% of the community. Get over yourself.

          • Black Ops 2 LOST sales compared to MW3, and e-Sports is not even 10% of the community. Get over yourself.

            People usually don’t buy the next game if they don’t like the current. ie MW3 was bad so I’m not buying BO2

          • That’s not always the case. The same thing has happened with Halo and Battlefield. The games were more popular and then they lost significant sales. It may be a conspiracy or it may not. There’s no question that CoD has grown stale since competitive gaming was introduced.

          • Halo died because of TWO Halo games switching to COD side the same with Battlefield.

          • 1/10 of the score streaks in Black Ops 2, you mean. I’m looking at everything in both Black Ops 2 and Ghosts (standard and esports rules), and it looks like Black Ops 2 was more “out of the box” than you think. Ghosts had so much stuff banned, it left my head spinning.

          • You say the CoD community is bad, however, the e-Sports community is far worse. Thus, hypocrisy. And accusations? Elaborate because there’s a lot of fact involved.

          • You really are silly. The gaming community in general and its current state is bad. The public or casual community has its bad as does the competitive or eSports. I never painted some obscure picture of the eSports community in which everything is rainbows and candy. Nor am I being one sided never did I say pub matches are whats killing COD, f**** you and your opinion, etc…. yet you see the esports community as the death of all things good in gaming and then again here you are being a poison.

          • I don’t really consider myself a “poison”. I just don’t like these “e-Sports” guys seeing multiplayer early before I get to see them (and waiting about 3 months). You really think that’s fair? Me saying “e-Sports is killing CoD” is a bit of a stretch. I somewhat feel it’ll be fun and such, however, I don’t want public matches to have anything to do with e-Sports, but I think that’s what SH’s direction is (Tweet from SHGames: We built the game with e-Sports fans in mind). Even if they did, I’d still buy the game. No matter what I’m saying, I’ll still buy the game, I just like to be a realist and complain about things that aren’t right. It seems SH is listening to the community though so I can respect that.

            When you think about it, public matches are kind of killing CoD, since the developers have to put stupid crap in and ruin the skill gap for us players that are good at the game.

      • How? How do you undo what’s already been done and passively allowed for all this time….? The eSports community is trying though it has its fair share of what we find right here in these article comments. However, they can definitely set the standard for what professionalism looks like in the gaming world and for the world in general. Maybe then the world will respect gamers and gamers will follow suit and respect each other.

        • The only way to do that is to keep looking foward. We must accept our differences, however, it must not become detriment. The harsh disagreement of opinions and ideals is what is fueling all the hate.

          • Then I’ll be looking forward with you but also be aware that not addressing the problem will only allow it to fester and become more deeply rooted in various aspects of the industry as we continue and press forward.

        • e-Sports guys are professional? Have you not seen the way some of these people act on Twitter? It’s inexcusable. If you think my comments are out of line, then you haven’t seen the e-Sports community. I display these comments for a reason, it’s because I, the consumer, among the majority, don’t get to see the multiplayer until August, but these guys got to see how the multiplayer worked early. You’re sitting there defending this BS. You’re apart of the problem, not the solution. Adding e-Sports to public matches (which is SH’s goal) will ruin this franchise and that is a fact. Black Ops 2 was a bad game BECAUSE of competitive. It influences weapon balancing/weapon patches, adds skill-based matchmaking (which no one wants), forces headglitches on the levels, etc. It’s silly and should be gone.

          • so just because they act weirdly to you on twitter it means they aren’t professional at all? what. The only reason “they” get to see it early then us the buyers is that they play at a higher level then “us” plus they also play this game as a living and they get their income and money from playing this game, just because you’re butt hurt doesn’t mean these guys aren’t professional at all and that e-sports just completely sucks. you think just because they added a competitive influence on BO2 that the game was ruined weapon patches and weapon balancing were a good thing , head glitches had nothing to do with the competitive influence , they have head glitches in mostly every fps game out there. stop being such a sissy

          • All games have head glitches
            At times BO2 League play had as many players as Domination
            I understand the twitter thing
            Are you saying Ghost was a good game?
            Lol “It influences weapon balancing/weapon patches, adds skill-based matchmaking” Are you stupid?
            Sorry but most gamers like skill match making ie. Halo players

            And the early release thing I also agree with for someone to get the game as early as they did know how to counter pushes and rotations before the game even releases

          • Are YOU stupid? You’re completely excusing the stupid things that competitive has done to this franchise. Yes, headglitching is in quite a few games like Battlefield, but it’s far worse and happens far more in Call of Duty. It’s called headglitching on Call of Duty for a reason. They are behind cover to the point where one pixel of their head is showing, and thanks to the terrible hit detection on games like BO2, you wouldn’t be able to beat them in a gunfight. Headgiltching takes no skill whatsoever, and should be removed.

            “At times”, yeah, during big tournaments, the general population of League Play ranged between 1000 and 5000 players during Black Ops 2’s lifecycle. It wasn’t popular at all. It still isn’t.

            I never said Ghosts is a good game, I’m saying it’s more balanced than Black Ops 2, at least there’s nothing as powerful as the Target Finder.

            You want to prove me wrong about weapon patches? It’s a fact that “pros” have influenced weapon patch decisions for the developers, the developers have said so themselves. “Pros” didn’t like how OP the Bizon was, so they nerfed it. They didn’t like that it was nerfed, so they buffed it again. And then they nerfed it again. The “pros” complained about a number of things in BO2 as well.

            Not all players like skill-based matchmaking. That’s a minority, not the majority. Sometimes I just want to play casually and have fun. I don’t want to play against players of equal skill 24/7. That’s fucking boring and stupid.

          • “It influences weapon balancing/weapon patches, adds skill-based matchmaking (which no one wants)”

      • The only time I’ve been “uncivilized” is when a topic like e-Sports comes up and people do damage control to defend it. Normally my comments were defending this game and now that I’m learning that the public matches are built around e-Sports I’m starting to really hate this game and what Call of Duty is becoming. The Call of Duty community in general has always been this way and there’s no changing it. It’s already a messed up franchise and has been for years. No matter what the developers, nor publishers do, Call of Duty will never be a good game especially since all of the games from now on will be built with e-Sports in mind. This franchise’s quality has been gone since Black Ops 1.

        • the fact that you think that e-sports is ruining this game is so laughable. e-sports has made this game so big tbh not only for the e-sport community but in general , this game is becoming more competitively which is good because before all people did was play this game for fun , but now there is a drive and more and more people are getting into the competitive scene. also I don’t know if your a dev or something but just because you heard a statement saying that the mp was going to be in a e-sport mind does not make the whole public mp e-sport only so please do us a favor and shut your trap with this whole e-sports ruining the game.

          • How has E-sports made this game big at all? CoD 4 didn’t have e-sports features and neither did any up until BO2 which was after sales had begun to decline. E sports have grown around the success of CoD not the other way around.

            It may have an appeal to you but the vast majority of fans don’t really care for e-sports. Which brings me to my point, having e-sports based around a game is fine but basing an entire game around e-sports is not, especially when they make up less than 10 percent of the player base.

            In BO2 you had to be a “pro” player to get any sort of response from Vahn on twitter while the pleas for improved netcode and match making by us peasents that didn’t play on lans 24/7 were left unanswered. I also remember Fwiz throwing a right temper tantrum when the e-sports community were left out in the cold, because IW dared not to seek their approval.

            Like I said e-sports are perfecly fine when they base their competion around the game, not when the game is based around their competition. For their community to walk around expecting to be treated like royalty is absolutely ridiculous.

            They are lucky enough to be able to make a living off someone elses creativity and hard work and should be grateful for any consecions that are made for them and not behave like spoilt kids when they don’t get their own way.

          • How has E-sports made this game big at all?

            Many players enjoyed league play. Many people went to the tournaments to watch. Many teams are competing. Is that enough for you? Do you even think because you ask these obvious questions…

            “…having e-sports based around a game is fine but basing an entire game around e-sports is not, especially when they make up less than 10 percent of the player base.”
            how is BO2 entirely basing on e-sports? are there not public match modes? Are there not people playing those modes?
            You are getting delusional.

            How can vahndahaar respond to everyone? He responds occasionally. Of course he’s going to respond to the pro players because they actually know the game. It’s like as if a citizen wishes to speak with the president vs a general of army force wishes to speak to the president. omfg lol how do you not think of that?

            You really need to re-evaluate yourself. Think about your questions a bit harder. wow

          • Like I said eSports have grown around CoD not the other way around. A very small portion of the community played League Play on a regular basis and an even smaller portion went to watch them play on a regular basis. I never saw more than 3,000 people in the League Play sessions whilst Public Matches topped 400,000.

            The impact eSports have had on CoD sales is miniscule if any yet they dictated weapon nerfs and buffs even though they could just ban them. The inclusion of skill based match making to appease them was also used in public matches.

            Vahn didn’t respond to anyone about net code, he didn’t even try. He always found time to respond to pro players about weapon balance or new eSports features. Yet he couldn’t find the time to send one tweet about fixing anything that wasn’t eSports related.

            He is the Community Manager it’s his job to converse with the community.

            “Of course he’s going to respond to the pro players because they actually know the game.”

            What and the rest of the community don’t know a game they play every day? That’s just arrogance and ignorance.

            “with the president vs a general of army force wishes to speak to the president. omfg lol how do you not think of that?”
            Again he is the community manager, it’s his job to talk to the community and relay the information to the developers. He is supposed to be our voice at Treyarch not the voice of eSports at Treyarch.

            I would take a long hard look in the mirror before criticizing people if I were you.

            Edit: There you go again jumping to conclusions. I never said BO2 was entirely based around eSports.

          • You still haven’t justified your point how this game is entirely basing on e-sports.

            “Vahn didn’t respond to anyone about net code, he didn’t even try. He always found time to respond to pro players about weapon balance or new eSports features. Yet he couldn’t find the time to send one tweet about fixing anything that wasn’t eSports related.

            He is the Community Manager it’s his job to converse with the community.”

            why would you reply to people who don’t know what they are talking about? Do you honestly think those kids on twitter know the source code for this game? Are they programmers? And how the fuck does he find time to reply to hundreds of tweets everyday? Are you retarded? Give me break.

            “What and the rest of the community don’t know a game they play every day? That’s just arrogance and ignorance.”

            You do realize alot of kids just rage about random things right? The rest of the community. Yeah… you don’t change parts of the game just because there are a couple kids raging on twitter. HAHA arrogance and ignorance. LOL Please stop being a fool. More like just being realistic

            “Again he is the community manager, it’s his job to talk to the community and relay the information to the developers. He is supposed to be our voice at Treyarch not the voice of eSports at Treyarch.”
            He does doesn’t he? What are you expecting really? It sounds like you are just expecting everything to swing to your opinion. ahhaa lol…

            “I would take a long hard look in the mirror before criticizing people if I were you.”

            What are you implying? lmfao. At least i’m not a fool who have unrealistic expectations for one person and be clouded with my own opinions. You expect everything to be done your way. And you don’t even think about your lame questions. Just get a grip, kid. You lack of thinking skills and look at these things in a different perspective, aka not just think in your opinion. Telling me to look in the mirror! ahha thanks for the laughs fool.

          • there’s something slightly wrong with what you’re saying , e-sports has been around longer than when COD got into it , so no COD has been helping e-sports get big , e-sports has been helping that game grow , there are a lot of people that want to enjoy the competitiveness of the game .

          • eSports may have been around longer, but very, very few people were aware of it’s existence. Back when CoD 4 dropped there wasn’t any real eSports vibe around the game at all. eSports were based on CS and Starcraft, it was only after the success of CoD that ‘pro’ players started to move over.

            If it wasn’t for CoD eSports would still be CS and Starcraft players competing for small amounts of money, as a hobby. You don’t need eSports for a game to be competitive, just add a leaderboard and good online/lan support and you’re good. CoD didnt grow from eSports, eSports grew because of CoD’s popularity it’s that simple.

      • I can definitely agree! As a casual gamer I hope they focus a lot more on the fun to play experience that COD used to have instead of going completely competetive. I think it would be great if they invited some casual gamers to these reveals too, just to make sure everyone’s happy.

        And what worries me the most is how nadeshot says that this is going to be an amazing year for COD Esports and not saying that it will be an amazing year for COD players!

        • Well this might sound stupid but wouldnt revealing the game to casual players so soon before the multiplayer reveal, compromise it? they wouldnt be sure that features or other elements wouldnt be leaked prior to the release of multiplayer footage. I dont think you should worry about what Nadeshot said as i believe what they showed them ( as stated in the article ) was just the esport features of the multiplayer not the normal aspect for casual players. Sledgehammer has clearly been very close with the community as a general, so i 100 % dont believe that they would make the game completely competitive.

          • Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer was built with e-Sports in mind, SH said it themselves, meaning public matches are built with e-Sports in mind as well, so this game is already screwed. What Nadeshot saw was a general representation of the multiplayer. That’s why I’m pissed at Activision and SH.

          • just because the game has e-sports in mind doesn’t mean the game is screwed , what kind of of logic is that. Anyhow I don’t think SH is stupid enough to make the whole multiplayer aspect of their game completely e-sport like, as they know they have casual players that are going to play and not only pro CoD players.

          • I would be more worried about showing the game to a guy with a YouTube channel and a few hundred thousand subscribers, than I would worry about showing it to Joe Public. After playing CoD for this long I would be happy with an open Beta.

            I don’t and never have bought into the idea that we need to be held back from the game until launch. Look at the success of games like Day-Z, Minecraft, Rust, Battlefield and CoD 4. Developers should welcome us into their games with open arms not act like door men at a posh night club.

          • Youre right about that, and considering the latest survey about a possible beta it might be happening. However my point is that people overeacting, when they say that by showing the game first to e-sport players the game will be exclusively e-sport designed. SHG is very close with the community in general and im very confident that they wont dissapoint us.

        • ADVANCED WARFARE IS BEING BUILT AROUND E-SPORTS. Meaning the entirety of public matches have been built around competitive.

          • Can you not see the problem with this stratergy. If they isolate the majority of their players and base their game around eSports, people will stop playing and move on to something else.

            At that point who will want to watch people play that game?

            I hate noob features as much as anyone else, however I see the need for it’s existence…. mass appeal. Without it neither can grow and of be successful in the long term.

            Which is why the game shouldn’t be heavily focused on eSports.

          • If anything, it’s e-Sports putting all the bullshit in the game. In AW, you WILL see overpowered weapons. I heard FearCrads (who saw the multiplayer early along with Nadeshot and Rambo. Douche bags. So unfair) say that a 3 round burst AR is overpowered.

          • Far to early to tell, plenty of time between now and launch. Not that I really care about weapon balance, I just want a good game that’s fun to play online and locally with friends.

          • Sorry dude we are on the same page. I thougt you were stating that as a positive. My bad.

  25. so from what i see in the comments the main points of the rage comes from the following:

    1) people are mad cause an E-Sport player got to see the game

    2) people are mad cause an E-Sport player got to give suggestion about the future of AW in E-Sports etc.

    3) people are mad cause they think the E-Sport scene makes the game worse when its the opposite, it makes it balanced and non-noob friendly.

    4) people are mad cause someone is making money out of playing a video game as a sport.

    5) people fail to realize that they can completely omit competitive play in a COD game yet they still bitch about it.

    i have to say that people are complete dumbasses that talk and talk and talk about something but not a single word, a single sensible word has come out of their mouth. why E-Sports is a bad thing? cause it adds balance and competitiveness to the game? so it was alright back in MW2 that we had OMA noob tubes and UMP 45’s going about their business and ruining people’s experiences, right? no, of course not. take League of Legends for example (i’m sure a lot of the console peasants dont play it but listen anyway) it has both ranked/competitive play and casual play all in one package and the balance changes that happen to the game are based off of the ranked play. the changes affect both parties, making casual play more enjoyable and at the same time the ranked play more competitive. the same is being done to COD so…WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU BITCHING ABOUT? are you jealous of the E-Sports players? is that it? or are you mad that the game is being balanced out and is still good for both casual and competitive play? i’m not saying not to have an opinion on the matter but since there isnt anything bad happening, wtf is your problem? this community has become shit over the last 4 years. people always trying to put the blame on something cause thats the easy thing to do. they cant look the beast in the eye.

    edit: also, NadeShot even if i’m not very font of him is our representative of the community as a whole. so thats your reaction when Sledgehammer tried to communicate with you guys? fire and rakes? good job making a fool out of yourselves and the community altogether, morons.

    • Totally agree, COD community is amazing as it’s full of 5 year old kids. Kill someone in ANY COD, get called a hacker or a faggot. Get killed, then get called a noob.

    • sure, you could not play esport rules, but unfortunately, clan vs clan forces you to use esport rules. the rules have forced most of my clan to stop playing for the clan… which is a shame. it’s not that they weren’t good enough, it’s just that the matches are boring. and to exclude different uniforms, and perks and weapons and whole classes of weapons is just garbage. period.
      it doesn’t make the game balanced. it makes the experience boring.

      • hey, let me tell you a secret…*whispers* you can opt out and NOT play Clan vs Clan, its so motherfucking simple now, aint it? ^^

        • no need to be a douche about it dude. i’m saying that if you want your clan to progress, they make you play esports rules, and those rules suck. they really do.
          but, yeah, sure, i could not play clan vs. clan. i wanted to progress my clan. i’m averaging 25-1 scores in esports matches, because it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. it really shouldn’t be that easy, but unfortunately esports rules are all about balance, and that makes for an extremely bland match. i have actually given up on ranking up my clan, because out of the 90+ members of my clan, exactly zero people want to play esports rules anymore, so it’s me against whatever other randoms are now in clan vs clan.

          • well, i dont like E-Sports rules either. i played a little bit on BO2 but thats it. i do have the brain though to appreciate what E-Sports do for our game and the popularity of it. the Twitch streams and all the rest are proof.

            and how am i being a douche about it? it was the most polite i could do and its not douche-y at all, mind you.

          • esports rules have done nothing for Call of Duty except divide the community even further, and causes a fracture in the dwindling player count to be even worse off than before. this game has gone downhill significantly the more it focused on competition and clan play. competitive play was fine and all back in the day when it didn’t actually influence the game at all.

            you coming on here and calling people morons and complete dumbasses and all isn’t being polite in anyone’s sense of the word. at least not where i’m from.

          • i call a someone a moron when he/she is moron. why competitive works for so many games aka Counter-Strike, LoL, DOTA2, Starcraft 2 and not for COD? because you said so? competitive is a great thing that happened to COD. it gives actual value to the time that people give when they tryhard. it gives meaning to the word tryhard. all that while not taking away anything from the game itself because it always has its own set of rules regardless of what the developers do to the game. thats the beauty of it. its there for everyone who wants it while it harms NO one. yet you morons of people are blaming E-Sports and competitive because you are bored of COD. good job on that.

          • i’m not bored of cod at all. i loved playing with clans as a fun thing, just ranking up the clan and hanging out with them, which isn’t a bad thing… then they decide to make esports the focus of clans. which is, in my opinion, the wrong way to go. i can still play with my clan, but i can’t really rank it up without being competitive?
            competitive works, for competitive players, but why make clans an automatic competitive thing? that’s where it starts infringing on public players.

          • it doesnt infringe anything on public players. public players join public lobbies. and these lobbies have nothing to do with clan vs clan or whatever competitive SH Games decides to put in AW and whatever they call it. you make clan vs clan a competitive thing and public matches what they were all along. what do u mean make it automatically a competitive thing? if you want to play with your clan you can still do it on public matches and there you can or not tryhard if you want and its not competitive. its about having both. both casual and competitive. if clan vs clan wasnt there would you have anything to bitch for when it comes to competitive? i doubt it, but some would say that the game needed a competitive mode. see the pattern there? and thats where ranked play and clan vs clan come in.

          • when clan vs clan started, it wasn’t esports rules… and it was fun. then they changed it, and it sucked in my opinion. that’s all i’m saying.

          • well, they changed it because people wanted these rules to be present. they wanted competitive, as it was in BO2. thats what they got.

          • that’s why when they changed it to esports rules, the playlist emptied out to next to nothing?

          • any proof of that? or its just empty words.

            edit: even if thats the case, it shows that most of them were casuals.

          • the whole game emptied out because of how bad ghosts was .. it had nothing to do with e-sports.

          • When Clan v Clan started without eSports rules, it had less than 1000 players on any platform. It was very hard to find a game, strictly restricted, and hard to manage.

          • there is rarely more than a 100 on clan vs clan ps4 right now, and i can sit for a half hour waiting for a match even on ps3 sometimes, too. it certainly was easier to find a match when it started.
            if anything, it goes to show how the whole competitive side of things isn’t something they should be taking up space with in my opinion.

          • reason why there’s barely anybody on ghosts is cause ghosts is a terrible game , and people realized this and sold it or gave it away , if ghosts had turned out to be a good call of duty you would see a ton of people playing the clan v clan list rn .

          • the funny thing is that clan v clan has nothing to do with the actual clan leveling up system at all, it shouldn’t even be called clan v clan. the point of the clan was to participate in clan wars which is something you can do playing the standard game modes , so basically you can still enjoy the game with you’re clan without playing clan v clan , is that not so hard?

  26. People that are working on advanced warfare had worked on good games before like Dead space and Godfather 2. This game would be fun as long as they keep infinity ward like a mile away from this game. Infinity ward makes alright games but they lied about “dedicated servers” and “no quick scoping in the game”. I’m going to cancel the pre order as soon as I see infinity ward in the developers list regardless of how good or bad this game is. I might sound like a “hater” but there was 1100 people online last night on pc, that shows how good of a game COD:Ghosts really is. Everyone is camouflage, can’t see them unless you stand in front of them and that piece of sh*t dog is hard to kill but easy to get.

  27. I’m taking everything they say with a pinch of salt. Nadeshot bummed Call of Duty Ghosts throughout the development and look how that turned out. Those competitive kids are just advertising and promotional puppets. I just wish some of them had the balls to be honest for once.

  28. Ok, ok everybody. Psychological opinionation appreciation group exercise time. List the name of ones you wish to strangle and/or bitch-slap and maybe, just maybe we can have some socializationays to discuss our hostile indifferences.
    Aaaand go!

  29. I’ve been here for about 2 years and this comment section is the worst it’s ever been. Just chill people. No use in chewing people up over what cod they like the best.

  30. Personally I’d rather have the input of two players that play the game on a daily basis, have knowledge of what is broken and what needs to be improved then have two people like Kmartn and Alison-A over at SHG studios just nodding their head and saying YEAH AWESOME, I’M SOO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME!

  31. when you look at other top competitive great multi player games such as CSGO, SC2 and LOL they are 80% input by the pros. because they are the ones who are able to exploit every little part of the game. im sorry guys but i think nadeshot can help with balancing, perks and map design ect much more then the every day pubber who is generally only interested in getting a high KD

    • that’s actually the furthest thing from the truth. people like that are only interested in how a game is balanced for mlg. weapons that are overpowered in their hands aren’t overpowered in the majority of players hands. the way they play a map is completely different than the way the majority of people play the map. and guess what… the every day pubber is the one they SHOULD be catering to. not the minority mlger in the stand. i’m not diminishing mlg players at all, either. i’m just saying, they play a different game than most of us, and it’s shown in esport rules. those playlists are dead for a reason.

      • i understand what you mean theres competitive league/clan wars with Erules and balances like a promod which is jsut for them, then the usual playlists for the casual gamer who dont have to go balls to the wall with a particular weapon or style. unfortunately back in the day when cod was PC focused there was modding and dedicated servers there was options and choices, mini games, weapon restrictions and map designes for everyone a like which were done by the people for the people but alas old IW left and the newer devs dont want people to do those sort of things as they cant make money off map packs, weapon camos and other micro transactions 🙁

  32. just wanted to also mention no body got to play ghosts (which was in alpha stage) just 3 months before release, so for pro players to in some way experience AW already is fucking fantastic news in how well the game is being developed. “Always look on the bright side of life! *whistles*”

  33. Why eSport players? Why not random cod fans? Or just gamers? I have a feeling this game is going to suck because eSport players also said ghosts was amazing. Turns out it’s the biggest piece of shit in gaming history

    • Actually competitive guys like NaDeSHoT stated that Ghosts is the worst Call of Duty game they’ve played so what you’ve said is complete nonsense.

      • Nah, when they got invited over to play ghosts they stated it to be an amazing feeling game (a cod4 feel to be precise) And 4 months later they stated it to be a pile of shit

        • Well can you blame them? The reason why they liked Ghosts before release is because everyone wasn’t a corner camping noob, it’s the community that makes Ghosts a bad experience for players.

          • Funny because I recorded a gameplay today in Free-For-All for a video of mine, and I died like 4 times just from this f*cking corner camper with a Thermal Silenced M27 IAR. So annoying.

          • Maybe you’re just not as good as you think you are? If it was me camping, you would have died even more.

    • Um.. I’m pretty sure the majority of Call of Duty players hate Ghosts. I’d think Infinity Ward wants to think of Ghosts as a mistake

      • I wouldn’t call Ghosts a mistake. I’d call it, a test, they changed things and took on what the community said during Black Ops 2’s life cycle. I personally don’t just blame Infinity Ward for Ghosts being a flop, but I also blame the community for their constant, nagging and whining that causes the developers to make these changes.

  34. The reason the developers work with e-sports players and not the majority of the community is simply the community’s immaturity. Had they worked with the community, nothing would get done because everyone would get into an argument about which COD is the best. They don’t want to work with you guys because all your ideas are from previous games. I for one am glad that SHG is working with e-sports because if it were up to the largely divided fanbase, the game would be a complete mess. If you don’t like what SHG is doing, then just don’t buy it. I have played every COD since the first Modern Warfare and I love them all.

  35. Jeeeez..we all need to calm down for a sec. This is why gaming is so looked down upon in society. We don’t need to act like children when we don’t get what we want. I’m taking Sledgehammer learned from the mistakes Infinity Ward made about not having eSports at launch and the huge outcry from the community since League Play was such a huge success. If we became more civilized and kindly tweeted @SHGames @MichaelCondrey or @GlenSchofield we may get what we want. You could even go onto the reddit page for Advanced Warfare community suggestions and respond to them politely. This crazy rude complaining is doing nothing but discouraging them from helping out the non-esports community. Let’s not destroy this comment section.

    Just my thoughts, although I’m in favor of the eSports movement.

  36. They should let Legend of Thunder go check it out because he is actually honest unlike TmarTn. He always has good idea to make the game better.

    • Thunder is biased against campers. He wouldn’t make a good tester. The more viable playstyles in AW, the better. Thunder will make the game favoring run and gunners and that shouldn’t happen. There should be balance but mindless gameplay must be punished just like in Ghosts.

      • Thunder is biased against little bitches who hide in corners and are afraid of gun fights? Yes, as anyone should be. And, you must be 12 years old because anyone that doesn’t favor a run-and-gun majority play style doesn’t deserve to sit around and ruin the game for the rest of us who are playing it the way it SHOULD. And, BTW Thunder is awesome and they should have him instead of optic sell-out.

        • Camping and Tactical playstyle is as legit as Run and Gunning. There is no rule that states everyone should run and gun all the time in COD. The camper hate is like a defensive mechanism of people who gets owned by said tactic.

          Thunder’s channel thrives on hate and that’s why he’s never been invited to previews. His channel is toxic. He camps every now and then but when someone does it on him, he bitches like an immature little kid. He is not a positive person and he’s hates everyone who doesn’t play the way he wants them to.

          I am glad that he was NOT invited to preview Advanced Warfare. COD doesn’t need people like him and the devs knows that.

        • I played against Thunder, and he’s such a hypocrite. I got called a camper because I hunkered down every so often to reload so I don’t get hit, and got right back up, and shot him in his stupid face, while he spent quarter of the match hiding in the Castle on Studio. His weakness is that he doesn’t take his time to look behind him.

  37. So this is call of duty community now. I played cod 1-4 skipped WAW Bought MW2 and the 6 year old squeaky raging assholes had taken over. it was all about quick scoping and trick shots. I took a break and then bought ghosts. Not only did the community stay the exact same but the game was x20 worse than MW2 in every way..I will buy AW because it does look good and I’ll just mute the kids and I need something to hold me over till Homefront:The Revolution.
    Goten your more of what the COD Community needs,TJ

  38. Cant take people that get paid to play COD seriously when they are doing a review for new games. Wake up people.

    • If you cared to follow these pro gamers, they Ghosts with a passion. Nadeshot said that it was the worst Cod.